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Topic: Midland

In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

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Midland Radio Corporation is a world leader in wireless two-way and weather/hazard alert radios.
We offer an extensive line in both commercial grade land mobile radios and the ever popular consumer grade radios.
www.midlandradio.com   (100 words)

  Midland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Midlands can be a term referring to a region in the middle of a state or country.
Midland Railway of Canada was a railway company in eastern Canada.
Midland Railway was a railway company in the United Kingdom.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Midland   (192 words)

 Handbook of Texas Online:
Before long the town's newspaper, the Midland Gazette, was promoting Midland as "the Queen City of the South Plains." The First National Bank of Midland was chartered in 1890, and the city began to serve as a regional financial center.
By 1914 Midland had a population of 2,500 and, in addition to the county courthouse and the two banks, the city had a cotton gin, three lumber yards, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches, and an opera house that could seat 300 patrons.
By 1950 215 oil companies had offices in Midland, and the city's population had increased to 21,713; by 1960 the population was 62,625.
www.tsha.utexas.edu /handbook/online/articles/MM/hdm3.html   (1621 words)

 Handbook of Texas Online:
Midland College, established in the city of Midland by the Christian Church in 1910 as a junior college, failed in 1921.
In 1982 90 percent of the land in the county was in farms and ranches, and 9 percent of the land was cultivated; about 24 percent of the population worked in agriculture.
Midland is also the location of the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, the Museum of the Southwest, the Midland County Historical Museum, and the Pliska Aeroplane Museum.
www.tsha.utexas.edu /handbook/online/articles/view/MM/hcm12.html   (1840 words)

 Midland on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Midland Steel should ride Dana deal to higher sales.
MIDLAND, TEXAS-- President-elect George W. Bush waves to the crowd as he leaves the stage in Centennial Plaza in Midland, Texas Wednesday afternoon January 17, 2001.
MIDLAND, TEXAS-- President-elect George W. Bush greets the spectators closest to the stage as he prepares to leave Centennial Plaza in Midland, Texas Wednesday afternoon January 17, 2001.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/M/MidlandC1an.asp   (584 words)

 Midland Cemetery   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Until becoming known as Midland, it was referred to variously as "the Colored Cemetery," "the Colored cemetery near Oberlin," "the Mohn Street Cemetery," and "Highland Hill Cemetery." All of these terms appear on older documents about Midland Cemetery.
Midland spreads over three and one-half acres, on land that was once a respectful distance from residences.
Midland cemetery was rescued from the rampant underbrush by Barbara B. Barksdale, who is now president of the Friends of Midland organization.
www.afrolumens.org /rising_free/midland.html   (673 words)

 Midland County, Texas TX, county profile - hotels, festivals, genealogy, newspapers - ePodunk
Midland County is one of 254 counties in Texas.
The county is in the Midland metro area.The estimated population in 2004 was 120,344.
This was an increase of 3.74% from the 2000 census.
www.epodunk.com /cgi-bin/genInfo.php?locIndex=22740   (444 words)

 Bush Watch: Midland
Stretcher, the Midland city attorney, initially declined to release any information about the accident on the grounds that it involved minors and therefore was exempt from disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act.
The African-American population in Midland was almost nonexistent; the Hispanic population was small, and most of its members were employed, out of sight and out of mind, as ranch hands or in the service industry." Odessa, "the blue-collar side of things," was twenty miles down the road.
Midland, Texas, at the time he grew up in it, was one of the most divided cities anywhere between fl, hispanic, and white.
www.bushwatch.com /midland.htm   (1673 words)

 definition of midland
Being in the interior country; distant from the coast or seashore; as, midland towns or inhabitants.
As, Being, By, Central, Coast, Country, Distant, From, In, Inhabitants, Interior, Land, Mediterranean, Midland, Of, Or, Plural, Region, Seashore, Surrounded, The, Towns, Usually
As, Being, Central, Coast, In, Land, Mediterranean, Midland, Or, Plural, Region
www.brainydictionary.com /words/mi/midland190029.html   (113 words)

 Midland, Michigan 48640 - InfoMI.com
Today, Midland thrives as a diverse economic and cultural center, and remains the county seat.
Midland is also part of the Pere Marquette Rails-To-Trails State Park, which makes it a great spot for bicycling, with the trail currently paved 35 miles westward to Coleman.
Midland also has a great downtown, with many specialty shops and restaurants, all along a beautiful bricked sidewalk.
www.infomi.com /city/midland   (206 words)

 Town of Midland - Tourism - Tourism   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Midland ranks as one of the top tourist destinations on Georgian Bay.
Midland is a town of picturesque beauty with a
The Town of Midland is fortunate to have within close proximity the Huronia Airport.
www.town.midland.on.ca /tourism.cfm?nav=4   (279 words)

 Midland County, Michigan - Prosecuting Attorney - Home
The Mission of the Midland County Prosecuting Attorney's office is to seek justice for the citizens of Midland County by enforcing the law vigorously, impartially, and efficiently.
Michael Carpenter is the Prosecuting Attorney for Midland County.
He has been a resident of Midland since he and his wife Terra moved here in 1988, they have 3 children between the ages of 12 and 3 years old.
www.co.midland.mi.us /departments/home.php?id=24   (249 words)

 Midland   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Midland is the first school in District #11 to offer the IB PYP, and is one of approximately 150 IB PYP schools in the entire world!
The students at Midland are making significant progress in raising the number of proficient and advanced scores in reading, writing and mathematics each year.
Through formal organizations such as the PTA, the Midland Council and the Midland Building Advisory Accountability Committee, as well as informal volunteer opportunities, our parents are able to play a key role in our partnership of educating Midland’s students.
www.d11.org /midland   (406 words)

 pitpass - the latest, hottest F1 & A1GP news   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Although Midland now owned the team, it was decided to contest the 2005 series as Jordan, ahead of a total change of image for 2006.
Basically, ahead of the full Midland launch in 2006, Kolles was attempting to spend as little as possible on the 2005 programme.
When Midland entered F1 in its own right at the beginning of 2006, the Jordan legacy was already beginning to fade.
www.pitpass.com /src/teams/midland.php   (969 words)

 Midland College Academics - Transfer Information
Midland College accepts college-level courses earned from accredited colleges and universities for degree application provided they are equivalent to the appropriate Midland College courses and a grade of “C” or better was earned in each course.
Questions regarding the transferability of courses from other institutions into Midland College certificate and associate plans should be taken directly to the dean responsible for the field of study or program.
A Midland College counselor or advisor will help students select Midland College courses corresponding to those they would take at the college or university.
www.midland.edu /academics/transfer.php   (790 words)

 MIDLAND, MICHIGAN   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Midland is a city of about 40,000 people located near the middle of the lower peninsula of Michigan.
It is the county seat of Midland County.
It is part of the Tri-Cities of Midland, Bay City and Saginaw.
www.gbgm-umc.org /aldersgateumcmi/midland.html   (111 words)

 Midland Library - Multnomah County Library
At 24,000 square feet, Midland Library is the largest branch of the Multnomah County Library.
Midland boasts a large collection of books as well as audio and visual materials, periodicals and electronic resources in English and Spanish that can be accessed on site or from a home computer.
Midland's meeting rooms are available at no charge for community meetings and events on a first-come, first-served basis.
www.multcolib.org /agcy/mid.html   (166 words)

 What is Midland Red?
Their bus and coach operations were based in the Midlands, and with their bright red livery their mission was to "Paint the Midlands Red" with their fleet.
If you are based outside the UK you may not have heard of "Midland Red", so perhaps you would like to know just a little about this remarkable company who were leading players in operations and vehicle development.
Midland Red Coaches re-introduced as a Trading name by WHEELS who bought the registered Company Midland Red Coaches.
www.wheels.co.uk /midland-red/midland-red.htm   (534 words)

 Midland Engine Works, Midland, Ontario, Canada
An inboard engine was installed in about 1910 using a kit that was available for St. Lawrence Skiffs that included shafting, stuffing box, propeller, rudder etc. We will post a more extensive page when the boat is finished with more photos of the restoration and engine installation as well some more history on the boat.
Here are two photos of a Midland boat engines.If you wish I would be pleased to have you publish them on your site.
The Midland (Ontario) engine is quite small,headless and has the lead filled name plate --flywheel is solid and 9" in diameter.
www.oldmarineengine.com /history/Midland/Midland.htm   (343 words)

 Midland News
MIDLAND, Texas The F-B-I says no link has been found between terrorists and people who tried to buy a large number of prepaid cell phones from a Midland store.
Midland County Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Michael Wallace will run unopposed for the Democratic Party nomination for county judge, but he will have to face a Republican candidate for the position in...
At a time when most of the state has been red flagged for its severely dry conditions, Midland and Ector counties have both a burn ban and a fireworks ban to keep firefighters from risking their lives fighting...
www.topix.net /city/midland-tx   (773 words)

 Midland   (Site not responding. Last check: )
He came to Midland, which at that time, was swamp and woods, because John had heard he could start a great lumber business, [which was true.] He built most of downtown Midland.
The worst flood Midland ever saw before 1986 was on May 23,1912.
Earl L. Warrick, inventor of Silly Putty, is from Midland.
isd.ingham.k12.mi.us /~99mich/midland.html   (913 words)

 City of Midland, TX
The City of Midland, Texas will hold a public hearing on a proposal to increase total tax revenues from properties on the tax roll in the preceding tax year by 5.98 percent (percentage by which proposed tax rate exceeds lower of rollback tax rate or effective tax calculated under Chapter 26, Tax Code).
Your individual taxes may increase at a greater or lesser rate, or even decrease, depending on the change in the taxable value of your property in relation to the change in taxable value of all other property and the tax rate that is adopted.
The City of Midland is currently seeking applications from residents interested in appointments to various boards and commissions.
www.ci.midland.tx.us   (0 words)

 MyWestTexas.com - Williams discourages Hutchison from governor's race
Prominent Midland oilman Clayton Williams Monday said he strongly opposes U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's possible opposition to the re-election of Gov. Rick Perry next year and will contribute heavily to Perry's campaign if the internecine struggle takes place.
En route with his wife Modesta from their Alpine area ranch, the CEO of Clayton Williams Energy said he values the work Hutchison does in Washington and will do everything in his power to see she continues doing it.
Midland County GOP Chair Sue Brannon Monday said Williams has called Hutchison's husband, Dallas attorney and former state representative Ray Hutchison, to express his concerns.
www.mywesttexas.com /site/news.cfm?newsid=14284583&BRD=2288&PAG=461&dept_id=475626&rfi=6   (793 words)

 Midland Radio
With up to 5-Watts of power, and a complete line, Midland is known to be the leader in delivering performace.
Midland is trusted world-wide with our weather radios, which is why we are the leader.
Midland Radio offers a wide variety of two-way radio accessories to extend the capabilities of your radio.
www.midlandradio.com /comersus/store/comersus_listCategoriesAndProducts.asp?idCategory=28   (165 words)

 Midland County Michigan MIGenWeb
Midland County boundaries were set off in 1831 from Saginaw County.
Midland County is noted for being the headquarters of the Dow Chemical Corporation, bromine production and for its' logging and lumbering history.
If you own or have access to sources for Midland County (birth records, marriage records, tax records, cemetery records, biographical information, county or city histories, etc.) volunteer to index or type up information to make available to other persons interested in the people and history of Midland County.
www.mifamilyhistory.org /midland   (671 words)

 Amazon.com: Midland 75-822 Handheld CB Radio with Vehicle Adapter: Electronics   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Midland 75-820's design is ideal, with a push-to-talk button on the side, squelch and volume knobs, and a small LCD screen that displays the current channel, signal strength, and a variety of other useful information.
However, when we connected the Midland 75-822 to a whip antenna that was several feet long, the range increased considerably.
Midland is a world leader in wireless two-way and weather/hazard alert radios, with an extensive line of land mobile radios, CB, GMRS and FRS radios, new (license-free) MURS radios, weather-monitor alert radios, itinerant radios and a line of quality antennas and accessories.
www.amazon.com /Midland-75-822-Handheld-Vehicle-Adapter/dp/B00000K2YR   (1732 words)

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