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Topic: Men Behaving Badly

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Men Behaving Badly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Men Behaving Badly is a British sitcom, first broadcast in 1992 on ITV but moved to BBC One (and a later timeslot) from the third series onwards.
As a side-effect, the original series was eventually screened in the US on BBC America as British Men Behaving Badly.
The series was not without controversy as it was claimed young males were copying their "bad behaviour", and in the public imagination it has become synonymous with the mid '90s lad culture phenomenon.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Men_Behaving_Badly   (800 words)

 Men Behaving Badly - Why?
White men have been persistently accused of being racist by highly vocal racial activists and racial minorities, and their history and their forefathers have been thoroughly undermined and flened - to the extent that many racial activists are now demanding reparations for past slavery.
All men have been assaulted almost ceaselessly by various women's groups, children's groups, social service workers, therapists and analysts who have sought to indoctrinate the population with the view that men are abusers of children.
The constant feminist-inspired demonisation and denigration of men throughout the west has resulted not only in many of them feeling worthless, with the result that they now reject the worthwhile values of their own societies (with some turning to crime, drugs, irresponsible behaviours etc) it has also undermined any reason for them to shape up.
www.angryharry.com /tgmenbehavingbadly.htm   (2474 words)

 Men behaving badly - FeaturesGeneral - www.theage.com.au
We are in the midst of redefining the modern relationship and while women have acquired more freedom and greater equality, men are struggling to define their new role in the partnership.
Men are still not socialised to reach out emotionally in times of stress and often find their social networks have fallen by the wayside by midlife, and particularly after separation.
My first time at men's group, I was in so much financial distress and everything else, that when I opened my mouth to say why I was there, I started to cry.
www.theage.com.au /articles/2004/04/15/1081998303773.html   (1579 words)

 BBC - Comedy Guide - Men Behaving Badly
Men Behaving Badly was based around the antics of Gary and Dermot (series one) or Tony (subsequently), who share a shambolic London flat.
Men Behaving Badly was written by Simon Nye, based on his 1989 novel of the same name.
While Men Behaving Badly is remembered as a BBC sitcom, the groundwork for its stupendous success was laid on ITV, where it resided for its first two series.
www.bbc.co.uk /comedy/guide/articles/m/menbehavingbadly_7774265.shtml   (1299 words)

It is more than a simple story of men versus women; instead, through the eyes of various men who are symbols of US society, it tells of the destruction of the postwar consensus and with it the end of the American dream.
But because men have been taught to invest so much in being a breadwinner--and crucially because capitalism offers no alternative when this role is denied--the loss of such status often leads to bitterness and despair.
Many of the men she talks to did not have fathers, had violent childhoods, or felt that they could not measure up to their fathers' demands.
pubs.socialistreviewindex.org.uk /sr235/german.htm   (2557 words)

 Men Behaving Badly - Series 5
If you refer back to my review of Men Behaving Badly Series 4, you will note that I was disappointed with the transfer of that particular series, as it appeared overcompressed.
Fortunately, this series of Men Behaving Badly has been shot with better quality digital video equipment and subsequently has far less grain in its image, the major obstacle for the compression in the previous series.
Men Behaving Badly-Series 5 is a good DVD of a great comedy series with only very minor image and audio problems that most of you will not notice.
www.michaeldvd.com.au /Reviews/MenBehavingBadly5.asp   (1306 words)

 E! Online News - Bateman Exits "Men Behaving Badly"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Justine Bateman will not return to Men Behaving Badly come the fall, and costar Ron Eldard's character likely will be phased out, as well, following a freshman season that saw turmoil on the set of the NBC sitcom.
In addition to its behind-the-scenes problems, Men Behaving Badly was a ratings underachiever--ending the TV year tied for 79th place.
Men Behaving Badly was Justine Bateman's first foray into sitcoms since she made her name as a teenager on the long-running Family Ties.
www.eonline.com /News/Items/Pf/0,1527,1301,00.html   (367 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Men Behaving Badly - Series 1 To 6 [1992]: DVD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
This is the 9th item in the Men Behaving Badly series.
What can i say, Men Behaving Badly has got to be the best comedy sitcom of the 90's.
Men Behaving Badly has to be one of the best comedies of the 90's.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000AV3GI   (739 words)

 Men behaving badly | Samizdata.net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The Feminist movement stood up and said that women were tired of their role as Socializers of Men, of being the moral and social compass that made men into gentlemen.
Instead of saying women had a right to demand better treatment by men, more consideration, more respect (in and outside of the home, in and outside of the workplace), they decided that women would become free if they behaved as badly as men did.
Men, seeing now that women don't demand women to respect them, but do expect them to desire them, have simply lived up to what they wanted as adolescents, but then had been off-limits.
www.samizdata.net /blog/archives/003510.html   (1605 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Men Behaving Badly - Last Orders: DVD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
This is the 7th item in the Men Behaving Badly series.
The ultimate small-screen representation of Loaded-era lad culture--albeit a culture constantly being undermined by its usually sharper female counterpart--there seems little argument that Men Behaving Badly was one of 1990s' definitive sitcoms.
Men Behaving Badly is one of the greatest British sitcoms ever made.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B00004D03Q   (936 words)

 Men Behaving Badly, Season 2 DVD Review - MovieWeb
I think I have figured out why Men Behaving Badly has endeared itself to me. I can’t say for certain, but I think that it might have something do with the show reminding me a lot of “All In the Family”.
Men Behaving Badly is very well crafted show which I believe(according to IMDB) ran from 1992 to 1998.
Men Behaving Badly is just out to have good time, make you laugh and if it’s lucky ruminate a little more on that tricky thing known as human relationships.
www.movieweb.com /dvd/release/76/52176/review546.php   (1401 words)

 Men Behaving Badly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
MBB is not the only show to take word for word english scripts.
The humor of MBB may have been tasteless (Schneider's character lactating!), but at least it was funny.
I'm guessing Men Behaving Badly JTS as soon as it jumped the ocean and was reinvented in America.
www.jumptheshark.com /m/menbehavingbadly.htm   (2479 words)

 men Behaving Badly
Cleon was a tanner by trade and Aristophanes loses no opportunity to make fun of this smelly, low-born, foul-mouthed individual who was able to beguile the gullible masses with his election promises (you might like to speculate which of our current crop of MPs most approximates to this description).
The men just nip down the road to their favourite prostitute whilst the women almost go crazy with their sexual frustrations.
To avoid behaving badly, men had to have both in equal measure.
www.craigflower.supanet.com /badly.htm   (2654 words)

 Men Behaving Badly
This cohort of men serves as a dismal model of masculinity for many other men, said Rodney Stark, who has taught sociology and comparative religion for nearly 30 years at the University of Washington.
In arguing for more research in physiology, he cited "a definitive health survey of nearly 4,500 Vietnam war veterans revealing that men with the highest levels of testosterone -- a male sex hormone -- were violent and impulsive, committed crimes, abused drugs, were promiscuous, beat their wives and had poor work records.
Studies have shown that men and women are roughly equal in committing premeditated crimes (like poisoning and forgery), but that violent, dangerous acts such as assault, robbery and rape are predominantly committed by men.
www.religion-online.org /showarticle.asp?title=1967   (1262 words)

 BeebFun - Men Behaving Badly Desktop Theme Homepage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
As you may have guessed from this thumbnail sketch, the main theme running throughout this sitcom is the interaction between two young men and two young women and err, well male hormones and beer!!
MBB Rip Off Corner Another comedian who thinks he can rip off my Men Behaving Badly Theme - he even ripped off the banner can you believe.
and are generally on the receiving end of this bad behaviour by their men.
www.beebfun.com /mbb.htm   (796 words)

 Men Behaving Badly
Although parties featuring drug use and reckless unprotected sex were not uncommon in the gay community in the 1970s and early 1980s, the spread of HIV changed things.
Now, over a decade after the United States became aware of HIV and AIDS on a grand scale, many gay men are reverting to risky behavior.
Psychologist Larry Harmon notes that gay men have been systematically rejected by other men and turn to hedonistic behavior such as drug use and unprotected sex to escape the pressures of being a gay man in today's society.
www.aegis.com /news/ads/1997/AD971408.html   (487 words)

 baldilocks: Black Men Behaving Badly
The whole iceberg is this: fl women allow fl men to behave in any fashion, believing (correctly) that there is a shortage of fl men and believing (erroneously) that any man is better than no man at all.
Were there not so many fatherless fl children, there wouldn’t be so many fl men that think that it’s okay to abandon their responsibilities as fathers.
There wouldn’t be so many fl men who--having grown up without the manly guidance of fathers--believe that it's acceptable, even expected, to have illegitimate children.
baldilocks.typepad.com /baldilocks/2003/08/black_men_behav.html   (827 words)

 Investment Advisor: Investor Behavior - October 1999
Based on the research of several psychologists, Odean theorized that women would be less likely than men to become overconfident from buying and selling stock.
And though both genders of investors lost ground during a year of trading—that is, their new stocks yielded an annualized return that was smaller than that of the stocks in their portfolio at the beginning of the year—men fared a percentage point worse.
Married and single women and married and single men all have an "inferior" ability to select stocks, he asserts.
faculty.haas.berkeley.edu /odean/behavior.html   (2222 words)

 "Men Behaving Badly" (1996)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Men Behaving Badly was one of the best sitcoms ever.
Men Behaving Badly, the first season, was one of the best ever.
The second season had almost a completely different cast, and was not funny.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0115265   (295 words)

 Not just men behaving badly (4/98)
It's reasonable to ask that somebody occupying an office like the president's behave in a way to maintain his moral authority on a variety of issues.
And while this isn't the only basis on which we should judge a president ­ after all, there is certainly no straight line correlation between sexual fidelity and performance in office ­ historically, standards and expectations of the American presidency have changed.
I think women have to recognize that there is the potential for abuse, and that some women and men on occasion do abuse it.
www.stanford.edu /dept/news/pr/98/980401harass.html   (1846 words)

 Men Behaving Badly - TV Programs Shopping at dooyoo.co.uk
Men Behaving Badly : Should Not Be A Template For Life
I think lots of men would love to be able to live like they do, their typical night time behaviour, put the phone in the fridge pull up a kebab and crack open a crate of beers, tremendous.
Men Behaving Badly is truely a legend of its time.
www.dooyoo.co.uk /tv-programs/men-behaving-badly   (308 words)

 MEN Behaving Badly - All About Symbian Forums
This really is a scathing attack on MEN, insisting that it is pushing out competition and stiffling innovation - accusations which have, in the past, been the exclusive lot for Microsoft.
I'd rather trust the MEN than the BOYS and this sound to me like more of the usual Microsoft effort to talk down other people's innovation in order to make its own mediocrity look better.
"MEN, along with Lucent Technologies, Nortel Networks, and Siemens (a far less catchy acronym), are effectively the gatekeepers for new technology in the wireless industry.
www.allaboutsymbian.com /forum/showthread.php?t=1462   (284 words)

 eBay - men behaving badly, Men Behaving Badly The Complete Series 2, DVD items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
MEN BEHAVING BADLY - Series 2 Part 2 - 3 Episodes
Men Behaving Badly Christmas Special Jingle B***s VHS
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=men+behaving+badly&...   (508 words)

 CANOE -- LIFEWISE - Bad men behaving badly
Beware -- there are good guys behaving badly and bad guys who are just plain bad.
Even when you have done something destructive in a relationship (even withdrawing emotionally), you are still a "good man behaving badly." Build the good man part while you analyze and correct the behaving badly part.
Keep a running list of times when you are tempted to act badly in a relationship, but instead find a different way.
lifewise.canoe.ca /SexRomance/2005/03/05/pf-951408.html   (327 words)

 British Sitcom Guide - Men Behaving Badly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
"Men Behaving Badly" was one of the biggest hits in the 90s, it almost didn't make it though.
"Men Behaving Badly" is certainly a funny sitcom but be warned it is in a rude, "laddish" way.
The BBC received many complaints from viewers about the crude jokes (including many on that masturbation moment), it didn't harm the viewing figures though.
www.sitcom.co.uk /men_badly/index.shtml   (124 words)

 Men Behaving Badly: Series 6 - DVD - Title M Shopping at dooyoo.co.uk
Men Behaving Badly: Series 6 : A 90's sitcom that brought the 'new lad' generation?
It would be fair to say that most people have watched or heard of the BBC comedy ‘Men Behaving Badly’.
Staring Neil Morrissey and Martin Clunes, they combined their talents to bring us a much loved comedy series that perhaps defined the ‘new-lad’ generation that sprung up during the height of the shows popularity during the 1990’s.
www.dooyoo.co.uk /dvd-title-m/men-behaving-badly-series-6   (184 words)

 The ugly Australians: men behaving badly
It's estimated that 80 percent of them are men.
Jeff McMullen met three Australian men who've made this place their hangout.
In a country where poverty forces many women into prostitution and where one in five prostitutes is HIV positive, these men brag about multiple partners and unprotected intercourse.
sgp1.paddington.ninemsn.com.au /sixtyminutes/stories/2000_11_05/story_262.asp   (185 words)

 Men Behaving Badly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Written by Simon Nye, the series was originally on ITV and starred Martin Clunes and Harry Enfield as clueless roommates.
Now BBC America is running the series in the USA, giving Americans a chance to see this great series (which also spawned a terrible remake on NBC several years ago, about which the less said, the better!).
At its core Men Behaving Badly is a satire about Britain's "lad" culture, personified by Tony and Gary (Morrissey and Clunes), who only care about getting drunk, making out with women, and watching TV.
www.amasci.com /~rkj/weekly/aa093000a.htm   (427 words)

 Mr. Media vs. The Do(o)little Report! (02/03/97)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Men behaving badly as reported by The Do(o)little Report.
If you've seen the NBC sitcom "Men Behaving Badly," Sandra Beckwith says you're already familiar with her field of study.
Beckwith's favorite "Stupid Men Trick" of all-time was the guy who, rather than throw out a pair of socks that had a hole on the ankle, used a Magic Marker that matched his socks and colored in his ankle.
www.andelman.com /mrmedia/97/02.03.97.html   (1384 words)

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