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Topic: Military of Tunisia

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 Tunisia (10/06)
Tunisia's judiciary is headed by the Court of Cassation, whose judges are appointed by the president.
Tunisia's timely completion of its IMF program (1987-1994) and subsequent fiscal conservatism have earned it investment grade ratings from a number of international institutions, although Standard and Poor has noted that ratings on Tunisia are constrained by its highly centralized political system and the need for further structural reforms.
Tunisia supported the lifting of UN sanctions against Libya in 2003, and Libya is again becoming a major trading partner, with 2005 exports to Libya valued at $472.2 million and imports at $509.9 million.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ei/bgn/5439.htm   (4643 words)

 Tunisia (12/04)
Tunisia is in the process of economic reform and liberalization after decades of heavy state direction and participation in the economy.
Tunisia received considerable economic assistance during this period from the United States and European and Arab countries and is one of the few developing countries in the region to have moved into the "middle income" category.
Tunisia served as the headquarters of the Arab League from 1979 to 1990 and hosted the Palestine Liberation Organization's (PLO) headquarters from 1982 to 1993, when the PLO Executive Committee relocated to Jericho and the Palestinian Authority was established after the signing of the Oslo Agreement.
www.state.gov /outofdate/bgn/t/47575.htm   (3592 words)

In the 1994 census, Tunisia's population was 8,785,711.
Tunisia was ruled by the Husseini dynasty of beys from 1705 to 1957.
Tunisia is also a land of wonder as expressed in the numerous holy places scattered in rural and urban areas.
www.everyculture.com /To-Z/Tunisia.html   (5836 words)

 Background Notes Archive - Near East and North Africa
Tunisia's constitution was revised in 1988 to permit the president to serve for three five-year terms.
The 1992 military trials in which 265 Islamists were convicted and sentenced to prison terms of one year to life were marked by defendants' allegations of widespread torture and abuse by security officers.
Tunisia and Algeria resolved a long-standing border dispute in 1993 and have cooperated in the construction of a natural gas pipeline through Tunisia that connects Algeria to Italy.
dosfan.lib.uic.edu /ERC/bgnotes/nea/tunisia9407.html   (2416 words)

 Tunisia at Caribbean Topfunwebsites   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
The '''Tunisian Republic''' (الجمهرية التونسية), or '''Tunisia''', is a Muslim Arab country situated on the North Africa Mediterranean Sea coast.
Tunisia is in north Africa, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert and between Algeria and Libya.
Tunisia's association agreement with the European Union (EU) entered into force on March 1 1998, the first such accord between the EU and Mediterranean countries to be activated.
www.topfunwebsites.com /cuba/tunisia.html   (845 words)

 Index of Economic Freedom 2006 - Tunisia
Tunisia's 1998 association agreement with the European Union, which has helped to create jobs and modernize the economy, was the first such agreement between the EU and an Arab North African country.
From 1995 to 2004, Tunisia's weighted average annual rate of inflation was 3.24 percent, up from the 2.67 percent from 1994 to 2003 reported in the 2005 Index.
Tunisia is open to foreign investment generally but does restrict it in some sectors.
www.heritage.org /research/features/index/country.cfm?id=Tunisia   (1018 words)

 Tunisia - Gurupedia
Tunisia is a Muslim Arab country situated on the North African
Tunisia was the site of Carthage, a state conquered by the Roman Empire, which withdrew in the
In 2008, Tunisia is a completely associated member of the E.U. (comparable to the status of Norway or Iceland).
www.gurupedia.com /t/tu/tunisia.htm   (437 words)

 Military.com Content
The Afrika Corps was abandoned in Tunisia and close to 275,000 Axis soldiers were forced to capitulate.
On July 20, 1944, a bomb detonated during a conference between Hitler and his top advisors in his headquarters on the Eastern Prussia, the "Wolfschanze." Though the bomb failed to kill Hitler, Rommel, along with some of the highest officers in the German military, was implicated for his part in the assassination attempt.
With Hitler using the safety of Rommel’s family as leverage, Rommel poisoned himself on Oct. 14, 1944, while publicly he was said to have died in an automobile accident.
www.military.com /Content/MoreContent1/?file=dday_leaders4   (873 words)

 Tunisia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tunisia's precise political situation is hard to determine due to a strong level of silence and lack of transparency maintained by the government.
Tunisia is in northern Africa, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert.
Tunisia's association agreement with the European Union (EU), the first such accord between the EU and a Mediterranean country, entered into force on March 1, 1998.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tunisia   (2766 words)

 Tunisia and Communications
Tunisia has entered the computer age and is already using the information highway.
This operation was coordinated by the Agricultural Research Institute of Tunisia, IRA (Tunisia) and the Centre d’écologie et de physiologie énergétiques (France).
In the area of navigation positioning, the Airports Office of Tunisia (OPAT), which is responsible for the planning, operation and development of airports and their ancillary equipment and also for regional and local air traffic control in Tunisia, uses the global positioning system (GPS) for air navigation purposes.
www.globalsecurity.org /space/world/tunisia/comm.htm   (679 words)

 Long Island Press: Long Island Newspaper, News, Entertainment, Real Estate, Classifieds, Automotive, Weddings, Business ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Tunisia, a nation of 10 million people sandwiched between Algeria and Libya on the Mediterranean Sea, won independence from France in 1956 and has taken a moderate stance in foreign relations while repressing Islamic fundamentalism.
Security sources and analysts in the region said Tunisia, as well as Morocco and Tunisia, are concerned about efforts by the fundamentalist Islamic guerrilla group al Qaeda to build support in the region for its campaign against the United States and other Western countries.
Tunisia blamed al Qaeda for a suicide bombing in 2002 against its main Jewish shrine, killing 14 people, most of them German tourists.
www.longislandpress.com /reuters/1_ds_84369.php?show=about   (552 words)

 Tunisia: US Congressional Record   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
The Republic of Tunisia has been and continues to be a model of economic growth, while keeping Islamic fundamentalism at bay.
Tunisia has taken advantage of foreign aid better than any other nation in the world.
The World Bank considers Tunisia to be one of its premier `success stories.' With a per capita income of over $2,000 (very high for developing country without significant mineral resources), Tunisia boasts that over 60 percent of its population can be designated as `middle class'.
www.tunisiaonline.com /pressbook/uscongress/gilman.html   (220 words)

 Tunisia - Crushing the person, crushing a movement: The solitary confinement of political prisoners: III. Background on ...
Human Rights Watch disputes this characterization on two basic grounds: first, that very few of the individuals in question were convicted of involvement in acts of violence; and, second, that they were convicted in trials where their rights to a fair hearing were violated massively.
Nahdha leaders say the absence of political violence in Tunisia reflects their movement’s commitment to nonviolence despite the harsh repression it has suffered.
Still others, notably those who had returned after living abroad, were tried in military courts, even though they were civilians, as permitted by the code of military justice, for the offense of serving "a terrorist organization that operates abroad" (Article 123).
hrw.org /reports/2005/tunisia0405/3.htm   (983 words)

 Rumsfeld Meets With Leaders in Tunisia
Rumsfeld visited Tunisia to strengthen the military relationship between the United States and the North African nation.
Rumsfeld the determination of Tunisia, in accordance with the policy orientations of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, to strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation between Tunisia and the United States.
Ben Ali reaffirmed Tunisia's "unwavering stand" against terrorism and extremism, the statement continued, and called for joint efforts by the international community "to fight this scourge, which constitutes a threat to all humanity.
www.blackanthem.com /World/military_2006021202.html   (700 words)

 World Tribune.com: Tunisian army brass wiped out in helicopter crash
TAP said the military has launched a probe of the accident, called the worst in the country's history.
The rest of Tunisia's helicopter fleet was obtained in the 1970ss and 1980s.
Tunisia's military did not disclose how many people were killed or injured in the crash or the model helicopter that went down.
www.worldtribune.com /worldtribune/WTARC/2002/af_tunisia_05_02.html   (269 words)

 Tunisia - Atlapedia Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
It is bound by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast and the Mediterranean Sea to the northeast and north.
On Mar. 20, 1956 Tunisia gained full independence and in 1957 was declared a republic with Habib Bourguiba as its first President.
France kept troops and military bases in Tunisia after their independence and in 1961 diplomatic relations were severed when Pres.
www.atlapedia.com /online/countries/tunisia.htm   (1207 words)

 Military Medals of Tunisia
This Order was established on January 16, 1860 by Mohamed Es Sadok to honor the 1857 treaty with France, which made Tunisia a Protectorate.
The Order, composed of two classes (Grand Cross and Commander) was reserved for high-ranking government and military officials and designed to recognize exceptional acts.
The medal is a ten-rayed green enamel star, which represents the various arms of the Tunisian government.
www.emering.com /medals/french/tunisia.html   (185 words)

 Human Rights Watch: Publications: Middle East and Northern Africa : Tunisia
Tunisia reportedly began destruction of its antipersonnel mine stockpile in July 1999.
Tunisia signed the Mine Ban Treaty on 4 December 1997 and officially deposited its instrument of ratification on 9 July 1999.
At the UN in November 1999, the representative of Tunisia stated that the treaty "attested to the will of the international community to end the suffering of so many."7 On 1 December 1999 Tunisia joined 138 other nations in voting in favor of UN General Assembly resolution 54/54B in support of the Mine Ban Treaty.
www.hrw.org /hrw/pubweb/Webcat-99.htm   (759 words)

 Discover the Wisdom of Mankind on Tunisia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
The Tunisian Republic (الجمهرية التونسية), or Tunisia, is a country situated on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa.
It is the easternmost and smallest of the nations situated along the Atlas mountain range, bordering Algeria, to the west, and Libya to the south and east.
Modern Tunisians are the descendants of indigenous Berbers and of people from numerous civilizations that have invaded, migrated to, and been assimilated into the population over the millennia such as the Phoenicians.1 Recorded history in Tunisia begins with the arrival of Phoenicians, who founded Carthage and other North African settlements in the 8th century BC.
www.blinkbits.com /blinks/tunisia   (1407 words)

 National Alliance of Gang Investigators' Associations
The Muslim conquest in the 7th century transformed Tunisia and the make-up of its population, with subsequent waves of migration from around the Arab and Ottoman world, including significant numbers of Spanish Moors and Jews at the end of the 15th century.
In April 2002, Tunisia's first dollar-denominated sovereign bond issue since 1997 raised U.S.$458 million, with maturity in 2012.
The U.S. Embassy in Tunisia is located in Les Berges du Lac 1053 Tunis, Tunisia (tel: 216-71-107-000, fax: 216-71-107-090).
www.nagia.org /international/Tunisia.htm   (4009 words)

 Map Of Tunisia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
If you would like to use this map of Tunisia or any other on your website you are welcome to do so, all we ask is that you include a link back to our site on the same page.
If you would like to use this flag of Tunisia or any other on your website you are welcome to do so, all we ask is that you include a link back to our site on the same page.
If you would like to use this information for Tunisia or any other on your website you are welcome to do so, all we ask is that you include a link back to our site on the same page.
www.appliedlanguage.com /maps_of_the_world/map_of_tunisia.shtml   (224 words)

 Nigeriens Welcome U.S. Presence, Training Against Terror
In addition to Niger, U.S. forces are training soldiers in Algeria, Chad, Mali and Mauritania in what it calls Phase Zero operations, in which military and civil ties are formed before a possible crisis or military intervention could occur.
Military officials in Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria and Senegal are also being trained to work together.
Up to 20 percent of suicide car bombers in Iraq are from Algeria, with another 5 percent from Morocco or Tunisia, according to an Associated Press interview with an unnamed U.S. military official in Algeria for the exercises.
www.military.com /NewContent/0,13190,SS_061605_Nigeriens,00.html   (916 words)

 Middle East Online
The US secretary of defense was alluding to Tunisia’s celebration, this year, of the 50th anniversary of its independence.
Rumsfeld, stressed Tunisia’s consistent stand against extremism and its long-standing relationship with the United States.
He cited last spring's 20th meeting of the US-Tunisian joint military commission as one example of "very constructive military and diplomatic cooperation" between the two nations over the years.
www.middle-east-online.com /english/?id=15737   (641 words)

 CBS News | Rumsfeld Seeks Military Ties With N.Africa
The Pentagon under Rumsfeld has taken an interest in encouraging greater cooperation among Tunisia and other countries of the Maghreb _ the region of Africa north of the Sahara Desert and west of the Nile River.
The administration considers Tunisia an ally in the war on terror and a moderate Arab state, although Tunisia has long been accused of human rights abuses.
Tunisia was a colony of France from 1881 until independence in 1956.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2006/02/11/ap/world/printableD8FMR3C81.shtml   (608 words)

 CPJ Protests: 2005
He was first jailed in 1991 for publishing an article calling for the abolition of military tribunals in Tunisia.
Tried the following year by a military court, along with 279 others accused of belonging to Al-Nahda, he was sentenced to 16 years in prison.
The imprisonment of both Jebali and Abbou fly in the face of the most basic standards for freedom of expression and the press and is symptomatic of a broader climate of government repression of the media in Tunisia.
www.cpj.org /protests/05ltrs/Tunisia11nov05pl.html   (616 words)

 Middle East Newsline -
CAIRO [MENL] -- Germany and Tunisia have signed a military cooperation accord that could pave the way for a major weapons sale to the North African country.
The two countries signed a memorandum of understanding on military cooperation in Tunis during the recent visit by German Defense Minister Peter Struck.
Officials said Germany and Tunisia also intend to establish a panel to draft details of any future military cooperation accord.
www.menewsline.com /stories/2004/january/01_06_2.html   (171 words)

 Tunisia Military service age and obligation - Military   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Tunisia Military service age and obligation - Military
Home > Tunisia > Military > Military service age and obligation
Definition: This entry gives the minimum age at which an individual may volunteer for military service or be subject to conscription.
www.indexmundi.com /tunisia/military_service_age_and_obligation.html   (82 words)

 Tunisia 2003 - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, ...
Military manpower - military age: 20 years of age (2003 est.)
Military manpower - reaching military age annually: males: 106,513 (2003 est.)
Military expenditures - percent of GDP: 1.5% (FY99)
www.theodora.com /wfb2003/tunisia/tunisia_military.html   (110 words)

 A Special Advertising Section on Tunisia
Among them are the ruins of Carthage, home of Hannibal Barca, a famous military strategist and the second largest Roman coliseum in the world.
Dougga/Thugga-A Phoenician city that expanded and flourished under the Romans in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, Dougga is now the site of well-preserved market monuments, an amphitheatre and temples, and stands as an impressive testimony to the accomplishments of Tunisia's successive empires and their legacies.
Punic Town of Kerkuane and its Necropolis-This well-preserved Phoenician town was built in the 5th and 6th centuries BC.
www.tunisiaonline.com /pressbook/washtimes/18.html   (524 words)

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