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Topic: Michael Bluth

  Characters in Arrested Development - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Michael Bluth (Born 12/14/1967) is the second oldest Bluth son, and the father of George Michael.
Michael has an older brother G.O.B., a younger brother Buster, and a putative twin sister Lindsay, but she is later revealed to be adopted.
Michael's wife Tracey died (presumably of ovarian cancer) two years prior to the first season, and she was in a coma for some months before she passed.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Michael_Bluth   (9822 words)

 knot.magazine : print
Sensitive and emotionally available, Michael lost his wife years ago and now dutifully attempts to be both parents to his adolescent son, George Michael (Michael Cera).
With no one else in the family to rely on, Michael accepts the challenge to pull the Bluths through Dad's legal case and the freezing of the family's assets.
Michael is a good guy: the typically loyal, put-upon soul we all flatter ourselves to believe we are as well.
www.knotmag.com /?print=1288   (1302 words)

 Balboa Observer-Picayune: Profile: Michael Bluth
Michael is the son of George and Lucille Bluth.
Bluth named Byron Bluth, Michael’s younger brother, as her successor, but his education in eighteenth-century agrarian business proved insufficient to meet the demanding challenges at the Bluth Company.
Michael’s first order of business at the Bluth Company was to reassure the investors already shaken by the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) investigation that led to the arrest of the former chairman, Michael’s father.
the-op.com /prof/bluths/michael.php   (457 words)

 TVShowsOnDVD.com - Review for Arrested Development - Season 1
Michael's family has had their hands in the family coffers for years, and it's finally caught up to them.
Michael's brother Buster is left in charge of the company, but it's clear he can't handle the responsibility, so the family begs Michael to take over.
Buster Bluth (Tony Hale) - The youngest of the Bluth's, Buster is socially inept and suffers from crippling panic attacks.
www.tvshowsondvd.com /sitereviews.cfm?ReleaseID=3920   (2044 words)

 The Trades - Arrested Development - Season Two
The Bluth family is wealthy, their fortune coming from a beach side banana stand which family patriarch George Bluth (Jeffrey Tambor) parlayed into a successful real estate development firm.
Michael is a widower but has a son, George-Michael (Michael Cera), who has a crush on his cousin.
Michael's vapid, self-centered sister Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) is married to Tobias (David Cross), a man she swears she's going to divorce at least once per episode, but never seems to get around to it.
www.the-trades.com /article.php?id=3602   (1144 words)

 Arrested Development - Cast
Michael is the son of George Bluth, head of The Bluth Company ­ real estate development firm.
Michael expected to take over the family business, but his father left the business to Michael’s mother right before he was arrested for fraud.
Michael is generally the most sane of all the Bluth’s and was finally persuaded by the rest of his family to stay in California and run the business while his father is in jail.
www2.bc.edu /~mokb/ad/cast.html   (569 words)

 www   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
MICHAEL BLUTH (JASON BATEMAN, “The Sweetest Thing”), a widower, wants nothing more than to be a good father to his 13-year-old son GEORGE MICHAEL (MICHAEL CERA), so he resolves to quit the family business for good and move to Arizona to start a new life.
Michael decides to stay in Orange County and invites his sister LINDSAY FUNKE (PORTIA DE ROSSI, “Ally McBeal”) and her family to move in with him and George Michael.
Michael reluctantly finds himself having to pull his offbeat family up by their bootstraps and slowly “teach” them how to live without the family’s largess.
www.channelcanada.com /tvzone/fall2003/shows/arresteddevelopment.html   (349 words)

 TVRage.Com :: TV Show Summary :: Arrested Development :: Television Series Synopsis
(Jeffrey Tambor), George’s son, Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), the “normal one” of the family is forced to live in Orange County to run the family business while his father is in prison.
All the while, Michael strives to do good by his teenaged son, George Michael (Michael Cera), a serious, work-driven kid, much like his father, who works meticulously at the family’s famous frozen banana stand.
Michael’s efforts to help the family are constantly tripped up by his manipulative, socialite mother, Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter), who is critical of everything her children say and do, except for her youngest son, Byron "Buster" Bluth (Tony Hale).
www.tvrage.com /Arrested_Development   (495 words)

 The Austin Chronicle Screens: TV Eye
Michael decides that he and his teenage son, George Michael (Michael Cera), should start a new life away from his crackpot family once and for all.
The Bluths are extraordinary in their wealth and circumstances, but when it comes down to family dynamics and relationships, Arrested Development squarely hits the mark.
The Bluths are not always likable -- heck, they're marginally lovable -- but they're family -- that strange subset of people you would probably avoid in social situations if you weren't related to them.
www.austinchronicle.com /gyrobase/Issue/column?oid=oid:184171   (875 words)

 Show Guide: Arrested Development--AllYourTV.com
The Bluths are lead by flamboyant mother Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter), a martini-swilling socialite who’s left alone in her Balboa Bay Club penthouse without any means to pay for it.
The Bluth siblings are rounded out by sister Lindsay Funke (Portia de Rossi), who is known for her wine and cheese parties and fundraisers for unusual charities.
Michael must do right by his family, so he agrees to return to his job and invites Lindsey and her family to move in with him and George Michael at his father’s latest housing tract.
www.allyourtv.com /shows/a/showguidearresteddevelopment.html   (380 words)

 Arrested Development - Season 1 DVD - RopeofSilicon.com
Michael was set to quit the family business, but suddenly finds himself swept back into dysfunction once his father George Bluth Sr.
What Michael is dealing with is his socialite mother Lucille, his sister Lindsay (de Rossi), her husband Tobias (Cross) and their daughter Maybey (Shawkat), the struggling brother George Oscar Bluth II, a.k.a.
Then their are the children; Maeby is a rebelling 14-year-old and her cousin George Michael Bluth is a 13-year-old boy who has suddenly found himself extremely attracted to his cousin.
www.ropeofsilicon.com /tvdvd.php?id=1500   (909 words)

 Arrested Development: Season 1
A mockumentary-style exploration of the beleaguered Bluth family, it's one of those idiosyncratic shows that doesn't rely on a laugh track or a studio audience; it's shot more like a TV drama, albeit with an omniscient narrator (executive producer Ron Howard) overseeing the proceedings.
Holding the Bluths together just barely is son Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), the only normal guy in a family that's chock full of nuts.
Michael's only comrade in sanity is his son George Michael (Michael Cera), but then again, the teenage boy harbors a secret crush on his cousin (Alia Shawkat).
mysite.verizon.net /higginator/details/23160.html   (341 words)

 Gold Derby by Tom o'Neil - The Envelope
Michael Chiklis: A sixth in 2007 and a 7th in 2008.
Michael Chiklis: Um, honestly, because this show is a continuing story as opposed to episodic, the stew has just gotten richer and richer.
Michael Chiklis: One of the greatest compliments we've received is that the show has attracted actors of the caliber of Glenn and Forrest.
goldderby.latimes.com /awards_goldderby/2006/06/chiklis_shield.html   (1745 words)

 DVD Verdict Review - Arrested Development: The Complete First Season
Michael is the calm within the storm of quirks and insanity that is the Bluth family.
George's prompt arrest, and the disarray the Bluth family was thrown into, compelled Michael to stay and hold the family together.
George Michael is Michael's son, a naïve, over-sensitive, hard-working boy who is just getting to know his family.
www.dvdverdict.com /printer/arrdevseason1.php   (1370 words)

 Bluth Company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
During his retirement party he announced that his wife, Lucille Bluth, would be the new CEO of the company, surprising his son Michael Bluth, who had expected to take his father's place as head of the company.
Lucille places her favored son Buster Bluth in charge of managing the company, but he soon shows himself to be completely incompetent, and Lucille asks Michael to act as CEO.
The Bluth company has also owned and run a frozen banana stand started by Michael’s father in 1963 on the Newport Beach boardwalk on Balboa Island [1].
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bluth_Company   (328 words)

 The Banana Stand - About The Banana Stand
The Bluth Frozen Banana Stand was built by George Bluth in 1953.
It has been said that the banana stand was the only profitable part of the Bluth Empire, even though it has been burnt down, is dumped in the lake every year by pranksters, and suffers from some unethical business practices during Maeby's shifts.
Michael has to deal with his eccentric and dysfunctional family day in and day out as he tries to bring the family business out of the red.
www.thebananastand.net /about   (178 words)

 AfterEllen.com - Arrested Development: Third Season’s a Charm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The clan is held together by Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), the most functional member of a whacked out wealthy family that is thrown into economic crisis when their father, George Bluth, Sr.
George’s imprisonment brings the Bluth family gravy train to a screeching halt, and Michael must curb his family’s outrageous spending habits while raising his own teenage son, George Michael (Michael Cera) to be a hard-working, law-abiding citizen.
Battling Michael every step of the way are his manipulative socialite mother, Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter), older brother and “illusionist” (aka magician) G.O.B (Will Arnett), his mother-loving younger brother Buster (Tony Hale), and Michael’s narcissistic twin-sister Lindsay (out lesbian actress Portia de Rossi).
www.afterellen.com /TV/2005/9/arresteddevelopment.html   (572 words)

 Balboa Observer-Picayune: Arrested Development Cast Guide: Michael Bluth
and Lucille Bluth, and the twin brother of Lindsay.
Michael’s wife passed away and left behind a son, George Michael.
Michael is the acting president of the Bluth Company.
the-op.com /cast/Michael   (763 words)

 Arrested Development on WVAH Fox 11
The Emmy Award-winning comedy series Arrested Development revolves around Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), the "normal" one in a family of crazies, who is forced to stay in Orange County and run the family real estate business after his father, George Bluth Sr.
The Bluths are led by manipulative matriarch Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter), a socialite who is as icy as her martinis.
Concept: Emmy Award-winning comedy series that revolves around Michael Bluth and his son George Michael, who are forced to help their wildly eccentric family pick up the pieces after Michael's wealthy father is arrested for shifty accounting practices.
www.wvah.com /programs/arresteddevelopment   (471 words)

 TV Review: 'Arrested Development' develops some laughs
Michael's father, George (Jeffrey Tambor in his best role since "The Larry Sanders Show"), heads the family's development business that includes planning tract house communities (Michael and his son live in the attic of a model home) and running a frozen banana stand in Orange County, Calif.
Michael's sister, Lindsay (Portia De Rossi), returns to town with her emotionally unstable husband, Tobias (David Cross), and uniquely rebellious teen daughter, Maeby (Alia Shawkat), who stirs the interest of her cousin, George Michael.
When Michael gets passed over to replace his father as head of the Bluth empire, he decides to strike out on his own.
www.post-gazette.com /tv/20031102owen1102p2.asp   (694 words)

 Movie DVD for Arrested Development - Season One
Other than Michael and his son George-Michael (Michael Cera) who are well grounded in the real world, this family makes "Dynasty" look like a day in the park.
Mother Lucille Bluth is an overly critical, vindictive woman who stabs at her progeny with insults every chance she gets, and works her mechanisms to keep the Bluth children from uniting against her.
Michael and his son are the only characters the audience can really identify with, normal people in a band of mean, self important snobs, and that’s what makes the show funny.
www.cinemablend.com /review.php?id=723   (1793 words)

 MovieFreak.com - "Arrested Development - Season 1" DVD Review
Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), a widower with a 13-year-old son, named George-Michael (Michael Cera), is forced to keep his large and dysfunctional family together after his father (Jeffery Tambor) is arrested for shifty accounting practices at the family-owned construction business conglomerate.
After the Bluth family assets are frozen, each family member realizes the disadvantages of this situation, which means they would actually have to go out and get jobs.
The first season focuses on the relationships, and its accompanying dysfunctions, of the Bluth family.
www.moviefreak.com /dvd/a/arresteddevelopment_s1.htm   (798 words)

 Michael Cera News
Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat, who played George Michael and Maeby Fnke on Arrested Development, are going to be in tomorrow's episode of Veronica Mars.
I'm afraid I don't have the Olympic Fever, which is just as well as I much enjoyed the wrap-up of Arrested Development on Fox Friday night, including Gary Cole's uncredited cameo as the taxi driver in Iraq,...
Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat, who play cousins George Michael and Maeby on 'Arrested Development', will guest star as 19-year-old college freshmen on 'Veronica Mars'.
www.topix.net /who/michael-cera?scoring=r   (473 words)

 George Michael Bluth's in a band! - The CHUD.COM Message Boards
Unless, of course, we’re talking about George Michael, and the role is rock star.
The "House" video is enjoyable to anyone who'd like watching Michael Cera and some kid who looks like Jack Osbourne skip around their living room for several minutes straight.
Good for him, I suppose- though the nerouses George michael developed on that show should have been given some extra time to see what they would blossom into.
chud.com /forums/showthread.php?t=95367   (352 words)

 Stunted Development - Home Entertainment - The Phoenix
And unless viewers had picked up on the numerous hints that George Michael (Michael Cera) and Maeby (Alia Shawkat) might not actually be cousins, the episode in which they get married might fall a little flat.
George Michael discovers that Maeby isn’t really his cousin when it’s revealed that her mother, Lindsay Bluth Fünke (Portia de Rossi), was actually adopted by the Bluths.
And shortly after Michael is finally given full control of the recovering Bluth company, his mother Lucille sells it to her rival, Stan Sitwell (Ed Begley, Jr.), just before she’s taken away by the SEC for being the one responsible for masterminding all of the Bluth company’s extortions.
www.thephoenix.com /article_ektid22188.aspx   (1253 words)

 "Arrested Development" (2003)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Trivia: In the Season 1 finale "Let Em Eat Cake", Alessandra Toreson played George Michael's girlfriend Ann, and her brief performance was singled out for praise by the rest of the cast on the DVD commentary for the episode.
This casting change is possibly a joke, since Michael repeatedly forgets what Ann looks like, and Maeby jealously calls her "No Face".
Recently, George Michael was dumped by his girlfriend.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0367279   (738 words)

 "Arrested Development" is still delightfully captivating - Silver Chips Online
Throughout last season, Michael acted as the voice of reason for the dysfunctional Bluths after the head of the family, George Bluth (Jeffrey Tambor), was imprisoned for his illegal practices heading the family's company.
Due to the episode's chain of hilarious coincidences, Michael is ultimately forced back into the crazy world that is his own family.
Some notable events that bring Michael back to the Bluths include a visit from George's brother, Oscar (also played by Tambor) and a tongue-in-cheek scandal that involves business relations between the Bluths and Saddam Hussein.
silverchips.mbhs.edu /inside.php?sid=4260   (631 words)

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