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 Horses of Middle-earth
On February 30, Shadowfax was in the south of Rohan when he became aware that Gandalf was directing his thoughts to him, bidding him to come quickly to Fangorn Forest.
Legolas rode Arod to Meduseld and on to Helm's Deep.
The next day when Gandalf whistled to call Shadowfax, Arod and Hasufel returned as well.
www.tuckborough.net /horses.html

 Argon (Middle-earth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Argon set foot on Middle-earth with his father and brothers, but he was killed during the Battle of Lhammoth.
Tolkien, Argon was the fourth child of Fingolfin, High King of the Ñoldor in Beleriand.
Argon does not appear in the published The Silmarillion at all, as he only came to light in very late writings by Tolkien.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Argon_(Middle-earth)   (198 words)

 Shire (Middle-earth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
According to Tolkien, the Shire measured 40 leagues (222 km, 120 Númenórean miles) from the Far Downs in the west to the Brandywine Bridge in the east, and 50 leagues (278 km, 150 miles) from the northern moors to the marshes in the south.
The industrialization of the Shire was based on Tolkien's witnessing of the extension of the Industrial Revolution to rural Warwickshire during his youth, and especially the deleterious consequences thereof.
The Shire is a fictional region of J.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shire_(Middle-earth)   (1196 words)

 Radagast (Middle-earth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Radagast was unwittingly used by Saruman to lure Gandalf to Orthanc, where Gandalf was captured.
The character Radagast and virtually all references to him (with the exception of the presence of benign Eagles directed by an unseen force) were not used in the film versions of The Lord of the Rings directed by Peter Jackson.
The Vala Yavanna forced Saruman to accept Radagast as a companion, which may have been one of the reasons Saruman was contemptuous of him.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Radagast_(Middle-earth)   (664 words)

 Elmo (Middle-earth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
One of his solutions was to establish Celeborn as the grandson of Elmo, a non-important brother of Elwë who remained behind when Elwë was lost, becoming one of the Sindar of Doriath.
In this conception Elmo has a son named Galadhon, who in turn sired Celeborn and another son named Galathil, who was the father of Queen Nimloth of Doriath.
Elmo is only mentioned in the Unfinished Tales in discussions on Galadriel and Celeborn.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Elmo_(Middle-earth)   (184 words)

 Dior (Middle-earth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dior and Nimloth were slain by the Sons of Fëanor during the Sack of Menegroth to recapture the Silmaril he inherited from his parents.
Dior lived during the First Age, first in East Beleriand where he was born, and later in Doriath as Thingol's heir-apparent.
His sons Eluréd and Elurín were captured during the assault and left to die in the wood of Doriath by servants of Celegorm, one of the sons of Fëanor (whom Dior slew).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dior_(Middle-earth)   (184 words)

 Orc (Middle-earth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
According to the oldest "theory" proposed by Tolkien (found in The Fall of Gondolin, from The Book of Lost Tales, circa 1917 — the first tale of Middle-earth to be written in full), Orcs were made of stone and slime through the sorcery of Morgoth ("bred from the heats and slimes of the earth").
Orcs are used as soldiers and henchmen by both the greater and lesser villains of The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings — Morgoth, Sauron and Saruman.
The Orc incursion in the northern Shire occurred during the reign of Arassuil as Chieftain of the Dúnedain, and the Orcs led by Golfimbul were but the most western pack of Orcs which had left the Hithaeglir.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Orc_(Middle-earth)   (3548 words)

 RPG Encyclopedia Entries: M
A scifi RPG set on a far-future Earth where people are able to transfer their souls into robotic bodies known as 'metalfaces.' Past wars have ravaged the planet and reduced the population, and free-enterprise now rises and battles for control of the solar system.
A French-language sci-fi RPG set in the near future as the Earth is being invaded by aliens.
It is set in a distant future where Earth has been destroyed, and the solar system is colonized by soulless megacorps.
www.darkshire.net /~jhkim/rpg/encyclopedia/alphabetical/M.html   (5824 words)

 Gimli (Middle-earth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gimli is told he alone must be blindfolded if he is to enter the forest, and his refusal nearly leads to a violent situation, which is only defused when Aragorn proposes that the entire Fellowship be blindfolded.
Gimli's opinion of Elves drastically changes when he meets Galadriel, Lady of Lothlórien: her beauty, kindness, and understanding impresses Gimli so much that, when given the opportunity to ask for whatever he wishes, asks not treasures or magical items, but rather one of Galadriel's silver-gold hairs, which he will treasure forever.
Gimli, from the 1978 cartoon adaptation of The Lord of the Rings.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gimli_(Middle-earth)   (1667 words)

 Amroth (Middle-earth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tolkien's Middle-earth, Amroth was an Elf of Lothlórien.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Amroth_(Middle_Earth)   (165 words)

 Dragon (Middle-earth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the late Third Age the dragons bred in the Northern Waste and Withered Heath north of the Ered Mithrin.
The best way to talk to a dragon in the circumstances of this spell (when it was questioning you) was not to directly give it the information it wanted, as this would compromise you and your friends, but not to flat out deny it an answer, because this would anger it to violence.
Other dragons were present at the Fall of Gondolin.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dragons_(Middle-earth)   (532 words)

 Middle-earth canon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thus, Middle-earth Canon on the question of Gil-galad’s lineage might be that he is not the son of Fingon, but rather he is the son of Orodreth (himself not the son of Finarfin, but rather his grandson).
Thus, the Middle-earth Canon is intended to be a consistent version of facts drawn from scattered portions of Tolkien's texts.
This article discusses the concept of literary ‘canon’ as it might be applied to J.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Middle-earth_canon   (2646 words)

 Bree (Middle-earth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bree was a very ancient settlement of men in Eriador by the time of the Third Age of Middle-earth, but after the collapse of the kingdom of Cardolan, which had claimed it, Bree continued to thrive without any central authority or government for many centuries.
Bree was the most westerly settlement of men in all Middle-earth by the time of the War of the Ring, and became one of only three or four inhabited settlements in all of Eriador.
Bree was the chief village of Breeland, a small wooded region near the intersection of the main north-south and east-west routes through Eriador.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bree_(Middle-earth)   (2646 words)

 Yale - Wikipedia
Yale (mythical creature), a creature in European mythology.
Yale University, one of the United States' oldest and most famous universities.
Yale Romanization, a set of Romanization schemes for some East Asian languages
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Yale   (2646 words)

Radagast (Middle-earth) Radagast the Brown is one of the Rhosgobel.
Middle Pomerania Middle Pomerania is a geographical and historical region in the middle of Eastern Pomerania.
Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East The Episcopal Church of Jerusalem and the Middle East is one of the ge...
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/middle.html   (2646 words)

 Wizards (Middle-earth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tolkien, the Wizards of Middle-earth are a small group of beings outwardly resembling Men but possessing much greater physical and mental power.
Two of these, the Blue Wizards, went into the East and do not come into the stories of Middle-earth.
In spite of their specific and unambiguous goal, the Wizards are nevertheless capable of human feelings; thus Gandalf feels great affection for the Hobbits.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wizards_(Middle-earth)   (937 words)

 Moria (Middle-earth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tolkien, Moria (also known as Khazad-dûm, The Black Chasm, The Black Pit, Dwarrowdelf, Hadhodrond, and Phurunargian) was a name given to an enormous underground city in the Misty Mountains of Middle-earth.
He was slain by the orc Azog, an infamous murder that precipitated The War of the Dwarves and Orcs which culminated in a very bloody battle outside Moria's eastern gates nine years later.
When they were stopped by snow on Mt. Caradhras, the Fellowship reluctantly agreed to journey through Moria to continue the Quest of the Ring.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Moria_(Middle-earth)   (826 words)

 Middle Men - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tolkien, Middle Men was a term used by the Númenóreans for Men of Middle-earth who were related to the Edain, the ancestors of the Númenóreans themselves.
When the Númenóreans returned to the coasts of Middle-earth in the Second Age, they found a people who spoke languages which were distantly related to the Númenórean tongue, Adûnaic.
During the Third Age the term Middle Men was still applied to the Men of Bree, and the remaining Northmen, such as the Men of Dale and Esgaroth the Lake-town, and of course the Rohirrim.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Middle_Men   (826 words)

 Sarn Ford - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
By this road Khamûl the Ringwraith entered the Shire during the Hunt for the Ring.
A road beginning at Michel Delving crosses the ford, which meets the Greenway further south.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sarn_Ford   (87 words)

 Elves (Middle-earth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Elves are described as the fairest and wisest of all creatures in Middle-earth, lovers of art (particularly songs, which they sing in beautiful voices).
Stricty speaking, Elves and Elf are translations of the Westron terms for them, in keeping with Tolkien's conceit that his writings on Middle-earth were translated from the Red Book of Westmarch.
The Ñoldorin Elves in particular possess skills and knowledge which to Men appear to be "magic." Their memories and dreams are as vivid as real life.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Elves_(Middle-earth)   (1154 words)

Radagast (Middle-earth) Radagast the Brown is one of the Rhosgobel.
Middle Pomerania Middle Pomerania is a geographical and historical region in the middle of Eastern Pomerania.
Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East The Episcopal Church of Jerusalem and the Middle East is one of the ge...
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/middle.html   (1154 words)

 Bree - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bree, a surname common to the province of Ulster in Ireland and to County Sligo in the province of Connacht.
Bree was ranked 52688 in a survey of frequency of surnames in the 1990 United States federal census.
Bree, a surname originating in the Channel Islands off the coast of France.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bree   (1154 words)

 Easterlings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bor was a leader of Men who came into Lothlann, Beleriand, in the year 463.
Bor was welcomed by Maedhros, who gave him and his followers land north of the March of Maedhros, and south of it.
Bor and his sons swore allegiance to Maedhros, and remained faithful.
en2.wikipedia.org /wiki/Easterlings   (1154 words)

 Middle-earth calendar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The calendar adopted by the Men of Middle-earth was called the King's Reckoning, and was very similar to our own.
The other inovation in the Shire calendar was to make Midsummer's Day (and the Overlithe) outside the week, as well as the month, meaning the days of the week would not change in relation to the days of the year.
In T.A. Mardil Voronwë revised the calendar, and the new version became the Steward's Reckoning.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Middle-earth_calendar   (1154 words)

 Balin (Middle-earth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He is described as "always their look-out man": He spots Bilbo approaching the Green Dragon Inn at Bywater, he spots the trolls' fire, and he's the first to spot the Elves in Mirkwood.
Among the Dwarves in The Hobbit, Balin was the second-eldest Dwarf on the quest (behind Thorin), and so he spoke for the party when they were captured by the Elvenking.
Conversely he did not notice Bilbo (hidden by wearing the magic ring) as look-out for the company after escaping the goblins in the Misty Mountains.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Balin_(Middle-earth)   (383 words)

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