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Topic: Menelik II

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In the News (Thu 24 May 18)

  Menelek II of Ethiopia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The son of King Haile Melekot of Shoa (1847 - 1855), was born in 1844 in Ankober, Shoa and heir to the Shewan branch of the Solomonic Dynasty which claimed descent from King Solomon of ancient Israel, and the Queen of Sheba.
Menelik argued that while the family of Yohannis IV claimed descent from King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba through female links to the dynasty, his own claim was based on uninterrupted direct male lineage which made the claims of the House of Shoa equal to those of the elder Gondar line of the dynasty.
Emperor Menelik II died on December 12th, 1913, and is buried at the Baeta Le Mariam Monastery Church of Addis Ababa.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Menelik_II   (1285 words)

 Menelek II of Ethiopia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Emperor Menelek II (August 17, 1844 – December 12, 1913), Conquering Lion of Judah, Elect of God, King of Kings of Ethiopia was negus negust (emperor) of Ethiopia from 1889 to his death.
In 1886 Menelik of Shoa married his daughter Zauditu to the Emperor’s son, the.
The succession now lay between the late emperor’s natural son, the, and Menelek of Shoa, but the latter was able to obtain the aliegance of a large majority of the nobility on November 4, and consecrated and Crowned as Emperor Menelik II shortly afterwards.
www.kernersville.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Menelik_II_of_Ethiopia   (1244 words)

 Emperor Menelik II : Part I
Emperor Menelik II was the son of King Haile Melekot of Shewa, and Woizero Ijigayehu.
Menelik mourned the death of the Wollo notables with her, and then proceded to Shewa, where the population rose up upon hearing of his return and began to flock to his banner.
The Council of Boru Meda was convened in the presence of the Emperor of Ethiopia, the King of Shewa, the Archbishops Petros, Lukas and Matiwos, and the Echege of Debre Libanos.
www.angelfire.com /ny/ethiocrown/menelik.html   (16263 words)

 Ethiopia - Ethiopian History - Modern Ethiopia
Menelik II (1844-1913) was the one monarch who accomplished the dreams Tewodros had for his country.
When Menelik II discovered the misunderstanding, he immediately wrote to Britain's Queen Victoria, to the ruler of Germany, and to the president of France insisting that Ethiopia was still an independent nation.
In 1893, Menelik II denounced the treaty and by 1895 Ethiopia and Italy were at war.
www.ethiopianhistory.com /modern   (615 words)

 Ethiopia - Ethiopian History - Menelik II
Menelik had lost his first chance at the imperial throne to Gobaze and will still have to wait until Yohannes' death to become emperor (Gabre-Sellassie, Z. Wagshum Gobaze, now calling himself Emperor Tekle Giyorgis II, remained emperor for only a short three years, from 1868 to 1871.
Menelik promised to pay annual tribute, to cease trade routes to European ruled territories, and to be faithful to the emperor.
Menelik died in December of 1913 and the country fell into a period of uncertainty.
www.ethiopianhistory.com /modern/menelik   (1543 words)

 Menelik II Part II: The Post Adowa Era
Menelik II, took one look at the Duke d'Oleans and asked "Who is this man who does not know how to dress when appearing before a king?" The Duke was careful to be more appropriatly dressed when he returned later that day for dinner with the Imperial couple.
Menelik was grateful, and decreed that Abba Jiffar II was to remain the fully empowered Sultan of Jimma, and that the only concession that Menelik expected was payment of an annual tribute to the Crown.
The Tomb of Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia
www.angelfire.com /ny/ethiocrown/menelikII.html   (5305 words)

 Imperial Ethiopia - Contemporary History
Menelik II had moved his capital to what was to become Addis Ababa.
Menelik's daughter, Zawditu, was crowned Empress in 1917, with the young Tafari Makonnen as regent and heir apparent.
Kin to Menelik, Tafari was the son of Makonnen, cousin and advisor to the late Emperor.
www.imperialethiopia.org /history3.htm   (2231 words)

 Menelik II on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
In 1889, Menelik concluded the Treaty of Uccialli with Italy.
The Italian invasion that followed (1895-96) was crushed by Menelik's great victory near Adwa.
Menelik took important steps to strengthen and modernize his domain.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/M/Menelik2.asp   (362 words)

 LION OF ETHIOPIA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Truly emperor Menelik II was the father of the Empire of Ethiopia.
When Menelik II became emperor in 1889 his first act in foreign affairs was to make a treaty with Italy.
Emperor Menelik II objected and said Ethiopia is free to do as she wishes in foreign affairs.’’Ras Makonnen visits aid, Rome where he was given some 28 cannons and 38,000 rifles by the Italian government.
groups.msn.com /LIONOFETHIOPIA/emperormenelikii18891913.msnw   (1810 words)

 Menelik II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
enelik II was the Ethiopian emperor (1889-1909) during the frantic race for African protectorates by European countries.
Menelik II's reaction, as Emperor of Ethiopia, to Italy's invasion helped to establish Ethiopia's independence, and enouraged future interaction with European powers.
Menelik II's defeat over the Italian forces helped Ethiopia to gain their independence, and established Ethiopia's reputation as a competent military force in Africa.
www.pvhs.chico.k12.ca.us /~bsilva/projects/scramble/menelik_ii.htm   (441 words)

 Ethiopia The Reign of Menelik II, 1889-1913 - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current ...
By 1900 Menelik had succeeded in establishing control over much of present-day Ethiopia and had, in part at least, gained recognition from the European colonial powers of the boundaries of his empire.
Menelik embarked on a program of military conquest that more than doubled the size of his domain (see fig.
Menelik considered the Italians a formidable challenge and negotiated the Treaty of Wuchale with them in 1889 (see Diplomacy and State Building in Imperial Ethiopia, ch.
workmall.com /wfb2001/ethiopia/ethiopia_history_the_reign_of_menelik_ii_1889_1913.html   (1201 words)

 Rastafari Online Community
Menelik II always partial to the King of Gojjam, never tried to undermine him by using his sons against him, but rather counseled the sons to honor their father.
Princess Tsehai was buried at the Ba'eta Le Mariam Monastery Church, in the Imperial mausoleum with Emperor Menelik II, Empress Taitu and Empress Zewditu.
This house, built by Emperor Menelik was thus named for it's egg shaped dome on it's roof, and had previously been used by Empress Zewditu while she was still a Princess and helping to nurse her ill father Emperor Menelik II, and later as a guest house during her reign.
rastafarionline.com /life_of_him_long.htm   (17719 words)

 Ethiopia: The Making of Modern Ethiopia ~a HREF="/et_00_00.html#et_01_03"
Ethiopia: From Tewodros II to Menelik II, 1855-89 ~a HREF="/et_00_00.html#et_01_03"
Despite the acquisition of European firearms, in 1878 Menelik was compelled to submit to Yohannis and to pay tribute; in return, Yohannis recognized Menelik as negus and gave him a free hand in territories to the south of Shewa.
Ethiopia: The Reign of Menelik II, 1889-1913 ~a HREF="/et_00_00.html#et_01_03"
lcweb2.loc.gov /frd/etsave/et_01_03.html   (4070 words)

 Menelik II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Menelik II, the slave trading Abyssinian king of the nineteenth and twentieth century was responsible for the massacre and disappearance of millions of Oromos, Sidamas, Wolayta, Somalis, and others.
Menelik was a notorious slave trader, who sold Oromo and southern peoples’ prisoners of war into slavery.
Menelik II, the cannibal ('Bulguu' as known by the Oromos, and 'Immiyyee ' by the colonial settlers or Nafxanyas who sucked Oromo blood with him) was a very ruthless ruler.
www.voiceoforomiyaa.com /menelik_ii.htm   (924 words)

 Sesostris II --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Bhaskara II was born in 1114 in Biddur, India.
Mohammad II (Mehmed the Conqueror) (1432–81), Ottoman sultan, born in Adrianople (now Edirne); during rule (1444–46 and 1451–81), captured Constantinople and thus completed the Ottoman destruction of the Byzantine Empire; fourth son of Murad II; restored and repopulated Constantinople after capture in 1453; reorganized Ottoman administration, codified laws, encouraged scholarship...
He was born Sahle Mariam on Aug. 17, 1844, but took the name Menelik II because Menelik I was the name of the legendary son of Solomon and the queen of Sheba in the history of ancient Israel.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9066896?tocId=9066896   (805 words)

 Ethiopian Treasures - Emperor Menelik II, Battle of Adwa - Addis Ababa
Menelik expanded his rule to the south and east of the country but he faced a threat from the Italians who still occupied Massawa, Saati and the Red Sea Coast.
Menelik was helpless to defend the country from the Italian occupation and he attempted to negotiate with Italians.
Menelik's nightmare did not end there, the Italians attempted to court the Tigrayans Princes into the alliance with Eritrea and the Italians invaded north part of Tigray leading to the Battle of Adwa.
www.ethiopiantreasures.toucansurf.com /pages/menelik.htm   (467 words)

 Menelik II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Menelik II Menelik II Emperor of Ethiopia (1844-1913)
Born in 1844, Menelik II was one of the most celebrated of Ethiopia's rulers, and led the most successful campaign of African resistance to repel the onslaught of European colonialism.
Menelik displayed great foresight in developing his military strength, which proved to be considerably superior to the Italian army he encountered, and also in using European trade and technology without yielding any political ground.
purpleplanetmedia.com /bhp/pages/menelikii.shtml   (654 words)

 Ethiopia - The Reign of Menelik II, 1889-1913
Ethiopia - The Reign of Menelik II, 1889-1913
Menelik embarked on a program of military conquest that more than doubled the size of his domain.
Menelik considered the Italians a formidable challenge and negotiated the Treaty of Wuchale with them in 1889.
countrystudies.us /ethiopia/15.htm   (1117 words)

 The Official Web Site of Addis Ababa University
Menelik II School: The Beginning of Modern Education in Ethiopia
Modern Education in Ethiopia began in 1905 during the reign of Emperor MENELIK II.
Since the beginning of 2001/2002 Academic Year, the school is upgraded to a preparatory (pre-college) school (grades 11 and 12) and serves as a secondary school (grades 9 and 10) as well.
www.aau.edu.et /announcements/menelik-info.html   (637 words)

 MSN Encarta - Search Results - Menelik II
Menelik II (1844-1913), emperor of Ethiopia (1889-1909), who transformed the country from a collection of semi-independent states into a united...
On May 2, 1889, about the time of Menelik II’s accession to full power, he concluded the Treaty of Ucciali with Italy, permitting the Italians to...
Lij Iyasu (1896-1935), emperor of Ethiopia (1913 to 1916), and a grandson, through his mother, of Emperor Menelik II.
encarta.msn.com /Menelik_II.html   (169 words)

 Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia, biography
roclaimed to be a descendant of the legendary Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, Menelik II was a dominant figure of his time in Africa and would be known as the King of Kings.
His further accomplishments in bringing Ethiopia into the twentieth century, coupled with his stunning victory over Italy in the 1896 Battle of Adwa, in their attempt to invade his country, placed him among the great leaders of world history and maintained his country's independence until 1935.
enelik II was Emperor of Ethiopia from 1889 until his death in 1913.
www.douglasyaney.com /mc895-bio.htm   (388 words)

 Menelik II of Ethiopia :: by Nazret.com
Menelik IIThe son of King Haile Melekot of Shoa (1847 - 1855), was born in 1844 in Ankober, Shoa and heir to the Shewan branch of the Solomonic Dynasty which claimed descent from King Solomon of ancient Israel, and the Queen of Sheba.
Menelek.s clemency to Ras Mangasha, whom he compelled to submit and then made hereditary Prince of his native Tigre, was ill repaid by a long series of revolts by that prince.
Lij Iyasu's marriage to Romanework Mangasha was dissolved, and he married Seble Wongel Hailu, daughter of Ras Hailu, and granddaughter of King Tekle Haimanot of Gojjam.
www.nazret.com /history/menelik.shtml   (1170 words)

 G.E. Gorfu , Ethiopian Review August 1991   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Menelik II, who took over the supremacy from the Tigrean emperor, Yohannes IV, did it not by force, as is the case in most traditional power transfers in Ethiopia, but by cunning and guile.
Menelik had refused to pay tribute to the Tigrean emperor, clearly defying him and implying he was as legitimate a contender for the crown as Yohannes.
They made a peace treaty with the traditional signature and seal, the arranged marriage between the son of Yohannes and the daughter of Menelik, Zewditu.
ethiopianreview.homestead.com /Article_GEGorfuAug91.html   (508 words)

 Articles - Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
He inherited his imperial blood through his paternal grandmother, Princess Tenagnework Sahle Selassie, who was an aunt of Emperor Menelik II, and he claimed to be a direct descendant of Makeda, the queen of Sheba, and King Solomon of ancient Israel.
However, the Dejazmatch's time in Harar was not successful, and so during the last illness of Menelik II, and the brief tenure in power of Empress Taitu Bitul, Tafari Makonnen was made governor of Harar, and entered the city 11 April 1911.
This led to the deposition of Iyasu on grounds of conversion to Islam, and the proclamation of Menelik II's daughter (Iyasu's aunt) as Empress Zauditu.
www.gaple.com /articles/Haile_Selassie_I   (3585 words)

 With the Armies of Menelik II, emperor of Ethiopia
Reissued in 1971 as part of the volume With the Armies of Menelik II, edited by I. Katsnelson of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R."Science" Publishing House Chief Editorial Staff of Oriental LiteratureMoscow 1971.
At the beginning of November, Menelik's military commanders arrived in Addis Ababa one after another, and councils of war were held in the palace, with the Emperor himself presiding.
Having received from Menelik permission to conquer Kulo and Konta, which are found on the other side of the Gojeb River, he carried out his plan in a single campaign, as follows.
www.samizdat.com /armies.html   (23327 words)

 Menelik II, Yohannes IV Palaces to be Renovated
Menelik II, Yohannes IV Palaces to be Renovated
“The renovation of the sites is crucial as both Menelik and Yohannes IV are the ones who laid the foundation of modern Ethiopian state resisting European expansion,” said Seidler who is also conducting paleo-anthropoligical research in Ethiopia.
The Menelik Palace was built when the city of Addis Ababa was founded in 1887, two years before Menelik, then king of Shewa, became Emperor of Ethiopia.
www.addistribune.com /Archives/2002/11/29-11-02/Menelik.htm   (354 words)

 Emperor Menelik, by Dr. Zewde Gabre-Sellassie
At the outset I wish to comment briefly on the general characteristic of the period we are about to discuss and the countries with which Menelik would be dealing during the period from 1865 to 1896.
We may add to this list of neighboring states, the Mahdist State of the Sudan which existed during the period extending from the fall of Khartoum to the Mahdi in January 26, 1885, up to the fall of Khartoum to the Anglo-Egyptian forces in September 22,1898, when it was absorbed in the Anglo-Egyptian condominium.
Thus Menelik realized that without acquiring adequate arms and annnunition he could neither maintain Shoan independence nor reach his goal of possessing the supreme power over the whole empire.
sellassie.ourfamily.com /academics/menelik.html   (928 words)

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