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 Metropolis (1927 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The film is set in the year 2026, in the extraordinary Gothic skyscrapers of a corporate city-state, the Metropolis of the title.
Metropolis is a very early science fiction film that was produced in Germany during the brief years of the Weimar Republic.
The "Tower of Babel" structure is a key element in several films; in turn, Metropolis's tower appears to derive from Hans Poelzig's stocky, polygonal, modernistic water tower built in Posen in 1911. /wiki/Metropolis_(1927_movie)   (3185 words)

 Metropolis (1927 movie)
The film is set in the year 2026, in the extraordinary Gothic skyscrapers of a corporate city-state, the Metropolis of the title.
Most silent films, including Metropolis, were shot at speeds of between 16 and 20 frames per second, but the digitally restored version with soundtrack plays at the standard sound speed of 24 frames per second (25 on PAL and SECAM videos and DVDs), which often makes the action look unnaturally fast.
The film also contains a scene where Maria retells the story of the Tower of Babel contained in Genesis but in a way that connects it to the situation she and her fellow workers face. /encyclopedia/m/me/metropolis__1927_movie_.html   (956 words)

This can be seen in the film’s great set-pieces, which include the legendary laboratory scene (where Maria’s form is merged with that of the robot, the prototype for every mad-scientist scene ever since) and the flood and riot scenes at the end of the film.
The power of the film, and the thing which has enabled it to achieve cult status and its reputation as a masterpiece, is primarily the sheer scale and quality of its images.
When the film was first released in Germany and the United States, it received a mixed criticism and proved to be a commercial failure. /nf_Metropolis.html   (753 words)

 1927 in film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
January 10 - The film Metropolis by Fritz Lang premieres.
FOX Films acquires the rights to the Tri-Ergon sound-on-film technology, which had been developed in 1919 by three German inventors, Josef Engl, Hans Vogt, and Joseph Massole.
The first Academy Awards (Oscars) went to films released in 1927 or 1928. /wiki/1927_in_film   (304 words)

 At-A-Glance Film Reviews: Metropolis (1927)
Sometimes, when a film changes the face of filmmaking thenceforth, it becomes difficult to appreciate it in retrospect: later audiences, accustomed with movies that draw from the styles and techniques of such trendsetters, can't truly appreciate how different and innovative they were.
There are more versions of the film than one can shake a stick at: after Lang delivered a three and a half hour cut to the studio, it was hacked and re-edited time and again, for various theatrical releases in different countries, then later with video and DVD releases.
This is somehow not the case with Fritz Lang's Metropolis, the patriach of every other movie with futuristic urban dystopias, or wild-haired mad scientists, or the replacement of human beings with soulless machines. /movies/m/metropolis.1927.shtml   (349 words)

 Metropolis Fritz Lang 1927 Film Archive - Bibliography - Introduction. Brigitte Helm, Gustav Frolich, German Silent Film, Expressionism, 1927, Robot, Science-fiction, Thea von Harbou. Home Page
Nevertheless, and despite the initial critical reception and the age of the film, Metropolis continues to be highly regarded and influential to a new generation of film makers.
Metropolis' continuing influence on directors and cinematographers is evident in films such as Ridley Scott's Blade Runner (1982), Dark City (1998), and Star War- The Phantom Menace (1999), all of which pay due homage to Lang's masterpiece through their set design and use of bleak, towering cityscapes.
Fritz Lang's 1927 silent feature film Metropolis is a landmark in the history of the development of cinema as an artform. /metroa.htm   (2294 words)

 Adelaide Film Festival Films Metropolis (1927)
Metropolis, with its vision of a utopian futuristic city 100 years in the future run by workers enslaved underground, maintains its relevance today as we fast approach 2026, when the film takes place.
The Metropolis project begins a new phase and evolution in The New Pollutants sound as this is their first feature soundtrack and their most exciting and challenging project to date.
Born in Vienna, Lang began his film career at the famous Ufa Studios in Berlin after Wold War One. /films/metropolis.html   (343 words)

 Metropolis 1927 - Film Archive - Posters, Lobby Cards, Postcards - Part 1: 1927
Metropolis is a film full of spectacular imagery - the robot, cityscape, the workers, and the machines all provided material for the promotional artists of the day, given the task of selling the film to a contemporary audience.
As a result, Metropolis is well served by posters, window cards and lobby cards, the majority produced by Ufa and Paramount in association with the film's initial release during 1927-8.
UFA, Metropolis - Freder walks from fountain towards Maria, casting aside the Pleasure Girl. /Metroja.htm   (1386 words)

 Metropolis (1927)
The Japanese anime Metropolis (2001) however does rework the basics in a fairly loose remake and is a dazzling film in its own right.
For the film's American release in 1927 nearly a quarter of the reels were removed in order to make the film's approximate 2½ hour running time more palatable for audiences and to eliminate possible Communist messages.
, for instance, was the most expensive film ever made in the world at the time - costing 7 million marks (which would be around $200 million today). /sf/metropolis.htm   (2316 words)

 Metropolis (1927)
The film is one of the pinnacles of German Expressionism, astonishing in its use of light and shadow.
It’s pedigree as a silent film turns off the usual science fiction audience and it is sort of a footnote in the history of the genre.
This leads to the film’s most famous scene when the robot becomes flesh and blood and the false prophet opens her eyes to reveal two dead sparkling orbs. /greatestfilms/Reviews/Metropolis.htm   (1334 words)

   Metropolis (1927 Re-Release) - Film Trailers   @ Ultimate DVD
Metropolis (1927 Re-Release) - Film Trailers @ Ultimate DVD
Metropolis is controlled by a sinister authoritarian whose son, Freder, rejects his father's callous philosophy and attitude towards laborers.
As Freder races against time to save Maria and curtail the damage done by her doppelganger robot, Metropolis is enveloped in chaos and the classes are brought together in a breathtaking and highly moralistic climax. /nl/trailers/details.aspx?trailer_id=684   (273 words)

 Metroactive Movies 'Metropolis'
The new restoration of the 1927 silent film Metropolis reveals evidence of criminal vandalism.
Metropolis is a man's town, devoid of mercy.
Metropolis is wild and feverish, and yet brilliantly composed. /papers/metro/09.19.02/metropolis-0238.html   (848 words)

 Maria from Fritz Lang's 1927 Metropolis Film
It is said that film maker George Lucas patterned the droid C3PO after Maria from his favorite film as a film student, Metropolis.
In the 80's, there was a reemergence of the film, and many rock stars of the time participated in the new release which had a sound track that included Pat Benatar and Dokken, just to name a few.
In 1927, Fritz Lang released a film in Germany that left the audiences in such future shock, they left the theaters. /maria.html   (298 words)

 Film: Metropolis
Metropolis lost money, largely because the talkies arrived at around the same time and so-called silent films with their inter-titles and live musical accompaniment suddenly looked obsolete.
Lang himself declared that he disliked the film when it was finished and nobody seems to like the ending.
Events would conspire against them and their film was swept aside, quickly fading from the public mind. /sunday/film_reviews/article_1268.asp?s=1   (1053 words)

 Jeff Mills MP3 Downloads - Jeff Mills Music Downloads - Jeff Mills Music Videos
Ideally, Metropolis should accompany the film's images, but if you've seen the film you can envision the corresponding scenes as you listen.
The album goes scene by scene through the film, some tracks, like "Entrance to Metropolis," quietly foreboding while others, like "Flood," dizzily archaic.
The film itself is a landmark, not just of the silent era but of all time, surely one of the most visionary films ever, and Mills is known for his similarly visionary work as one of the world's most conceptual techno artists. /albums/449314/summary.html   (437 words)

 Metropolis (1927)
The result of this is that while Metropolis provides plenty to think about, you don't have to be a film student to enjoy the experience.
However, because the architecture is designed on such a towering scale and this is a silent film, the acting is often melodramatic and extreme (since this was the only way to project sufficient emotion at that time).
As the son of Joh Fredersen (Alfred Abel), the single-minded ruler of Metropolis, he is free to frolic in the sculpted and beautiful gardens. /Movies/Reviews/Metropolis.html   (769 words)

 Metropolis 1927 - Film Archive - Videos, Quicktime, DVD, Laser Discs
Cropping of the film picture frame to fit onto a television screen - this is most obvious in the various video versions of Metropolis which have the top 'face' section of the Moloch machine cut off, or scenes where the tops of heads of characters are not visible.
Metropolis, Northeast Video and Sound, Stratford, Connecticut, 1970s, 2 cassettes, U-matic, silent, bandw, 3/4 in, 84 min.
During the modern conversion process a soundtrack is added to the side of the film, thereby decreasing the amount of space available for the image, which in turn needs to be cropped or reduced in the process. /Metrog.htm   (1669 words)

 Alpha Omega : News
But the task was far more difficult than a simple digital process: because the film no longer existed in its original premiere cut, it had to be reconstructed and scanned from separate surviving fragments of different METROPOLIS film prints collected from film archives all over the world.
METROPOLIS became the first full-length feature film in Europe to be restored using high-resolution digital restoration.
With that, one of the most important film classics in history was restored in a form more faithful to the original script, and with a superior visual presentation unmatched since its original Berlin premiere on January 10, 1927. /English/E_metropolis.html   (1254 words)

 Silent Era : DVD : Metropolis (1927) Review
In its truncated form, Metropolis is at times a little confusing — not a big surprise since an estimated one-quarter of the original Berlin release of the film is still missing from surviving prints and some intertitles are badly translated into English and most times intentionally changing the storyline to disguise its choppy, shortened form.
Metropolis (1927), black and white, 119 minutes, not rated, with Nosferatu (1922), black and white, 80 minutes, not rated, and The Phantom of the Opera (1925), black and white and color, 107 minutes, not rated.
Metropolis (1927), black and white, 115 minutes, not rated, with The Wizard of Oz (1925), black and white, 87 minutes, not rated. /DVD/metropolisDVD.html   (3423 words)

 -{ Reel Film }- Next Cycle
One reason for the rarity of this film is that it was done in a hurry, is rather cheesy and on a low budget.
Due to the overwhelming popularity of the 1927 film the very next year gave birth to its sequel.
Reel film will be accompanying the silent film our organ player will be playing the original music. /~sanderh/art456/cinema/page04.htm   (178 words) : Metropolis (1927) - DVD Review
The inspiration behind the visual design of countless science fiction films for many, many years after it was made, German director Fritz Lang’s 1926 silent masterpiece Metropolis has had something of a chequered history on home video, a fact that’s due in no small part to the sheer age of the movie.
But as was the way of the time, the film was extensively recut for different markets, and what entails a “complete” version of the film has been the subject of much contention.
Fans of the film will be well pleased to have access to a more complete version of this classic on DVD- but it’s not all good news, especially in the quality department. /review.cgi?review_id=695   (690 words)

 Movie Film Essays - Metropolis: An Influential Film Masterpiece
In 1927, Fritz Lang created a place for himself in the history of cinema when he made and released the film Metropolis.
Metropolis is considered by many to be a landmark German film.
For these reasons as well as others, Metropolis is considered by many to be one of the greatest filmic masterpieces of all time. /preview.asp?id=26638   (1619 words)

 Combustible Celluloid film review - Metropolis (1927), Fritz Lang, Gustav Frohlich, Brigitte Helm, dvd review
Seeing the newly restored print of Fritz Lang's Metropolis (1927), which opens today at the Castro for a week's run (followed by a two-week run at the Rafael Film Center), I was especially surprised to find myself once again in the same frame of mind.
I acknowledge that the latter two films are beautifully mounted and endlessly impressive on a technical level.
Metropolis was written by Lang and his wife at the time, Thea von Harbou. /classic/metropolis.shtml   (1092 words)

 Metropolis (1927)
Considering the prolificness of Fritz Lang and the international popularity of "Metropolis," the robot Maria stands the first major robot in the history of film.
Within the context of the film, the robot Maria is important as a catalyst that institutes anarchy into the structured world of the working class.
Directed by Fritz Lang and his wife, Thea von Harbou, "Metropolis" takes place in the year 2000 in the mythical setting of Metropolis. /~engb415/film/Metropolis.html   (670 words)

 Insight on the News: Auld Lang Syne: a restored print of the silent classic Metropolis includes footage not seen since 1927 - Film - Fritz Lang, Germany - Brief Article
Moroder's pop Metropolis was criticized by purists but introduced the movie to the MTV generation, who could spot Lang's legacy in film's such as The Matrix.
Yet even before Metropolis was released in Germany, Lang's studio, UFA, and his U.S. distributor, Paramount, were discussing ways to cut the film from 12 reels to seven.
Lang described Metropolis as a battle between modern science and the occult --a kind of romantic fatalism that became the director's trademark in later works--but this hardly clarifies the odd mix of social commentary, religious symbolism and melodrama that makes the movie fascinating and frustrating to watch. /p/articles/mi_m1571/is_28_18/ai_90307303   (781 words)

 Introduction to Gary Westfahl's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Film
Second, the process of evaluating films must also involve individual talent; and, despite the impulse to play it safe and evenly distribute bland praise when commenting on films and filmmakers, critics should instead convey their personal judgments boldly and clearly, even when these contradict consensus opinion or risk the wrath of aficionados.
If the subject was only involved in one part of an episodic film, that part is described as a “segment,” with the term “episode” reserved for individual episodes of television series.
Following each title, there may be, in parentheses, a statement about shared credit or special information about the credit; there may also be, in separate parentheses, a statement about the special nature of the title (short, animated, documentary, tv movie, etc.). /gary/intro.htm   (594 words)

 Film Books 1 >> German-Hollywood Connection
Fritz Lang, a dark master of film who created such classics as 'Metropolis,' 'M' and 'The Big Heat,' was a complex character whose life was perhaps as mysterious as his films.
He was already 37 years old and had over 60 films behind him when he arrived in Hollywood in 1926 to work for Warner Bros. Before that he had made his first feature film in Austria in 1912.
But Siodmak made more films noirs than any of his fellows, and the 10 he directed...are regarded by many film scholars as the quintessence of the genre." - More about this title from /cinebook.html   (1786 words)

 Snowblood Apple Forums - Metropolis (1927)
A poster created for Fritz Lang's 1927 silent film Metropolis has fetched a record $690,000, according to the London Reel Poster Gallery, which sold it.
Interestingly, the actor Gustav Frohlich from the film was dragged along to the premier of the Moroder version in 1984.
H.G. Wells is supposed to have called it "quite the silliest film" and I suppose, to the master sociologist himself, it must ave appeared so, but to the artistically minded it is beautiful. /forum/printthread.php?t=1744   (1351 words)

 metropolis - OneLook Dictionary Search
Phrases that include metropolis: alstom metropolis cars, captain metropolis, commissioner of police of the metropolis, metropolis 2000, metropolis building, more...
Metropolis, metropolis : UltraLingua English Dictionary [home, info]
Words similar to metropolis: city, urban center, more... /?w=metropolis   (311 words)

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