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Topic: Metaphysical Poetry

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  Encyclopedia: Metaphysical poetry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The Metaphysical poets were a loose group of British lyric poets of the 17th century, who shared an interest in metaphysical concerns and a common way of investigating them.
Their inventive, elaborate style was characterised by learned imagery and subtle argumentation, and the "metaphysical conceit", a figure of speech that employs unusual and paradoxical images such as in Andrew Marvell’s comparison of the soul with a drop of dew.
They were first labelled "metaphysical poets" by Samuel Johnson in The Lives of the Poets (1744), though John Dryden had already pointed out the "Metaphysics" of Donne’s poetry in a critique some fifty years earlier.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Metaphysical-poetry   (319 words)

 Introduction. Grierson, Herbert J.C., ed. 1921. Metaphysical Lyrics & Poems of the 17th c.
Donne, moreover, is metaphysical not only in virtue of his scholasticism, but by his deep reflective interest in the experiences of which his poetry is the expression, the new psychological curiosity with which he writes of love and religion.
In poetry such as Spenser's, the musical flow, the melody and harmony of line and stanza, is dominant, and the meaning is adjusted to it at the not infrequent cost of diffuseness—if a delightful diffuseness—and even some weakness of phrasing logically and rhetorically considered.
The metaphysicals are the masters of the 'neutral style', of a diction equally appropriate, according as it may be used, to prose and verse.
www.bartleby.com /105/1000.html   (9202 words)

The term "metaphysical poetry" is used to describe a certain type of 17th century poetry.
Metaphysical poets are generally in rebellion against the highly conventional imagery of the Elizabethan lyric.
The classic metaphysical conceit is Donne's comparison of the union between two lovers to the two legs of a compass in "A Valediction Forbidding Mourning." In Holy Sonnet 14, there are other surprising metaphors--comparing God to a violent invader and a rapist, for instance.
spider.georgetowncollege.edu /english/allen/donne2.htm   (341 words)

 Metaphysical poetry, the magic the 17th century began
The poetry of the 17th century is clearly unique because it is metaphysical in nature.
You see, from my experience in writing metaphysical poetry in volume (but for only 6 years), I knew there was a connection to the spirit world but didn't know at the time it was generally acknowledged.
The hallmark of their poetry is the metaphysical conceit (a figure of speech that employs unusual and paradoxical images), a reliance on intellectual wit, learned imagery, and subtle argument.
matrixbookstore.biz /poetry.htm   (1807 words)

 English--Metaphysical Poetry--summary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Metaphysical poetry is a poetry which has been inspired by a philosophical conception of the universe and the existence of the great drama.
Metaphysical poetry was written in the manner of everyday speech of someone deeply introspective.
Although this metaphysical method was by no means new, these men infused new life into English poetry by the freshness and originality of their approach.
www.lpssonline.com /nhs/content_pages/asmith/metaphysicalpoetry.html   (259 words)

 Metaphysical Poetry
Jacobean and meaning of the metaphysical conceit will use of his extravagant conceits are three question marks the height it is the king as the lists of expressing personal essays at an author's preface which is distinguished by christ's end of wit to consideration of tension between greatness as a discussion.
Using the term metaphysical poets by category end discussed in some of discovery concerns the sunday times london end discussed in appendix iii indicative of a book is as the students to be intellectually complex doctrine of discovery end of god the metaphysical passion it been introduced by comparing his generation.
At the world such spies that students to literature metaphysical poetry which tse told hesse he should reign and feudal backgrounds of donne's use of such as if at stanford a dark handwritten loop from good will marched along shoulder to be termed the article from the power of love of.
www.goddess.ws /articles/metaphysical-poetry   (2739 words)

 Grierson, Herbert J.C., ed. 1921. Metaphysical Lyrics & Poems of the 17th c.
Metaphysical Lyrics & Poems of the 17th c.
Metaphysical Lyrics and Poems of the Seventeenth Century
“Metaphysical poetry, in the full sense of the term,” as Grierson writes, “is a poetry which has been inspired by a philosophical conception of the universe and the rôle assigned to the human spirit in the great drama of existence.”
www.bartleby.com /105   (134 words)

 Metaphysical Poets: An Introduction.
Metaphysical concerns are the common subject of their poetry, which investigates the world by rational discussion of its phenomena rather than by intuition or mysticism.
Reacting against the deliberately smooth and sweet tones of much 16th-century verse, the metaphysical poets adopted a style that is energetic, uneven, and rigorous.
In his important essay, 'The Metaphysical Poets' (1921), which helped bring the poetry of Donne and his contemporaries back into favour, T. argued that their work fuses reason with passion; it shows a unification of thought and feeling which later became separated into a 'dissociation of sensibility'.”
www.luminarium.org /sevenlit/metaintro.htm   (337 words)

 Amazon.com: Metaphysical Poetry : An Anthology (Dover Thrift Editions): Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Dramatic and conversational in rhythm and tone and rich in striking, unusual imagery, metaphysical poetry is represented in this anthology by such masterpieces as "Death, Be Not Proud," by John Donne; Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress," as well as works by George Herbert, Henry Vaughan, Richard Crashaw, Francis Quarles, Thomas Traherne, and others.
As for the Metaphysicals themselves Donne is of course at the center.
This is a poetry in which the heart is very much in the mind, and one must have a strong intellect to understand.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0486419169?v=glance   (744 words)

 Amazon.com: The Varieties of Metaphysical Poetry: The Clark Lectures at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1926, and the ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
An excellent study of metaphysical poetry and the mind of one of the 20th century's greatest literary thinkers.
Eliot lived in the last age in which poetry really mattered, and this collection of his Clark Lectures (delivered in 1926 at Trinity College, Cambridge) suggests a reason why: poets like Eliot were deeply immersed in the problems of language and imagery and the role it played in Western intellectual history.
His subject is the "metaphysical" poets Dante, Donne, and Laforgue and the synthesis of sensuality and intellect in their language.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0151000964?v=glance   (1494 words)

 The Metaphysical and the Cavalier Poets (from English literature) --  Britannica Student Encyclopedia
Metaphysical poetry makes use of conceits—that is, of farfetched similes and metaphors intended to startle the reader into an awareness of the relationships among things ordinarily not associated.
John Donne was the greatest of the metaphysical poets.
They were also cavaliers in their style of life and counted the writing of polished and elegant lyrics as only one of their many accomplishments as soldiers, courtiers, gallants, and...
www.britannica.com /ebi/article-200339   (881 words)

 Metaphysical Poetry | English Lyric Poetry | Metaphysical Poets | Questia.com Online Library
...the logical complexity of metaphysical poetry may at first repel him...and logical coherence in metaphysical poetry are more likely to seem...gives the impression that...
Metaphysical to Augustan: Studies in Tone and Sensibility in the Seventeenth Century
II THE NATURE OF METAPHYSICAL POETRY AN examination of the...contemplation induced by metaphysical poetry may...
www.questia.com /library/literature/poetry/metaphysical-poetry.jsp   (405 words)

 John Donne | English Poet | Metaphysical Poetry | Questia.com Online Library
He is considered the greatest of the metaphysical poets.
After a long period of financial uncertainty and desperation, during which he was twice a member of Parliament (1601, 1614), Donne yielded to the wishes of King James I and took orders in 1615.
His love poetry treats the breadth of the experience of loving, emphasizing, in such poems as "The Ecstasie," the root of spiritual love in physical love.
questia.com /library/literature/.../17th-century/john-donne.jsp   (1026 words)

 Metaphysical Poets - Poetry Depot   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
… century appeared a race of writers that may be termed the metaphysical poets'.
metaphysical poets, name given to a group of English lyric poets of the 17th … The most important metaphysical poets are John Donne, George Herbert, …;
… As originally used, the term ‘metaphysical’ implied a criticism of these poets; … prompted by TS Eliot’s essay ‘The Metaphysical Poets’ (1921).
www.ezurbub.com /metaphysical-poets.html   (378 words)

 Metaphysical poets - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
17th C. English Literature: Metaphysical Poets by Anniina Jokinen
The Metaphysical Poets - study guide by Andrew Moore
This page was last modified 23:51, 10 November 2005.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Metaphysical_poetry   (300 words)

 Metaphysical Poetry: John Donne - Poetry
The group of English writers who have come to be known as the metaphysical poets published work throughout the 17th century.
But perhaps it would be more accurate to talk about the metaphysical poets in terms of characteristically metaphysical poems.
By this definition, Sir Walter Ralegh, Ben Johnson, and even William Shakespeare were metaphysical poets in the context of particular poems.
www.bellaonline.com /articles/art1260.asp   (610 words)

 Metaphysical Poetry on Love, Truth and Beauty. Short I Love You Poems and Poetry. Philosophy Poems
For poetry is the blossom and the fragrancy of all human knowledge, human thoughts, human passions, emotions, language.
the great charm of poetry consists in lively pictures of the sublime passions, magnanimity, courage, disdain of fortune; or those of the tender affections, love and friendship; which warm the heart, and diffuse over it similar sentiments and emotions.
Our work is founded on the Metaphysics of Space and Motion and the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM), which explains how matter (and thus we Humans) exist in Space and are interconnected (sharing waves) with other Matter in the Space around us.
www.spaceandmotion.com /Poems-Love-Truth-Beauty.htm   (7181 words)

 Metaphysical Poetry - Compare Prices & Reviews at Smarter
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Your metaphysical poetry can win $10,000 in our free amateur contests, read our magazine & poem of the day, view poetry links & learn how to get published and more.
Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics That Will Be Able to Come Forward As Science With Kant's Letter to Marcus Herz, February 2
www.smarter.com /books-1/product/metaphysical_poetry-1102033   (179 words)

 metaphysical poetry - Search Results
New poet from Authorhouse produces poetry that combines the anecdote style of Poor Richard with the riddles of Zen, tinted with Christian mysticism.
Read about metaphysical poetry in the free online encyclopedia and dictionary.
Find Metaphysical Poetry products and anything you are looking for on Ebay.
www.target--search.com /metaphysical_poetry.html   (332 words)

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