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Topic: Metroid

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  IGN: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
It's Halo vs. Metroid for all the marbles.
Metroid Prime 3: The Anti-Hype - August 8, 2007
Both Metroid and Super Metroid are coming to Virtual Console this month.
wii.ign.com /objects/748/748547.html   (1215 words)

  Metroid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Scientists decide to call this being a "Metroid" and the mere thought of it being in the hands of pirates is utterly disturbing.
Metroid is notable for featuring a female main character during a time when the vast majority of games relegated female characters to variations on the "damsel in distress" role.
Metroid was one of the first games to use a password system for saving game information between play sessions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Metroid   (3128 words)

 Metroid series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Metroid: Zero Mission: A remake of the original game, in which at the end Samus is ambushed by Space Pirates, and her ship crash-lands back on the surface of Zebes.
Metroid Prime: Samus receives a distress signal in her new ship and she travels to Tallon IV to stop the Space Pirates from exploiting a powerful radioactive substance known as Phazon.
Metroid Fusion: While acting as a bodyguard for researchers on the planet SR388, Samus is infected by a creature known as the X Parasite, the original prey of the Metroid species.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Metroid_series   (3839 words)

 Love = Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime is a hit everywhere and is sold out at Best Buy's, Funcoland's, Babbage's and any other place that sells videogames.
A Metroid Fusion faq should be posted with the other pages by the end of the weekend i jsut need to get confermation from the faq's creater that im useing (going to use) then we will be set to go.
I have also started and Metroid Fusion section and that will be up by the end of the weekends when i get around 6 pages to post.
www.angelfire.com /rpg2/lovemp   (575 words)

 The Armchair Empire - Classic Gaming: Metroid (NES)
Defeat the Metroid of the planet Zebeth and destroy the mother brain the mechanical life vein.
Metroid puts you in control of Samus – a girl in a robotic suit – who is hot on the heels of Metroid (or the mother brain – take your pick).
Most of Metroid is simply a matter of exploration then using new abilities and weapons to make progress (and a password feature let you pick up close to where you left off).
www.armchairempire.com /classic_gaming/metroid.htm   (617 words)

 Metroid Prime (cube: 2002): Reviews
Metroid Prime stands up not only as the most original, diverse and simply awe-inspiring game on the Gamecube, but as one of the five best videogames I have ever played.
This is not the Metroid you may remember, but this is the best game to come along on any platform in a long time.
While Metroid Prime engages on no level other than gameplay, that gameplay is so perfectly tuned and refined, so continuously evolving and clever that you'll keep playing and playing, even when you're frustrated, even when you're honestly just a little bored with the back-tracking, and even though you don't care about the character or story.
www.metacritic.com /games/platforms/gamecube/metroidprime   (2297 words)

 Metroid Evolution - News and Updates   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Metroid Prime 2's old news now that we've got Metroid Prime 3 on the Nintendo Revolution to look forward to, but the changes it brought to 3D Metroid remain worthy of consideration.
Metroid Prime 2 is expected to be revealed at Nintendo's pre-E3 conference on May 10.
Metroid, Metroid Prime, the Metroid logo, Metroid games and related items, all names, photos, and scans of these Metroid games or items are registered trademark and/or copyright Nintendo of America, Inc., and Nintendo Co., Ltd. The author of this page is not affiliated with Nintendo, ; Retro Studios, or any of their licensees.
metroid.homestead.com /Updates.html   (4082 words)

 IGN: Metroid (Classic NES Series) Review
Metroid is the first outing of our heroine bounty hunter Samus, though it's a secret in the first game that she's a girl.
True to the Metroid spirit, there are extras that can be discovered along the way which will make Samus much more powerful, but it's knowing where they are that makes the adventure that much harder.
NES Metroid is a true Nintendo classic and is still a great game, but it's just absolutely mind-boggling why the company opted to bring this one out instead of something in the company's library that hasn't shown its head in years.
gameboy.ign.com /articles/560/560526p1.html   (565 words)

 Metroid 2: Return of Samus ROM - Metroid 2: Return of Samus GBC Console Game   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
With this limited information, the Federation was positive that a Metroid must still be surviving, hiding deep in the planet underground.
The underworld of the planet SR388 is a complicated structure of multi-layered domes and space.
It is played the same way all Metroid games are, you need to navigate through the mazes to find the missing pieces of your suit, and destroy any bad guys on the way.
www.consoleclassix.com /gameinfo_metroidiireturnofsamus_gb.php   (474 words)

 Metroid Fusion (gba: 2002): Reviews
One thing that sets Metroid Fusion apart from its predecessors is a clearly stated and well-developed storyline, including, for the first time, occasional monologues by Samus herself.
Hardcore Metroid fanatics may be turned off by the way the navigation computer holds your hand through most of the game, but all others will find an expertly crafted adventure title.
In the solitary, exploration-based Metroid series, Metroid Fusion was something of an anomaly in that there was a well-defined story, and in that you were led around by the hand (well, voice...
www.metacritic.com /games/platforms/gba/metroidfusion   (1411 words)

 Amazon.com: Metroid Prime Hunters: Computer & Video Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Metroid Prime: Hunters challenges your skills as you control Samus Aran, the space bounty hunter made famous in the Metroid series.
Metroid Prime: Hunters' presentation provides a high level of involvement for the player, which is always welcomed in a video game.
Samus Aran, the star of previous Metroid games, is sent by the Galactic Federation to the Alimbic cluster in order to figure out what these messages mean, and if possible, to secure the ultimate power for Federation control before the game's other six bounty hunters lay their hands on it.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0009Z3MQ0?v=glance   (4217 words)

 Metroid Prime -- GC -- Five Stars
Metroid needed more than a touch up, it needed to evolve in order to make the jump to the Gamecube.
This is far from true (had Metroid been a FPS it would not have been a Five star game, but more on that later).
An added bonus for Metroid Fusion owners is a fully playable version of the original NES version of Metroid when the two games are linked together.
www.gamesfirst.com /reviews/mjames/metroidprime/metroidprime.htm   (1240 words)

 Metroid for NES - Metroid NES - Metroid NES Game   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The original Metroid was an innovative game that has spawned into one of the worlds greatest icons.
Based on Retro's update of the Metroid series, Metroid Prime: Hunters takes place from a first-person perspective and allows multiplayer via the DS wireless connection.
Metroid Prime 3 marks the debut of Nintendo's action adventure series Metroid on the Wii console.
www.gamespot.com /nes/action/metroid/index.html?q=metroid   (354 words)

 GameSpy: Metroid Fusion Review
While the GameCube's Metroid Prime happens before Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion is effectively its sequel.
Things quickly turn sour when Samus is attacked by a new organism, later dubbed the "X." It infects her power suit and nearly kills her, and she is only saved through invasive surgery and a Metroid-derived vaccine.
With a weary sigh (or so I imagine), she accepts the Federation's assignment to infiltrate the now-derelict station, search for survivors, and put an end to the apparent X infestation.
gba.gamespy.com /gameboy-advance/metroid-fusion/538283p1.html   (676 words)

 Nintendo.com Games : Metroid: Zero Mission   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The plotline will be familiar to longtime fans of the Metroid series, but the challenges are new, the power-ups are plentiful (taken from several games in the series) and the graphics and sound are supercharged.
Sent to Zebes to investigate rumors of a deadly alien species, Samus meets her match in the form of the mysterious Metroids -- energy-sapping creatures that emerge from an oversized cerebrum beneath the planet's surface.
Metroid classics Kraid and Ridley hold fort in dark corners, towering over the comparatively small bounty hunter.
www.nintendo.com /gamemini?gameid=m-Game-0000-1856   (634 words)

 The Metroid Database :: Welcome!
A happy Metroid Day of a different sort than usual -- the series' first spin-off title, Metroid Prime Pinball, is now available in many -- but not all -- stores.
Incidentally, Metroid Prime Pinball is still on schedule for release this October 24.
Metroid and all related likenesses and names are © Nintendo of America, Inc., and Nintendo Co., Ltd.
www.classicgaming.com /mdb   (1224 words)

 Speed Demos Archive - Metroid
The game that started the Metroid series was released in August 1986 and follows Samus Aran's first encounter with the deadly Metroids.
For the next two metroids I again had a strat planed and practiced to set up a two metroids for five missiles, but messed up because I was so nervous and was again lucky not to get drained.
Also, some Metroids got a hold of me but when I killed them they gave me all the missles I needed so it worked out without much time loss.
speeddemosarchive.com /Metroid.html   (2100 words)

 IGN: Metroid Prime Review
Regarding the latter, Super Metroid proved to be one of the most detailed and creative 2D games ever, offering up fantastic vertical platforming and unbridled exploration of the moody worlds.
But that didn't stop Metroid fanatics' pleas and eventually with the onset of its new GameCube technology, Nintendo gave in and began development on Metroid Prime in mid-2000 at newly formed second-party Retro Studios.
Metroid Prime is an action-packed adventure set in the first-person perspective that takes place just after the events in the original Metroid (NES).
cube.ign.com /articles/376/376866p1.html   (1036 words)

METROID PARODY PART 2 - Kraid builds a fort with his metroid friend, and Mother Brain won't get off her high horse.
METROID SUICIDE - Find whats happens when a new missile is discovered, and how Metroids and lions bond soooo well...
METROID: ROGUE FORMULA - Samus escapes Zebes and gives her findings to a team of elite scientists to investigate.
www.newgrounds.com /collection/metroid.html   (472 words)

 Metroid for NES
Metroid 3 is more exciting but Metroid 1 is simply a more fun game with worse graphics but much better music, (Metroid 3 has stupid music, its so quiet and un-exciting).
I played Metroid II before I played this and I must say, I was amazed how much the original Metroid was like the current 2d side scrollers.
Your mission is to infiltrate their base on the ancient planet of Zebes, and destroy it, the Metroids, and Mother Brain.
www.nesfiles.com /NES/Metroid.php   (1630 words)

 Peliplaneetta.net :: Arvostelut :: Metroid Prime
Jos Metroid Prime olisi ihminen, sillä olisi suorituspaineita.
Sen sijaan, että uusi Metroid olisi vain FPS muiden joukossa, siitä on selvästi yritetty tehdä ennen kaikkea kolmiulotteinen Metroid.
Yhdessä GameCuben kanssa parinsadan euron hintaisessa Metroid Prime Pakissa se edustaa kerrassaan erinomaista hinta-laatusuhdetta.
www.peliplaneetta.net /arvostelut/268   (703 words)

 Amazon.com: Metroid Classic: Computer & Video Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The Metroid series, despite a rather small number of games, is one of Nintendo's most popular franchises.
If you purchase Metroid: Zero Misson and complete it (not a hard thing to do- the game is pretty easy and over quickly), you will have access to the original NES Metroid, the same game as the Game Boy Advance Classic NES Series Metroid.
Metroid was one of my favorite games for the NES and the series from that to Prime Echoes is nothing short of excellent.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0002Y67Q0?v=glance   (1921 words)

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