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Topic: Metropolitan bishop

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In the News (Sat 23 Mar 19)

  Metropolitan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Of or relating to a metropolis or metropolitan area, in the sense of:
Metropolitan Police of the English metropolis known as Greater London
Metropolitan University, renamed Polytechnic insitutions in the United Kingdom after they were given university satus in 1992, e.g Manchester Metropolitan University.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Metropolitan   (210 words)

 Metropolitan bishop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In hierarchical Christian churches, the rank of metropolitan bishop, or simply metropolitan, pertains to the diocesan bishop or archbishop (then more precisely called Metropolitan archbishop) of a metropolis; that is, the chief city of an old Roman province, ecclesiastical province, or regional capital.
Metropolitans also have authority over the dioceses in their province when there is a vacancy caused by the death or resignation of the suffragan bishop and they preside at the installation of new bishops.
In the Anglican Communion, the metropolitan is generally the head of an ecclesiastical province (or cluster of dioceses) and ranks immediately under the Primate of the national church.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Metropolitan_bishop   (487 words)

 Christian History Handbook: Ancient: Lecture Sixteen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
We have earlier noted the existence of "chief metropolitan" bishops who acquired their status because they were the local bishops in the administrative center of a civil diocese, the groupings of provinces created by Diocletian and his successors.
The diocesan synod was composed of all the bishops in the ecclesiastical diocese.
Bishop Innocent I (407-417) of Rome asserted that the Roman bishop was the custodian of the apostolic teaching and practice.
www.sbuniv.edu /~hgallatin/ht3463le16.html   (5226 words)

 ACA Constitution
No one shall be ordained and consecrated Bishop until he shall be thirty years of age; nor without the consent of a majority of the Standing Committees of all the Dioceses, and the consent of a majority of the Bishops of this Church exercising jurisdiction.
Bishops may be consecrated for foreign lands upon due application therefrom, with the approbation of a majority of the Bishops of this Church entitled to vote in the House of Bishops, certified to the Primate under such conditions as may be prescribed by Canons of the General Synod.
No person ordained by a foreign Bishop, or by a Bishop not in communion with this Church, shall be permitted to officiate as a Minister of this Church until he shall have complied with the Canon or Canons in that case provided and also shall have subscribed the aforesaid declaration.
www.acahome.org /submenu/canons/constn.htm   (2022 words)

 The Civil Constitution of the Clergy
Bishops whose sees are suppressed by the present decree may be elected to bishoprics now vacant, as well as to those which become vacant hereafter or which are established in some departments, even if they have not been in office fifteen years.
The new bishop may not apply to the Pope for confirmation, but shall write to him as the Visible Head of the Universal Church, in testimony of the unity of faith and communion which he is to maintain therewith.
The consecration of a bishop may be performed only in his cathedral church by his metropolitan or, failing him, by the oldest bishop in the arrondissement of the metropolitan see, assisted by the bishops of the two nearest dioceses, on a Sunday, during the parochial mass, in the presence of the people and the clergy.
sourcebook.fsc.edu /history/civilconstitution.html   (2833 words)

 History part III
In the fourteenth century, the headquarters of the Metropolitan was moved from Kiev to Moscow and was given patriarchal dignity by the Patriarch of Constantinople in 1582.
Bishop Nestor, who succeeded Bishop John, received official permission from the Russian Synod in i88i to establish his diocese headquarters in San Francisco and property at 1715 Powell Street was purchased for $38,000 for this purpose.
Bishop Noli returned to the United States and the Orthodox Church in Albania was finally officially recognized by the Patriarchate of Constantinople on April I 2, 1937.
www.holytrinity-la.org /engl/pages/general/hist3.html   (6569 words)

 The Church in Transition
Though he himself was in declining health, Bishop Bilock nonetheless accepted the unanimous selection of the Board of Consultors and assumed responsibility for the administration of the affairs of the Archeparchy.
Serving as the ordaining bishops were the three bishops of the suffragan eparchies of the Metropolitan Province: Bishop Michael Dudick of Passaic, Bishop Andrew Pataki, then of Parma, and Bishop George Kuzma of Van Nuys.
As the representative of the American Byzantine Catholic Church to the Synod of Bishops on the status of the Church in the Americas, the Metropolitan used that forum to educate and inform bishops from throughout this Hemisphere of the presence and importance of the Eastern Catholic Churches.
www.archeparchy.org /page/history/transition.htm   (1813 words)

 Anglican Communion News Service
Archbishop Hutchison was elected Bishop of Montreal in 1990 and became Bishop Ordinary of the Canadian Forces in 1997; prior to becoming a bishop he served as Dean of Montreal from 1984-1990.
Bishop Donald Harvey, of the diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, was the lone episcopal holdout, having objected to the process as early as last fall, when the provincial council discussed, then voted for the electronic election method.
Bishop Harvey says he does not question the integrity of the scrutineers, one of whom was Ronald Stevenson, a retired New Brunswick Supreme Court judge and the chancellor of General Synod.
www.anglicancommunion.org /acns/articles/30/00/acns3002.html   (587 words)

 Episcopal News Service
"Bishop Anderson is acting improperly," said Archbishop David Crawley, metropolitan (senior bishop) of the ecclesiastical province of British Columbia and the Yukon and Bishop Anderson's superior.
As metropolitan (senior bishop) of the province of British Columbia and Yukon, Archbishop Crawley is Bishop Anderson's superior.
Recently, Bishop Anderson declined to participate fully in the Jan. 25 consecration of Bishop James Cowan of the diocese of British Columbia.
www.episcopalchurch.org /3577_31145_ENG_HTM.htm   (570 words)

 The History of the Cathedral   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate was founded in San Francisco on March 12, 1934 with the blessing of Metropolitan Veniamin and Bishop Antonin of Alaska and Washington.
Metropolitan said he had discussed this offer with many of the hierarchy in America and they had more or less all acknowledged the power of the Moscow Patriarchate, but the Leontiev group, nonetheless, still declined to recognize the Patriarchate.
The Patriarch, along with Bishop Tikhon and the priests, sang a moleben to all American saints, the Blessed Herman of Alaska, St. Innocent, Metropolitan of Moscow, Martyr Yuvenaly of Alaska, St. Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow, and Martyr Archpriest Ioann Kochurov and Martyr Peter the Aleut.
home.earthlink.net /~archpriest/history/historyEn.htm   (2710 words)

 Annunciation Cathedral Herald - January 2005
In announcing the passing of Metropolitan Anthony, Bishop Anthimos of Olympos, a close friend and assistant at the Metropolis, noted, "Although we are deeply saddened by the passing of this very dynamic hierarch of the Church, we are confident he is with the Lord.
Metropolitan Anthony was enthroned as the first bishop of the newly-created Diocese of San Francisco on June 7, 1979.
His Eminence Metropolitan Anthony was interred on December 29 with funeral services and orations that not only grieved the loss of a man of faith and a great spiritual leader, but also celebrated a life of ministry and a legacy of inspired and visionary service.
www.annunciation.org /le200501.html   (3835 words)

 The Byzantine Church in the West: the Eparchy of Van Nuys
As an auxiliary to Bishop Dudick, Bishop Dolinay was assigned a number of important administrative tasks for the Eparchy including serving as the Vicar for the churches located in the Anthracite Region of Pennsylvania and vicar for Hungarians.
In the wake of the earthquake, Bishop Kuzma began a restructuring of the eparchial and administrative offices and relocated the Pastoral Center and residences for its personnel to St. Stephen's Church in Phoenix, Arizona.
He was the first of the Bishops to dispense completely with the use of Latin honorary titles for clergy and return to the use of the traditional Eastern honors of archpriest and archimandrite.
www.archeparchy.org /page/history/van-nuys.htm   (1480 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
Bishops who are ill and/or unable to attend the Synodal Conclave of Primatial Election shall be entitled to cast an absentee vote for the candidate of their choice.
If a bishop, priest or deacon dies as a result of violent happening or as the result of any circumstance that prevents an open casket, either as a sanitary precaution or the art of cosmetics prevents a reasonable restoration of the remains, the casket shall remain closed during the entire period of official repose.
Bishops and priests received from sources either not recognized as valid by Orthodoxy in general and HOCAJ in particular, or whose validity is in any way questionalbe, are to be received as laymen and if otherwise qualified are to be re-ordained completely beginning with the diaconate.
www.reu.org /public/ssbdocs/ssb0003.txt   (15575 words)

 Web updates 2004
In the meantime, Christodoulos met this morning with Metropolitan Bishop Ieronimos of Thiva as part of contacts with Metropolitan Bishops in order to find the means to settle the crisis.
Metropolitan Bishop Chrisostomos of Zakynthos accused the Archbishop of trying to gag freedom of expression and of issuing certificates of good morals for drug traffickers.
Metropolitan Bishop Ieronimos of Thiva was the first Metropolitan Bishop to have spoken after the revelation of Giosakis’ activities.
www.pokrov.org /news/050209ert.html   (330 words)

 Official Visit of Metropolitan Kirill to Hungary - Church Life » - OrthodoxEurope.org
Metropolitan Kirill was greeted at the Budapest airport by Bishop Hilarion of Vienna and Austria, administrator of the diocese of Hungary, as well as by V.L. Musatov, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Hungary.
Metropolitan Kirill remarked that the main theme of this dialogue is the necessity of harmonizing the liberal principle, based on the idea of personal freedom, with the principle of moral responsibility, taken from the spiritual and religious legacy of the European people.
Bishop Hilarion of Vienna and Austria and Ambassador V.L. Musatov took part in the meeting, during which the subjects of bilateral Russian-Hungarian relations, inter-church and inter-religious dialogue and the role of the Churches in a united Europe were discussed.
orthodoxeurope.org /print/9/67.aspx   (1264 words)

 Metropolitan Henry Paul Kontor's Outreach
The Bishop's Office recognises that such leaders and their institutions or projects are working in a time of credibility-threats on long-term efforts.
Bishop Henry Kontor led the formation of the Apostolic Congress of Great Britain which was formally inaugurated in 2001.
He was consecrated a Metropolitan Bishop of the Old Calendar in the Greek Orthodox (in November 2003) and became known as Metropolitan Henry Paul Kontor.
www.partnershipventure.com /bishop/accre.htm   (454 words)

 Charter of the Metropolia
A nominee for the office of Auxiliary Bishop shall be a person of deep faith, a Ukrainian Orthodox Christian, a graduate of an academically recognized or accredited School of Theology, have a fluent spoken and written knowledge of the English and Ukrainian languages.
Regulations pertaining to the procedure for the Amendment of this Charter, the composition and manner of operations of the Metropolitan Council and the Eparchial Councils of the Metropolia shall be promulgated by the Metropolitan Council.
Regulations pertaining to the procedure for the Amendment of this Charter shall be promulgated by the Metropolitan Council in collaboration with the Council of Hierarchs.
www.uaoc.org /charter.html   (4251 words)

 Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
Vladyka Metropolitan called young people not to care so much for their temporal lives but for their eternal lives: to be faithful in small things—in everyday prayer, participation in parish life and careful attention to their spiritual life.
The ruling bishop of the Australian and New Zealand Diocese, Archbishop Hilarion, greeted Vladyka Metropolitan, Bishop Gabriel, the clergy and youth to Australia and wished them all happiness and unity of spirit, and also called for the youth to conduct themselves piously.
Bishop Alexander spoke of the "New Age" movement, and Protopriest Peter Semovskikh from Brisbane shared his recollection of Metropolitan Philaret (Voznesensky), to whom he was very close.
www.russianorthodoxchurch.ws /english/pages/news/alldiasporaconf.html   (1900 words)

 History of the Holy Synod of Milan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
On 2nd October 1994 Metropolitan Evloghios, with Archbishop Alexander of Detroit (of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church) and Archbishop Lazar of Ottawa, consecrated Bishop Varlaam of Vancouver.
On 23rd September 1996 Metropolitan Evloghios of Milan and Aquileia, together with Archbishop Michel of Paris and Lyons, Metropolitan Auxentios of Aegina in Greece, and Bishop Vladimiro of San Giulio d'Orta, consecrated Archimandrite Lorenzo as titular Bishop of Torcello.
Bishop Marco is the editor of Il Messagero Ortodosso, the news organ for the Italian faithful.
www.onr.com /user/milan/History.htm   (882 words)

 [No title]
The funeral was attended by 44 Coptic Metropolitan and Bishop and two Catholic Metropolitans: Metropolitans Antonios Naguib and Andrawes Salama as well as Rev'd Safwat El-Bayadi and a big number of priests and faithful.
Shortly after, Bishop Theophilos the abbot of the Syrian Monastery chose Fr Macarius to be prior of the monastery.
He was the first bishop to ask the Pope to appoint assistants for him, hence Pope Shenouda ordained 2 Khury-Episcopus (Assistant-Bishop) for him: Abba Matthaus (Now Bishop Matthaus abbot of the Syrian Monastery) and Abba Moussa (Now General Bishop of the Youth).
www.coptic.net /public/news/2000-11-24.txt   (1087 words)

 Online Etymology Dictionary
In Gk., "parent state of a colony;" later, "see of a metropolitan bishop." In the West, the position now roughly corresponds to archbishop, but in the Gk.
Among other applications over the years was its use in 1623 by a bishop on "a party of incontinent friars and nuns" [OED], but not until 1769 was the verbal phrase attested.
Sense of a church governed by bishops is 1752.
www.etymonline.com /index.php?search=bishop   (1330 words)

 Province of Canada - Canon 2
If it is known that the office of Metropolitan is to become vacant at a future date, the diocesan bishop senior by consecration may summon the Provincial Council to meet as an electoral college not more than six months before the date of vacancy to elect the Metropolitan's successor.
2(2) The Metropolitan shall bear the title of Archbishop of the diocese of which the Metropolitan is Bishop and Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada.
When the Metropolitan is incapacitated or when the office is vacant, the diocesan bishop senior by consecration shall have all the rights, duties, powers, privileges and prerogatives of the Metropolitan.
www.province-canada.anglican.org /canons/canon2.shtml   (408 words)

 The Saint Euphrosynos Cafe Message Board/Discussion :: View topic - Abp. Gregory's response to ROAC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
Slander by a clergyman, whether a Bishop or priest or deacon, is a sin that is punishable by deposition (Canon 25 of the Holy Apostles; and Canon 6 of the 2nd Ecumenical Council).
Any Bishop, or presbyter, or Deacon that is taken in the act of committing fornication, or perjury, or theft, shall be deposed, but shall not be excommunicated, for Scripture says: "You shall not exact revenge twice for the same offense." The same rule applies also to the rest of clergymen.
If a Bishop or Presbyter baptize anew anyone that has had a true baptism, or fail to baptize anyone that has been polluted by the impious, let him be deposed, on the ground that he is mocking the Cross and death of the Lord and for failing to distinguish priests from pseudo-priests.
www.euphrosynoscafe.com /forum/viewtopic.php?t=2757   (7920 words)

 Web updates 2004
The Metropolitan has protested his innocence in the face of charges, based on taped phone calls, that he spoke to senior judges and lawyers in an attempt to influence the outcome of specific court cases.
In the same letter, the then Metropolitan Bishop of Dimitriada attributed the man’s involvement in the case to his naivety and mentioned that the drugs were transferred in the young man’s car without him knowing anything about it.
The Metropolitan Bishop of Zakynthos also intervened in the show and implied that the Archbishop had also sent a sympathy letter to Satanist Katsoulas, who had been arrested and convicted for a series of murders.
www.pokrov.org /news/050207greeknews.html   (1513 words)

 Anglican Communion News Service
"Bishop Buckle is acting unlawfully," Archbishop Crawley stated in a message to the members of the Anglican Church of Canada.
Archbishop Crawley, as metropolitan (senior bishop) of the ecclesiastical (church) province of British Columbia and the Yukon, is Bishop Buckle's supervisor.
Bishop Hockin has no authority to perform confirmations or appoint clergy in New Westminster and the parishes have said they want an outside bishop with full authority.
www.anglicancommunion.org /acns/articles/36/00/acns3615.html   (796 words)

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