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Topic: Metallurgy

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  metallurgy – FREE metallurgy Information | Encyclopedia.com: Facts, Pictures, Information!
Modern metallurgical research is concerned with the preparation of radioactive metals, with obtaining metals economically from low-grade ores, with obtaining and refining rare metals hitherto not used, and with the formulation of alloys.
Extractive metallurgy is the study and practice of separating metals from their ores and refining them to produce a pure metal.
EBA metallurgy in context and at KHI The earliest metal...
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-metallur.html   (1644 words)

  Metallurgy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Metallurgy is a domain of materials science and of materials engineering that studies the physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements, their intermetallic compounds and their mixtures, which are called alloys.
Extractive metallurgy is the practice of separating metals from their ore, and refining them into a pure metal.
Metallurgy is also applied to electrical and electronic materials where as metals such as aluminium, copper, tin and gold are used in power lines, wires, printed circuit boards and integrated circuits.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Metallurgy   (884 words)

 NIST Metallurgy Division Publications - NISTIR 6797
The MSEL Metals Characterization Program, centered within the Metallurgy and the Materials Reliability Divisions, spans the measurement spectrum from the innovative use of state-of-the-art measurement systems, to leadership in the development of standardized test procedures and traceability protocols, to the development and certification of Standard Reference Materials (SRMs).
Magnetic Properties (Metallurgy Division): The need for reliable magnetic measurements is becoming increasingly acute because of new technologies involving magnetic phenomena in data storage and microelectronics.
Coating Thickness (Metallurgy Division): Coating thickness standards are produced by electrodeposition and are widely used for calibration of coating-thickness measuring instruments.
www.metallurgy.nist.gov /techactv2001/ProgramOverviews.html   (3081 words)

 Metallurgy and Materials: History
A separate Department of Metallurgy was created out of the Department of Chemistry in 1887 and this was consolidated when the College became a University in 1900.
Industrial Metallurgy continued to be developed with the appointments of Voya Kondic in casting, 'Dickie' Singer to processing and later Donald Wilson to forming studies.
This was unique in University Metallurgy studies and a culmination of the total vision Hanson had for the breadth of Metallurgy.
www.eng.bham.ac.uk /metallurgy/history.htm   (993 words)

 Technorati Tag: metallurgy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
SMS Metallurgy 2006-05-06, by eiu SMS Metallurgy 分类: Metallurgy ...
Powder metallurgy centres form alliance Powder metallurgy research centres in Europe to collaborate more closely for the common good of the industry...
Metallurgy Services and Solutions Cast-Fab supplies customers with gray and ductile iron castings, pattern, steel-welded fabrications and precision sheet metal components.
www.technorati.com /tag/metallurgy   (476 words)

 Forensic Metallurgy Associates, Inc.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The technology of forensic metallurgy combines the science of metallurgy with the techniques and methods utilized by the law enforcement community in the recovery and analysis of physical evidence.
A forensic metallurgy analysis maximizes the information that is obtainable from examinations of metal items and will normally yield an answer and supportable conclusions as to the circumstances surrounding any event where a metal object is involved and where there has been metal damage and/or metal failure.
Matters that might benefit from the application of forensic metallurgy analysis may be discussed by calling (703)455-4446 or e-mail at formet@aol.com.
members.aol.com /formet   (427 words)

 Powder Metallurgy
Powder metallurgy uses sintering process for making various parts out of metal powder.
The metal powder is compacted by placing in a closed metal cavity (the die) under pressure.
Powder metallurgy is useful in making parts that have irregular curves, or recesses that are hard to machine.
www.efunda.com /processes/metal_processing/powder_metallurgy.cfm   (379 words)

Intertek metallurgy laboratories provide analytical testing plus selected mechanical and non-destructive testing for a wide range of materials and components.
The metallurgy laboratory in Derby UK is an independent facility providing state-of-the-art analysis, consulting, on-site metallurgical investigations and related technical services.
Laboratory clients benefit from significant expertise in applications related to general manufacturing, aerospace, rail transportation, automotive, marine, and other industries such as nuclear and oil or gas rig operational support.
www.intertek-cb.com /metallurgy/index.shtml   (106 words)

 Metallurgy Research Group
We are an established research group with an international reputation in both ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.
To maintain our reputation for excellence we are constantly seek to attract the highest quality postgraduate students, and postdoctoral researchers; enquiries are always welcomed from new Postgraduate Students and Research Fellows wishing to join the group.
The metallurgy Research Group has wide-ranging interests covering processing and microstructure-property relationships of both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
www.materials.leeds.ac.uk /metals   (449 words)

 Slag and Metallurgy for Historical Archaeologists: Bibliography
Bauerman, H. A Treatise on the Metallurgy of Iron: containing Outlines of the History of Iron Manufacture, Methods of Assay and Analysis of Iron Ores, Processes of Manufacture of Iron and Steel, etc., etc.
Metallurgy: The Art of Extracting Metals from Their Ores, and Adapting Them to Various Purposes of Manufacture.
Tylecote, R. Metallurgy in Archaeology: A Prehistory of Metallurgy in the British Isles.
www.digitalpresence.com /histarch/slag.html   (2462 words)

 Metallurgy FAQ V1.0 - Drake H. Damerau
However all of the metallurgy remains the same.
Questions, comments, and insults regarding this FAQ may be addressed to misc.survivalism or (I will probably regret this) to monel@sprynet.com I also want to thank Alan T. Hagan for all his help in releasing and hosting this FAQ.
This work may be copied and distributed freely as long as the entire text, my name and this copyright notice remain intact, unless my prior express permission has been obtained.
www.1stconnect.com /anozira/SiteTops/tools/metallurgyFAQ.htm   (4910 words)

 Metallurgy @ WASM
WASM postgraduate courses are focused on primary extractive metallurgy which provides the majority of metallurgical employment opportunities in the Australian minerals industry.
WASM's postgraduate metallurgy courses have produced 170 graduates since their introduction in the mid-1970's, and have long been recognised by industry as offering formal qualifications in metallurgy for non-metallurgy graduates and advanced specialist knowledge for metallurgists.
This study combination provides a postgraduate qualification in extractive metallurgy over two years of study on a regional campus, which is advantageous for those seeking residential status with excellent local career opportunities.
www.wasm.curtin.edu.au /postgraduate/metallurgy.htm   (616 words)

 Metallurgy notes from R. J. Forbes
Metallurgy in antiquity: A notebook for archaeologists and technologists.
WITTER has proved in a series of brilliant analyses that Central European metallurgy grew up independently and found its own methods in working its specific ores.
In fact, not before the discovery of steel or case-hardened iron could the metallurgy of iron rise from the status of a tentative experiment.
www.davistownmuseum.org /toolForbesMetallurgy.html   (1118 words)

 Metallurgy Tech Cell on thefabricator.com
Each tech cell is packed with specific links to help you find product information, suppliers, technical articles, case studies, seminars and conferences, as well as books, software, and videos on metal fabricating-related topics.
Global powder metallurgy market set to reach almost $30 billion by 2012
This book provides a concise and thorough overview of metallurgy as it is applied to industry today.
www.thefabricator.com /Metallurgy/Metallurgy_TechCell.cfm   (195 words)

 HUT - Laboratory of Metallurgy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In 1959 Metallurgy obtained its own laboratory in the Dept of Technical Physics and in 1964 the Department of Rock Engineering was built and extended in 1973.
Today the Laboratory of Metallurgy is one of the six laboratories of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.
The laboratory is now in freshly renovated rooms on the third floor of the department building.
metallurgy.hut.fi /english   (145 words)

 Bicycle Metallurgy I   (Site not responding. Last check: )
While this certainly isn't as important a topic as who will replace Shannon on "Beverly Hills: 90210," it is fodder for lengthy debates among bike junkies (like myself).
The six-part series we're about to start will examine metallurgy as it applies to bicycles.
If we do our job right, you will be educated about all the popular materials currently used in bicycle-frame construction, and we'll take a look at what you can expect for the future.
www.sjsu.edu /orgs/asmtms/artcle/articl.htm   (1506 words)

 Welding > Metallurgy
This is the third volume in a series which brings together a selection of the currently available lectures based on broad subject groupings.
The annual Hatfield Memorial Lectures were instituted under the terms of a trust deed executed by the University of Sheffield in 1944 to commemorate the life and work of Dr William Herbert Hatfield.
The development of metallurgy skills and techniques of different civ...
www.woodhead-publishing.com /en/catalogue.aspx?catalogue=Welding&heading=Metallurgy   (651 words)

Metallurgy are a young, up and coming band from Brisbane.
Trying to juggle a few things around that night and be at a million places at once, but want to include seeing Metallurgy as one of those things.
I have a number of people I'm supposed to drag to a Metallurgy gig.
www.myspace.com /metallurgy   (1035 words)

Extractive metallurgy started in Anatolia at the end of the sixth millennium B.C., and it was commonly practiced in the Near East during the fourth millennium B.C. first by smelting ores in crucibles using blowpipes, later in furnaces.
The International Symposium "The Beginnings of Metallurgy" was held at the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum in Bochum (DBM) from 24 to 26 April 1995.
Besides the tradition of arsenic-bronze metallurgy, the northeastern direction is indicated also by twelve poker-butted, leaf-shaped spearheads with a cylindroid mid-rib and at the same time containing 1.3-4.3% of arsenic (Palmieri 1981: 108f, Fig.
www.geocities.com /komblege/ansch1.htm   (11786 words)

 Physical Metallurgy
The Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers the minor in Physical Metallurgy, suitable for Engineering Science students or for non-Engineering Science students who seek to obtain a more thorough understanding of the engineering sciences.
Physical metallurgy is the study of the structure of metals and its influence on material properties and performance.
It is an essential component of many areas of mechanical, manufacturing, civil, and materials engineering in the aerospace, automobile, transportation, energy, environmental, biomedical, and electronics industries as well as in engineering research and design for military and government applications.
naples.cc.sunysb.edu /CAS/ubdepts0305.nsf/pages/pme   (223 words)

 MPIF: All You Need to Know about Powder Metallurgy
As an outgrowth from the best-selling Powder Metallurgy Science, published in 1984 with a second edition in 1994, this book is written from a perspective based on the laws of physics, chemistry, mechanics and dynamics, thermodynamics, kinetics and chemical engineering as applied to powder metallurgy and particulate materials.
Volume one in the Institute of Materials Series on Powder Metallurgy This is a comprehensive introduction to Powder Metallurgy which emphasizes the fundamentals of the different processing steps and investigates powder metallurgy products, including their applications.
Offering a comprehensive source of information on metallographic techniques and their application to the study of metals, ceramics and polymers, this work is thoroughly referenced and well-illustrated with an extensive collection of micrographs and macrographs.
www.mpif.org /Pubs/general.asp?linkid=85   (1968 words)

 BUBL LINK: Metallurgy
Society for the exchange of information and research in historical metallurgy, which covers all aspects of the history of metals and associated materials, production and use, technology and economics, from prehistory to the present.
A professional body for engineers in the minerals industry, formed by merger of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy and the Institution of Mining Engineers on 31st July 1998.
The IMM aims to advance the science and practice of operations within the minerals industry and to acquire, preserve and communicate knowledge of the industry.
bubl.ac.uk /link/m/metallurgy.htm   (493 words)

 Powder Metallurgy
In the process of making a part by powder metallurgy, powders of metals or metal oxides are blended together sometimes with additional binders, fluxes, or lubricants.
Powder metallurgy has several advantages over normal alloying processes.
In addition to the desired environmental benefits powder metallurgy allows the rounds to be tailored to improve range and stability and reduce undesireable effects such as ricochet.
www.ms.ornl.gov /researchgroups/SPM/methods/powder/pm.htm   (255 words)

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