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Topic: Members of the French Royal Families

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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Al-Ahram Weekly | International | Madame la présidente?
Royal has been criticised for being more of a media figure than a genuine politician, supporters of rival candidates Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Laurent Fabius expressing their disappointment last weekend that party members had allowed themselves to be seduced by a "media personality".
In addition, Royal's few comments on party policy have shown her to be keen to distance herself from many of the party's flagship nostrums, such as the 35- hour working week introduced by the Jospin government in 2000 and the source of intense controversy ever since.
Profiles of Ségolène Royal have tended to focus on her "military" family, her father having been an army officer, and on an educational background, via the Institut d'études politiques ("Sciences Po") and the Ecole nationale d'administration, that puts her in the mainstream of the French elite, whatever the rhetoric of her "outsider" status may suggest.
weekly.ahram.org.eg /2006/821/in2.htm   (789 words)

French Academy was founded by Cardinal de Richelieu in 1635.
To it he ascribed the most, striking characteristics of the French language, its purity, delicacy, and flexibility.
members, six associates, and from thirty to forty corresponding members.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/01089a.htm   (690 words)

 JO BURR MARGADANT | Gender, Vice, and the Political Imaginary in Postrevolutionary France: Reinterpreting the Failure ...
In fact, Marie-Amélie's position was doubly compromising for the royal image, since her presence in the public eye might serve as a reminder of the private nature of this family's relationship to the throne, but her absence could give the same impression.
The royal couple aligned themselves astutely by such means with a postrevolutionary bourgeois culture that made public life a masculine concern, while the queen avoided any public controversy that would have dishonored her and, thereby, brought dishonor on her family.
Certainly the difference between the French and English monarchies did not lie in the amount of private property belonging to the royal family, which was enormous in the English case as well.
www.historycooperative.org /journals/ahr/104.5/ah001461.html   (10662 words)

 The Raw Story | Sarkozy sweeps to French presidential victory
Royal heard the result at her parliamentary constituency of Melle in western France.
His avowedly right-wing programme was in sharp contrast to Royal's promise to extend state protection via the creation of 500,000 public sector jobs and an increased minimum wage.
The crux of the second round campaign was Wednesday's televised debate, in which Royal was unexpectedly aggressive towards Sarkozy, at one point accusing him of "political immorality".
rawstory.com /news/afp/Sarkozy_sweeps_to_French_presidenti_05062007.html   (644 words)

 The French Academy - Catholic Encyclopedia - Catholic Online
Twenty-four members were elected to the French Academy before they were twenty-three years of age; twenty-three were at least seventy years of age before their reception took place; fifteen died before reaching the age of forty-five; eighteen were about ninety years old when they died and two lived to be almost centenarians.
In 1663, at the suggestion of Colbert, Louis XIV appointed a committee of four members of the French Academy charged with the duty of furnishing legends and inscriptions for medals.
In 1872 the number of the members was fixed at forty, besides ten honorary members, six associates, and from thirty to forty corresponding members.
www.catholic.org /encyclopedia/view.php?id=4870   (1627 words)

 The Royal and Imperial Orders of France
Although the formal limit on members was increased to fifty in 1565, this number was vastly exceeded and by the accession of Henri III in 1574 there may have been as many as seven hundred living knights of Saint Michael, ranging from foreign monarchs down to bourgeois of modest origins.
During the French Revolution the Order of the Holy Spirit was officially abolished by the French government along with all other chivalric orders from the Ancien Regime, although the exiled Louis XVIII continued to acknowledge it.
The members were paid, the highest of them extremely generously: 5,000 francs to a grand officier, 2,000 francs to a commandant, 1,000 francs to an officier, And 250 francs to a légionnaire.
almanachdechivalry.com /_wsn/page6.html   (7323 words)

 [No title]
As many of the officers belonged to wealthy families, considerable sums of money were sent periodically from France, so that they were enabled, in many cases, to procure everything necessary for their comfort, and even for the enjoyment of life.
In many cases the French officers, being men of rank and education, were esteemed by the townspeople for their polite and agreeable manners, and were received in all public assemblies with high consideration and a courteous welcome.
The earliest lodges of French prisoners in England, of which we have any cognizance, were those at Basingstoke in 1756, Petersfield in 1758, and at Leeds in 1759-63, but of these we know nothing beyond the bare fact of their existence.
www.linshaw.com /omtp/vol6no9.html   (3648 words)

 British Homeopathy during two centuries by Peter Morrell
The current British Royals [House of Windsor] were very largely derived from the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in Saxony, where all their Kings used homeopathy from the time it first came on the scene in the early 1800s via Hahnemann and his direct disciples.
Royals are undoubtedly aware of the impact any of their interests may have on the public mind, but to what extent they bother about it or cultivate it is very hard to determine with any certainty.
Royals might be attracted to homeopathy because it is rather nebulous, rather exclusive, rather special, 'divine' and private in the way they probably think they are.
www.homeoint.org /morrell/british/royalty.htm   (1521 words)

 Royal Scots
The Royal Scots 1st battalion, emulating in the New World the martial prowess of its sister battalions in the Old, was plucking Canadian laurels with the point of the bayonet; and in particular at the storming of Fort Niagara, the Royal Scots carried all before them.
The Royal Scots are the oldest, and therefore most senior, infantry regiment of the line in the British Army, having been raised in 1633 during the reign of Charles I of England.
Members of the Royal Scots Grenadiers regularly participate in re-enactment events throughout Ontario, New York, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana and have appeared in historical movies and television programs.
www.royalscotsgrenadiers.com   (578 words)

 boys clothing: European royalty--the French Bourbons
The first member of the House of Bourbon to achieve royal rank was a son of Antoine de Bourbon, Due de Vendome, and Jeanne d'Albret (q.v.), heiress to the throne of Navarre.
Imprisoned with the rest of the royal family in Paris, the French nobles in exile proclaimed him King with the execution of the father on Jan 21, 1793.
Louis was born at Versailles in 1755, the son of the Dauphin Louis, a grandson of Louis XV and a younger brother of Louis XVI.
histclo.com /royal/fra/royal-frb.htm   (3817 words)

 ACADIAN-CAJUN Genealogy: Acadian History: Port Royal
The surviving members of De Monts group of explorers crossed over the Bay of Fundy in 1605 and settled down in an area known as Port Royal.
In the census of 1671, the population of Port Royal was 350.
A 1745 report from Port Royal says the homes were “wretched wooden boxes, without conveniences, and without ornaments, and scarcely containing the most necessary furniture...”, and a visitor in the 1750s said “the houses of the village (Annapolis Royal)...
www.acadian-cajun.com /proyal.htm   (1293 words)

 ANA : Members : 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment
Currently most of our members are in other Georgian/Napoleonic era groups but share a common interest in the naval sea history of Great Britain spurred on by the great Naval fiction writers, O’Brian, Stockwin, C.S. Forester and other great writers of this period.
Membership of other groups is not a prerequisite; all prospective members undergo a nomination and vetting procedure and are mentored until you are fully kitted and confident.
Our membership is open to all like minded people, families are all welcome to participate as women and children, albeit unofficially, played a major role in ships of the period.
home.vicnet.net.au /~anaaust/members/nelsons/index.htm   (406 words)

Born in 1757 into France's highest nobility, Lafayette lived among those of the French royal family for most of his life.
At the young age of two, his father was killed in the Battle of Minden and at thirteen, his mother passed away, leaving him a vast inheritance of lands and wealth.
He left his family and wealth behind, and went against the will of his father-in-law and king.
members.tripod.com /mv2/lafayette.html   (521 words)

  Frequently Asked Questions for soc.genealogy.medieval
The medieval period is loosely defined for the purposes of this group as the period extending from the breakup of the (Western) Roman Empire until the time public records (such as church, tax, and census records) relating to the general population began to be kept.
The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the U.S.
I apologize to members of this group if it seems this line of discussion was off-topic, but I think it still proved valuable to all of us in some way, as by the nature of our work we are constantly citing to documents, publications, and the work of others.
users.erols.com /wrei/faqs/medieval.html   (4896 words)

  The French Academy
Twenty-four members were elected to the French Academy before they were twenty-three years of age; twenty-three were at least seventy years of age before their reception took place; fifteen died before reaching the age of forty-five; eighteen were about ninety years old when they died and two lived to be almost centenarians.
In 1663, at the suggestion of Colbert, Louis XIV appointed a committee of four members of the French Academy charged with the duty of furnishing legends and inscriptions for medals.
In 1872 the number of the members was fixed at forty, besides ten honorary members, six associates, and from thirty to forty corresponding members.
www.catholicity.com /encyclopedia/a/academy,french.html   (1567 words)

 Relive: French and Indian War History
In 1749 the French were becoming concerned with the Pennsylvania and Virginia traders in the Ohio River Valley.
The French were in a bad position at the bottom of a ravine.
The destruction of the French Fleet in November 1759 was the final blow for the French.
www.frenchandindianwar250.org /relive/the_history.aspx   (4952 words)

 French and Italian Languages and Literatures
Students taking an upper-level French course as their culminating experience are required to supplement the regular reading with extra materials chosen in consultation with the instructor, and to write a research or critical paper of at least twenty pages.
French Studies Majors must include one course from French 20 through 25 (to be completed by the end of the junior year).
French literature has traditionally been divided into chronological blocks that receive descriptive names: classicism for the seventeenth century; Enlightenment for the eighteenth century; etc. In this course, one or more periods will be selected for intensive study in the light of fundamental questions about the historical process.
www.dartmouth.edu /~reg/courses/desc/fren.html   (7502 words)

 St. Vincent - St. Mary High School
FRENCH CLUB is open to all current and former French students with a love of the French language and culture.
French Club is an active organization with opportunities for participation throughout the year.
Students interviewed him in French with questions that covered a wide range of topics including: family life, musical preferences, food, cultural differences, French vs. American education, the European Community, future career plans, as well as the University of Akron's undefeated soccer team, of which Yohann is a member.
www.stvm.com /Activities/FrenchClub.html   (1390 words)

 TIMEeurope.com: Europe | French Socialists Split Over Royal Challenge   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The problem is that Royal, 52, whose partner François Hollande is the Socialist Party Secretary, is solidifying her standing by espousing what many in the party leadership consider decidedly un-socialist, practically treasonous ideas.
Royal said it had led "to a worsening situation for the most fragile people, especially women in low-qualification jobs" while giving middle-management employees longer vacations.
As for Royal herself, she has taken to wearing summery white, perhaps not an entirely subliminal counterpoint to the dirty politics du jour in her party and the conservative ruling government as well.
www.time.com /time/europe/eu/printout/0,9869,1202151,00.html   (797 words)

 All Things Royal > Koninklijke familie van Saoedi-Arabië   (Site not responding. Last check: )
If the French press had been able to get over their royal fixation, it would have found a woman whose personality is largely reflected in, and perhaps even in some way defined by, a deep love of photography.
He is a member of the family council, a body of 18 influential members drawn from Abdul Aziz's sons and grandsons and other branches of the family.
Members of the Saud family who opposed his ideas are now considering them key to the kingdom's future, he says.
allthingsroyal.nl /forum/lofiversion/index.php/t611.html   (12425 words)

 Russian Royal Family - The Romanov Pretenders
When the Russian Orthodox Church was finally convinced of the martyrdom of the Royal Family, His Holiness Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow and All of Russia held a memorial service for all the members of the Imperial Romanov Family forty days after the event.
At the root of so many claims of secret royal descent is illegitimacy, a glamorous way of explaining a quiet adoption within (or without) a family or birth of a child whose father/mother is unknown or unmentionable for one reason or another.
In the wake of the French Revolution claims of descent from noble or royal houses resulting from doomed romances between woman of generally inferior breeding and a guillotined nobleman became a convenient excuse for many unmarried mothers.
www.serfes.org /royal/romanovpretenders.htm   (2529 words)

 Woman Stirs French Presidential Race, Ségolène Royal Tops Polls As France Readies For 2007 Election - CBS ...
But though Royal cultivates the appearance of a newcomer, she is in fact a product of the French political system.
Nor is anyone holding it against her yet that she has steered clear of expressing opinions on big political, economic, or diplomatic issues, preferring to concentrate on the sort of social questions that touch peoples' lives directly.
Before the party's 200,000 members vote in a primary next November, those rivals will likely do all they can to undermine her image as a fresh and distinctive voice by pointing out that she has followed a traditional career path for a politician.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2006/07/05/world/main1776851_page2.shtml   (711 words)

 Acadian & French Can. Research
In 1755 they were the victims of one of history's most brutal deportations or expulsions, where families were separated, farms and churches were burned, cattle slaughtered, and the peaceful lives of these people were destroyed.
Along with the women known as the Filles du Roi, the settlement of New France and the country of Canada is greatly attributed to the soldiers that were sent by the king of France to help to defend the area from British invasion.
These men, arriving in the wilderness of New France, could not bring wives or family with them - many of them were very young anyway, or poor enough that they couldn't have afforded the expense of the crossing for a wife.
members.aol.com /GFSJudi/hostpage.html   (753 words)

 Royal Oak Schools and Families
The 365 members of the Royal Oak Education Association maintained coverage with the Michigan Education Special Services Association but union officials describe it as a "reduced" plan boosting co-pays for prescriptions from $5/$10 for generic/brand drugs to a $10/$20-plus plan.
The new Royal Oak High School, which merged 650 students from Dondero High School and 1,100 students from Kimball High School this year, is drawing a lot of attention from educators statewide.
ROYAL OAK -- The Ravens are feathering their nest at Royal Oak High School, which opens in September in the former Kimball High School site.
www.royaloakfree.com   (2087 words)

 Genealogies of European Royal Families
The Genealogy of the Grand-Ducal Family of Hesse and by Rhine.
The Genealogy of the Grand-Ducal Family of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.
The Genealogy of the Grand-Ducal Family of Saxe-Weimar and Eisenach.
www.geocities.com /henrivanoene/genealogy.html   (403 words)

 Restoration of the French Monarchy - Page 3 - The Royal Forums
I got the idea (perhaps wrong) the French seemed perfectly happy to have the aristocracy with all their perks and privileges of rank (as the old saying goes - rank has its privileges) but the idea of a king and a monarchy as a part of government seemed foreign.
I think the Scandanavians have somewhat redefined what a royal family represents because at the beginning it was a familial system with the royal family at the head of a family based hereditary aristocracy.
Royal House of Norway - Haakon and Mette-Marit with Family -
www.theroyalforums.com /forums/f76/restoration-french-monarchy-10018-3.html   (1796 words)

 John Gill Biography
Following graduation, John gigged extensively in the Detroit area and also began his apprenticeship in instrument repair with two second generation instrument repair families, the Kriewalls and the Niemans.
John’s skills quickly developed and he was hired by Herb Couf of Royal Music to assist in the design of the H. Couf saxophone line.
John eventually left Royal Music after accepting a faculty position at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, School of Music.
www.davidfrenchmusic.com /john_gill.htm   (329 words)

 List of French monarchs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
During the brief period when the French Constitution of 1791 was in effect (1791-1792), and after the July Revolution in 1830, the style "King of the French" was used instead of "King of France (and Navarre)".
The great and extended kingdom of Pippin's son, the legendary Charlemagne, was split by Louis I (Louis the Pious).
The Second French Republic lasted from 1848 to 1852, when its president, Louis Napoleon, was declared Emperor.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_French_monarchs   (1098 words)

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