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 Miles of Plancy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Miles of Plancy (died 1174), also known as Milon or Milo, was a noble in the crusader
Miles would not allow the unarmed inhabitants of the city to take shelter inside and many of them were killed when the city was attacked.
Raymond was supported by the other powerful native barons, including Humphrey IV of Toron (Miles' stepson, the son of Stephanie and Humphrey III), Baldwin of Ibelin and Balian of Ibelin. /wiki/Miles_of_Plancy

 Humphrey IV of Toron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He was also a stepson of Stephanie's second and third husbands Miles of Plancy and Raynald of Chatillon. /wiki/Humphrey_IV_of_Toron

 Baldwin IV of Jerusalem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In his minority the kingdom was ruled by two successive regents, first Miles of Plancy, though unofficially, and then Raymond III of Tripoli.
Baldwin came to the throne at the age of thirteen.
As a leper, Baldwin was not expected to reign long or even produce an heir, and courtiers and lords positioned themselves for influence over Baldwin's heirs, his sister princess Sibylla and his half-sister princess Isabella. /wiki/Baldwin_IV_of_Jerusalem

 Richland County, Ohio History
It was organized in 1816, at which time it was twelve miles long from east to west, and six miles wide, and included what is now Sandusky Township, and part of Polk and Jackson Townships in Crawford County.
In 1837, the Bigelow Chapel was built, two and a quarter miles north of Ontario, on the farm of Mr.
One mile east of the Palmer Spring is the Preston Spring, near which one of the first grist -mills in the township was built. /Richland/RichlandChapLVIII.htm

There was also a row centring on the claim of Miles de Plancy to the regency.
Miles was overruled by the High Court and Raymond appointed in his place.
Raymond was the implacable enemy of Agnes, amongst other things because he probably coveted the Crown for himself, and was suspected of leaguing with the Moslem enemies of the kingdom, with whom he claimed an understanding. /Athens/Academy/2241/page94.html

 EXPLORE: Baldwin of Ibelin - Dictionary of Famous People
Baldwin and Balian supported Raymond III of Tripoli over Miles of Plancy as regent for Baldwin IV in 1174, and in 1177 the brothers were present at the Battle of Montgisard.
Baldwin was captured in battle at the Ford of Jacob's Daughters on the Jordan River in 1179.
After the death of his brother, the castle of Ibelin passed to Baldwin, who remained lord of Ramla and passed Ibelin to his younger brother Balian. /biographies/B/Baldwin_of_Ibelin.html

 Citizens of Crenshaw County,Al in 1915
I was born Feb.189,1831 in Montgomery county 20 miles from Montgomery.I was the daughter of James Johnson and he died when I was a child.
They have a consolation in their knowledge of Jesus,and anxiously await the time when they can go to the beautiful mansion ready prepared for them.Uncle Mints thigh bone was shivered at one of the great battles,and he has suffered,and still suffers tremendously.Once and a while a small piece of the bone works its way out.
They do not live in sight of any public road,or any other family,so they are very lonesome, seldom see any one except little Fannie, their niece who lives about half a mile from them and goes every day to see if they are all still living, and to do whatever she can for them. /Heartland/River/1757/bio.html

 Max & Max -- 1891
The native town, containing 10,000 inhabitants, is about 3 miles off; Tongnai, a large walled city, the residence of the Superintendent of Trade, about 10 miles; and Taku, the capital of the province about 100.
It is 4 miles from North to South and about a mile and a half across in its widest part.
Two or three years ago the Russian agent of a steam company attempted to acquire a lot of land, but was refused by the Korean authorities on the grounds that no sire for foreigners had been designated and the same reason was argued this spring in opposition to the application of some American missionaries. /~gray/html/amykorea/amykorea_4.html

 Renaud de Chatillon - Wikipedia
Miles de Plancy und wird damit zum Herrn von Oultrejourdain, der Gebiete östlich des
In den Machtkämpfen am Hof in Jerusalem schlägt er sich auf die Seite der Courtenays und Lusignans und des umstrittenen Patriarchen /wiki/Rainald_de_Chatillon

A stone of 9.5lb was found in a paddock, 10 miles from Hay and 15 miles south of the Murrumbidgee river.
Pamallee is said to be 16 miles south of Madura, but no village with this or a similar name can be traced in the district.
A single mass 133grams was recovered from a field 2 miles E of Palmyra after a bright fireball. /MET_P.HTM

 Stanfords - Map Series
Each Serie Bleue map covers an area of approximately 20 x 14 km (12 x 9 miles), with some maps slightly larger.
Each TOP 25 map covers an area of approximately 28 x 21 km (17 x 13 miles).
The rest of France is covered by Serie Bleue maps, which have no overprint. /seriesdetails/mapseries?series_id=376&loc_id=669&seriescount=195

 Names of the Goetia demons
Collin de Plancy Dictionnaire Infernal (1863, 7th edition) and to seals from Aleister Crowley's edition of Goetia transl. /library/ceremonial/classics/plancy/demony.html

 Under the greenwood tree
Stringer made a quick sketch of the single footprint, which, although unknown to him at the time, coincides significantly with the footprint of the demon Amduscias, illustrated in the 1863 edition of Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire infernal.
The consistency of UFO sightings over Clapham Wood continued during 1978 and 1979, one being reported by a man standing on nearby Highdown Hill, which is higher than Clapham and overlooks the woods.
This, it is claimed, releases the creatures' 'life spark', which escapes without form or shape. /catsunpig/claphamwood.html

Miles de historias van relacionadas con Dioses de la sangre, demonios que desangran a sus victimas mortales, niños desaparecidos y hallados muertos y desangrados, tumbas que se han encontrado vacías, y muchas mas historias que siempre nos llevan a pensar en uno de los mitos más antiguos, los vampiros. /articulos/vampiros/index.htm

 List of assassinated persons - Information
Miles of Plancy, ( 1174), regent of the Kingdom of Jerusalem
Norbert Zongo, ( 1998), editor of L'Indépendant newspaper, 50 miles from Ouagadougou
Émile Boga Doudou, ( 2002), interior minister of Côte d'Ivoire killed on the same day as Guéi as the country plunged into civil war and street fighting occurred in the cities /wiki/List_of_assassinated_persons

 Harry L. Smith. Memoirs of an Ambulance Company Officer. Chapters 3-4.
"About five miles back of the front line and outside the area of the most intense artillery fire, two field hospitals were set up side by side as soon as wounded began to arrive, the other two belonging to the division being held in readiness to advance and open farther forward, as the lines advanced.
The headquarters of the ambulance company, where the bulk of its ambulances were stationed, was usually about a mile to the rear of the ambulance head.
Litter-bearers from ambulance companies took the patients from aid stations to ambulance heads or collecting stations, ordinarily the most advanced points which could be reached by ambulances; although whenever possible these went all the way to aid stations and thus reduced the heavy labor of litter-bearing. /~rdh/wwi/memoir/Ambco/officer2.html

 The Fantasy Forum - Kingdom of Heaven
Balian and Baldwin supported Raymond III of Tripoli over Miles of Plancy as regent for Baldwin IV in 1174, and in 1177 the brothers were present at the Battle of Montgisard.
After his released in 1176, he married Stephanie, the widow of both Humphrey III of Toron and Miles of Plancy, and the heiress of the lordship of Oultrejordain, including the castles Kerak and Montreal to the southeast of the Dead Sea.
Among those who escaped were the count of Tripoli and Raymond, son of the prince of Antioch, and the four sons of the lady of Tiberias. /showthread.php?goto=lastpost&t=7471

 Kunsan City (1900-1945)
By means of mighty dikes, completely covered with stones outside and therefore very steep, which run straight for miles and use the islands as supports, two large polders have been wrested from the tidal flats.
Occasionally small steamers ascend the Naktong River from Fusan to Miriang, fifty miles, and small vessels ply on the Han River to within three miles of Seoul, the capital, from its port, Chemulpo.
It was signed by M. Hayashi, Japanese Minister; Horace Allen, Minister for the United States of America; Collin de Plancy, Charge d'Affaires for France; J.N. Jordan, Charge d'Affaires for Chinese interests; and E. Stein, Charge d'Affaires for Russia; F. Reinsdorf, Minister for Germany on 10 October 1899. /Korea/KunsanCity/Kunsanx.html

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales
In 1910 the parish of St. Francis de Sales, Salisbury, Md. (1209 square miles with a population of 70,000), was confided to the Oblates.
In Brazil, three Fathers have the district of Don Pedrito do Sul (11,000 square miles with a Catholic population of 20,000).
The Fathers in Wilmington conduct a high school for boys, and are chaplains of several religious communities, the county alms-house, the state insane hospital, the Ferris Industrial School for boys, and the county and state prison. /cathen/11187a.htm

 Crusaders, Greeks, and Muslims by Sanderson Beck
Seneschal Miles of Plancy took control of the government; but he was resented, replaced as regent by Count Raymond of Tripoli, and was murdered a few weeks later. /AB18-Crusaders.html

Even though it was only about a 130 miles away, half the distance we wanted to cover, we wrote down the information.
As we came closer, the same style signs turned into colorful paintings of sunflowers with arrows pointing us the way to this little farm village in the middle of nowhere.
Seven hours after we departed this morning, we had only driven 130 miles. /Thompson/journals/980722.txt

 Flying Black Boomerangs and Clapham Wood by Laura Knight-Jadczyk
It was unknown to him at the time, that it matches a footprint reproduced in Collin de Plancy's "Dictionaire infernal" published in 1863, and that this footprint is supposed to be that of the "Demon Amduscias."
He, too, was out looking for meteors with a neighbor, in the driveway of his residence, and when the boomerang came over him, it had a row of lights on it.
In an effort to address the possibility that these are military aircraft, we compared the locations of 80 randomly selected sightings of these triangular objects in our database with the locations of Air Force facilities in the country. /cass/boom.htm

 Korea at the Fair: The Kingdom of Korea at the World’s Columbian Exhibition (1893) and the Empire of Great Han at the Universal Exposition (1900)
This scenario would be repeated in 1900, when the personal offices of the French minister in Korea, Collin de Plancy, would be instrumental in getting the Koreans to Paris.
The description goes on, "Here also may be noted the cruder products of countries whose manufacturing industries are yet in their infancy, such countries as Zanzibar and the Orange Free State, as Madagascar, Korea, and Siam".
About the top of the dome of one building the walk is an even half mile... /~dkane/Fair.htm

 Articles - Raynald of Chatillon
1176, he married Stephanie, the widow of both Humphrey III of Toron and Miles of Plancy, and the heiress of the /articles/Raynald_of_Chatillon

 Crystal Awareness
NURIEL-A prominent angel in Jewish lore, Nuriel is honored as being one of the tallest of all beings in heaven, declared to be three hundred parasangs tall (a measurement used among the Persians and accepted as being around three and a half miles).
Hadariel, whose name means "the glory (or Greatness) of God," is one of the tallest beings in all of heaven, standing some sixty myriads of parasangs high, a distance calculated to exceed two million miles.
Nuriel is also supported by fifty myriads of angels said to have been formed out of fire and water. /CrystalAwareness/angelarchive1.msnw

Ugly as rot in a molar, here we were after miles of pasture and hill stitched with barbwire.
They worked claims separated by many miles of inhospitable terrain.
Forty-Mile Camp was not, as its appellation suggested, forty miles from Purdon. /scifiction/originals/originals_archive/barron/barron1.html

 Women in power 1150-1200
After his death in 1170, she married Miles of Plancy (d.1174).
It is said that she laid the foundation stones for both on the same day, 16 April 1232, requiring a journey of 16 miles.
Her first husband Humphrey III of Toron held varied positions of power within the Kingdom. /womeninpower/Womeninpower1150.htm

 El Diablo
Colin de Plancy lo describe como uno de los demonios de más rancio abolengo, superintendente de las casas de juego de los infiernos.
Entre otros datos curiosos, el Pandemonium de Wier, afirma que Satán fué derrotado por Belzebuth de su trono infernal y esta reducido desde hace miles de años al papel político de jefe de oposición.
Según el Pandemonium de Wier, a las órdenes de Satán habrían 66 príncipes infernales, cada uno con 666 legiones al mando de 6,666 demonios por unidad. /imaginario/fantastica/5/eldiablo/eldiablo.html

 cling to the wreckage: April 2004 Archives
Belphégor the demon was, according to de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal of 1863, a demon of discoveries and inventions, and who frequently appears as a young woman.
Although the name was taken from Baal-Peor, who was the god of the Moabites.
And Belphégor was also considered Hell's ambassador to France, a thought that amuses me somehow. /cling_to_the_wreckage/2004/04

 McKelvey Cemetery, Houston County, Texas
This cemetery is located north of Ratcliff in the Tadmore Community.
Go 3 1/2 Miles north on FM227 and go left on CR1135 for about 1 1/2 miles.
This cemetery is very overgrown and in need of care. /~gonetotexas/East-TX-cemeteries/mckelvey/mckelvey.htm

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