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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  Rapid transit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Budapest is a perfect example where the two more modern metro lines connect with buses and trams and also with two circular tram routes (one closer to and one further from the city centre) that allow travel between suburbs and also into the centre of the city by changing onto the metro.
Greenbelt station, the terminus of the Green line on the Washington Metro, is a typical example of the entrance concourse of a metro station.
The Moscow metro was built during the reign of Stalin, and is one of the most elaborately decorated undergrounds of the world, with its stations often being called underground palaces.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Metro   (5305 words)

 Metro - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
On the other hand, those who prefer "metro" tend to view this as a less important characteristic and are pleased to include systems that are entirely elevated or at ground level ("at grade") as long as the other criteria are met.
Metro systems have often been used to showcase economical, social, and technological achievements of a nation, especially in the Soviet Union and other socialist countries.
It was followed by the VAL metro system of Toulouse, France, in 1993 (one line at the moment, second to be opened in 2007).
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /metro.htm   (2637 words)

 Rubber-tired metro Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Rubber-tired metro is an intermediate form between rail and road transport: the vehicles have wheels with rubber tires like a bus, but using a set of two parallel concrete (e.g., Lille, Toulouse) or corrugated steel (e.g., Paris) rollways, each with the width of a tire.
The advantages of rubber-tired metro systems include quietness of operation, faster acceleration, shorter braking distances, and ability to climb or descend steeper slopes than would be feasible with conventional rail technology.
Rubber-tired metro was first applied to the Paris Metro, developed by Michelin (who provided the tires and guidance system) in collaboration with Renault (who provided the vehicles).
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/r/ru/rubber_tired_metro.html   (1004 words)

Metro protects open space and parks, plans for land use and transportation, and manages garbage disposal and recycling for 1.3 million residents in three counties and 25 cities in the Portland, Oregon, region.
Metro works to keep nature in neighborhoods by acquiring and restoring open spaces, protecting fish and wildlife habitat, providing parks and natural areas, supporting volunteer stewardship, teaching natural gardening, and operating the Oregon Zoo, which has many acclaimed conservation programs.
Metro manages the region’s solid waste system and can help you recycle and reduce waste, find a recycler or garbage hauler and identify and reduce use of hazardous waste.
www.metro-region.org   (452 words)

 Transport system in Madrid: Metro in Madrid: Softguide Madrid
Metro stations are indicated by the red, blue and white icon shown here.
The metro is made up of ten lines and covers most of the city.
The metro runs from 6AM to 1:30 AM, after which travellers have to rely on night-buses (called 'buhos', meaning owl) or taxis.
www.softdoc.es /madrid_guide/transport/metro.html   (224 words)

 Encyclopedia: List of Montreal metro stations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This is a list of the metro stations on the four lines of the Montreal Metro, in Quebec, Canada.
Place-Saint-Henri station The Montreal Metro is the main form of public transportation within the city of Montreal and was the second metro system to be built in Canada, opening 12 years after the Toronto subway.
A prime minister may be either: the chief or leading member of the cabinet of the top-level government in a country having a parliamentary system of government; or the official, in countries with a semi-presidential system of government, appointed to manage the civil service and execute the directives...
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/List-of-Montreal-metro-stations   (3125 words)

 Metropolitan Swimming LSC
Metro is a non-profit organization whose objectives and primary purpose shall be the education, instruction and training of individuals to develop and improve their capabilities in the sport of swimming.
Metro shall promote swimming for the benefit of swimmers of all ages and abilities, in accordance with the standards, rules, regulations, policies and procedures of FINA, USA Swimming, and Metro and its Articles/Certificate of Incorporation.
Metro has over 7,250 registered athletes (boys and girls) participating on more than 59 clubs in the portion of New York State south of Albany, including the counties of Sullivan, Orange, Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland, Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk, and the 5 boroughs of New York City (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens).
www.metroswimming.org   (310 words)

Metro was launched in March 1999 as a free, colour newspaper for morning commuters.
Metro is a perfect mix of national and international news wrapped around local information - listings, travel and life - our unbeatable guide to the best in going out and entertainment.
Metro is distributed in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle, Leicester, Derby, Nottingham, Bristol, Bath, Glasgow and Edinburgh covering a combined area with a population of more than 18 million.
www.metro.co.uk /metro/standard/article.html?in_article_id=1305   (321 words)

 Fly Metro
Metro drivers are very helpful if you are new to Seattle and have questions about our system.
Metro Route 194 - Daily airport service to and from downtown Seattle and to and from Federal Way.
Call Metro Rider Information at 206-553-3000 or toll-free at 1-800-542-7876 or Pierce Transit at 253-581-8000 or toll-free at 1-800-562-8109 for schedule information.
transit.metrokc.gov /tops/bus/flymetro.html   (568 words)

 METRO Labor Page
While METRO is pleased that the strike is being delayed, thus giving the parties more time to reach agreement, METRO is concerned that drivers are continuing to refuse overtime work and causing service to the public to be reduced.
METRO has offered to, in a time where there is a $1.4 million deficit, in exchange for some work rule changes, and through the use of one time money equal to 2% of their salary, to greatly reduce the impact of medical insurance premiums.
METRO feels that the offer made to our UTU employees represents the best that we can do in these difficult economic times while also considering the needs of the public and the employees.
www.scmtd.com   (1203 words)

Metro was launched in March 1999 as a free, stapled, colourful newspaper targeted at information hungry morning commuters.
Metro’s Brand to Hand provides a highly targetted and totally managed sampling package including coverage in Metro.
The unique way in which Metro is distributed allows the consumer to come to you and builds an immediate and intimate relationship by caplitalising on the association with Metro.
advertising.metro.co.uk   (165 words)

 Metro Online Home Page
Learn how you can be a part of recycling with Metro
Metro Transit is a division of the King County Department of Transportation
King County web pages, you expressly agree to be bound by terms and conditions of the site.
transit.metrokc.gov   (162 words)

 Metro | Chicago   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Metro, in partnership with Chicago Tribune’s On The Town, WGN-TV, Metromix, RedEye and The McCormick Tribune Foundation, is pleased to announce a benefit for victims of Hurricane Katrina.
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Metro was able to offer jobs to two displaced residents of New Orleans, and staff members donated shifts and funds to assist them.
The Metro Store is an exciting new addition to the Metro building, and will serve as a box office, merchandise outlet, and retail store.
www.metrochicago.com   (500 words)

 Metro Bikes
Metro welcomes bikes with transit on rail and bus.
Bicycles are allowed on Metro Rail with some restrictions during peak hours.
Metro provides bicycle parking at most rail stations.
www.metro.net /riding_metro/bikes/bikes.htm   (97 words)

 Welcome To Sagan Technology. Makers of Metro
Metro is a fast-operating, easy-to-learn high-powered sequencer for the design of professional audio projects.
Metro combines all the functionality expected from a professional Macintosh MIDI sequencer with a simplified interface and innovative ideas, such as the Rhythm Explorer™ and the algorithmic Note Spray Paint tool.This MIDI system has been updated to support CoreMIDI and VST technologies.
I started using Metro when it was “Beyond” in 1990 and I still use Metro to this day, 15 years later.
www.sagantech.biz   (426 words)

 Metro - Travel Information
The Metro's fully automatic trains link parts of the Danish capital: The Metro is an effective link between the large urban areas to the east and west with the city centre acting as the hub.
The tickets for the Metro are the same as for buses and trains in greater Copenhagen.
The fundamental design philosophy has been to establish smoothly operating Metro stations that give passengers ideal access conditions from street level to platforms.
www.m.dk /en/welcome.htm   (107 words)

 Metro: Jobs
Current job opportunities at Metro, the Oregon Zoo and the Metropolitan Recreation Exhibition Commission; where to get an application and how to apply.
For more information, call Metro Human Resources at (503) 797-1570, fax (503) 797-1798 or send e-mail to jobs@metro-region.org.
Metro is the directly elected regional government that serves more than 1.3 million residents in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties, and the 25 cities in the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area.
www.metro-region.org /pssp.cfm?ProgServID=21   (289 words)

The data of activity of Baku Metro's (BM) in 2001 and plans for this year were voiced in Taghi Ahmedov's conference.
In the current year there will be a more effective work at Metro, which will be connected with the opening of a new car fleet.
Also, you can find out more about the Metro's work and our future development perspectives and the power of technical support.
www.metro.gov.az:8101 /eng   (230 words)

 Metro Theatre - Welcome to The Metro Theatre
Please call the Metro Theatre on 9287 2000 for more information.
Metro Theatre is a multi-purpose venue, accommodating Entertainment,
Metro Theatre is conveniently located at 624 George Street Sydney, NSW 2000.
www.metrotheatre.com.au   (121 words)

 FreewarePalm: MetrO v5.3.5
We took the Metro all over Paris for a week navigating with nothing but Metro.
Planning a trip to paris and using the paris metro site I checked the program and found two better routings on paris metro.
Metro with the London Underground required only 43K RAM on my Visor.
www.freewarepalm.com /travel/metro.shtml   (2201 words)

 METRO U.S. homepage
News and features from home and abroad are presented without political or other bias, with a proudly urban attitude and style — all when the METRO audience has time to read.
METRO delivers exceptional advertising value by delivering hard-to-reach readers and those underserved by traditional newspapers through a targeted, high-quality news product.
METRO and the METRO logo are registered trademarks of Tidnings AB METRO.
www.metro.us   (115 words)

 Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority: SORTA
Metro and the University of Cincinnati are working together to offer all UC students, faculty and staff free rides on Metro.
From September 21 through October 31- board Metro to or from campus, show your UC ID and ride Free.
Metro is looking for a few good drivers and mechanics.
www.sorta.com   (136 words)

 Technorati Tag: metro
THE Shanghai Higher People’s Court has upheld a judgment in which a lower court sentenced two men to death with a two-year reprieve and imposed a life...
From today's Metro: [IMG 100605metro.jpg] Yeah man, we only hated politicians when it was the underground thing to do...
El 28 de Septiembre, el Presidente del Metro se quejó del vandalismo de que ha estado siendo objeto el tramo en viaducto de la Línea 4, llamando a que...
www.technorati.com /tag/metro   (647 words)

 Metro Times Detroit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Arab American Woman: Past, Present and Future in Dearborm, Steel Magnolias in Rochester Hills, Sol, Luna y Tierra in Pontiac, SSM at the Magic Stick, the Boogie Woogie Festival in Royal Oak and more.
A Metro Times guide to finding your own space.
This 2002 profile traces a musical journey that took him far — to Paris and the Middle East, to the Woodstock festival and Japan — but always brought him back to Detroit.
www.metrotimes.com   (424 words)

 UrbanRail.Net > Europe > France > Métro de MARSEILLE
The metro network consists of two rubber tyred lines (like Lyon and some Paris lines), with a total length of 19.3 km (15.6 underground).
Tram 68 formerly shown on metro maps is a standard tram running in a tunnel (which was used formerly by a suburban rail line) only from its terminus 'Noailles' (transfer to métro) to its first stop 'Bruys' along Bd.
It was closed in December 2003 to be integrated in the future tram line 1 to La Blancarde and Les Caillols.
www.urbanrail.net /eu/mar/marseil.htm   (534 words)

 NFTA - Metro
Utilizing buses, trains, vans and trolley-buses, Metro covers Buffalo, Lockport, Niagara Falls, and all points in between.
The men and women of Metro are proud to serve the community.
The new PAL Pass is available for Metro's Paratransit riders.
www.nfta.com /metro   (136 words)

 Amazon.com: DVD: Metro (1997)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
A competent action movie, there are some standout moments such as a car chase culminating in a cable car shoot-out on the streets of San Francisco, and Michael Wincott's (The Crow) frightening performance as the villain.
Metro offers up a standard action vehicle for Murphy to showcase his charm, as well as a moderate entertainment with some memorable moments.
Metro is the story of how a big-shot detective, Scott Roper (Eddie Murphy) cracks a hard case.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/6304806450?v=glance   (1632 words)

 Capital Metro Transit - Austin, Texas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Capital Metro Bus Operator Arthur Murillo is the new world champion in the American Public Transit Association's International Bus Roadeo competition.
Adopted January 2006 Service Changes Capital Metro will introduce new service and implement route and schedule adjustments in January 2006.
Capital Metro Board Approves Railcar Vendor The Capital Metro Board of Directors today voted to enter into a contract worth $32,284,741 with Stadler Bussnang, A.G., a Swiss railcar manufacturer, to purchase six rail vehicles for Capital Metro's planned urban commuter rail service.
www.capmetro.org   (263 words)

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