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Topic: MenuetOS

In the News (Mon 25 Mar 19)

  YourArt.com >> Encyclopedia >> MenuetOS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
MenuetOS (also known as MeOS) is an operating system written in assembly language (FASM) by Ville Mikael Turjanmaa for the 64-bit and 32-bit x86 architecture computers.
MenuetOS also facilitates easy, full-featured assembly language programming in an age when assembly languages are considered usable mainly for old and embedded systems.
MenuetOS was originally written for 32-bit x86 architectures and released under the GPL, thus many of its applications are distributed under the GPL.
www.yourart.com /research/encyclopedia.cgi?subject=/MenuetOS   (384 words)

 Sphinx C--
For example, I have used a C compiler called MACC to write applications for MenuetOS, and to call a software-interrupt routine, passing parameters via registers, involves first pushing the parameters onto the stack, calling an inline asm routine which transfers them to registers then calls the interrupt -- which is very inefficient.
MenuetOS itself is written in assembly language and assembled with FASM or NASM.
The file 'msys.h--' has the code for the MenuetOS system calls -- this file is not complete, and a volunteer would be welcome to add the rest of the system interrupts to it.
goosee.com /cmm   (1259 words)

 MenuetOS 64bit First Release - OSNews.com
MenuetOS 64's first release is available for download, to AMD64 and Intel EMT64 users.
It was released on the 23rd of June, but appears to have only been known to viewers of the MenuetOS Forum.
MenuetOS 64 is free to use provided you agree to the license.
www.osnews.com /printer.php/11030/MenuetOS-64bit-First-Release   (139 words)

MenuetOS draait op 64bit computers en past op slechts 1 diskette.
MenuetOS is geschreven in Assembly, een programmeertaal die het mogelijk maakt om kleine en snelle applicaties te bouwen.
MenuetOS is beschikbaar als een gecompreseerd "image" bestand.
www.menuetos.be   (110 words)

 Can i use MenuetOS GUI in Linux 2.7?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
MenuetOS is an OS, neither a GUI or a kernel only.
As for MenuetOS's GUI responsivness, that relies on a multiple of factors, but mainly because MenuetOS is from the grounds up built system, and is an all-in-one package, it's kernel and GUI are made by the same project.
Where as with Linux, you have a kernel with either Xfree86/Xorg on top, then with Gnome or KDE on top again, which is why you can't expect that kind of a response from a Linux system in comparision.
kerneltrap.org /node/3204   (730 words)

 G4 - Feature - Dark Deal: MenuetOS
I've shown you Knoppix STD and PHLAK, both great CD-bootable operating systems, but neither is small enough to fit on a floppy.
In my quest to bring you the ultimate arsenal of cool tools to keep in your backpack, I present you MenuetOS.
MenuetOS includes the tools you'll need to modify and compile the kernel and applications.
www.g4tv.com /screensavers/features/47014/Dark_Deal_MenuetOS.html   (166 words)

 menuetos -> MenuetOS
Ville has given project leadership to me. It was to be unofficial until the first release, but someone always has to talk.
I'll do my best to maintain MenuetOS project, with the help of Mike.dld and Luka666 is going to manage forums.
menuetos has been translated too many languages at this point but the problem is that people will have too translate the kernel every time when there's a new release..
menuet.2.forumer.com /index.php?showtopic=477   (454 words)

The kernel of MenuetOS was written in assembly language using the FASM assembler.
Although the kernel was written in assembly langauge, applications may be written in assembly or a high-level language.
Strannik is a Modula, C and Pascal compiler and editor/IDE and can generate code for MenuetOS, however the IDE and documentation is all in Russian.
www.goosee.com /menuetos   (703 words)

 NewUsersManual - MenuetWiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
FASM is the primary language for the kernel and core applications.
Execute the MenuetOS installer executable and ensure the formatted disk is in the drive.
Booting the Disk and Device Setup Booting the MenuetOS is a simple process All that is required is to ensure in BIOS settings that the medium you boot from is enabled.
menuet.homelinux.net /NewUsersManual   (1509 words)

 MenuetOS 0.75 на ListSoft.ru   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Menuet has no unix roots and the basic system is meant to be clean asm based structure.
При всём вышеупомянутом MenuetOS целиком помещается на дискету и распространяется абсолютно свободно (GPL).
Более подробную информацию, статьи, ответы на частые вопросы, дополнительные утилиты можно найти на русскоязычном сайте MenuetOS.
www.listsoft.ru /17821   (404 words)

 Bluemini.net - Minis Web and other stuff
MenuetOS ideas Well I'm sitting on a train so thought I would write down my thoughts on using MenuetOS in a real world application.
There are two applications of interest to me; 1 a set-top (or set-bottom) box media player which I can use about the house, 2 a car media...
Looking at MenuetOS I've been looking for a small OS which I can run on a mini-ITX motherboard and which I can eventually use for video and audio playback, either in the home or in the car.
www.bluemini.com   (424 words)

 Comparing MenuetOS, SkyOS and AtheOS - OSNews.com
Let's face it, the most important, truly alternative, hobby operating systems that are somewhat usable today are three: MenuetOS, SkyOS and AtheOS.
Coders tried to add a C interface to the OS, but the author, the Finish Ville Turjanmaa, is very clear about the point of MenuetOS, being written in asm.
Lately, a lot of cool additions have happened to the OS, like the addition of a native assembler, fasm, making Menuet self-hosted, quite a number of applications, good VESA support and of course, a brand new networking stack.
www.osnews.com /story.php?news_id=1385   (558 words)

 MenuetOS Dev Zone
MENUETOS is a new open source 32 bit multitasking GUI operating system by Ville Mikael Turjanmaa, designed for Intel x86 compatibles.
It is work in progress right now and not every piece of hardware is supported by now.
However, it features an assembler IDE including a MENUETOS port of the famous Flat Assembler FASM.
www.melog.ch /mos_pub   (365 words)

 MenuetOS porting guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
It seems impossible for MenuetOS because it has too much architecture based code that is not separated to drivers etc.
Note that this is usefull only for assembler fanatics and their "customers" because normal people would like to use high level languages.
This document tries to be a list of all things needed to port MenuetOS to an other architecture than x86.
www.cs.helsinki.fi /u/twruottu/mos/porting.html   (365 words)

 FileForum | MenuetOS
FileForum > System Utilities > Tweaking > MenuetOS
MenuetOS is a fully 32 bit assembly written, graphical RTOS for assembly programming, distributed under General Public License.
What da heck, I don't even care what do you mean, I'll just give Menuet a 5 cause it does what I like playing with it.
fileforum.betanews.com /detail.php3?fid=1052514857   (319 words)

 Read My Mind!: MenuetOS Tiny, Complete
MenuetOS is an amazing operating system written entirely in 32 bit x86 assembly.
You can develop for Menuet using only Menuet apps and it boots and runs from a 1.44 M Floppy.
the real shocker is that the standard example program written in c using the win32 api is about the same length as an assembly language program for menuetOS.
www.billglover.com /blog/archives/000003.html   (222 words)

 MenuetOS - ABXZone.com Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Ok its not linux but I figured the Linux geeks would be more likely to play with it than the Windows freaks.
MenuetOS is a full fledged gui OS that runs off a single floppy.
I never heard enough about it to tell what it was though.
www.abxzone.com /forums/showthread.php?t=65906   (863 words)

 MenuetOS 0.75 on ListSoft.com
Small and very interesting thing for everybody interested in comptuing and especially in assembler programming.
MenuetOS is an independant operational system written form the scratch in x86 assembler.
MenuetOS is distributed absolutely free (under GPL) and fits into a single floppy.
www.listsoft.com /17821   (428 words)

A NEW menu system and Up to (5) applications can be run at startup just by re-naming the app.
Click MenuetOS 0.77.3d CD BOOTER "ez" (zipped.iso) (6/08/04) to download the File.
Click MenuetOS 0.77.3d Boot Floppy Maker "ez" (zipped.exe) (6/08/04) to download the File.
www.geocities.com /bloglite   (129 words)

 PlanetAMD64 > MenuetOS
MenuetOS is a hobby Operating System for the PC written entirely in 64bit assembly language.
Feb 6 2006, 11:23 PM Yeah I heard about MenuetOS a while back.
Yeah I heard about MenuetOS a while back.
www.planetamd64.com /lofiversion/index.php/t18143.html   (250 words)

 J!NX Forums - MenuetOS
Posted - 01/18/2005 : 04:06:46 AM MenuetOS only supports FAT12 right now.
I doubt many Unix apps compile for MenuetOS without significant porting.
Basically, it's good as a toy, or a project to work on if you're an assembly programmer.
www.jinx.com /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=27912   (254 words)

 anywherebb_internal_frame   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
I've had a brief look at MenuetOS in the past, and it's shaping up to be a great little compact OS!
For what little disk space it takes up, its level of functionality is incredibly impressive.
However, I can't see myself using the OS on anything like a regular basis until it moves past the self-described "experimental stage" it's currently in - especially in regards to the way it interfaces with hard drives:
www.anywherebb.com /postline/posts.php?t=2072   (186 words)

 ARTISAN SHOP - building future MenuetOS applications   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
An active workshop for the construction of future MenuetOS applications and the spread of assembly programming language.
The font rendering is planned following the MBF (MenuetOS Binary Font) specifications and will support unicode through the MenuetOS Unicode Project.
A win32 testing ground for data structures and rendering of tables could be downloaded here: tinyweb.zip (22 kB).
as.decard.net /en/index.html   (482 words)

 MenuetOS (Op Sys done in Assembly Language) - Irankicks Football Talk
MenuetOS (Op Sys done in Assembly Language) - Irankicks Football Talk
I'm currently implementing that in C++, and its such a pain in the @ss, there are soooooooooo many things that need to be done just so a process can fork another process...
ever since I've taken that course, I've found new respect for all the OS programmers, specially MenuetOS which is in ASSEMBLY for Gods sake, how hard must that be to code...
www.irankicks.com /ikboard/showthread.php?t=29626   (215 words)

 MenuetOS, floppy os with a GUI [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
I thought this was interesting, and you guys should have a look.
On my accual computer it says hardware doesent support the graphics, and I have a normal old integrated intel graphics thingy.
Maybe two floppies for MenuetOS are in order, for better hardeware detection ;)
www.ubuntuforums.org /archive/index.php/t-88640.html   (211 words)

 New Versions for SkyOS and MenuetOS - OSNews.com
SkyOS now includes some basic debugging capabilities, while the beta version of MenuetOS now has more appearence options.
Expect soon a comparison/review article of the "big three" of the really alternative hobby OS scene: AtheOS, SkyOS and MenuetOS.
Reproduction of OSNews stories is granted only by explicitly receiving authorization from OSNews and if credit is given to OSNews.
www.osnews.com /printer.php/1067/New-Versions-for-SkyOS-and-MenuetOS   (133 words)

 Can i use MenuetOS GUI in Linux 2.7?
Can i use MenuetOS GUI in Linux 2.7?
MenuetOS is a fully 32 bit assembly written graphical hobby operating system, distributed under GPL license.
Menuet supports 32 bit x86 assembly programming as a faster and smaller system footprint.
kerneltrap.org /node/3204/print   (59 words)

 [Soft]MenuetOS - ieXbeta Board   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
MenuetOS ist ein komplettes Betriebssystem das im 32Bit Modus arbeitet und dazu noch eine grafische Oberfläche hat.
MenuetOS wurde von dem Finnen Ville Mikael Turjanmaa komplett im Assembler geschrieben.
Mittlerweile hat er allerdings viele Mitstreiter gefunden die mit ihm MenuetOS weiterentwickeln.
board.iexbeta.com /index.php?showtopic=32849   (182 words)

 Shabakeh Magazine - ماهنامه شبکه - MenuetOS سیستم عاملی به اندازه یک دیسکت
Shabakeh Magazine - ماهنامه شبکه - MenuetOS سیستم عاملی به اندازه یک دیسکت
تا کنون سیستم عامل‌های مختلفی ارایه شده، اما بی‌شک یکی از کم حجم ترین آنها MenuetOS است که با توجه به گرافیک بالا از حجمي به اندازه یک دیسکت برخوردار است.
MenuetOS سیستم عاملی است که کاملا با زبان اسمبلی 32 بیتی نوشته شده است.
www.shabakeh-mag.com /Articles/Show.aspx?n=1001040   (618 words)

 [No title]
I\'m going to port dietlibc as menuetos C library, but I have to rewrite some emulation layers, too.'); INSERT INTO nuke_bbposts_text VALUES (18,'c2ff0fcfb5','','Wait for new release of MenuetOS C library.
Look:\r\n[url]http://board.flatassembler.net/viewtopic.php?t=1758[/url]\r\n\r\nThanks for your time'); INSERT INTO nuke_bbposts_text VALUES (40,'7d606257ce','','I\'ve made console support, but I accidentally formatted partition with source code of menuetos library and almost all sources (which had console support, DNS resolver and other things) :(I\'m going to reimplement these soon.'); INSERT INTO nuke_bbposts_text VALUES (41,'3412351235','When???','When will be release new ver.
Enjoy!'); INSERT INTO nuke_bbposts_text VALUES (64,'5b607f580d','Grub Loader Bug','I cant boot Menuetos 0.78 pre2.
menuetlibc.sourceforge.net /menuetlibc.sql   (1231 words)

 Linux: MenuetOS - O extraordinário mini-sistema operacional [Artigo]
Este artigo nos apresenta ao MenuetOS, que é um pequeno sistema operacional escrito em Assembly que cabe em apenas um disquete de 1,44 MB.
MenuetOS é um sistema operacional escrito totalmente em assembler para plataformas 32 bits x86.
A versão que estou testando, a 078, não reconhece modem on board da placa SIS.
www.vivaolinux.com.br /artigos/verArtigo.php?codigo=396&pagina=1   (2529 words)

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