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  Mento - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mento is a style of Jamaican folk music that predates and has greatly influenced ska and reggae music.
Mento typically features acoustic instruments, such as acoustic guitar, banjo, hand drums, and the rhumba box - a large mbira in the shape of a box that can be sat on while played.
Mento is often confused with Calypso, a musical form from Trinidad and Tobago.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mento   (477 words)

 Mento defends the job he's done   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Mento's role in the purchase was the most serious charge with which he has had to contend, but another has arguably gained just as much notoriety.
Mento testified that he was surprised to learn that Maravich disapproved, because she never said anything about it to him.
Mento added that it was common for school districts throughout the state to file their financial reports past the October 31 due date.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/04175/336099.stm   (1162 words)

 Jolly Boys and Mento
Many of the rhythmic ideas in mento (for instance, the upstroke guitar which emphasized the 2nd, 3rd and 4th count, while drum punctuated the 2nd and 4th count in a bar) were embraced by reggae and became some of its key signatures that formalized the genre.
The emphasis of mento musical structure is based on the a few key stylistic and structural elements - the upstroke of the guitar and rhythm and melody are tightly coupled in accent and delivery; the form of rhyming verses which tell a story and lastly a catchy chorus that was melodically different from the verse.
Mento, with its laid-back lyrics and attitude, found itself to be the out-of step, non-threatening and more importantly, non-political; while the aggressive sounds of early reggae characterized the young independent spirit of the time of the era.
www.furious.com /perfect/jollyboys.html   (2770 words)

 Jamaica Gleaner - 'Sly Mongoose' mento exhibition
Tracing a popular dance music in Jamaica - Sunday | June ...
By the end of the 19th century, mento was all the "rage" in Jamaica, and (like dance hall today) served as "throw wu'd" music, providing an avenue to discuss taboos and social issues.
So mento songs commented on local news, the Bible, politics, infidelity, even obeah, and their subtle innuendo, humouros double entendres and suggestive lyrics helped to protect the innocent from the song's baser meanings.
A typical mento dance is simple, centering around the hip, with the knees bent and the feet remaining well-grounded.
www.jamaica-gleaner.com /gleaner/20030629/arts/arts1.html   (1118 words)

 New Hampshire State Council on the Arts
Julie Mento came to the NH State Council on the Arts in 1998 to serve as archive preparator for New Hampshire’s presentation at the 1999 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.
In 2001, Mento was hired as Arts Program Assistant where she implemented the State Arts Council's popular E-news service and became the official webmaster for the website, which has become the primary repository for all of the State’s Arts news, resources and grants information.
Mento graduated from New England College in 1998 where she was the recipient of an Arts Achievement Scholarship and the Creative Arts Award of Academic Excellence.
www.state.nh.us /nharts/aboutus/staffbios/mento.htm   (343 words)

 Sam Manning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
When Jamaican mento recordings began to appear in the 1950s, in addition to the rough and rural country style that was a forbearer of reggae, there was also the more polished and jazzy dance band style, that can be seen as a descendant of these 1920s jazz-mento tracks.
Though the jazzy dance band style of mento faded away by the late 1960s, jazz would continue to enrich Jamaican music, as can be seen in the Jamaican Music Roadmap.
Eleven of them are mento songs, or utilized part of a mento song.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sam_Manning   (257 words)

 Mento Music: What is Mento Music?
Mento music had its beginnings in Jamaica in the 19th century, and was uniquely Jamaican fusion of African and European musical traditions.
This decade was mento’s golden age, as a variety of artists recorded mento songs in an assortment of rhythms and styles.
Mento was everywhere in Jamaica, live and recorded, in the country and the city, uptown and downtown, at work, at dances, at funerals, at burlesque shows, at tourists resorts, as an added attraction at the movie theater, at bars, at the airport, at markets, at night clubs and at festivals and contests.
www.mentomusic.com /WhatIsMento.htm   (3948 words)

 Traditional Mento of Jamaica - Sound Clip - MSN Encarta
Much of the hypnotic, deeply rhythmic backbeat that drives popular reggae music from Jamaica is derived from a traditional African-Jamaican hybrid music form called mento.
This all-acoustic music was popular in the early 20th century and was rarely recorded, remaining isolated in the obscurity of Jamaica’s local folk culture.
Featuring acoustic guitar, banjo, rumba-box (a crate-size thumb piano), and bongo drums, mento music is punctuated by biting double-entendre lyrics sung in ballad form.
encarta.msn.com /media_461532840_761561054_-1_1/Traditional_Mento_of_Jamaica.html   (129 words)

 Jamaica Gleaner - Mento comes of age - Penthouse releases CD - Wednesday | June 20, 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Mento comes of age - Penthouse releases CD The Rod Dennis Mento Band ­ featured on most of the tracks on the Mento CD produced by Penthouse Records.
This is the second effort to package the genre, which has been on the decline since the 1950's.
Alton James of the Rod Dennis Mento Band was cautious about the release of the CD.
www.jamaica-gleaner.com /gleaner/20010620/ent/ent1.html   (297 words)

 Mento Music: Welcome
Mento was crucial in the formation of ska and reggae, yet, for the world-wide masses of ska and reggae fans, mento is largely unheard and unknown.
As someone who had enjoyed ska, rock steady, and reggae for more than 20 years, discovering mento was a fantastic treat for the ears as well as a revelation.
The Mento and Jazz page describes how the earliest mento recordings were on jazz records of the 1920s and 1930s and how mento-jazz has spanned the decades.
www.mentomusic.com   (618 words)

 BBC - World Review - Various Artists, Mento Madness
Mento shared calypso's tendency for lyrics filled with wry social commentary and sexual innuendo, but had a more rural feel.
Mento shared calypso's tendency for lyrics filled with wry social commentary and sexual innuendo, but had a more rural feel as well as using markedly different instruments such as the banjo, bamboo wind instruments and the rumba box (giant thumb piano or kalimba).
If you enjoy Mento Madness, the good news is that mento is still made today by a handful of artists such as The Jolly Boys and Stanley Beckford (who sounds remarkably like Harold Richardson on this CD).
www.bbc.co.uk /music/world/reviews/artistsvar_mento.shtml   (561 words)

 Mento (Strange Tales character)
In his tenth year of being hooked to the machine, Mento was able to levitate a nearby bridge as the powers of his mind continued to increase.
In his fifteenth year, Mento reduced the height of the population of a nearby city to 12 inches, then restored everyone to normal.
Just as Mento was ready to begin his plans for world conquest, the machine short-circuited, causing him to lose his powers, and all the feats he made happen were undone.
www.marvunapp.com /Appendix3/mentokruppst.htm   (498 words)

 Arizona Rivulin Keepers' home page
One species, Aphanius mento, sometimes known as the Persian killie, is from that region and has been an aquarium favorite for many years.
While many species which are closely related to Aphanius mento live in marine or brackish water, Aphanius mento is only found in freshwater or lightly brackish habitats such springs, creeks, rivers, and small lakes.
Aphanius mento was first described by Heckel in 1843 and has been kept by aquarists for a long time.
www.aka.org /ark/mento.htm   (1005 words)

 CD Baby: DUO MENTO: Brahms / Mozart / Rachmaninoff, New York Debut Recital
Loretta Mento received a Bachelor of Music degree from Rowan University, where she studied piano with Steven Romanio.
Mento studied with Annie Petit and Seymour Lipkin of the Curtis Institute and the Juilliard School, respectively.
Mento has performed in various locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, South Carolina, Florida and in Vienna, Austria, and has recorded at the Lawrenceville School.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/duomento2   (345 words)

 The Austin Chronicle Music: Review - Mento Madness, Motta's Jamaican Mento: 1951-56 (V2)
Mento Madness is a delightful primer, introducing the styles and stars of this all-but-forgotten roots music.
Lord Fly's 1951 "Medley of Jamaican Mento," released on 78 rpm, was the first Jamaican-made record ever, marking the industry's birth with a decidedly uptown sound replete with the jazzy flourishes of trumpet and piano.
Although mento was distinct from Trinidadian calypso, Jamaican groups often used names such as Calypso Clippers and Calypso Quintet to coattail their neighbor's commercial popularity.
www.austinchronicle.com /issues/dispatch/2004-08-27/music_phases3.html   (333 words)

 Stanley Beckford brings Mento to France - JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM
Mento, the indigenous Jamaican folk concoction of a calypso flavoured beat fused with Latin American musical influences is becoming increasingly popular in France...
On these tours he is the only Jamaica act, except for the Clarendon-based Blue Glade Mento Band which is a part of his entourage, being the lead singer and guitarist.
He assumed this trailblazer role after the French company did some research on Mento music and its talent scout and director came to Jamaica looking for Mento artistes and met dancehall deejay Anthony B who recommended the former member of the Rod Dennis Mento Band whom everyone calls by his first name -Stanley.
www.jamaicaobserver.com /lifestyle/html/20031120T210000-0500_51894_OBS_STANLEY_BECKFORD_BRINGS_MENTO_TO_FRANCE.asp   (691 words)

 Sangamo BioSciences Appoints Steven Mento, Ph.D. to Its Board of Directors
Idun, which is focused on the discovery and development of therapies to control apoptosis, was recently acquired by Pfizer Inc. Before Idun, Dr. Mento joined Viagene, Inc. in 1992 as Vice President of Research and Development.
Mento served as President of Chiron Viagene, Inc. and Vice President of Chiron Corporation until 1997.
From 1982 to 1992, Dr. Mento held various positions in research and development at American Cyanamid Company, most recently Director, Viral Vaccine Research and Development at Lederle-Praxis Biologicals, a business unit of American Cyanamid.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-26-2005/0003691515&EDATE=   (811 words)

 Character Discussion: Mento - Animation Insider
Technically though, Mento was never a member of the DP in the comics.
Mento may be harsh but to him he takes duty first and that is something I can relate to.
And seeing Mento wired up to his supercomputer in full-on cyberpunk fashion would be pretty nifty as well, though possibly a bit too creepy for younger viewers.
www.animationinsider.net /forums/showthread.php?t=16437   (1538 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Mento specializes in intermediate and advanced students and four hand technique but welcomes motivated beginners.
Ms Mento previously taught piano at Wilmington Music School in Wilmington, DE, Jacobs Music in Philadelphia, Kindermusik Conservatory in Linwood, and for the NJ Teen Arts Festival at Rutgers University.
She is the winner of the Pi Kappa Lambda award from Rowan University Ms Mento and her brother Steven Mento will be performing with the Clavis Chamber Players at the Margate Community Church on Sunday April 18 at 3:00 pm.
www.sjca.net /pressroom/documents/MentoDuoRevised.doc   (380 words)

 Mento Buru
Mento Buru is an explosive 8-piece band that cleverly combines Jamaican SKA, rock, latin jazz, funk and reggae.
Mento has been gigging non-stop since '91 and shows no sign of stopping.
In addition to Mento Buru's own CD releases, the band has also been included on these domestic and international compilations: Cultivation '92 (A Kick Produkt), Cultivation No. 3 (BPAC Records), Experiments in Sonic Reaction (Maniclab Media), Skauthentic, Blackpool's Ska Comp.
www.mbus.com /bands/genadm/Mento.Buru.htm   (421 words)

 Prestige Agency, Artist Management representing classical, jazz, visual artists, performing arts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
While enrolled at the University of South Carolina, Dr. Mento was invited to participate in a Master Class conducted by Karel Husa, performing one of his compositions.
Mento is founder and president of the Clavis Chamber Players and serves as the music critic and reviewer for the Classical New Jersey Society Journal.
In 2002, 'Duo Mento' was formed with her brother Dr. Steven Mento to perform four-hand literature.
www.prestigeagency.com /duo_mento.php   (499 words)

 Review - Various : Rhythm Choice Vol. 7 ~ Mento
The "Mento" riddim is based upon the traditional Caribbean mento riddim.
Mento is often described as the Jamaican variant of calypso.
Throughout the development of Jamaican popular music mento has influenced the sound and popular dancehall deejays such as Lieutenant Stitchie and Admiral Bailey drew freely from mento imagery.
www.reggaecd.com /rev_var/rcmento.htm   (273 words)

 Mentos Shave Gel
For over 70 years Mentos has developed shave and skin products that protect and improve sensitive skin.
Mentos shave products use a non-soap, non-alcohol formula with natural ingredients to maintain your skin's natural pH balance.
Mentos shave products not only protect skin from ingrown hairs and razor burn, they also remove dead skin cells and stimulate new skin cell growth with the help of alpha-hydroxy acids, for smoother skin and the appearance of fewer fine facial lines.
www.mentosshave.com   (91 words)

 Mento Downloads - Download Mento Music - Download Mento MP3s
Dances from the islands are usually of religious and social significance, though a dichotomy between the two is not necessary: they need not be mutually exclusive phenomena.
The mento is a dance of social significance, objectively and minimally, in Jamaica.
Mento is used to ridicule members of the social group or censure them for some misdeed.
www.mp3.com /mento/genre/823/subgenre.html   (182 words)

 Dennis B. Mento, engineer; at 65 - The Boston Globe - Boston.com - Local - News
TEWKSBURY -- Dennis B. Mento, 65, of Tewksbury, a mechanical engineer, died June 20 at his home.
In 1963, he enlisted in the Army where he was awarded several decorations, including the Good Conduct Medal and the sharpshooter citation for his proficiency with the M-14 rifle.
Mento worked for 27 years as a mechanical engineer at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.
www.boston.com /news/local/articles/2005/06/26/dennis_b_mento_engineer_at_65   (508 words)

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