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  Michael Easton Bio - Michael Easton Biography - Michael Easton Stories
Born in California to Irish parents, Michael Easton attended prep school in Ireland and England before studying English and history at the University of California and film at New York University.
Michael wrote, produced, directed and edited the award winning festival film "Daedalus is Dead," and he has starred in "The Door" at the Tamarind Theater in Los Angeles.
Michael is now set to play Gabriel Ashlock in three episodes of the syndicated series "Mutant X" during the show's second season, premiering the week of September 30, 2002.
www.tv.com /michael-easton/person/8288/biography.html   (435 words)

 hotmencentral.com : michael easton
Michael Easton was born in California to Irish parents, Michael Easton attended prep school in Ireland and England before studying English and history at the University of California and film at New York University.
A man of many talents, Michael was the writer/producer/director/editor of the award winning festival film "Daedalus is Dead, " and he appeared in "The Door" at the Tamarind Theater.
Michael enjoys acting, directing, writing, martial arts, gymnastics, and motorcycles and he is often called to do his own stunts.
hotmencentral.com /michael_easton   (142 words)

 Michael Easton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Michael Easton, in a still from the opening sequence of One Life to Live.
Michael Easton (born on February 15, 1967) is an Irish American TV actor.
Easton has made appearances on television shows such as Ally McBeal and The Practice.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Michael_Easton   (221 words)

 Knitting Circle Michael J. Easton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
While at school Michael Easton was very enthusiastic about rugby but suffered a serious injury and had to cease all his sporting activities.
He went on to the Royal Academy of Music, London, and majored in composition with Lennox Berkeley and in conducting with Norman del Mar. Lennox Berkeley secured an introduction for Michael Easton to study further with Nadia Boulanger.
Michael Easton's music was published by G. Schirmer [New York] and much of his music was recorded on C.D. In 1998 NAXOS released a C.D. of his orchestral music: NAXOS 8.554368 and by February 1999 it had sold a record number of copies.
myweb.lsbu.ac.uk /~stafflag/michaeljeaston.html   (910 words)

 ABC Daytime : One Life To Live
Easton relocated to New York to join the cast of OLTL following his run as the immensely popular vampire, Caleb Morley, on ABC Daytime's Port Charles.
Easton was raised in both the United States and Ireland, the native home of his parents.
Easton returned from Europe and decided to continue his education at the University of California at Los Angeles.
abc.go.com /daytime/onelifetolive/bios/79869_1.html   (443 words)

 About Michael Easton
Michael was acting like a priest, and living in an abandoned monastery in the woods.
Soon after, she invites Michael to live with her and Ian, after he marries them at the monastery, and the place is destroyed by a fire at Caleb's hands.
Michael's interest in Eve gets the attention of Ian, who is suspicious of Michael and thinks Michael is in love with Eve secretly and because he is a priest won't admit it.
eternalsoulmates.tvheaven.com /custom2.html   (1130 words)

 Hunky Male Celebs: Michael Easton
Michael Easton (born on February 15, 1967) is an American television actor.
While Easton is best known for his work in daytime drama, he is also an accomplished poet and photographer.
Knowing that both the character of Todd Manning and Roger Howarth were extremely popular with the fans, Easton felt that he would not be able to live up to fans expectations in portraying Todd Manning, and chose to play John McBain instead.
www.hunkymalecelebs.com /michael_easton   (420 words)

 Two: Biographies: Michael Easton
Michael Easton stars in the dual role of Gus McClain and his mysterious twin brother, Booth Hubbard, in Two, the new one-hour dramatic action-adventure series for first-run syndication from New World Entertainment.
Easton was born in California while his Irish parents were visiting America.
Michael Easton appeared in the short-lived FOX series 413 Hope St. Check out the Ultimate TV article.
members.aol.com /laremyb/private/two/bios/easton.htm   (387 words)

 Michael Easton, Represented Composer, Australian Music Centre
Michael Easton was born in Hertfordshire, England, in 1954.
Easton also became known as a provocative music critic for the Melbourne Age, Sunday Herald Sun and Soundscapes magazine and a frequent broadcaster for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Michael Easton died in London on 5 February 2004.
www.amcoz.com.au /composers/composer.asp?id=554   (512 words)

 Michael Easton -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Michael Easton (born February 15, 1967) is an (A native or inhabitant of the United States) American (A theatrical performer) actor.
Easton has made appearances on (A telecommunication system that transmits images of objects (stationary or moving) between distant points) television shows such as (additional info and facts about Ally McBeal) Ally McBeal and (additional info and facts about The Practice) The Practice.
He went on to a two-year stint as vampire Caleb Morley on (additional info and facts about Port Charles) Port Charles from 2001 until its cancellation in 2003.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/m/mi/michael_easton.htm   (444 words)

 Michael Easton Biography at Hollywood.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Easton also did theater work in New York, supporting himself with the usual starving actor jobs (waiting tables, tending bar) as well as an unusual one: "agitating" attacks dogs to help train them.
Easton's sultry good looks earned him the role of teen heartthrob Tanner Scofield on the NBC soap opera "Days of Our Lives" for two seasons in the early 1990s (he also reprised the role in a 1992 primetime episode).
His newfound popularity won Easton supporting roles as a mysterious vacationer in the thriller "Shadow of a Stranger" (NBC, 1992) and a smaller role in the miniseries "Judith Krantz's 'Dazzle'" (CBS, 1995) and a guest shot on a 1994 segment of "Diagnosis Murder" (CBS).
www.hollywood.com /celebritydetail/Michael_Easton/187609   (673 words)

 Michael Easton - John McBain - One Life To Live - Soap Opera Digest and Weekly
ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Michael Easton offers some insight into sinking his teeth into John McBain and reveals why the character will never wear a cape.
Easton: That's a real tribute to both Renee (Elise Goldsberry, Evangeline) and Melissa (Archer, Natalie), their popularity and how good they are.
Easton: The nicest thing about Caleb was that he was this incredibly conflicted character, this character who lived through time who was focused on the love he had for this woman, Livvie.
www.soapoperadigest.com /features/oltl/interviews/eastonmcbain/index.html   (623 words)

 Michael Easton Corner - Welcome to the Official Michael Easton Website
Michael is an amazing and versatile artist (actor, poet, writer, director) who is currently starring as "John McBain" on ABC's Daytime Drama, "One Life to Live".
Michael is also known for his role as "Caleb Morley" from another ABC Daytime Drama, "Port Charles".
But Michael has been acting for many years, and this website is chock-full of information about his entire career.
www.michaeleastoncorner.de /mecorner/mecorner.html   (788 words)

 Michael Easton | Q&A Fan Forum
Hi Michael - I was wondering if you did any research for your current storyline by going to a burn unit or talking to burn victims for insight into what they go through.
Hi Michael, you are most definitely multi-talented and most definitely appreciated by your fans.
My husband was listening to our local radio station WOGL in suburban Philly and he heard a saxophone solo, and when it was done, the announcer on the radio, said that was by Michael Easton.
www.michael-easton.com /forum/forum_current.html   (929 words)

 About the Actors | Michael Easton | One Life to Live @ soapcentral.com
Michael Easton originated the role of One Life to Live's John McBain in October 2003.
Easton relocated to New York for his role on OLTL.
Michael Easton to join the cast of OLTL.
www.soapcentral.com /oltl/theactors/easton.php   (604 words)

This unoffical Michael Easton my space account is run by Claudine with no input from Michael Easton (yet, but one can always hope).
Michael Easton is a very talented writer, actor, and director.
I have had the opportunity to meet Michael on more than one occasion and he is a beautiful person both inside and out.
www.myspace.com /michaeleastonspace   (707 words)

 Dr. W. Michael Easton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Michael On Easton assumed the Presidency of the University of Maine at Presque Isle.
Prior to that time, President Easton had been involved with public higher education for 23 years, including some teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels.
Easton has also been active in a number of national organizations, including the American Association of State Colleges and Universities and Rotary.
www.umpi.maine.edu /info/lib/stawaszl/mweaston.htm   (164 words)

 Michael Easton - One Life To Live - Soap Star Stats - Soap Opera Digest and Weekly
Michael Easton was born in Long Beach, CA, and raised in both the United States and Ireland, his parents' native country.
Easton began his soap career in the role of Tanner Scofield on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, which he played from 1991-92.
Easton currently plays Llanview police detective John McBain, the character he originated in 2003.
soapoperadigest.com /soapstarstats/michaeleastonbio   (444 words)

 Michael Easton
Michael Easton was born in Hertfordshire, U.K. to mixed parentage that includes English, French and Irish.
Following an overly enthusiastic interest in Rugby whilst at school he managed to injure himself with such severity that he was banned from all forms of sporting activity.
Michael Easton died suddenly in the UK on the 6th February 2004 and will be greatly missed by his family, friends and colleagues.
www.chesternovello.com /Default.aspx?TabId=2431&State_2905=2&composerId_2905=404   (576 words)

 The Poetry of Michael Easton
A good title adds to the poem, either by presenting a new image or idea, setting a mood, or finding a unique way to summarize or interpret the work.
The title of Michael Easton’s “Tantalus” helps provide a roadmap into the nature and depth of the pain the speaker of the poem is facing.
Michael Easton Corner Web site asking him about his love of Bukowski, who is very dark, and his reference to the Icarus myth in the title of two of his screenplays.
michaeleastonpoetry.bravehost.com /Tantalus.htm   (1884 words)

 ME Fusion - Poet, Author, Director, Actor - Unofficial Fan Site
For the latest and most up-to-date news on Michael Easton, visit his very own official website.
News provided by Club-Mela and Michael Easton Mailing List, as well as other internet sites, soap mags and sources.
The winners from each category and soap will battle it out to determine who is the best of best in soaps for 2001.
mefusion.250x.com /news.html   (272 words)

 Amazon.com: Eighteen Straight Whiskeys: Books: Michael Easton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Michael Easton's life IS the story and how he pulled himself out of a "dark time" in his life.
This being the story of Michael Easton's life during his "dark time", it is a must read.
i don't really care for poetry, but i do enjoy michael easton on "one life to live" and have been curious about this book since i first heard of it a couple of years ago.
www.amazon.com /Eighteen-Straight-Whiskeys-Michael-Easton/dp/0965867404   (1178 words)

 Port Charles
Michael Easton is best known to daytime audiences as Tanner Scofield on Days of Our Lives, a role he played from 1989-1992.
Easton served as writer/director/producer/editor on the 1995 Sundance Film Festival motion picture Daedalus is Dead.
In addition to screenplays, Easton published a book of poetry in 1997 entitled Eighteen Straight Whiskeys.
abc.go.com /daytime/soaps/portcharles/bios/michael_easton.html   (143 words)

 Michael Easton (I)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Michael Easton (I) Now Playing Movie/TV News My Movies DVD/Video IMDbTV Message Boards Showtimes and Tickets IMDbPro IMDb Resume
Born in Long Beach, California to Irish parents, Michael Easton attended...
Discuss this name with other users on IMDb message board for Michael Easton (I)
www.imdb.com /name/nm0247727   (301 words)

 Review of Total Recall 2070
Easton (who convinced me of his considerable talent on Stephen J. Cannell's Two) brought a whole new persona to the screen for his portrayal of Detective David Hume.
Likewise "Astral Projections" stands out because Hume and Farve are trapped on a vessel, crashed in an icy wildnerness.
Easton's performance, the visual look of the show and the scripts themselves all contributed to this.
www.geocities.com /Area51/Dimension/5210/tv_t2070.html   (896 words)

 Michael Easton | Gather
RSS feeds allow you to keep up-to-date with Michael Easton's articles.
Michael Easton commented Apr 4, 2007 on Transcript of LIVE CHAT with Bill Bradley: April 4, 11-12pm ET
Michael Easton commented Mar 27, 2007 on BOOK REVIEW: One on One with Bill Bradley
www.gather.com /viewMember.jsp?memberId=48647   (195 words)

 Michael Easton Place
Welcome to Michael Easton Place.  This  website is dedicated to the talented writer, actor and director, Michael Easton.
This is strictly a fansite run by the fans of Michael Easton.  No copyright infringement was intended.
Michael and his Co-Stars have put together a wonderful CD for disaster relief.  "One Life Many Voices"  For more information please visit the One Life Many Voices Website
www.michaeleastonplace.com   (141 words)

 Michael Easton Web
Michael currently stars on ABC's One Life To Live Daytime Drama as Lt John McBain.
Previously Michael Starred on ABC's Daytime Drama Port Charles as the Vampire Caleb Morley.
Born in California to Irish parents, Michael Easton attended prep school.
michaeleastonweb.tripod.com /index.htm   (125 words)

 Environmental Mutagens by Dr.Michael Easton.
The author is a Canadian geneticist who researches the genetic effects of pollution in natural populations.
I would like to thank Dr. Michael Easton for letting me reprint this article in the Nature's Reading Room.
Michael also has two very interesting web sites.
www.reflectiveimages.com /EnvironmentalMutagens.htm   (1855 words)

 The Poetry of Michael Easton
Although Michael Easton is best known for his acting, his poetry shows amazing promise and could be his richest legacy.
But Browning himself had not killed anyone and certainly had not contemplated killing his wife.
Those of you who are familiar with his background may see parallels and are welcome to point them out.
michaeleastonpoetry.bravehost.com   (860 words)

 Michael Easton News - Topix
Michael Easton News continually updated by readers like you.
This soulful, dark-haired, boyish player segued from teen sensation in a daytime soap to primetime lead in two suspense series.
I edit the Michael Easton News pages on Topix when no humans are available to help.
www.topix.net /who/michael-easton   (242 words)

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