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Topic: Meteos

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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  Meteos Review for Nintendo DS - Gaming Age   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
To make things even more difficult, Meteos are constantly dropping from the top of the screen and they can land on your ignited pieces, preventing them from leaving the planet’s atmosphere.
Every Meteo you launch off the screen is stored in a bank where you can use them to unlock new planets, weapons, songs, and more.
If you’re into puzzle games, Meteos is a fantastic piece of software destined to stay in your Nintendo DS for a long time to come.
www.gaming-age.com /cgi-bin/reviews/review.pl?sys=nds&game=meteos   (684 words)

  Meteos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Meteos was developed by Q Entertainment and published by Bandai.
All planets are reduced to rubble as Meteo destroys all civilizations in a reign of chaos and destruction.
The soundtrack of Meteos is mostly composed of epic orchestral themes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Meteos   (997 words)

 The Entertainment Depot - PC / Mac / Console Gaming : Handheld - Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Meteos features four main game modes: “Simple,” “Star Trip,” “Deluge,” and “Time War.” “Simple” is just that, as it’s a practice mode which allows you to play a match against up to three CPU opponents.
Meteos has a different type of stickiness than other puzzle games in that it features a ton of game modes, unlockable levels and items, giving it a level of depth that is extremely unusual for a puzzle game.
Meteos is a solid puzzler, and at this point in the DS’ lifetime, it is a must have, especially for any fan of puzzle games.
www.entdepot.com /handheld/article_674.php   (1064 words)

 Velocity · life · leisure · louisville   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Meteos) hurtle onto the playfield and launch when three of the same color are aligned horizontally or vertically.
Meteos are eliminated when they are fired from the bottom screen at one of the opponents on the top.
Meteos are moved vertically along the columns with the stylus, providing a play mechanically impossible via a standard control pad.
www.velocityweekly.com /2005/0713/sound/videogames.html   (405 words)

 Meteos General FAQ - IGN FAQs
After 200 Meteos are reached(you can see the number of Meteos launched in the upper lefthand corner of the top screen), go all out with large stacks and kill the two planets.
When one of these Meteos appear, they will burn one column of your Meteos and be flashing.
Planet Meteo and the credits are the only planets(?) that can give both a Time and Soul Meteo.
faqs.ign.com /articles/648/648817p1.html   (5956 words)

 Meteos - Encyclopedia Gamia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Meteos blocks that were on top of these rockets will, naturally, be pushed up as well - hopefully high enough to be pushed off the screen.
By launching meteos skyward as fast, or in as great number as possible, the idea is to bring your opponent to his knees.
If you pass a mission, such as launching a certain number of meteos at once, or completing the match in a certain amount of time, you have the option of choosing where to go; if you fail the mission (this still entails winning the match), you are forced through the lower of the two options.
egamia.com /wiki/Meteos   (1840 words)

 Meteos for DS Review - DS Meteos Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Meteos is a puzzle game about preventing the destruction of the entire universe.
You need to do this because, if three like-colored meteos are placed adjacent to each other either in a row or in a column, they fire off like rockets, launching themselves and all the meteos stacked on top of them up toward the top of the screen.
No two stages in Meteos are quite alike, but all revolve around trying to keep tons and tons of falling meteos from completely filling the screen.
www.gamespot.com /ds/puzzle/meteos/review.html   (1024 words)

 First Impressions - Meteos // DS /// Eurogamer
Meteos is the creation of Masahiro Sakurai, another developer at Q with unquestioned pedigree.
By the end of a round as your screen fills up and your stylus weaves boosting blocks out of the mayhem, the sound is like joyous delirium, sirens warning you of impending doom clashing with horns and swooping noises and all the rest, and you wouldn't turn it off unless you really had to.
Meteos is perfectly playable - and thunderously enjoyable - in its native form, but there are questions that our kanji-ignorant brains have no answer to, and the worth of the unlockables is one such query.
www.eurogamer.net /article.php?article_id=58428   (1025 words)

 Meteos Review
Matches in Meteos are played out like a multiplayer game where its you against an alien or a couple of aliens.
Because of the lack of polish in Meteos gamers may overlook this in favor of say Mario 64.
Meteos is defiantly an example of innovative gameplay that can be done with a touch screen.
www.siliconera.com /ds/meteos/050319.htm   (1154 words)

 Gamerz-Edge - Meteos Review for Nintendo DS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Meteos is named after an evil planet that seeks to destroy the rest of the planets in the universe through the use of multicolored appropriately-named Meteos blocks that rain endlessly from the sky.
In Meteos, the blocks fall from the sky, often quite rapidly, and you can only move the blocks in a vertical fashion (though matches can be made both horizontally and vertically).
Meteos is set up in a versus environment; in most play modes, the blocks you send to the top screen will be sent to an opposing player’s playing field, even if you’re just playing against CPU player(s).
www.gamerz-edge.com /ds/reviews/meteos.html   (2829 words)

 Review - Meteos // DS /// Eurogamer
Meteos, which deals with both, has been put together by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, whose work speaks for itself, and Masahiro Sakurai, who invented Kirby and Smash Bros. From our perspective then, it's a big game about big things.
It's going to spark an enormous debate now that Meteos is in the hands of a lot of Western gamers, and this will probably happen again later this year when the game comes out in Europe, but ultimately there's no right answer.
Scrubbing is a threat to Meteos' brilliance, then, and for that there's a perfectly legitimate argument for taking it down a notch.
www.eurogamer.net /article.php?article_id=60061   (1330 words)

 Meteos review for the DS
All meteos that reach the top of the screen are effectively "fired" off at your opponent and are removed from your increasingly untidy field of play.
Meteos can be played with or without the DS stylus, although with is much, much better and gives the game its unique, kinetic pop.
Triggering several groups of meteos in a row and clearing up your screen in a matter of seconds is hugely satisfying.
www.gamerevolution.com /review/ds/meteos&print=1   (998 words)

 Meteos Strategy Guide Tips Faqs Cheats Codes from 1UP.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The dual-screen, touch-powered Meteos is their latest creation, and 1UP.com's here to provide a helping hand for newcomers and additional strategies for experienced players.
The different planets in Meteos are not window dressing, but instead represent characters with unique special moves and characteristics with advantages and disadvantages not unlike a traditional fighting game.
When firing a Meteos group out the planet, hold the R or L shoulder button (Speeder) to increase the amount of outgoing Meteos.
ds.1up.com /do/feature?cId=3141995   (542 words)

 GameShark | | Reviews | Meteos Review
Matter called Meteos is bombarding the peaceful planets and piling up, crushing the life out of the planets.
It is found that when three like Meteos are aligned, they ignite and thrust away from the planet, taking any Meteos stacked on top of them away too.
The folks at Q Entertainment provided an interface to play Meteos with buttons and the directional pad, but without the stylus/touch-screen interface the game is not the speed-planning monster it was born to be.
www.gameshark.com /?c=handheld&a=reviews&id=2090&s=7JSQH90N1I4NC006SO6DQG9F4T&c=handheld   (962 words)

 Meteos man forms new studio, talks game design - Edge Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
When I designed Meteos, we didn't know it would be released on the DS platform.
Meteos is very different to a typical puzzle game, especially compared to a title like Chokkan Hitofude (aka Polarium) on DS.
Meteos brings new sensations to the puzzle game format, but the typical Japanese consumer is very conservative.
www.edge-online.co.uk /archives/2005/09/sakurai_forms_n.php   (1283 words)

 GamerDad - Meteos (DS)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The meteos of the title are the blocks that fall from the sky during play.
Those meteos that reach the top edge of the screen are then added to your end of game launch totals.
You've also got to be aware of which colors of meteos are more abundant on a given planet, what that planet's gravity is like and whether you get bonuses for firing columns or rows of meteos.
www.gamerdad.com /detail.cfm?itemID=2400   (1055 words)

 Meteos (ds: 2005): Reviews
Meteos is a good enough reason to purchase a DS if you're a true puzzle fan.
Meteos may not be as sophisticated and multifaceted as "Lumines," but it’s often much more fun.
Meteos manages to be interesting and engaging without feeling like just another Tetris clone.
www.metacritic.com /games/platforms/ds/meteos   (2169 words)

 Meteos review DS- VGPub -
However, you?ll be able to save various planets by aligning three meteos of the same color, either vertically or horizontally, by moving the meteos up and down each row.
All of the meteos action occurs on the touch screen, where you?ll be able to actually drag each meteos stone up and down.
While you?re clearing your planet of meteos, your opponents are doing the same exact thing, enabling them to send their old meteos at your planet.
www.vgpub.com /meteos-ds/review   (753 words)

Meteos is often compared to Lumines, a game for PlayStation Portable by the same developer.
For all the unburnt Meteos that you do launch, these are accumulated as points in the main screen in order to unlock new worlds that you can use as your base, as well as sound tracks, additional powerups, and other features within the game.
All planets are reduced to rubble as Meteo destroys all civilizations in a reign of chaos and destruction.
www.sfcrowsnest.com /scifinder/a/Meteos.php   (1080 words)

 Guides: Meteos Guide (Nintendo DS), Meteos Strategy
Meteos docking is a fairly simple tactic that will help you a ton in Meteos battles.
If a Meteos stack is floating in mid-air, you'll find that you can move the Meteos up and down but only within their own column.
While this wall of Meteos is floating, hit the speeder to drop a bunch of Meteos on top of the shield.
guides.ign.com /guides/695613   (1407 words)

 Amazon.com: Meteos: Video Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Meteos for the Nintendo DS is a really, great puzzle game that really tests your memory, thinking and the movement with the stylus in the blink of a eye.
Meteos is a really fun and addictive puzzler with plenty of unlockable features that will keep you playing for hours on end.
All in all, I highly recommend Meteos to the DS player, its gameplay is simple yet highly addictive, it offers loads of unlockable features, replay value is high, and the level designs and game music really take this game to a whole other level.
www.amazon.com /Nintendo-45496735739-Meteos/dp/B0009ENA2W   (1707 words)

 Meteos (DS) Reviews. DS Games Reviews by CNET.
Meteos was clearly designed with multiplayer competition in mind, so it's great that the game gives you the option to take on up to three other players using just one cartridge, through the system's download play feature.
Meteos also tracks a ridiculous number of different statistics, helping make you feel like all your time spent with the game is contributing to something greater--especially since certain unlockables are tied to other metrics, like your overall time spent playing, and not just your number of meteos fired offscreen.
Some stages and their meteos look better than others, but overall, Meteos has a fun look to it that keeps up with the rate of the action.
reviews.cnet.com /Meteos_DS/4505-10068_7-31394881.html   (1625 words)

 IGN: Meteos Review
The studio's got plenty more up its sleeve as its second game, Meteos is just as brilliant a puzzle game, this time exploiting the touch screen function of the Nintendo DS to produce a fast, frantic, and fun challenge that has a ton of replayability.
Meteos definitely has the Nintendo DS system's touch screen to thank for the game's creation, because without it this game wouldn't have been possible…or any fun.
Meteos on the other hand seamlessly incorporates an overall theme with its game design; the Meteos pieces are threatening to destroy a specific planetary world, which requires the player to work fast to save the planet by launching them back into space.
ds.ign.com /articles/629/629012p1.html   (753 words)

 Meteos for DS Review - GameDaily
In this case, the evil planet Meteo is firing these multicolored rocks called Meteos into deep space, and as they sail through vacuum and into the atmospheres of various planets they strike the surfaces with immense power, causing these celestial bodies to explode into a billion pieces.
Meteos of all colors and designs constantly drop into place and form vertical columns, and the object is to link three or more of the same type in a horizontal or vertical row, whereupon which they'll take off like a rocket towards the top of the screen.
Unfortunately, Meteos are rather small, and if you're frantically rushing to avoid being destroyed (which is called a Nova), more often than not you may go to touch the blue piece but instead latch onto a yellow one.
www.gamedaily.com /meteos/ds/game-reviews/4131   (917 words)

 Meteos DS Review - CGN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
You see, the planet Meteo is essentially this warmonger world that bears a more that passing resemblance to the Mordor’s Eye of Sauron.
Fortunately for Meteo, they happen to be in possession of the most powerful weapon in the universe: explosive colored blocks.
Meteos’ plot ties in the concept nicely, but at it’s core is basically an excuse to play with blocks.
www.cgno.com /reviews/752.html   (1706 words)

 Meteos - DS Game Reviews - The Armchair Empire
Incredibly enough there’s an actual “story” behind Meteos, which I won’t spoil for anyone but it does involve an irate planet that has filled the galaxy with deadly rocks that threaten to wipe out all life.
There are several modes of play including the basic single-player game where the gamer has to “save” a series of planets from various Meteos threats – basically there’s a quota for the various colors – and a challenge mode where it’s all about the highscore (or Classic Classic as I like to call it).
In a sign of things to come, the Meteos demo can be downloaded wirelessly to other DS units.
www.armchairempire.com /Reviews/ds/meteos.htm   (595 words)

 Nintendo.com Games : Meteos
An evil planet named Meteo is sending storms of world-ending meteors across the galaxy, and only your puzzle skills can stop them.
There are an incredible number of modes, from Star Trip (progress from planet to planet) to wireless multiplayer to deluge mode, where the Meteos fall at a steadily increasing rate.
Before collaborating on Meteos at upstart studio Q Entertainment, Tetsuya Mizuguchi produced Sega Rally, Space Channel 5 and Rez while working at Sega, and Masahiro Sakurai created Kirby and Super Smash Bros. as director of HAL Laboratories.
www.nintendo.com /gamemini?gameid=343dd9c8-3e37-45ab-9d58-81c5fbe3ed64   (449 words)

 Tokyopia: Meteos Play Impressions
The talent this duo lends gives Meteos the potential to be one of the most enthralling multiplayer puzzle games of all time.
Multiplayer Meteos will be a game of ganging up and shifting alliances, where paying attention to the speed of your board, the condition of your opponents, and your current target are all critical to success.
To say I am excited about Meteos is an understatement, and along with Q? Entertainment's also excellent PSP puzzler Lumines, this new company is well on its way to becoming kings of the next-gen handheld puzzler.
tokyopia.com /tk/archives/000376.php   (766 words)

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