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  Military - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Military strength is a term that describes a quantification or reference to a nation's standing military forces or the capacity for fulfillment of that military's role.
For example, the military strength of a given country could be interpreted as the number of individuals in its armed forces, the destructive potential of its arsenal, or both.
Military force is a term that might refer to a particular unit, a regiment or gunboat deployed in a particular locale, or as an aggregate of such forces (e.g.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Military   (1014 words)

 Military of Iran - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Both fall under the command of the Supreme Leader, unlike most countries, in which the military is under the president or defense minister.
Iran's drive towards military self-sufficiency and pursuit of nuclear technologies under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty has drawn allegations from the U.S. that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.
Under their command Iran's military industry was enormously expanded, and with the Ministry of Defence pouring investment into the missile industry, Iran soon accumulated a vast arsenal of missiles.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Military_of_Iran   (849 words)

Contemporary with these purely military orders, others were founded at once military and hospitaller, the most famous of which were the Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta) and the Teutonic Knights (modelled on the former), both still in existence.
The military organization of the orders was uniform, explained by that law of war which compels the belligerent to maintain his military apparatus on a level with those of his adversary, on pain of defeat.
The importance acquired by the military orders during the course of the Middle Ages may be measured by the extent of their territorial possessions, scattered throughout Europe.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/10304d.htm   (2622 words)

 Veterans Jobs and Discharged Military Employment
It is a company dedicated to reach all discharging military professionals and veterans, their spouses and dependants, without the high cost and delay of print advertising.
Military Exits is fully staffed with experienced and knowledgeable professionals who make every effort to ensure both employer's and veteran job seeker's needs are met.
The owners and founders of Military Exits work with military career officers and high level transition officers around the United States and abroad allowing employers to attract veterans, discharging military and their families to quality civilian employment positions.
www.militaryexits.com   (793 words)

 Job opportunities in the armed forces
Bear in mind that the recruiter’s job is to recruit promising applicants into his or her branch of military service, so the information that the recruiter gives you is likely to stress the positive aspects of military life in the branch in which he or she serves.
Military personnel are stationed throughout the United States and in many countries around the world.
In addition to receiving their basic pay, military personnel are provided with free room and board (or a tax-free housing and subsistence allowance), free medical and dental care, a military clothing allowance, military supermarket and department store shopping privileges, 30 days of paid vacation a year (referred to as leave), and travel opportunities.
www.bls.gov /oco/ocos249.htm   (5588 words)

 High Military Expenditure in Some Places - Global Issues
The combined military spending of these countries was slightly higher than the aggregate foreign debt of all low-income countries and 10 times higher than their combined levels of official development assistance in 2001.
In 1997 alone, half of USA’s aid was related to military aid/trade—and most of that was to countries that are already wealthy, like Israel, or Turkey (which has often been one of the largest recipients of US military aid and has often been criticized for its human rights violations and crackdowns).
It is unlikely that those arguing that military spending should be a certain portion of GDP would continue to make this case if the economy suddenly weakened, thus requiring dramatic cuts in the military.
www.globalissues.org /Geopolitics/ArmsTrade/Spending.asp   (2678 words)

 Military History Online
Very rarely is a book published that not only causes military historians and professionals to significantly alter their thinking about a conflict or battle but additionally becomes the new definitive account by which all other similar references are judged.
Stalingrad was a military versus military conflict fought along conventional lines albeit driven to incredible extremes due to the fanatical nature of the ideologies involved and the maniacal personalities of Hitler and Stalin.
During the battle of Stalingrad the legions of the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) engaged the military might of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in a brutal struggle to the death.
www.militaryhistoryonline.com   (3793 words)

Military robots can be used for disposing of explosives, combat engineering tasks like clearing mines or placing explosives, reconnaissance, detecting nuclear and biological agents, and hazardous materials cleanup, among others tasks.
Military planners must select courses of actions that achieve strategic objectives, while making the most of available assets.
Soar integrated architecture was used to develop: (1) pilot agents for a company of helicopters, (2) a command agent that makes decisions and plans for the helicopter company, and (3) an approach to teamwork that enables the pilot agents to coordinate their activities in accomplishing the goals of the company.
www.aaai.org /AITopics/html/military.html   (6065 words)

 Arsenal. Military encyclopedia.
The reviews cover the structure and organization of the land forces, air forces and navy of the countries of the world, their military budgets and army equipment.
The articles are illustrated with national and military flags.
The evolution of the given types of military equipment.
topgun.rin.ru /index_e.html   (226 words)

 NARA - Genealogists/Family Historians - Military Records
Military records from WWI - present are held in the National Military Personnel Records Center (NPRC), in St. Louis, Missouri, See details of holdings.
Military records can often provide valuable information on the veteran, as well as on all members of the family.
The approach to researching records of enlisted men, officers, and for the different branches of the military is described in this article: An Overview of Records at the National Archives Relating to Military Service.
www.archives.gov /genealogy/military   (866 words)

 Military Families Speak Out : Index
As people with family members and loved ones in the military, we know that it is our loved ones who are, or have been, or will be on the battlefront.
If you have family members or loved ones in the military and you are opposed to the war in Iraq, JOIN us by sending an e-mail to mfso@mfso.org.
If you are not a military family, but would like to stay connected to our work, please join our email list for periodic updates.
www.mfso.org   (1936 words)

The Military Parade magazine (English and Russian versions) has been published since 1994 with a periodicity of six issues per year.
The Military Parade Publishing House issued the book by Mikhail Kalashnikov From a Stranger’s Doorstep to the Kremlin Gates (1997), as well as many others that have aroused a keen interest of our readers.
Visit the Military Parade Publishing House website to be informed about our new editions and to get access to the news concerning the defense industry achievements in Russia and the CIS countries.
www.milparade.com   (341 words)

 Military Brats Online - Linking the Children of the U.S. Military With Their Heritage and Each Other
Needless to say, over the years Military Brats Online has grown—and evolved, as more and more Military Brats have discovered the site and requested links and announcements be added.
While none of these systems are a perfect solution for Military Brats Online, I have found one solution which will allow me to rebuild the web site with a database for storing and delivering content.
In the past Military Brats Online and another web site, Military Brats Registry, owned by Marc Curtis, have worked together as "The Military Brats Network." Our web sites have different URLs, are hosted on different servers and are maintained separately.
www.militarybrats.com   (587 words)

 TCC Admission Procedures for Military Personnel
Classes convene at 5 different times throughout the year making completion of classes more realistic for the military person who may be deployed for short periods of time.
Military base classes are open to both civilian and active-duty military personnel.
FOR YOUR SERVICE and the service of your family, the Commonwealth of Virginia and TCC are offering in-state tuition eligibility to spouses and dependent children of military personnel stationed in Virginia who reside in Virginia.
www.tcc.edu /students/military   (509 words)

 Home Page
A meeting place for military women to exchange information unique to their military experience and to offer firsthand information to women thinking about a military career.
This is a site where military women can: Share their views and experiences.
Meet military women from other services to broaden their perspective and knowledge; dispel stereotypes; change paradigms.
www.militarywoman.org   (233 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Military
Pentagon to monitor recruiters, spurred by abuse reports: The Defense Department has announced it will closely monitor military recruiters and their commanders in light of two investigations – one by the government, the other by The Associated Press – that found increased levels of recruiter misconduct.
Bill seeks to curb predatory lending targeting military: Appealing to the Legislature's wartime patriotism and sympathy for soldiers trapped in a cycle of debt, San Diego Assemblywoman Lori Saldana is pushing legislation to protect military families from being preyed upon by payday loan companies that often charge more than 400 percent annual interest.
Explosion rocks New Orleans bomb recycling plant: An explosion Thursday rocked a plant where military bombs are disassembled and recycled, forcing the evacuation of at least 600 students from two schools, authorities said.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/military/index.html   (2043 words)

 Military Sealift Command
Military Sealift Fleet Support Command (MSFSC) is responsible for the manning, training, equipping and maintaining of MSC government-owned, government-operated ships worldwide.
There are several issues to consider: job security, opportunities for advancement, benefits, and of course, earning a good paycheck.
MSC is one of three component commands reporting to the joint service U.S. Transportation Command, known as USTRANSCOM.
www.msc.navy.mil   (374 words)

 Fishburne Military School--Private Boarding Schools for Boys
Fishburne Military School is a private all boys boarding school for grades 8 through 12— turning potential into achievement since 1879.
Distinguished as the oldest and smallest of Virginia's Military Schools, we offer individualized attention in a caring, family oriented environment.
Additionally, Fishburne is accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS), and is a member of the Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States.
www.fishburne.org   (148 words)

 Military District of Washington - HomePage
You have reached the most dynamic and exciting command in the military, the U.S. Army Military District of Washington.
MDW has a multitude of responsibilities ranging from performing expert concerts with the U.S. Army Band, rendering honors at Arlington National Cemetery's Tomb of the Unknowns, to protecting the Nation's capital.
Copyright © 2005 Military District of Washington, MDW.
www.mdw.army.mil   (74 words)

 Military   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Military Casualty Information Statistics on military casualties for the Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, and the current battles in Iraq.
Military Fact Files Information on military forces of the U.K., U.S., and Iraq, and the missile defenses of Israel provided by the BBC
Society of Military Widows founded in 1968 by Theresa (Tess) Alexander to serve the interests of women whose husbands died while on active military duty, of a service-connected illness, or during disability or regular retirement from the armed forces
www.nlc.state.ne.us /nsf/military.html   (768 words)

 Military Dog Tags - Custom Dog Tags - 10% Discount
Military Dog Tags sales will be donated to charity each month!
Scroll down to find a selection of Different military and custom dog tags.
Visit them to fin a lot more military related gear at affordable prices.
www.military-quotes.com /military-gear/custom-dog-tags.htm   (433 words)

 Online NewsHour: Military Archive | PBS
A suicide attacker detonated his explosives outside a Shiite shrine in Najaf, Iraq, Thursday, killing at least 35 people and injuring at least 122, the Iraqi army said.
Military officials told a Senate committee Thursday that Iraq could descend into civil war.
A reporter discusses the U.S. military's plan to send at least 3,700 additional troops into Baghdad to stem the violence.
www.pbs.org /newshour/topic/military   (1778 words)

 Gettysburg National Military Park - Gettysburg National Military Park (U.S. National Park Service)
The Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point in the Civil War, the Union victory in the summer of 1863 that ended General Robert E. Lee's second and most ambitious invasion of the North.
Gettysburg National Military Park offers a full range of summer ranger programs, battlefield walks, evening campfire programs, and other special events including living history groups and band concerts.
John Burns, a 72 year old veteran of the War of 1812 and resident of Gettysburg, fought side by side with Union soldiers in the first day of the battle of Gettysburg in 1863 and was wounded several times.
www.nps.gov /gett   (288 words)

 North County Times/The Californian - Military news and community
Military wants to crack down on payday lenders that charge soldiers high interest
SAN DIEGO -- With a family to feed and no money for groceries, Navy Yeoman 2nd Class Damon LaForce recently did something the military is trying to crack down on: He went to one of the many payday-lending businesses near his base for an instant loan.
For previous Military coverage, please use the keyword search function.
www.nctimes.com /military   (470 words)

 Military on the Internet - refdesk.com
Military Connections is a registry-based site designed to help present and past military personnel and their families find each other and keep in touch.
Military Records Request Info - a useful guide on obtaining military records from the Department of Defense.
Military Records Search - Registration is required, but site is free and you do not have to be a veteran to access search results.
www.refdesk.com /military.html   (819 words)

 Welcome to MOAA Web Base! (www.moaa.org)
Join the one military association that's with you every step of the way.
In a report released to Congress, the Department acknowledges that predatory lenders target the military, making them more likely than their civilian counterparts to use payday loans.
One key DoD recommendation is to cap annual interest at 36-percent APR to military borrowers.
www.moaa.org   (401 words)

 Government & Politics, Military,
Military Airborne have a high Esprit de Corps and this continues from our oldest paratrooper veterans to our newest active troops.
We especially recognize and honor U.S. military and their casualties on the front lines of combat, whether on the ground, at sea, or in the air.
This is a ring about military links includng Area 51, the Pentagon, X-files, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, the White House, and the military (Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Army).
dir.webring.com /rw?d=Government___Politics/Military   (1231 words)

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