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Topic: Metroid series

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In the News (Fri 16 Aug 19)

Metroid staples such as missles, ice beam, and the morph ball are all here, and all are easy to use depite the NES pad's lack of buttons.
Metroid's gameplay gets very repetitive, and if not for the introduction of the titular aliens near the end, would become more of a chore than anything.
The classic Metroid theme is there in all its 8-bit glory, as well as a host of other sci-fi themes that add to the spooky, remote feeling of the game.
justice.loyola.edu /~cmwolfe/metroidrev.htm   (721 words)

 Metroid Prime (GameCube) Reviews. GameCube Games Reviews by CNET.
As in all other Metroid games, you'll assume the role of interstellar bounty hunter Samus Aran, whose objective this time out is to search the planet Tallon IV for signs of illicit activity on the part of the Zebesian space pirates and put a stop to them once and for all.
Metroid fans will be thrilled to find that the mechanics of Samus' morph ball ability are more enjoyable here than in any previous game in the series.
Metroid Prime is a lengthy game that should take approximately 20 hours to finish the first time through, though you could easily spend a lot more time in the game trying to find everything that's hidden away.
espn.com.com /Metroid_Prime_GameCube/4505-9583_7-21258813.html   (3317 words)

 Gamerz-Edge - Metroid for Game Boy Advance Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Metroid is the first time us gamers were able to step into Samus’ universe, even though it isn’t her first adventure according to Nintendo’s chronology.
Metroid: Zero Missionis arguably one of the best Metroid games ever made, and the fact that you get this game along with it merely as an extra on the cartridge really sort of dilutes the appeal of this standalone title.
Metroid has always been a part of my gaming history and I remember this game as though it were released yesterday (ironically, in some ways, it actually was).
www.gamerz-edge.com /gameboy/reviews/cnesmetroid.html   (844 words)

 Metroid: Zero Mission Review
Its classic Metroid done as it always has been; any vet of the series will be immediately at home with this game, and those new to the series will find it to be an absolute blast.
For vets of the series, the caves and halls of the planet Zebes are a familiar place, somewhere that feels comfortable, safe.
Seeing that the next two games slated for the series (being Metroid Prime: Echoes and Metroid: Hunters for the DS) are both 3D shooters in the vein of Prime, it seems that the big N is giving the old formula a rest, and I can’t help but agree that its for the best.
justice.loyola.edu /~cmwolfe/zeromissionrev.html   (1595 words)

 Metroid - Wikitroid - A Wikia wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Metroid series began in 1986 on the NES console with the name Metroid, and proceeded to have sequels on various major gaming systems such as the Super NES/SNES (Super Metroid),Game Boy (Metroid 2 Return of Samus), Game Boy Advance (Metroid Fusion, Metroid Zero Mission), and GameCube (Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2 Echoes).
An upcoming game, Metroid Prime Hunters, will be released on the Nintendo DS handheld, touchscreen system.
The one playable and main character of the Metroid franchise is Samus Aran, female bounty hunter under the Galactic Federation.
metroid.wikia.com /wiki/Metroid   (284 words)

 Metroid: Zero Mission Preview   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Some thought that it would be a simple port of the original NES Metroid and would basically sport some intense graphic upgrades, while others held true to the fact that Zero Mission was, indeed, a totally new and separate entity from the rest of the series.
Sakamoto-san informed me that they are always looking for ways to expand on the Metroid franchise and that multiplayer gaming is one facet that could bring something to the table for the Metroid franchise, but at this point in time there are no concrete plans for how they would impalement a multiplayer system.
Metroid Prime 2 was brought up on several occasions, but Sakamoto-san was quick to quell the discussions, pointing out that more information would be available at the up and coming E3.
www.deeko.com /gameboy_advance/previewdetail.asp?id=259   (1674 words)

 Driverheaven: Metroid Uncovered
This is the only Metroid game that would allow you to go wherever you liked as long as you had enough energy, in stark contrast the later titles would either require a specific power up or task to be completed before advancing.
If you overlaid the old original Metroid map and placement of items with the new, you would find VERY much the same locations, however the basic look and feel of it is a bit lost with the new graphic and movement system.
Metroid Fusion which takes place shortly after rampaging through Zebes in Super Metroid is one of the unique versions of Metroid in the sense of location and a few dozen other things that I couldn't mention without spoiling it all for you if you haven't played yet.
www.driverheaven.net /articles/metroid   (3113 words)

 Metroid (series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Metroid: Zero Mission: A remake of the original game, up to the point where Samus defeats the Mother Brain, she is ambushed by Space Pirates while making her escape from Zebes, and her ship crash-lands back on the surface.
Metroid II: Return of Samus: Following the events of the previous chapters, the Galactic Federation deems the Metroid species too dangerous to continue to exist, and employs Samus to travel to SR388, the home planet of the Metroids, and exterminate the entire species.
Metroid Fusion: While acting as a bodyguard for researchers on the planet SR388, Samus is infected by a creature known as the X Parasite, the original prey of the Metroid species.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Metroid_series   (3649 words)

 Metroid Evolution - Helping Retro Studios evolve the Metroid series.
When Metroid Prime was released in 2002 it met with praise from both critics and gamers.
Many long-time Metroid fans felt that some things weren't wholly right with this new entry into the classic Metroid series.
Metroid, Metroid Prime, the Metroid logo, Metroid games and related items, all names, photos, and scans of these Metroid games or items are registered trademark and/or copyright Nintendo of America, Inc., and Nintendo Co., Ltd. The author of this page is not affiliated with Nintendo, Retro Studios, or any of their licensees.
metroid.homestead.com   (505 words)

 Metroid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Scientists decide to call this being a "Metroid" and the mere thought of it being in the hands of pirates is utterly disturbing.
Metroid is notable for featuring a female protagonist at a time when the vast majority of games relegated female characters to variations of the "damsel in distress" role.
Metroid was one of the first games to use a password system for saving game information between play sessions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Metroid   (3219 words)

 IGN: Metroid (Classic NES Series) Review
Metroid is the first outing of our heroine bounty hunter Samus, though it's a secret in the first game that she's a girl.
True to the Metroid spirit, there are extras that can be discovered along the way which will make Samus much more powerful, but it's knowing where they are that makes the adventure that much harder.
NES Metroid is a true Nintendo classic and is still a great game, but it's just absolutely mind-boggling why the company opted to bring this one out instead of something in the company's library that hasn't shown its head in years.
gameboy.ign.com /articles/560/560526p1.html   (559 words)

 Metroid Prime - GameCritics.com
Nintendo, on the other hand, seems to employ designers who understand that the essence of a game is not the sum of its parts, but rather the aura created by the underlying philosophy that its gameplay is based on.
Metroid Prime picks up the story right where Metroid leaves off, as Samus tracks the fleeing space pirates back to their current secret base on Tallon IV where they have resumed their metroid research.
The reasons for Samus having her suit, the mystical abilities of the metroids, even the fact that the enemies get harder near the end of the game are all logically addressed and at least partially explained.
www.gamecritics.com /review/metroidprime/main.php   (1822 words)

 Metroid Prime Pinball (ds: 2005): Reviews
Metroid Prime Pinball may be the surprise sleeper of the fall, and although the "Prime" moniker may be out of place, it certainly embodies the fun and sense of addiction that other Metroid titles have shown.
The bottom line is that if you are a fan of Metroid and even causally like to play pinball, you will become quickly addicted to aiding Samus in her quest to kick alien ass.
Success or failure in Metroid Prime Pinball is down to little more than what day of the week it is; what modicum of skill that actually makes a difference is frequently undone by chance.
www.metacritic.com /games/platforms/ds/metroidprimepinball   (2037 words)

 Classic NES Series: Metroid for Game Boy Advance Review - Game Boy Advance Classic NES Series: Metroid Review
The biggest problem with Metroid is that the manner in which the game challenged players 18 years ago is considered almost irritating today.
On the audio front, Metroid's sound effects are pretty basic, but the music is a bit better than average and is still memorable today.
Overall, the original Metroid is an example of a game that might have been better left to nostalgia rather than having been rereleased as a stand-alone game.
www.gamespot.com /gba/action/famicomminimetroid/review.html   (1124 words)

 Metroid Series TimeLine - Xbox 360 & Xbox Forums
The Space Pirate files in Metroid Prime frequently speak of the "hunter" and the destruction of their base, which is an obvious reference to the events of the original Metroid.
Metroid Manual: "As a last resort, the Federation Police have decided on this strategy: to send a space hunter to penetrate the center of the fortress and destroy the Mother Brain.
In Zero Mission the pirates could not control the Metroids, as seen in the fact that all of the Zebesian Space Pirates were killed by the Metroids in Tourian.
forum.teamxbox.com /showthread.php?t=315237   (1708 words)

 Metroid Chozo ORBlivion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
METROID and METROID 3 (Super Metroid) from Nintendo rank at the top of classic gaming.
The METROID series is completely opposite from Nintendo's trademark of making children games such as MARIO and ZELDA, having more of a dark feel as heard in the game music and as seen in the graphics.
In addition, the METROID series are the only games of Nintendo that comes close to nudity, beating the games in a specific amount of time will have Samus in a beach bikini.
umsis.miami.edu /~lpittack/metroid.html   (1391 words)

 GameSpy: Metroid Fusion
Samus is rescued and revived by Metroid DNA only after undergoing some major changes in her body and suit, resulting in a drastic change in her appearance, and a new ability to absorb and assimilate the abilities of the "X" virus.
Experience a new and enthralling chapter in the Metroid series, and relive the timeless gameplay and exploration that made the series a legend.
Metroid Fusion (11/20/02) - One of Nintendo's most remarkable series returns in a somewhat-familiar adventure.
gba.gamespy.com /gameboy-advance/metroid-fusion   (188 words)

 Metroid Galaxy - The Hunted Fear the Huntress   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The Huntress Series of stories I have written are based around Samus Aran, shortly after she destroyed Planet Zebes.
So I simply excluded that game from this series, my apologies if Fusion is your favorite game and you would like to have it included, but many have said that these stories aren't too bad.
Also note that anything that happens in these stories are not fact to the actual Metroid Series and are for entertainment only as with any Fan Fiction.
www.metroidgalaxy.com /Metroidstory.php   (868 words)

 Amazon.com: Metroid Classic: Computer & Video Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The Metroid series, despite a rather small number of games, is one of Nintendo's most popular franchises.
If you purchase Metroid: Zero Misson and complete it (not a hard thing to do- the game is pretty easy and over quickly), you will have access to the original NES Metroid, the same game as the Game Boy Advance Classic NES Series Metroid.
Metroid was one of my favorite games for the NES and the series from that to Prime Echoes is nothing short of excellent.
www.amazon.com /Nintendo-45496734862-Metroid-Classic/dp/B0002Y67Q0   (1944 words)

 Nintendo.com Games : Metroid: Zero Mission
The plotline will be familiar to longtime fans of the Metroid series, but the challenges are new, the power-ups are plentiful (taken from several games in the series) and the graphics and sound are supercharged.
Sent to Zebes to investigate rumors of a deadly alien species, Samus meets her match in the form of the mysterious Metroids -- energy-sapping creatures that emerge from an oversized cerebrum beneath the planet's surface.
Metroid classics Kraid and Ridley hold fort in dark corners, towering over the comparatively small bounty hunter.
www.nintendo.com /gamemini?gameid=m-Game-0000-1856   (638 words)

 Metroid Prime for GameCube Review - GameCube Metroid Prime Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
GameSpot's Greg Kasavin goes into great detail as to what makes Metroid Prime the superb game it is.
Metroid Prime 3 marks the debut of Nintendo's action adventure series Metroid on the Wii console.
Based on Retro's update of the Metroid series, Metroid Prime: Hunters takes place from a first-person perspective and allows multiplayer via the DS wireless connection.
www.gamespot.com /gamecube/action/metroidprime/review.html   (1183 words)

 Metroid and Samus.co.uk - The True Home of Samus Aran :: Version 3.0   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Metroid, Zero Mission, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Metroid 2, Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, MP: Hunters TM 1986 - 2005 Nintendo.
Now, seeing as there isn't an official tracklisting (yet) for the music, I have left them labelled as track 01, 02, 03 etc. Once a tracklisting is ready, I will re-master the MP3's for the second Symphony of Samus CD (better editing, fades, ID3 tags etc).
A personal thankyou goes out to NST for being the first Metroid developer to include a Sound Test in the game.
www.samus.co.uk   (454 words)

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