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Topic: Microsoft IIS

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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  IIS.net : HOME : Microsoft Internet Information Services
We have released a number of modules that you can download from www.iis.net to run on IIS in Windows Server 2008 RC0,...
Microsoft Announces Interoperability Improvements for PHP and Microsoft technologies
Last year at ZendCon 2006, I was invited to be a part of the Microsoft and Zend announcement initiating technical coll...
www.iis.net   (217 words)

  Microsoft Internet Information Server Security Overview   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Microsoft® Internet Information Server (IIS) is tightly integrated with the Microsoft Windows NT® Server operating system to provide the most powerful Web server for organizations to take advantage of the opportunities of the Internet and intranets, while providing the highest levels of security for applications and information.
IIS was designed to make it easy to use a wide range of access control mechanisms to critical business data, depending on the needs of the organization.
Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information presented after the date of publication.
msdn.microsoft.com /library/en-us/dniis/html/iissecure.asp?frame=true   (4929 words)

 IIS 6.0 Security
As a result, IIS has been completely redesigned to be secure by default and secure by design.
In the past, vendors including Microsoft packaged the default installations of their web servers with an array of sample scripts, file handlers and minimal file-system permissions to provide administrators the necessary flexibility and ease of use.
IIS 6.0 is a step in the right direction, by Microsoft, to help organizations improve their security postures.
www.securityfocus.com /infocus/1765   (1748 words)

 Using IIS with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and the New Web Project System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
With IIS 6, they also support the ability of administrators to map them to be handled in different application pools (which are our worker processes), for greater reliability and process isolation.
The key thing to remember is that it is the IIS bindings, and not the file-system, that determines application scopes and boundaries—an administrator can configure things however he or she wants.
Microsoft ASP.NET uses the IIS application metadata flag (stored in the IIS metabase configuration system) to identify application boundaries, and applies special semantics to content hosted within them.
msdn.microsoft.com /library/en-us/dnaspp/html/IISwithVS2005.asp?frame=true   (2793 words)

 IIS Status Codes
This status code is recorded in the IIS log, and it may also be displayed in the Web browser or FTP client.
IIS defines a number of different 401 errors that indicate a more specific cause of the error.
The page that you want to access requires a client certificate, but the user ID that is mapped to your client certificate has been denied access to the file.
support.microsoft.com /?id=318380   (2235 words)

 Internet Information Services
IIS 6.0 supports the Microsoft Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI) with automated health monitoring, process isolation, and improved management capabilities.
IIS 6.0 is a complete Web server that makes it possible to quickly and easily deploy powerful Web sites and applications.
In addition, the TechCenter at www.IIS.net, the new IIS community site, is a resource for Web administrators and developers that is frequently updated by the IIS product group.
www.microsoft.com /WindowsServer2003/iis/default.mspx   (232 words)

 Ditch Microsoft IIS now, says Gartner | The Register
The alternatives "have much better security records than IIS and are not under active attack by the vast number of virus and worm writers."
The key point of the advisory is that Gartner has lost faith in Microsoft's ability to patch and fix the IIS.
It recommends holding off from.NET products too, or at least those that are based on Microsoft's IIS until the latter is "completely rewritten".
www.theregister.co.uk /2001/09/24/ditch_microsoft_iis_now_says   (466 words)

 CERT Advisory CA-2002-09 Multiple Vulnerabilities in Microsoft IIS
In general, IIS 4.0 permits an intruder to execute code with complete administrative privileges, while IIS 5.0 and 5.1 permit an intruder to execute code with the privileges of the IWAM_computername account.
Microsoft Corporation has released Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-018, which announces the availability of a cumulative patch to address a variety of problems.
Use the IIS Lockdown tool and URLScan to eliminate or reduce the impact of some of these vulnerabilites; they may also eliminate or reduce other vulnerabilities that have not yet been discovered.
www.cert.org /advisories/CA-2002-09.html   (625 words)

 Commentary: Another worm, more patches | CNET News.com
As a "rollup worm," Nimda bundles several known exploits against Microsoft's IIS, Internet Explorer browser and operating systems such as Windows 2000 and Windows XP, which have IIS and IE embedded in their code.
As the earlier Code Red worm showed, many servers and PCs running IIS Web server processes may not be obvious because they may be run as personal Web servers on the intranet but are still be exposed to the Internet.
Gartner remains concerned that viruses and worms will continue to attack IIS until Microsoft has released a completely rewritten release of ISS that is thoroughly and publicly tested.
news.cnet.com /news/0-1003-201-7239473-0.html   (477 words)

 SSL Digital Certificate Technical Support - thawte   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
I installed the certificate on Microsoft IIS 6.0 but it does not make a SSL connection.
You have installed a file that is not recognized by the Microsoft IIS 6.0 server because it is either the wrong file or the contents of the file are formatted incorrectly so that it is unrecognizable to the server.
Microsoft IIS 6.0 only allows you to make one request per site.
www.thawte.com /ssl-digital-certificates/technical-support/ssl/iis6.html#faq8   (1323 words)

 Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0
Microsoft provides no-charge Microsoft-sponsored Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) newsgroups on the Internet as part of a family of Information Services offerings.
On a computer that is running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0, static files that are compressed may become corrupted and may include content from other files on the Web server.
When you request a file from an IIS 6.0 Web server, and the file has a file name extension that is not a defined MIME type on the Web server, you receive the following error message: HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found.
support.microsoft.com /default.aspx?scid=fh;en-us;iis60   (455 words)

 IISState - Thread Dump File Generation
IISState is a free utility to help users with their IIS installations.
The product is not supported by Microsoft and the only method of feedback regarding IISState should be done through the Microsoft IIS Newgroup at (news://microsoft.public.inetserver.iis).
IISState requires that the Windows debugger pack from Microsoft (www.microsoft.com/ddk/debugging) to be installed.
www.iisfaq.com /default.aspx?view=P197   (338 words)

 PC World - Microsoft Patches Two Software Flaws
Microsoft released two security bulletins on Wednesday, warning of security holes in its Web server software and in Windows Media Services affecting various versions of the Windows operating system.
Most serious, according to Microsoft, is a denial of service vulnerability that could allow an attacker to cause IIS versions 5.0 and 5.1 to fail.
The cumulative patch is for IIS versions 4.0, 5.0 and 5.1 and is rated "important" by Microsoft.
www.pcworld.com /news/article/0,aid,110907,00.asp   (549 words)

 Server: Microsoft-IIS/7.0\r\n   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
To be honest, out of many years of using IIS, I have yet to work on one project that required client cert.
Microsoft is going to address this in Vista SP1 timeframe.
This a also pretty big deal to IIS team as you can see everyone is talking about it, including Bill Staples, Mike Volodarsky, Rick James, and Brett Hill.
msmvps.com /blogs/bernard/default.aspx   (1713 words)

 M010923 - Gartner: Dump Microsoft IIS
Gartner Group has long been criticised for unwavering support of Microsoft no matter what, and they've picked up plenty of Microsoft dollars on the way by churning out studies that produced "the right numbers".
Disturbing to many is that in 6.0, Microsoft is moving some Web server functionality into the Windows kernel to improve performance.
It's so easy to deface an IIS hosted Web site even the script kiddies are embarrassed (the crew that defaced the Girl Scouts Web site apologized to their peers for hitting such an easy target).
www.aaxnet.com /news/M010923.html   (511 words)

 Microsoft IIS против Apache: споры о цифрах - Просто сайт - Новости   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Microsoft IIS против Apache: споры о цифрах - Просто сайт - Новости
Компания Port80 провела детальное исследование и выяснила, что платформа Microsoft IIS продолжает доминировать на рынке корпоративных серверов.
Microsoft, в свою очередь, традиционно ссылается на другое исследование рынка, которые проводит компания Port80.
www.prosto-site.ru /index.php?dn=news&to=art&id=1098   (383 words)

 Keeping Up with IIS Security
Securing your Microsoft IIS system is a priority, and Microsoft offers several new or updated documents and tools that can help.
Microsoft's recently redesigned Web Site Security page (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/web.asp) is a good place to start searching for answers to that broad question.
Microsoft's new Windows 2000 Internet Server Security Configuration Tool, which Figure 2 shows, attempts to automate the configuration process for IIS 5.0 servers.
www.windowsitpro.com /Articles/Index.cfm?ArticleID=15492   (1901 words)

 IIS from 15Seconds
Included are considerations for moving your ISAPI application from IIS 3.0 to IIS 4.0, performance considerations and the effects of isolated ISAPI applications on ODBC connection pooling.
Building on the foundation of its predecessor, IIS 5.0 takes performance, reliability, and scalability to the next level (in fact, many customers are reporting 50-100 percent improvements in performance when running their sites on Windows® 2000).
Using the new Microsoft Script Debugger, which ships with IIS 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0, it is possible to debug client-side and server-side scripts.
www.15seconds.com /focus/IIS.htm   (2298 words)

 Multiple Vulnerabilites in Microsoft IIS
Because IIS doesn't limit the amount of memory that can be used in this case, this scenario could case IIS to fail as a result of running out of local memory.
Microsoft has released Security Bulletin MS03-018, "Cumulative Patch for Internet Information Service (811114)," to address these vulnerabilities and recommends that affected users immediately apply the appropriate patch mentioned in the bulletin.
With a support note quietly posted to its Web site, Microsoft confirmed what enthusiasts have long feared: Users who purchase Upgrade versions of Windows Vista will not be able to perform clean installs of the operating system.
www.windowsitpro.com /Articles/Index.cfm?ArticleID=39122&DisplayTab=Article   (813 words)

 Nimda Worm Shows You Can't Always Patch Fast Enough
As the earlier Code Red worm showed, many servers and PCs running IIS Web server processes may not be obvious since they may be run as personal Web servers on the intranet but still be exposed to the Internet.
Enterprises using Microsoft's IIS Web server software have to update every IIS server with every Microsoft security patch that comes out — almost weekly.
Although these Web servers have required some security patches, they have much better security records than IIS and are not under active attack by the vast number of virus and worm writers.
www3.gartner.com /DisplayDocument?doc_cd=101034   (585 words)

 Multiple Microsoft IIS Vulnerabilities
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is prone to multiple vulnerabilities.
This vulnerability can exploited when IIS is configured to run applications out of process.
As a result an attacker may be able to upload malicious files to a vulnerable server and possibly execute it.
securityresponse.symantec.com /avcenter/security/Content/6068.html   (570 words)

 Port80 Software: Microsoft IIS Web Server Tools & HTTP Solutions
Port80 Software tools enhance Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server -- empowering Web sites and applications with the most secure, optimized, high performance functionality for customers and business users, exposing control to server-side functionality for developers, and streamlining tasks for administrators.
Our software is designed to augment the security, performance and usability of Microsoft IIS Web servers.
Unlike other custom software firms, who dabble in a variety of platforms and programming languages, we bring over 30 years of combined experience to one focus: Microsoft IIS.
www.port80software.com /products   (312 words)

 Survey: Microsoft IIS 6 Ahead of Apache
However, IIS 5 remains the most popular Web server among Fortune 1000 users, according to the survey.
Meanwhile, Port80 Software said IIS 4, 5, and 6 deployments combine for a 54.9 percent share of all Fortune 1000 corporate sites versus Apache's 23.3 percent share.
Lima said Port80, which develops tools and extensions for Microsoft's IIS Web servers, will offer compatible versions of its products in 2007 to take advantage of the new extensibility model in IIS 7 on Windows Server "Longhorn," the successor to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2.
www.eweek.com /article2/0,1895,2029153,00.asp   (877 words)

 FileForum | Microsoft IIS Lockdown Tool
Microsoft IIS Lockdown Tool lets you instantly configure an IIS 4.0 or 5.0 Web server for secure operation.
It provides two modes: an express mode that is appropriate for most basic web servers, and an advanced mode that allows the administrator pick and choose the technologies the server will support.
The tool provides an undo feature that allows the effects of the most recent lockdown to be reversed.
fileforum.betanews.com /detail/Microsoft_IIS_Lockdown_Tool/998822005/1   (81 words)

 PHP: Microsoft IIS / PWS - Manual
It even setup the web server extension in IIS 6, and seems to be working ok for me so far on a dev box.
I believe the root cause is that IIS requires the "scripts and executables" execute permission to be selected if the script engine has a.exe extension.
Open IIS Manager and go to Application Pools, then to the pool which is relevant to your site (in my case DefaultAppPool)..
www.php.net /manual/en/install.windows.iis.php   (4335 words)

 Server: Microsoft-IIS/7.0\r\n   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The funny part is if you try the directory security tab for IIS FTP (managed via the IIS 6 MMC), the restriction option is not enabled - same deal as previous client OS where the IP restriction feature is only available for server OS.
IIS hits another milestone yesterday with the new collaboration together with Zend - The PHP Company.
This FastCGI tech preview is available from Windows XP onwards, meaning you can deploy it with IIS 5.1, 6.0 as well as the latest 7.0.
www.msmvps.com /bernard   (1713 words)

 connectivity between Microsoft IIS web-server and remote oracle 8 i   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
connectivity between Microsoft IIS web-server and remote oracle 8 i
Subject: connectivity between Microsoft IIS web-server and remote oracle 8 i
The remote Oracle server and the IIS server are both under the same LAN, and
www.lazydba.com /oracle/0__14491.html   (136 words)

 SSL Certificates Support from VeriSign, Inc.
How do I move an SSL certificate from one Microsoft IIS 5.0 Web server to another?
How do I move an SSL certificate from Microsoft IIS 6.0 to Microsoft IIS 6.0?
How do I Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR) in Microsoft IIS 5.0 without removing the current certificate during renewal?
www.verisign.com /support/ssl-certificates-support   (278 words)

 ITinfo: ICQ Servers Cracked Through Hole In Microsoft IIS
ICQ software uses the Microsoft IIS webserver, which has numerous reported security holes.
The two vulnerabilities that were targeted were the index server buffer overflow and the remote printer overflow.
Microsoft has released patches for both of these holes; however, AOL's system administrators had not followed Microsoft's recommended update procedures.
www.dgl.com /itinfo/2001/it010630.html   (299 words)

 Microsoft IIS Forums
Microsoft IIS forum discussing Internet Information Server general usage, including configuration and server set up.
[Troubleshooting] Problem when updating IIS 4 to Win 2003 IIS.
[IIS - Other] Script is not executed on IIS 6.0
forums.aspfree.com /microsoft-iis-12   (844 words)

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