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 Mexican-American War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Mexican-American War was fought between the United States and Mexico between 1846 and 1848.
Among many Americans, victory in the war brought a surge in patriotism as the acquisition of new western lands—the country had also acquired the southern half of the Oregon Country in 1846—seemed to fulfill citizens' belief in their country's Manifest Destiny.
Throughout the course of the war, approximately 13,000 American soldiers died. /wiki/Mexican-American_War   (3637 words)

 The Mexican American War
It is commonly assumed that the Mexicans actually fired the first shot of the war by ambushing an American patrol in the Rio Grande area, although it is unknown as to whether this occurred on the Mexican or American side of the border.
Santa Anna, after returning from exile in Havana during the war to lead Mexico, both as president and as commander in chief of the armed forces, was unable to call for peace upon his return, as he had promised the Americans, precisely because of this fear of being branded a traitor.
Indeed, before and throughout the duration of the war there were some that actively advocated the annexation of all of Mexico, in the belief that Mexicans could never govern themselves for their own good. /cvallence007/RI335-Assignment.html   (1139 words)

 The History Guy: The U.S.-Mexican War (1846-1848)
The Mexican-American War was the first major conflict driven by the idea of "Manifest Destiny"; the belief that America had a God-given right, or destiny, to expand the country's borders from 'sea to shining sea'.
The Mexican-American War was largely a conventional conflict fought by traditional armies consisting of infantry, cavalry and artillery using established European-style tactics.
First, the desire of the U.S. to expand across the North American continent to the Pacific Ocean caused conflict with all of its neighbors; from the British in Canada and Oregon to the Mexicans in the southwest and, of course, with the Native Americans. /Mexican-American_War.html   (2331 words)

 Mexican War and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo - 1848
The Mexican War has generally been condemned by American historians as "the foulest blot on our national honor," a war forced upon Mexico by slaveholders greedy for new territory, a perfect illustration of La Fontaine's fable of the wolf picking a quarrel with the lamb solely for an excuse to devour him.
Mexican War and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo- 1848
In return, the United States paid Mexico $15,000,000 cash and assumed some $3,250,000 more in claims of American citizens on the Mexican government. /hist6/muzzey.html   (1910 words)

 Mexican American War - Liberty - Themepark
The war between the United States and Mexico in 1846 to 1848 was basically a struggle for land.
The result of the war was that for the first time, the United States encompassed the entire continent from sea to sea.
When the war ended and the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo had been signed, the United States had gotten its wishes and was substantially larger geographically. /themepark/liberty/mexicanamericanwar.shtml   (685 words)

 Today in History: February 2
Sherman, who became a famous Union general in the Civil War, describes his journey and experiences of the Mexican War in Part I of his memoir, Recollections of California: 1846-1861.
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed in Mexico City on February 2, 1848, ending the Mexican War and extending the boundaries of the United States west to the Pacific Ocean.
The Mexican War began with a dispute over the United States annexation of Texas. /ammem/today/feb02.html   (499 words)

 Mexican American War
The Mexicans killed several Americans in skirmishes, and Polk used this to request Congress declare a state of war due to the hostile action of Mexico.
Insulted, the Mexicans reject the American proposals and prepare for war.
Over the next two years more than 13,000 Americans die in the Mexican War, which prepares a generation of military leaders for the Civil War. /brooklyn/community/mexamwar.htm   (1603 words)

 The Mexican War
Unfaithful American citizens plotted schemes for the extinction of the Mexican Republic (see KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE).
On the 6th, when the Mexicans began to plant cannon in the rear and Major Brown was mortally wounded, the signals were given, and Taylor marched for the Rio Grande on the evening of the 7th, with a little more than 2,000 men, having been reinforced by Texan volunteers and marines from the fleet.
The Americans fell back to Buena Vista, within 11 miles of Saltillo, and encamped in a narrow defile, and there a severe battle was fought, Feb. 23, resulting in victory for the Americans. /mexican-war/war.htm   (2596 words)

 The Mexican American War
The Age of Jackson, the Westward Expansion, the Mexican American War and discovery of gold in California are all covered.
The American annexation of Texas whose independence the Mexican had never fully accepted made war with Mexico inevitable.
The Mexicans attacked and the war was on. /mexican   (89 words)

 Mexican War. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
The Mexican presidency had changed hands a number of times during the war, and some Mexican states had refused to cooperate with the central government.
The Mexican capital was heavily defended by garrisons at Casa Mata and Molino del Rey and by the great fortress of Chapultepec.
The final campaign of the war began with the landing of U.S. forces under Gen. Winfield Scott at Veracruz in Mar., 1847. /65/me/MexicanW.html   (1141 words)

 The Mexican War
Mexican leaders clearly expected to win these battles as well as to recover Texas and win the war.
Many Centralists believed that abolitionists' objections to the war would demoralize the United States, and some Centralists believed a Mexican invasion would be supported by a massive slave uprising.
In this respect the war was the most disastrous in American military history. /mall/texasinfo/mexicow.htm   (4040 words)

 Mexican-American War
The Mexican-American War was born from the nation's quest for new territory and it's ambition to stretch coast to coast.
One of the strategies of the war was that the invasion of Mexico City would force the Mexican government to capitulate to the Americans' territorial claims.
The Mexican War combined with the overland trail migrations and the gold rush of 1849 bought about the fulfillment of "Manifest Destiny". /fosc/mexican.htm   (1066 words)

 Handbook of Texas Online: MEXICAN WAR
Initial American strategy called for a blockade of the Mexican coast and the occupation of the northern Mexican states in the unrealistic hope that these measures would lead to an acceptable territorial settlement.
On April 25 the Mexican troops at Matamoros crossed the river and ambushed an American patrol.
On assuming the American presidency in 1845, James K. Polk attempted to secure Mexican agreement to setting the boundary at the Rio Grande and to the sale of northern California. /handbook/online/articles/view/MM/qdm2.html   (872 words)

 American Merchant Marine in Mexican-American War
The Mexican War was the first war in which the U.S. Army invaded an enemy's territory by sea, and thus required the use of a large number of oceangoing vessels.
Until the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869, the Army also used commercial water transportation to support the military establishments in California acquired after the Mexican War.
After the war, the Quartermaster General suggested that it would be a good idea for the Navy to operate all transports for the Army, confessing that during the war he himself was constantly "embarrassed by the want of that practical knowledge which nautical men only possess." /mexicanwar.html   (400 words)

 Mexican American War II
Mexican American War II Mexican American War II
The Mexican government says the booklet, “Guide for the Mexican Migrant,” is merely the latest installment in an annual campaign to warn citizens of the dangers of crossing the U.S.-Mexican border.
Like the Americans that poured into Texas and refused to assimilate, the same holds true for a large portion of the Mexican-American population, both legal and illegal.   (1552 words) » The Second Mexican-American War
Mind you, during the Cold War, it was a zillion times harder for Russian immigrants to find jobs than for regular Americans.
Their daughter married a Mexican, and it took them a while to get over the attitude and recognize that the person their daughter married was a GOOD guy, and not the stereotype they were expecting.
Americans who settle down abroad, travel abroad etc, at least in my experience, arrogantly assume that just because their first language is English, there’s no way they’re going to learn Dutch/German/Norwegian etc, just because they live there for work. /?p=219   (12683 words)

 Mexican American War
Mexican American War time line from America at War Network
The Mexican-American War by Kim A. O'Connell (Enslow, 2003; ISBN 0766051315)
The US-Mexican War from the Descendants of Mexican War Veterans /UnitStudies/mexamerican.htm   (424 words)

 Mexican American War
In addition, some 11,155 Americans died of disease as a result of the war.
On May 9, 1846, word reached Washington, D.C. that American troops had been attacked by Mexican forces on April 4.
Southerners favored war as likely to extend slave territory, while notherners opposed the war for the same reason. /wars/mexico.htm   (565 words)

 Mexican-American War
In reality, the unrelenting movement of Americans into western North America and the concept of a Manifest Destiny are responsible for the Mexican-American War.
During and after the war, many in the United States placed the majority of the blame for the Mexican-American War squarely on the shoulders of Mexico.
So, the Americans believed they were on Texan (soon to be American) soil, while the Mexicans believed that the Americans were on Mexican soil (Lavender 130). /aztec/war/Mexican-American-War.html   (1359 words) Mexican History Directory
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, ending the Mexican-American War.
The Mexican Revolution of 1910, how it started on November of that year.
Pancho Villa, legendary figure of the Mexican Revolution. /history.htm   (151 words)

 The Mexican-American War
The Mexican-American War lasted from 1846 until 1848.
It grew out of unresolved border disputes between the Republic of Texas and Mexico after the independence of the former during the Texas Revolution of 1836.
The U.S. Congress declared war on May 13, 1846, while Mexico did so on May 23.   (166 words)

 The Mexican-American War Part 1: How It All Started
The Mexican-American War Part 1: How It All Started
more and more Americans moved to the Texas territory, the cry grew for Texas to be part of the U.S. This began to happen in 1835, when Texas declared itself independent from Mexico.
war between Mexico and the United States had its beginnings with the struggle over who would control Texas. /articles/ushistory/mexicanamericanwar1.htm   (155 words)

 Mexican War
The Mexican War and After (American Military History)
Mexican War, 1846—48, armed conflict between the U.S. and Mexico
Ohio Volunterr Infantry Flags in the Mexican War /mexican.htm   (129 words)

 Today in History: February 23
Scott too went on to run for president but was defeated in 1852 by another veteran of the Mexican American War, Franklin Pierce.
Learn more about historical events surrounding the Mexican American War.
To find out more about Lee, who commanded the Confederate Army during the Civil War, search the Today in History Archive on his name. /ammem/today/feb23.html   (635 words)

 Mexican-American War Events
Whig Congressman Lincoln asks for the spot on American soil where American blood was shed.
In fierce fighting, Kearny's forces barely survive attack of Mexican lancers.
With a much larger army (20,000 to Taylor's 5,000), Santa Anna is unable to defeat Taylor's American forces. /~gfeldmeth/chart.mexamwar.html   (278 words)

 Mexican American War
Cause of the War: The Annexation of Texas, December 29, 1845.
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, and the American Gain.
Created by University of San Diego student, David Landeros, October 17, 2001. /~landeros/mexican/mexican.html   (32 words)

 Mexican-American War
If you are interested in the Mexican American War and the painting of it's soldiers you might find the following Osprey books useful:
The Mexican Army of 1847 was perhaps one of the most beautifully uniformed armies of all time.
The Mississippi Rifleman was one of the few militia units that wore their own special uniform. /mexicanamerican_war.htm   (82 words)

 The Mexican American War (1846-1848)
If you need some help, see the Kidport reference library section "The Mexican American War".
What was the cause of the Mexican American War?
Through the Mexican War, the United States expanded its territory to the south, and all the way to the west coast of California.Test your knowledge. /Grade4/SocialStudies/MexicanWar.htm   (78 words)

 The U.S. - Mexican War, 1846-1848 - Site Index
Copyright © 1996-2004 by The Descendants of Mexican War Veterans.
"The war with Mexico constitutes an episode, and by no means an unimportant one, in the history of the American Union.
The U.S. - Mexican War, 1846-1848 - Site Index /mexwar/mexwar1.htm   (72 words)

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