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Topic: Meson

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  particle physics - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about particle physics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Yukawa's theory was largely superseded from 1973 by the theory of quantum chromodynamics, which postulates that the strong nuclear force is transmitted by the exchange of gauge bosons called gluons between the quarks and antiquarks making up protons and neutrons.
They are classified into mesons, with whole-number or zero spins, and baryons (which include protons and neutrons), with half-integral spins.
Mesons are quark–antiquark pairs (spins either add to one or cancel to zero), and baryons are quark triplets.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /particle+physics   (882 words)

 Time [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
Conscious actions affect the future but not the past.
B meson decay, neutral kaon decay, and Higgs boson decay are each different in a time reversed world.
Most physicists suspect all these arrows are linked so that we can't have some arrows reversing while others do not.
www.iep.utm.edu /t/time.htm   (16277 words)

 Pure Content
If research in quantum physics ain't "looking at more stuff," I don't know what is.
Incidentally, I love the merging of poetry and science when it comes to naming features of the subatomic world: "beauty" mesons, and quarks of six flavors (strange, truth, beauty, charm, up, down), the "colour" force.
Maybe science is art and art is science.
www.purecontent.blogspot.com   (7808 words)

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