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In the News (Wed 24 Jul 19)

  Metohija - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Metohija is 23 kilometers wide at the widest point and about 60 kilometers long, at average altitude of 550 meters above the sea level.
It is bordered by mountain ranges Mokra Gora from north and northwest, Prokletije from west, Pastrik from southwest, Šar mountain from south and southeast, and Drenica, which distinguishes it from the rest of Kosovo in the east and northeast.
The largest cities in Metohija are Istok, Peć, Decani, Djakovica, Orahovac, and Prizren.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Metohija   (161 words)

 Balkan Repository Project - TRUTH ABOUT KOSOVO I METOHIJA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Metohija town of Pec became the seat of the Patriarchate between 1346 and 1459 and between 1557 and 1766.
This is the continuation of the anti- Yugoslav activities, interference in the internal affairs of the FR of Yugoslavia, incitement of the Albanian national minority in Kosovo and Metohija to separatism and a manifestation of territorial claims against the FR of Yugoslavia.
The request for the discussion on Kosovo and Metohija in the United Nations is yet another attempt at destabilizing the FR of Yugoslavia, which threatens the achieved results of the peace process, the aim of which is to discredit the constructive and peaceful policy of the FR of Yugoslavia.
www.balkan-archive.org.yu /politics/kosovo/html/gov120795.html   (8211 words)

 Kosovo and Metohija: Propaganda and truth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Kosovo and Metohija issue certainly is one of the examples that unequivocally, unmistakably proves that they do not hesitate to do it without taking into consideration the real facts or the interest of the population living there, even though they verbally stand for it and putting on their proclaimed principles upon the others.
FALSE Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija are persecuted and ethnically cleansed
The main cause of the conflict and instability in Kosovo and Metohija is found in the terrorists who are not only an obstacle to peace and security, political dialogue but also to free declaration of all the citizens of Kosovo and Metohija of their political standpoints regardless of their nationality.
www.artel.co.yu /en/reakcije_citalaca/2003-04-22_1.html   (3856 words)

 Serbia Info News / Main elements of self-governance in Kosovo and Metohija
The Kosovo and Metohija Assembly is to establish and organize the courts of Kosovo and Metohija, and it is to elect the judges and judges of the jury.
All regulations and acts of the organs of Kosovo and Metohija, which are brought from the jurisdiction of the federal and republican organs as determined by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and by the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, are not valid.
It is responsible for the Kosovo and Metohija regulations executing and for proposing of the regulations to the Assembly of Kosovo and Metohija.
www.serbia-info.com /news/1999-03/20/9890.html   (2711 words)

 KOSOVO AND METOHIJA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The entire political, economic, cultural and social development in the region of Kosovo and Metohija after the Second World War shows statistically that the separatists’ ideology of the Albanians in that region was achieved in accordance with the objectives of the territorial and ethnic "Greater Albania".
The intention was to internationalize the question of Kosovo and Metohija, with no regard for the interests of Serbia and Yugoslavia, and thus to achieve, with the support of certain circles in the international community, complete political legitimacy.
Terrorism, purchase, under pressure, of the estates of non-Albanian population, non-payment of taxes, of electricity, of utilities, the lack of citizenship, are the main elements of the ethnic separatist strategy of non-recognition of the state.
xenohistorian.faithweb.com /valencia/Novica/Kosovo_and_Metohija(3)..htm   (625 words)

 The Migration of Serbs and Montenegrins from Kosovo and Metohija (I)
The Migration of Serbs and Montenegrins from Kosovo and Metohija (I) Choose...
In the monasteries of Metohija and Kosovo, old theological and literary writings were transcribed and new ones penned, and they included the lives of local saints, from the monks and priors to the archbishops and rulers from the house of Nemanjic.
In Metohija alone he enumerated more than one hundred cases in which the Turkish authorities, police and judiciary tolerated and abetted robbery, bribery, murder, arson, the desecration of churches, the seizure of property and livestock, the rape of women and children, the harassment of monks and priests.
www.snd-us.com /history/Petrovic-Blagojevic/mk_1.htm   (15632 words)

 Albanian Islamic World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A settlement of the status of Kosova and Metohija as an integral part of the Serb state as well as a settlement of all other issues related to realization of a modern and democratic state of law can only be achieved by creating a new constitution.
The national policy toward Kosova and Metohija cannot be achieved without having it discussed by the appropriate bodies of parliament and without the consent of the legitimate representatives of the Serb people in Kosova and Metohija.
It is necessary to open in Kosova and Metohija region military and police schools and academies, additional military institutions and other state institutions such as ministries which would facilitate the settling there of thousands of army officers, policemen, state clerks, together with their families, with the infrastructure needed for normal life.
salam.muslimsonline.com /~albanian/sheshel.html   (4331 words)

 United Nations Human Rights Website - Treaty Bodies Database - Document - Additional Info from State Party - Yugoslavia
Thus, for instance, of a total of 1,413 villages in Kosovo and Metohija some 700 have been ethnically cleansed in separatist and terrorist actions and pressures in the past few years, and in 1998 alone the Serbs and Montenegrins were totally expelled from 87 villages.
Kosovo and Metohija was, is and shall remain a consistent part of the Republic of Serbia.
The political representatives of the Albanian national minority from Kosovo and Metohija refused to accept the proposed meaningful dialogue and peaceful settlement of the problem which is one of the main principles of the Milosevic-Holbrooke agreement, although throughout the process there was constant dialogue between them and Ambassador Holbrooke.
www.unhchr.ch /tbs/doc.nsf/(Symbol)/CERD.C.364.En?Opendocument   (4580 words)

 Kosovo-Metohija: The Serbo-Albanian Conflict. Dusan T Batakovic.
The seat of the Serbian Archbishopric (1219) was transfered to Metohija where the Patriarchate was established during the rule of the Emperor Stefan Dusan (1346).
Metohija itself was covered by a network of monasteries and churches.
Most of Metohija's densely populated villages belonged to the big monasteries built between the 12th and 14th centuries, most often rulers' endowments, like Gracanica in Kosovo near Pristina, Bogorodica Ljeviska in Prizren, Decani in the vinicity of Pec or the St. Archangels near Prizren, among many others.
www.ess.uwe.ac.uk /Kosovo/Kosovo-Background10.htm   (5321 words)

 Albanian Terrorists   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Kosovo and Metohija is a region with enormous historical and civilizational importance, especially in view of resisting to the expansion of Islamism in Europe.
A particular intensification of Iranian activity in Albania and Kosovo and Metohija was registered after the meting of Islamic countries held in Jeddah in 1994, and the meeting of the D-8 group of Islamic countries held in Istanbul in 1996.
The rapid population growth of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija, and the simultaneous fall of the Serbian and Montenegrin population in the province, was accompanied by a proportional level of indoctrination concerning ideology, culture and economy.
www.fas.org /irp/world/para/docs/980000-kla-petkovic-terror.htm   (12348 words)

 Balkan Repository Project - THE GEOPOLITICAL PRESENT OF KOSOVO AND METOHIJA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Kosovo and Metohija knot was firmly tied in the 20th century, to be additionally entangled by the federal structure of the Second Yugoslavia (1945-1991).
In any case, the future of Kosovo and Metohija is a challenge, equally to those engaged in futuristics, to those preferring the genre of the so-called theory of crypto-politics, and to those who do not believe in the validity of making any political predictions whatsoever, primarily when Kosovo and Metohija are in question.
It is, primarily, a debt to the harmonizing aspiration of the international community to squeeze the political conflict in Kosovo and Metohija into the mold of a standard legal procedure, and to deal with it within the generally accepted system of constitutional norms and of regular institutions of the Serb and Yugoslav state.
www.balkan-archive.org.yu /politics/kosovo/papers/Knezevic.html   (4521 words)

 MEMORANDUM ON KOSOVO AND METOHIJA - summary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Intentional repression and erasure of the name Metohija from the name of this Serbian province served the purpose of pushing out and denying the church character of this region with the goal of its complete secession from Serbia.
When the Turks occupied Kosovo and Metohija (in 1455 with the fall of Novo Brdo town) and neighboring regions, they conducted a census of the population, which was almost exclusively Serb, with only 2-3% Albanians west of Đakovica.
The tragedy of the Kosovo and Metohija drama intensified, especially at the end of the 1990's when the Kosovo Albanians, through intensive activity by their lobbies abroad and procurement of large quantities of weapons after the state crisis in Albania in 1997, created the necessary conditions for the organization of an armed rebellion.
www.spc.org.yu /Vesti-2003/08/memorandum-e.html   (4002 words)

 News @ Serbian Unity Congress | Patriarch and Bishops of SOC on Kosovo and Metohija, KIM Info Service, November 04, 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The future solution for Kosovo and Metohija must take into account the interests of all citizens who live there and must be such that it does not destabilize the regional situation, which after years of war and suffering needs peace, reconciliation, cooperation, moral, economic and every other form of progress.
At the same time, it must never be forgotten that Kosovo and Metohija is the location of the Pec Patriarchate, the spiritual seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the seat of the Serbian Patriarch, which is also of great importance for the future solution of the issue of the status of this Province.
The Diocese of Raska and Prizren comprises the territory of Kosovo and Metohija (except Pec Patriarchate Monastery) and the region of Raska (known by Bosniak minority as Sandzak).
news.suc.org /bydate/2005/November_04/5.html   (2276 words)

The Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija is bordered on the north and north-west by the Republic of Montenegro, another constituent republic of the FRY.
On the south-west, the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija is bordered by the Republic of Albania, and to the south, by the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
The capital of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija is Pristina.
www.un.org /icty/indictment/english/mil-ii990524e.htm   (9390 words)

 Orthodox Europe :: Orthodox Kosovo and Metohija
Regardless of the final status given to Kosovo and Metohija, we are seeking to survive in this region, adhering to the Gospel lesson to ‘render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s’ (Matt 22, 21, Mark 12, 17, Luke 20, 25).
Despite the difficult conditions, the monks are managing to fulfil their duties regularly in order to benefit the holy shrine in which they live and for the salvation of their souls.
Kosovo and Metohija is a living treasury of Serbian historical memory and spiritual identity, and the Serbs, no matter where they live, must be aware of their spiritual roots without which they will be unable to preserve their being.
www.orthodoxengland.btinternet.co.uk /oekosovo.htm   (2209 words)

 Yugoslav Daily Survey, 98-10-26
Lavrov said Ru ssia expected that the NATO decision on a possible use of force in Kosovo and Metohija would promptly be rescinded, which he said was also indispe nsable because of the safety of members of the OSCE mission.
Apart from backing the accord on a peaceful resol ution of the Kosovo and Metohija crisis and the expectations that it woul d consistently and fully be implemented, the resolution condemned terrori sm, as a means of achieiving political objectives, as it did also all for ms of external support to terrorist activities.
He said that Moscow, with its experience in Chechnya, had no recipe for the settling of the Ko sovo and Metohija issue and that views were divided, but pointed out that the means the West was resorting to were not in line with the declared o bjectives.
www.hri.org /news/agencies/yds/1998/98-10-26.yds.html   (3639 words)

 [Projekat Rastko Gracanica] Dusan T. Batakovic: The Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija
In Serbian language the word Kosovo coupled with word Metohija (metoch in Greek means a church property), is the official name of the territory of the southern province of Serbia, covered with 1300 churches and monasteries scattered all over this area.
The Assembly firmly believes that the lasting and stable settlement between the two opposed sides in Kosovo and Metohija conflict may be found only within the framework of the radical system changes in the whole country (and not only in one part of it) and the restoration of the rule of law.
The Assembly indicates that any political settlement of the Kosovo and Metohija conflict which would install the Albanian ethnic administration would be directly opposed to the universal democratic and civil principles on which the international community is based.
www.rastko.org.yu /kosovo/istorija/batakovic/batakovic_serbs_of_kosovo.html   (12946 words)

In the meanwhile the demographic situation in Kosovo and Metohija gradually changed and once a majority of Serbian population was slowly replaced by the ethnic Albanian majority which massively converted to Islam and settled in the area of Kosovo and Metohija.
Of course all this does not mean that Kosovo and Metohija belong to Serbs only but shows that this area cannot be alienated from the Serbian state without the will of its people because it is the cradle of its culture and statehood.
Without Kosovo and Metohija the Serbian people will be a people without history, without identity, lost in the wastelands of time.
www.pragueonline.cz /lanik/PG-scr-let5.htm   (905 words)

 [No title]
Veljko Odalovic, Deputy Head of Prictina District, briefed the President on the activity of government agencies in Kosovo and Metohija and said that despite difficulties posed to economic development, the industries are well on their way towards eliminating them and improving this province's stability.
I am sure that all citizens and families of Pec and Metohija will make their contribution to the development of this town and district, and that this town will serve as a good example of development, prosperity of the Metohija plain and our people.
President Milosevic was welcomed on behalf of the citizens of Pec and this part of Metohija by Dr Miladin Ivanovic, the Mayor of Pec and member of parliament, who also presented to the President the Charter of Honorary Pec Citizenship.
coursesa.matrix.msu.edu /~fisher/bosnia/readings/milosevich1.html   (2957 words)

 Disturbing videos from Kosovo and Metohija - Stormfront White Nationalist Community   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The remains of the Saint Petar Koriski are being kept at the Crna Reka monastery.
During a trip through Metohija, this small group of visitors saw demolished Orthodox churches near Djakovica which are not being reconstructed.
The very slow and delicate process of return of displaced Serbs to Metohija, and the life of the remaining Serb and non-Albanian populations in Kosovo-Metohija (the villages in central Serbia) was additionally aggravated by new problems and difficulties in early 2005 - by the lack of supply with water and electrical power.
www.stormfront.org /forum/showthread.php?t=219834   (1402 words)

 Milos Raikovitch: Cultural Genocide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
By dropping Metohija from the region’s name, NATO propaganda and the mainstream media are concealing the fact that this is the land where 1400 Serbian medieval churches and monasteries are to be found.
By falsely naming Albanians after the region, NATO propaganda suggests that the Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija are the only historical people of the region, and that they hold an exclusive claim to it.
In order to erase all trace of Serbs, the terrorist "KLA" has launched a systematic campaign to destroy Serbian churches and monasteries by first robbing and looting them of icons, manuscripts and other relics, then by desecrating, burning and mining these monuments and houses of worship, until they are finally demolished.
www.iacenter.org /warcrime/mraikovitch.htm   (614 words)

 STATEMENT OF SERB NATIONAL COUNCIL OF KOSOVO AND METOHIJA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Gracanica, February 28, 2003 - At yesterday's session of the Kosovo and Metohija parliament two declarations were adopted after being proposed by leading Albanian caucuses which resulted in those members of the Serb Return Coalition (Povratak) who were present again walking out of the parliament as a sign of protest.
In the opinion of officials of the Serb National Council of Kosovo and Metohija these two latest declarations by the Kosovo and Metohija parliament further undermine the process of building a democratic and multiethnic society in Kosovo and Metohija, and further widen the gap between the Albanian and Serb communities.
Steiner only serves to encourage the separatist attempts of the Albanians and enable them to continue to use the Kosovo and Metohija parliament as a testing ground for the promotion of their nationalist and ethnically exclusively political goals, stated representatives in the SNC KIM headquarters.
www.slobodan-milosevic.org /news/snc022803.htm   (449 words)

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