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Topic: Metro North

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  Transport 21 - Metro North
A new Metro line from St Stephen's Green to the north of Swords in the vicinity of Lissenhall is scheduled for completion in 2013.
Using underground, surface and elevated tracks Metro North will operate from St Stephen's Green, via Dublin Airport, to the north of Swords in the vicinity of Lissenhall.
Metro North will have 15 stops available for passengers who want to make the journey from the city centre to the airport and beyond.
www.transport21.ie /PROJECTS/METRO_-_LUAS/Metro_North.html   (337 words)

  Run_Return :: Run_Return
Metro North is the kind of record year-end lists were designed for, and I hate myself for having not discovered it earlier.
Metro North is not the aural offspring of some spotty teenager whose parents have just bought them Reason 3.0, but rather a focused digital impression derived from a series of jams between three young Americans; and it shows.
Metro North presents an example of those rare recordings that are so crisp and dense that they seem almost physically tangible.
runreturn.com /music/MetroNorth   (2139 words)

  Science Fair Projects - Metro-North Commuter Railroad Company
Metro North also provides local service within The Bronx, and from the Bronx into midtown Manhattan.
The third rails on all three of the eastern Metro North lines are unusual in that power is collected from below the third rail, as opposed to above, which is the case in the vast majority of third rail systems.
The Metro-North mascot is Metro Man. A robotic cyborg in the shape of a train, he educates children about railway safety.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/Metro_North   (590 words)

 Metro - north gate
Metro are a five piece band comprising of guitar, keys, vocals, bass and drums.
Metro continually try to improve themselves by generating new songs and sounds as they look to keep on using what God has given them to the best of their ability.
Metro is just about to release a new album this September, the focus of this album is all about worshiping God.
www.metro.org.uk /metro.htm   (195 words)

 Make friends in the north | Metro.co.uk
North of the line, you're in the country that dare not speak its name — the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus — and south of it you're back in what everyone else knows as Cyprus.
It is a land of small villages, many, such as Bellapais, attractively nestled on the slopes of the Kyrenia Mountains that separate the north coast from the rest of the island.
It is also the only part of North Cyprus where some Greek residents refused to move south of the Green Line, preferring to live in peace with their Turkish neighbours as they had been doing for hundreds of years.
www.metro.co.uk /travel/article.html?in_article_id=39795&in_page_id=5   (953 words)

 world.nycsubway.org/Around New York/Metro-North Railroad/New Haven Line
North of the station, the Amtrak line from Penn Station (via Queens and the Hell Gate Bridge) merges via a two track connection at "Shell" tower.
The north end has two extra tracks, which are connections to the Danbury Branch.
North of the station, we pass an industrial zone before reverting to a rural character.
world.nycsubway.org /us/metronorth/newhaven.html   (2380 words)

 Dead Malls dot Com: Feature: Metro North Mall: Kansas City, Missouri
Metro North was decorated with lamposts, benches, plants, and many other decorative items.
Metro North lost Montgomery Wards in 2000-2001, when the company went bankrupt, and the Wards end died off, especially the top level.
Metro North is still my favorite mall, and I hope it does well and stays alive, but it doesn't look so good for it.
www.deadmalls.com /malls/metro_north_mall.html   (686 words)

 Port Jervis Line (Metro-North) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Metro-North Railroad Port Jervis Line is a single-track commuter rail line running from Suffern, New York, north, west and southwest to Port Jervis.
After crossing under the onramp from 17 to the Thruway and passing Woodbury Commons the line gradually moves away from the Thruway, crossing NY 32 (17's north-south successor) and running along the shoulder of Schunemunk Mountain, where it twice is crossed by hiking trails.
At Schunemunk's north end it curves along to the Moodna Viaduct, the highest and longest railroad trestle east of the Mississippi River.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Port_Jervis_Line_(Metro-North)   (1157 words)

 Metro-North Railroad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The New Haven Line is special in that electrical Multiple Unit (EMU) trains are powered through either 700 V DC from a third rail or 13.8 kV AC from an overhead catenary wire.
The Danbury Branch was formerly electrified but in 1961 became a diesel-only line though plans are underway to reelectrify the line [2] with a concurrent expansion to New Milford.
Locomotives on the Waterbury Branch, the only east-of-Hudson Metro North service which has no direct service of any sort into Grand Central, are powered by diesel.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Metro-North_Railroad   (1100 words)

 The Pyongyang Metro: Statistics
Like most North Korean statistics, this figure may be inaccurate, as it has been reported since the mid-1980s, and may not include the nearly 2 km between Ponghwa and Puhung, opened in 1987; if this is so the system is approximately 24 km.
However, a recent focus of North Korean propaganda has been the country’s unreliable electricity supply, and visiting journalists and dignitaries are often presented with a short power cut, which is generally followed by a prepared speech by their Korean minders about the need for energy independence (ie, North Korea’s nuclear program).
The metro, a monumental edifice in the era of the Workers’ Party, is providing the people with easy access to different parts of Pyongyang and is very instrumental in their ideological and cultural education.
www.pyongyang-metro.com /metrostats.html   (4176 words)

 Fly Metro
Metro drivers are very helpful if you are new to Seattle and have questions about our system.
Call Metro Rider Information at 206-553-3000 or toll-free at 1-800-542-7876 or Pierce Transit at 253-581-8000 or toll-free at 1-800-562-8109 for schedule information.
Metro Transit is a division of the King County Department of Transportation
transit.metrokc.gov /tops/bus/flymetro.html   (631 words)

 Metro North Realty
Metro North Realty provides residential real estate services in all price ranges of new and resale properties in Metropolitan Phoenix area.
Metro North Realty avoids the high overhead costs of traditional Real Estate companies and uses those savings to fuel its powerful Internet promotion strategy.
Metro North Realty is waiting to welcome you with open arms.
www.metrophoenixmls.com /metro-north-realty.php   (156 words)

 Metro North Chamber
The first complete map for the Metro North region is now available at the Chamber offices.These maps make a great gift for clients/customers who are new to the area.
In the results-oriented K-12 schools in the Metro North area, ACT and SAT scores are consistently higher than the national averages.
Thanks to the support of the taxpayers, the Metro North area receives revenues specifically for the purpose of bringing arts, sciences, and culture to our residents.
www.metronorthchamber.com /relocation.asp?page=relocation   (518 words)

 Metro North Chamber
The Metro North Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic Colorado organization that can help your company capitalize on the unprecedented economic boom in the Metro North region.
Doug Bollman of Taggart Insurance and Deborah Obermeyer, CEO of the Metro North Chamber of Commerce hold this years impressive dividend check worth $457,900 which will be distributed to Chamber Members in the Workers Compensation Program.
The Metro North Chamber is pleased to announce that we have moved our web site advertising in-house and are launching a new and effective Web Marketing Package just for you.
www.metronorthchamber.com   (266 words)

 Metro: North Portland enhancement grant program
The North Portland enhancement grant program was established in 1985 by act of the Oregon legislature, which created a mitigation fund to compensate the community affected by the St. Johns Landfill.
The North Portland enhancement program boundary is the area between the Willamette River and Columbia Channel, and Interstate-5 to the Fremont Bridge.
Metro is now recruiting residents of Arbor Lodge, Kenton, St. Johns and University Park to fill openings on the North Portland enhancement committee.
www.metro-region.org /article.cfm?ArticleID=6796   (964 words)

 Cold weather still causing problems on Metro North train lines [Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers]
Metro North commuters are noticing that the ride home these days is uncomfortable, more crowded and longer.
Metro North says the freezing temperatures, snow and ice are ruining train motors and door latches.
But Metro North is not the only place dealing with these problems; there are problems on the Long Island Railroad as well.
www.ble.org /pr/news/headline.asp?id=9212   (489 words)

 Metro North Introduces Zipcars at Stations -- by the Half Moon Press   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Metro North Introduces Zipcars at Stations -- by the Half Moon Press
The introductory program is aimed at business and recreational travelers who use either rail or ferry service and need short-term, round-trip use of an automobile from the station to reach their final destinations.
Members make reservations on-line in less than a minute and all usage and billing information is processed automatically by on-board computers and billed to the member via credit card.
www.hudsonriver.com /halfmoonpress/stories/0104zip.htm   (358 words)

 Metro-North Railroad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which also operates the MTA New York City Transit buses and subway trains, and the Long Island Rail Road.
The third rails on all three of the eastern Metro North lines are unusual in that power is collected from below the third rail, as opposed to above, which is the case in the vast majority of third rail systems.
This page was last modified 21:23, 14 Jun 2005.
www.gogog.com /project/wikipedia/index.php/Metro_North   (481 words)

 North again (Metro Times Detroit)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Recently I made it up to the Leelanau Peninsula, north of Traverse City, to visit my brother and his family in Northport for a few days.
Myers’s Rum for $3.50 is less than I pay at most of the places I frequent up North.
North Country, cherry walnut, seven-grain, Asiago and ciabatta are among the varieties.
www.metrotimes.com /editorial/story.asp?id=6524   (913 words)

 ireland.com - Breaking News - Thu, Oct 19, 2006 - Airport metro to take in Drumcondra, Ballymun
The Metro North, linking Stephen's Green with Lissenhall, north of Swords, will have 15 stops and will be able to carry 20,000 passengers an hour.
It is anticipated that the 17km line North Metro will carry up to 34 million passengers annually from St Stephen's Green to Dublin Airport and Swords.
The RPA said that Dublin City Council requested a stop at Parnell Square East to serve the north inner city, and it is seeking further public consultation on this.
www.ireland.com /newspaper/breaking/2006/1019/breaking20.htm   (644 words)

 Metro North ABE - Metro North ABE Home
Metro North ABE - Metro North ABE Home
Metro North ABE is a free program to help adults age 16 or older (who are not enrolled in a secondary school) develop basic skills; such as reading, writing, math, work skills, English and technology.
Metro North ABE Consortium Sponsored by Community Education
www.metronorthabe.org   (97 words)

 ireland.com - Breaking News - Wed, Nov 22, 2006 - Proposals for Metro West unveiled
Minister for Transport, Martin Cullen, has announced the proposed routes and launched the consultation process for the second phase of the Metro which will serve west Dublin and connect with the Metro North to Dublin Airport.
The RPA hopes that process would be completed "as early as possible in the New Year" and when completed an appication for a Railway Order would be submitted to the Minister for Transport within 12 months.
Minister Cullen declined to give an estimated cost of the new Metro as it will be built using a public private partnership agreement.
www.ireland.com /newspaper/breaking/2006/1122/breaking55.htm   (353 words)

 Powerful Phoenix MLS Search and e-mail Notification   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Metro North Realty has the solution: By entering the personal search criteria the system will return all matching properties on the market with up to 6 pictures and Virtual Tours.
Metro North Realty is one of the few real estate companies in the country that are offering a Virtual Office environment for consumers and hourly new listings updates to email and to the cell phone” says George Milos, broker and founder.
Metro North Realty of Phoenix has been founded on April 12, 2004 by George Milos and operates as a Virtual Real Estate Office.
www.emediawire.com /releases/2005/4/emw229993.htm   (353 words)

 Metro-North Railroad - Voyager, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Most, if not all, of Metro-North's diesel locomotive consists are General Electric GENESIS P32 diesel-electric hybrids capable of switching to a pure electric mode by extending shoes to contact the railroad's third rail power distribution system.
On the Hudson Line, trains are powered by electrified third rail from Croton-Harmon, and are powered by diesel north of that station.
The Harlem Line has third rail from Southeast station and diesel north of that station.
voyager.in /Metro-North_Railroad   (690 words)

 Boston Metro North Bikeways
It could be connected to the Minuteman Bikeway by a spur along parkland along Alewife Brook, to Boston Harbor with an extension through Charlestown, and to points north.
There are possible connections to the north and to the Mystic River bikepaths.
This railroad line will not be abandoned until a north-south rail link is built between North and South Stations as it is by far the most direct connection between the main rail lines south and west of Boston and those north of Boston.
tdc-www.harvard.edu /mink/bike/bikeways/metro_north0.html   (1705 words)

 Metro: North Clackamas County Chamber Event
The Metro Council’s job is to help those communities cooperate on the things we have in common, and to make us all better off than we would be if each town was struggling in isolation to solve big problems that extend beyond their boundaries. 
One example is the Metro Council’s 2040 concept, adopted about fifteen years ago to guide growth for the region.  That was before my time on the Council, but I agree with most of its intentions: to maintain an urban growth boundary (UGB), and channel growth into redevelopment of existing land.
Consider the Bethany area, north of Beaverton.  The Metro Council brought 805 acres into the UGB in 2002.
www.metro-region.org /article.cfm?articleid=19207   (1283 words)

 MetroLink Timetables and Stop Cards
Metro offers several types of fares to fit your travel needs.
If you desire to travel in multiple directions (back and forth), purchase a Metro Two-Hour Pass, which allows you to make round trip travels within a two-hour time frame (this Two-Hour Pass also permits you to ride MetroBus).
If you desire to make round trip travels that span beyond two hours, select the 2 Two-Hour Pass button from the TVM and use the pass that is pre-validated for your outbound trip and save the other pass for your return, but be sure to validate it.
www.metrostlouis.org /MetroLink/MLtimetables.asp   (1119 words)

 News - headlines
Transport Minister, Mr Martin Cullen, T.D, has announced the selected route for the new Metro North line which will run from Dublin city centre to north of Swords in County Dublin.
The Metro line which is funded under the Governments Transport 21 investment programme.
Metro North will have 15 stops available for passengers who want to make the journey from the city centre to the airport and beyond.
www.dcu.ie /news/2006/oct/s1006h.shtml   (378 words)

 Extended Campus
Metro South, 5660 Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Suite 100,
Metro North, 11990 Grant St., Suite 102, Northglenn
Students taking off-campus classes through the Extended Campus Program at Metro South or Metro North must apply for Admission to Metro State before registering for these classes.
www.mscd.edu /%7Eoptions/sum00.htm   (174 words)

 About METRO: Travel Directions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
METRO's office is located at 57 East 11th Street, 4th Floor (between Broadway and University Place, near Union Square) 212.228.2320, extension 10.
Manhattan Bridge to Canal Street, west to 6th Avenue, north to W. 12th Street.
For further directions, please call the METRO office (212) 228-2320, ext.
www.metro.org /ab_direc.html   (428 words)

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