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Topic: Metacarpal

In the News (Fri 25 May 18)

  metacarpal - OneLook Dictionary Search
We found 25 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word metacarpal:
metacarpal : The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language [home, info]
Phrases that include metacarpal: deep transverse metacarpal ligament, dorsal metacarpal artery, dorsal metacarpal arteries, dorsal metacarpal ligaments, dorsal metacarpal veins, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=metacarpal&ls=a   (203 words)

  eMedicine - Metacarpal Fractures : Article by T Michael Dye, MD
Fractures of the metacarpals and phalanges comprise approximately 10% of all fractures.
Because of the adjacent intact metacarpals and the strong intermetacarpal ligaments, isolated 3rd and 4th metacarpal fractures are particularly stable.
Metacarpal neck fractures with small lacerations over the MCP joint are assumed to be the result of a human bite (fight bite), and are treated operatively using joint lavage and appropriate antibiotics, usually penicillin or oxacillin.
www.emedicine.com /orthoped/topic193.htm   (6092 words)

  Metacarpus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The metacarpus is the intermediate part of the hand skeleton that is located between the fingers distally and the carpus which forms the connection to the forearm.
The dorsal surface, broad and flat, supports the tendons of the extensor muscles; the volar surface is grooved in the middle line for the passage of the Flexor tendons, and marked on either side by an articular eminence continuous with the terminal articular surface.
and the fifth with the hamate and fourth metacarpal.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Metacarpal   (541 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Metacarpal bone fractures are seen most commonly in young puppies or kittens that have been stepped on or dropped.
Internal fixation is used for comminuted single metacarpal fractures or in animals in whom three or four bones are fractured.
As with metacarpal fractures, nonunions or proliferative callus may result in pain to the animal or in incorporation of flexor tendons.
cal.vet.upenn.edu /saortho/chapter_26/26mast.htm   (1475 words)

 eMedicine - Hand, Fracture and Dislocations: Metacarpal : Article by James N Long, MD
Fracture-dislocation of the base of the fifth metacarpal is a common intra-articular injury; dorsal and proximal fragment displacement is due to extrinsic extensor carpi ulnaris (ECU) and flexor carpi ulnaris (FCU) tone and is the corollary to the Bennett fracture of the thumb.
This is due to the tendency of axial forces to focus energy on the concave volar cortex of the metacarpal shaft, coupled with the volar dominant tone of the intrinsic musculature as a deforming force during and after impact.
Metacarpal neck fractures with small lacerations over the MCP joint should be assumed to be the result of a human bite (fight-bite) and should be treated by joint lavage and appropriate antibiotics.
www.emedicine.com /plastic/topic511.htm   (6060 words)

 Hand and Metacarpal Fractures - Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics
External fixation of unstable metacarpal and phalangeal fractures.
Use of a minicondylar plate for metacarpal and phalangeal periarticular injuries.
Low-velocity gunshot wounds of the metacarpal: treatment by early stable fixation and bone grafting.
www.wheelessonline.com /ortho/hand_and_metacarpal_fractures   (497 words)

 II. Osteology. 6b. 2. The Metacarpus. Gray, Henry. 1918. Anatomy of the Human Body.
On its volar surface are two articular eminences, of which the lateral is the larger, for the two sesamoid bones in the tendons of the Flexor pollicis brevis.
On the radial side is a smooth, concave facet for articulation with the second metacarpal, and on the ulnar side two small oval facets for the fourth metacarpal.
On the radial side are two oval facets, for articulation with the third metacarpal; and on the ulnar side a single concave facet, for the fifth metacarpal.
www.bartleby.com /107/55.html   (979 words)

 Third metacarpal bone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The third metacarpal bone (metacarpal bone of the middle finger) is a little smaller than the second.
The dorsal aspect of its base presents on its radial side a pyramidal eminence, the styloid process, which extends upward behind the capitate; immediately distal to this is a rough surface for the attachment of the extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle.
On the radial side is a smooth, concave facet for articulation with the second metacarpal, and on the ulnar side two small oval facets for the fourth metacarpal.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Third_metacarpal_bone   (190 words)

 Metacarpal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The metacarpal is one of five, long cylindrical bones in the body of the hand.
On the palm of the hand, these are padded by a thick layer of fibrous, connective tissue; on the back of the hand, they can be seen and felt through the skin.
The heads of the metacarpal bones form the knuckles.
www.innerbody.com /text/skel22.html   (75 words)

 Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (Metacarpal Fractures)
Metacarpal shaft fractures: the effect of shortening on the extensor tendon mechanism.
The goal of this study was to elucidate the acceptable limits of metacarpal shaft fracture shortening in a cadaver model by assessing the magnitude of the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint extensor lag produced.
To study quantitative differences in the fatigue strength and stability obtained with 5 types of internal fixation of metacarpal fractures, 105 preserved human metacarpals were cyclically tested in bending, torsion, and axial loading after oblique osteotomies of the metacarpal and internal fixation.
rwjms.umdnj.edu /orthosurgery/schedules/Fractureconf/metacarpal.htm   (491 words)

 Boxer's Fracture
The metacarpal bones in the hand connect the bones in the finger to the bones in the wrist.
The base of the metacarpal bone is the portion that attaches to the bones of the wrist.
The second metacarpal bone connects the index finger to the wrist, and the third metacarpal connects the middle finger to the wrist.
www.emedicinehealth.com /boxers_fracture/article_em.htm   (381 words)

 AAOS On-Line Service Orthopaedic Short Stories - Spiral Metacarpal Fracture
Metacarpal shaft fractures occurring as a result of an athletic injury are almost always closed and simple.
The second and third metacarpals constitute part of the rigid longitudinal arch of the hand and are immobile or relatively immobile at their carpal metacarpal joints.
It is therefore essential that finger position, angulation and rotation be assessed in MPJ flexion (actively or passively achieved), which tightens the collateral ligaments, and, therefore, reflects the true position of the distal bone fragment.
www5.aaos.org /case/metacarpal/discussn.htm   (690 words)

 [No title]
In substance, the veteran and his agent contend that his initial injury to the second metacarpal of the right hand was incurred at the same time that he fractured the right fourth metacarpal in a door during service.
The diagnosis was healed fracture of the fourth metacarpal with residual pain, etc. A report of an April 1980 examination by VA disclosed continued complaints of right hand pain and swelling and decreased grip strength.
The veteran's right fourth metacarpal disability is evaluated on resultant limitation of motion under Diagnostic Code 5309 of VA rating schedule, which evaluates damage to Muscle Group IX, the intrinsic muscles of the hand, based on limitation of motion with a minimum rating of 10 percent.
www.va.gov /vetapp/files3/9422363.txt   (3772 words)

 5th Metacarpal neck   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Patients present with pain and deformity of the neck of the 5th metacarpal.
It is important to distinguish a fracture of the neck of the metacarpal from the shaft as less angulation is tolerated at the shaft level.
Bearing in mind their are no absolutes, if the patient has a full/ near full ROM, full extension and no rotational deformity and understands the deformity is likely to be purely cosmetic treatment is purely symptomatic with early mobilisation and return to function.
www.rcsed.ac.uk /fellows/lvanrensburg/classification/hand/5th_metacarpal_neck.htm   (124 words)

 University of Kentucky Sports Medicine   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Description Metacarpal fracture is a broken bone (fracture) in the middle of the hand.
Fracture of the metacarpal of the little finger is most often near the knuckle.
For fractures that are displaced (out of alignment), involve more than one metacarpal, or involve a joint (the knuckle or the wrist) and are displaced, surgery is usually recommended.
www.mc.uky.edu /surgery/SportsMedicine/healthInfo/Metacarpal_Fracture.html   (305 words)

 Arthritis of the Thumb - DynoMed.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
By using the small muscles arranged around the first metacarpal, the joint at the base of the thumb can rotate around a wide arc - in and out of the palm of the hand.  It is this movement that allows the thumb to oppose the fingers for pinching and grasping activities.
Basal joint arthritis is caused by wear and tear on the joint at the base of the thumb, perhaps as the result of a fracture or injury.  Repeated motions such as twisting, turning, or gripping objects with the thumb and fingers can worsen this condition.
X-rays will give the doctor an appreciation of the status of the joints at the base of the thumb and special views may be used to show the position of the first metacarpal and the integrity of the joint surfaces.
www.dynomed.com /encyclopedia/encyclopedia/arthritis/Arthritis_of_the_Thumb.html   (584 words)

 Bird metacarpal homology
Based on it's location between a small splint he identifies as a vestigial metacarpal (which he assigns as V), he declares that the minor metacarpal of birds is homologous to the IV digit of other tetrapods.
How certain can we be of the theory that the anterior zone is associated with digit loss when the posterior zone, in an area which certainly loses at least one digit (so we think) has no necrotic zone in other avian embryos.
Conversely, in this one species where there is a posterior necrotic zone, there is in fact a vestigial metacarpal, interpreted in the article as V. This seems to muddy the association of a mesnchyme with digit loss.
www.dinosauria.com /jdp/archie/homology.html   (940 words)

 Anatomy Atlases: Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section: Section 4. Upper Limb
Palmar metacarpal branches (12, 17, 27) arise from the deep palmer arch.
The first dorsal metacarpal (7) and princeps pollicis (6) arteries are also derived from the radial artery.
The branches of the deep palmer arch include princeps pollicis, radialis indicts, palmer metacarpal, recurrent branches, and proximal and distal perforating arteries.
www.anatomyatlases.org /HumanAnatomy/4Section/32.shtml   (696 words)

 Metacarpal Fracture
Fractures of the metacarpals are generally due to direct trauma and may be associated with other osseous injuries.
This demonstrates a comminuted fracture of the base of the fifth metacarpal.
PA radiograph of a fracture of the second metacarpal.
www.gentili.net /fracture.asp?ID=-438336429   (140 words)

 Metacarpal fracture
The 5th metacarpal is more mobile than the second and can accomodate more angulation.
Shaft fractures- 10 to15 degrees of dorsal angulation may be accepted for the second and third metacarpals, 20 degrees for the 4th and 30 degrees for the 5th metacarpal shaft
Subcapital (neck) fractures - As much as 50° of dorsal angulation in the fourth metacarpal and 70° in the fifth metacarpal have healed without pain or subjective functional deficit, although with varying degrees of cosmetic deformity.
www.rcsed.ac.uk /fellows/lvanrensburg/classification/hand/metacarpal.htm   (423 words)

 Fractures of the Third Metacarpal.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
usually occur in the middle of the third metacarpal and result from trauma, such as a fall or kick.
Typically a Robert Jones dressing is used to immobilize the leg and minimize further trauma prior to surgery.
Internal fixation of a condylar fracture of the third metacarpal.
www.gallopers.com.au /horseinfo/3metacarpal.html   (271 words)

 Estimation of Stature from Metacarpal Lengths
Formulae for the estimation of stature from metacarpal lengths are presented.
Two samples of metacarpal specimens were employed in the analysis: one of 212 individuals from the Terry Collection, and one of 55 modern males, all of whom had measured statures.
Stature was regressed on the basis of the metacarpal length to derive equations for the Terry Collection individuals.
www.astm.org /JOURNALS/FORENSIC/PAGES/2028.htm   (213 words)

 metacarpal Search Results From Healthline
It is situated at the medial and lower angle of the carpus, with its base downward, resting on the fourth and fifth metacarpal bones, and its apex directed...
The head of the metacarpal bone connects the metacarpal bone to the bone of the finger.
While the patient is under local anesthesia, the metal half is inserted into the metacarpal bone of the hand, and the plastic piece is attached to the fing...
www.healthline.com /search?q1=metacarpal   (374 words)

 Reconstruction: Double blade plating recalcitrant metacarpal nonunion
Metacarpal fracture nonunions are uncommon because of the support provided by adjacent metacarpals, but can be a difficult problem following high energy trauma.
I believed that the nonunion was due to the combined effects of an avascular wound bed, segmental sclerotic bone, and the mechanical effect of cross union transferring force from the ring metacarpal to the distal metacarpal segment.
A similar gunshot metacarpal injury can be seen here.
www.eatonhand.com /img/12853.htm   (348 words)

 Conservative treatment for closed fifth (small finger) metacarpal neck fractures
Fractures through the fifth metacarpal bone in the hand are common, particularly associated with punching a hard object.
Methods used to treat the fracture include resting the hand in a splint until the fracture is healed, and various forms of partial splinting which allow the joints to be moved and the hand to be used.
Traditionally, treatment consists of closed reduction and external splinting in a neutral position using plaster of Paris (POP), involving the metacarpal joint, the proximal interphalangeal joint and the carpo-metacarpal joint.
www.cochrane.org /reviews/en/ab003210.html   (467 words)

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