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 Hmong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
The Hmong, also known as Miao (Chinese: 苗: Miáo; Vietnamese: Mèo or Hmông; Thai: แม้ว (Maew) or ม้ง (Mong)), are an Asian ethnic group speaking the Hmong language, whose homeland is in the mountainous regions of southern China (especially Guizhou) that cross into northern Southeast Asia (northern Vietnam and Laos).
Two terms, Miao and Hmong (or H'mong in Vietnam), are both currently used to refer to one of the aboriginal peoples of China.
Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture (湘西 : Xiāngxī), Hunan
www.hackettstown.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Hmong   (3648 words)

 Neural and Endocrine Mechanisms Mediating Noxious Stimulus-Induced Inhibition of Bradykinin Plasma Extravasation in the ...
Miao FJ-P, Benowitz NL, Heller PH and Levine JD (1997a) Contribution of adrenal hormones to nicotine-induced inhibition of synovial plasma extravasation in the rat.
Miao FJ-P, Jänig W, Green PG and Levine JD (1997b) Inhibition of bradykinin-induced synovial plasma extravasation produced by intrathecal nicotine is mediated by the hypothalamo-pituitary adrenal axis.
Miao FJ-P, Jänig W and Levine JD (1997c) Vagal branches involved in inhibition of bradykinin-induced synovial plasma extravasation by intrathecal nicotine and noxious stimulation in the rat.
www.jpet.org /cgi/content/full/291/3/1028   (5737 words)

 The Miao Minority
Pushed southward by the rising tide of the Han, Miao clans became scattered and isolated from one another among the Miaolong and Wuling Mountains.
Because of the lack of a written language, oral history and tradition was passed on by songs and dances.
The friendly Miao are well known for their hospitality.
www.c-c-c.org /chineseculture/minority/miao.html   (255 words)

 Walsh Gallery: Phantasmagoria: Photographs by Miao Xiaochun
Miao Xiaochun's nine mural scale photos are not readily absorbed in a glance.
Miao's “He” allows the artist to focus on an observation and dialogue about the rapid changes that are occurring in China.
Miao's photographs have been seen in museums around the world such as; the Beijing Art Museum, Musée CRAC (France), The Museum of Contemporary Art (Taiwan), the Ludwig Museum (Germany), and the International Center for Photography and Asia Society (New York), and the Museum of Contemporary Art and Smart Museum (Chicago).
www.artnet.com /ag/fineartthumbnails.asp?G=7&cid=69254   (913 words)

 Wikinfo | Miao
The Miao (苗), also known as Hmong, are an Asian ethnic group whose homeland is in the mountainous regions of southern China (especially Guizhou) that cross into northern Southeast Asia (northern Vietnam and Laos).
Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture (黔南布依族苗族自治州;), Guizhou
Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture (文山壮族苗族自治州;), Yunnan
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Hmong   (2102 words)

 Legend of Miao Shan
While he waited, Miao Shan's father arranged for her to marry a man of the area, a man of great wealth, neither young nor handsome - not that youth or a pretty face would have altered Miao Shan's determination to remain a virginal nun.
But when he saw Miao Shan begin to pray calmly, and the ghosts begin to drift toward her radiance, the god of death knew he had no power over the holy girl.
Miao Shan found herself back in the cave on the earth's surface where she'd been carried by the divine tiger.
www.purifymind.com /MiaoShan.htm   (862 words)

 China Ethnic Minority: Miao People
The Miao's ancestry can be traced back to the "Chiyou" tribe, a tribe in the primitive society in the Central Plains.
During the Shang and Zhou dynasties, the Miao's ancestors began to construct their kingdom in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.
The Miao people used to have their own character, but now it is lost.
www.travelchinaguide.com /intro/nationality/miao   (621 words)

 Hmong - Art History Online Reference and Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
The Hmong, also known as Miao (Chinese: 苗: Miáo; Vietnamese: Mèo or Hmông; Thai: แม้ว (Maew) or ม้ง (Mong)), are an Asian ethnic group whose homeland is in the mountainous regions of southern China (especially Guizhou) that cross into northern Southeast Asia (northern Vietnam and Laos).
Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture (黔南 : Qiánnán), Guizhou
Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture (文山 : Wénshān), Yunnan
www.arthistoryclub.com /art_history/Miao   (3445 words)

 The Death of Falun Dafa Practitioner Miao Qisheng in Shenyang City | Clearharmony - Falundafa in Europe
Miao Qisheng fell to his death from the third floor of the apartment building (the cause of death is unclear and further investigation is pending).
Miao Qisheng, a 36-year-old, male Falun Gong practitioner since 1994, was responsible for the distribution of Falun Dafa material in Shenyang City and a coordinator at the Huanggu District practice site.
Miao was in jail for two and a half years, longer than the sentence decreed.
www.clearharmony.net /articles/200206/4910.html   (608 words)

 He Miao - Comprehensive Romance of the Three Kingdoms Biography
Miao was the son of the Lady of Wuyang, but had a different father (1).
The only military achievement of He Miao was when he put down a small rebellion in Henan Commandery, which was quite close to the Imperial Capital.
It’s not certain if He Miao actually replaced his father as Marquis, or if he was simply granted the title because his step-father was dead, which means the title was open to a new candidate.
www.kongming.net /novel/kma/hemiao.php   (358 words)

 The Miao
In China the Miao call themselves Hmong, Hmung, or Hmu; there are estimated to be 70 or 80 different groups or varieties of them, distinguished by differences in dialect, dress, and other customs, living in the provinces of Kweichow, Hunan, Szechwan, and Yunnan, and in Kwangsi Chuang Autonomous Region.
The Miao of Indochina, who also refer to themselves as Meo or Hmong, are concentrated in the northern areas of Vietnam and Laos.
Agriculture is the chief means of subsistence for all of the groups, who grow corn (maize) and rice on burned-over forest land in the hills.
www.tuvy.com /Countries/vietnamese/people/miao.htm   (389 words)

 Genesis According to the Miao People   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
Miao Genealogy The patriarch Jahphu got the center of nations.(Note 5) The son he begat was the Patriarch Go-men.
The Miao tribes, or as it is spelled in most encyclopedias "Miautso," at one time occupied most of inland China south of the Yangtze River, but have been gradually driven into the mountains of the southwest by the better-armed and better-organized Chinese.
The Miao say that on the bottom of the bottom of the earth is a land of dwarfs.
www.abbottloop.org /alconweb/i_c_r/genesism.htm   (1385 words)

 Common Basis and Characteristics of Miao and Hmong Identity
According to Yi Xi Jian’s documents, in the biggest Miao village in Qiandongnan in Guizhou province, it is said that Ci You had three sons: the oldest son was Pang Ci, the second was Fu Ci and the third was Li Ci.
The music of the Miao in the Northwest of Quian talks about the history of Miao in three major parts: The first period was the peaceful period; the second was the period of war; and the third reflects the period of decline.
The Miao are known for their batik, their embroidery and their silverware as well as for the artistic quality and for the process of making which may reach world’s best standards.
www.geocities.com /kaoly_y/HistoireCultureLanguage/ZhangXiaoEnglish112603.html   (6715 words)

 American Ethnologist - Online Book Reviews   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
The Miao live scattered across seven provinces in southwestern China and four southeast Asian nations, speak dozens of mutually unintelligible dialects and refer to themselves with a variety of names, although “Miao” is not among them.
Many Miao women are distressed by the indignity of being subject to the yearning, idealizing, and sometimes sexualizing gaze of the consumer.
As a study of the Miao and of the dialectics of gender, power, and representation in the post-Mao era, Schein's book is an important addition to the ethnography of the minority peoples of southwestern China and should interest all anthropologists of contemporary China.
www.aaanet.org /aes/bkreviews/result_details.cfm?bk_id=96   (1075 words)

 A Brief Biography of Wujian Miao   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
Miao is the author or coauthor of 4 book chapters, over 30 research papers and conference proceedings, and 1 US patent (pending).
Dr. Miao was a Research Scientist in the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia, upon the completion of his PhD (1999) degree from Monash University (Australia) under the guidance of Prof.
Miao has been the recipient of many honors and awards, including “Top Young Teacher in General Universities and Colleges of Jiangsu Province” (The Education Commission of Jiangsu Province, China, 1994), “Study Abroad Scholarship” (The State Education Commission of China, 1995), and “Monash Graduate Scholarship” (Monash University, Australia, 1996-1999).
www.usm.edu /electrochem/Biography.htm   (310 words)

 Guizhou's ethnic minorities - Miao and Bouyei village festivals and local opera
These hand-held, reed pipes, used by the Miao minority, have become the generic term for their courtship festivals.
It appeared that the greatest risk to any ensuing relationship stemmed from the macho stunts the boys perform at the end of the festival to prove their mettle.
Having walked across hot coals and lain on a bed of nails, one brave Miao youngster approached the tall pole in the center of the square.
www.imperialtours.net /guizhou_minorities.htm   (1259 words)

 Ethnic Minority Groups in China
A typical "small family" in Miao society is considered to be two generations while three generations will be "standard small family".
Therefore, in a typical Miao "small family", the status of a wife is basically on the same level as that of the husbands'.
On Miao New Year, Miao girls will dress formally and dance in the cener with middle aged men or women and elderly men and women around the girls.
spaces.msn.com /members/c232osu   (839 words)

 Pilot Guides: The Long Horn Miao Tribe
One of the largest of these minorities, with a population of over 7 million people, is the Miao people located in the mountainous region of South West China.
As the Miao spread out across this region throughout history, numerous tribes evolved out of the main clan and adopted variations on customs and culture.
One particular tribe, centred on the village of Longga, is the Changjiao Miao.
www.pilotguides.com /destination_guide/asia/china/miao_tribe.php   (637 words)

 Miao OCR, Miao Reference, Miao Software - Windows,
Miao is spoken by about 6 million people in southern China, principally in the province of Kweichow, but also in Yunnan, Hunan, and Kwangtung.
Miao and another language known as Yao constitute a separate branch of the Sino-Tibetan family.
Miao was first written in an ideographic script, but in 1904 a missionary, Samuel Pollard, developed the so-called Pollard script shown below.
www.worldlanguage.com /Languages/Miao.htm   (222 words)

 Mechanosensitive duodenal afferents contribute to vagal modulation of inflammation in the rat -- Miao et al. 554 (1): ...
Tnfalpha-stimulation of cfos-activation of neurons in the solitary nucleus is suppressed by tnfr: Fc adsorbant construct in the dorsal vagal complex.
Miao FJ, Benowitz NL and Levine JD (2001a).
Miao FJ, Dallman MF, Benowitz NL, Basbaum AI and Levine JD (1993).
jp.physoc.org /cgi/content/full/554/1/227   (3872 words)

 Taiwanese actor Miao Tien dead at 80   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
Miao acted in over one hundred movies during an active career as a supporting actor in Taiwan and Hong Kong that spanned over three decades and was jumpstarted with King Hu's influential Dragon Gate Inn in 1967.
Miao continued to play primarily character roles in his native Taiwan including Hu's wuxia masterpiece A Touch of Zen, but also in Hong Kong where he briefly joined Shaw Brothers in notable films such as The Empress Dowager (1975), The Imposter (1975) and The Last Tempest (1976).
Miao retired in 1987, yet returned to filmmaking four years later after meeting director Tsai Ming-liang who convinced the reluctant actor to play the father in Rebels of the Gods (1992).
www.kungfucinema.com /news/2005/022701.htm   (403 words)

 MIAO   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
The Miao, known as Hmong in the West, is one of the minority groups of China.
Originally the Miao came from the North Plain of China, north of the Yellow River.
The Eastern dialect is referred to the Hunan Miao located in Hunan and northeastern Guizhou; the Central dialect is known as the Qiandongnan Miao located in southeastern Guizhou; the Western dialect is reconized as the Yunnan Miao and spoken by the Southeast Asian Hmong.
lennon.pub.csufresno.edu /~vc032/Miao.html   (689 words)

The Miao are one of the minority groups found mainly in China, who are isolated by high mountains.  They originally came from the North Plain of China which is now known as Mongolia, or the southwestern part of China, known as Tibet.
The Miao who wanted to convert to Christianity have struggled to acquire the right to become Christians because of the governments.
The houses of the Miao are usually made of mud bricks, wood, or stone.
www.mnsu.edu /emuseum/cultural/oldworld/asia/miao.html   (743 words)

 Works Published 1778-1979   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
Lyman, Thomas A. Ethno-Zoology of the Green Miao (Mong Njua) of Naan Province, Northern Thailand.
Hsiang his Miao ch’u chih she chih chi ch’I hsien chuang (The establishment and the present situation of the Miao in south-western China).
Kweichow An-Shun Miao-I ti tsung-chiao hsin Yang (Religious beliefs of the Miao and I tribles in Ah-Shun Kweichow).
hmongstudies.learnabouthmong.org /worpub17.html   (3395 words)

 CG202.1: Miao (Hmong) flood and Noah's flood
The Miao tribes (also known as Miautso or Hmong) which once occupied southern China have an oral tradition which closely matches stories in Genesis.
It was probably a retelling of the story of Noah which a missionary had told that group of Miao earlier.
Other flood myths collected from the Miao differ greatly from Traux's version and yet are consistent in their details: A brother and sister survive the flood in a wooden drum or boat.
www.talkorigins.org /indexcc/CG/CG202_1.html   (284 words)

The Western Protestant Missionaries and the Miao in Yunnan and Guizhou, Southwest China.
Hudspeth, William H. The Cult of the Door amongst the Miao in South-West China.
Crawford, T.P. The Miao - Tsz or Aborigines of China.
www.hmongstudies.com /HmongChina.html   (2070 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: Minority Rules: The Miao and the Feminine in China's Cultural Politics (Body, Commodity, Text)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
In a theoretically innovative work that combines methods from both anthropology and cultural studies, Louisa Schein examines the ways Miao ethnicity is constructed and reworked by the state, by non-state elites, and by the Miao themselves, all in the context of China’s postsocialist reforms and its increasing exchange and fascination with the West.
Yet the Han are not alone in their portrayal of the Hmong as exotic: Miao performers contribute to this orientalistic portrayal by choreographing performances that seem "ethnic," and some performers have made careers based on these performances.
The entire process of performing exoticized, feminized portrayals of the Miao serves to reinforce the hierarchies of cultural dominance, in which Han is superior to ethnic minority ethnicity, male is superior to female, urban is superior to rural.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/082232444X?v=glance   (1447 words)

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