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Topic: Military operations

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In the News (Sun 21 Oct 18)

  Military Operations Other Than War
Military planners typically focused on the high and midlevels of conflict where the emphasis was on fighting and winning wars that required the ability to defend, attack, and conduct large-scale combat operations.
The new policy concept is called “military operations other than war.” Such operations cover a wide range of activities in which national military forces are used for purposes other than full-scale combat operations at the general war level of the combat spectrum.
The basic dilemma remains: military operators will not have the clear goals and objectives they consider essential to any planning or execution of their resources; yet civilian decision makers and diplomats will continue to see military forces as one important element of a menu of potential responses to natural and political crises.
www.acdis.uiuc.edu /Research/S&Ps/1994-Wi-Sp/S&P_VIII-2/military_operations.html   (2175 words)

  Military operation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A military operation is the employment of military resources (for example in a military campaign) to achieve a specific objective.
It can involve the carrying out of a strategic, tactical, service, training, or administrative military mission in the process of carrying on combat, including movement, supply, attack, defense, and maneuvers needed to gain the objectives of any battle or campaign.
Military operations are often referred to by a code name.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Military_operation   (122 words)

 Military applications of GIS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Spatial data is of crucial importance to the Military Commander in the battle as it is for a decision maker in planning and development in a state's growth.
In addition, ECDIS can be used to other naval operations using additional layers of information related to oceanographic and meteorological conditions to provide the means for naval operations such as anti-submarine or beach landing of armed forces in military operations.
Military leaders heavily depend on GIS and GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to make tactical decisions such guiding troops, supplies/equipment and ships, informing them of possible threats, problems with terrain in which they will encounter and also to direct there attention to specific areas of interests.
www.gisdevelopment.net /application/military/overview/militaryf0002pf.htm   (2429 words)

 Later Roman Military Operations In Europe: A Theory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Military planners must consider how their actions contribute to initiatives, which are also political, economic, and psychological in nature.
More recent military operations of this century are harder to compare as the advent of technology has broadened the role of other factors (artillery, aircraft, electronics, satellites and computers).
Operations against barbarians receive a lot of attention from historians, particularly those who credit the "barbarian invasions" as a major factor in the fall of the western half of the empire.
www.saga-publishing.com /laterromanmilitaryoperations.htm   (3428 words)

 The Cost of US Military Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan Through Fiscal Year 2006 and Beyond STEVEN KOSIAK / Center ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
These include, for example, costs associated with operating equipment more intensively than would normally be the case in peacetime (i.e., higher operations, maintenance and repair costs), the cost of transporting personnel, equipment and supplies into, around and out of the region, and a variety of other logistics and other costs.
This suggests that a reasonable estimate of FY 2005 costs for military operations in Afghanistan would be $16 billion, with $70 billion needed to cover the cost of operations in Iraq.
On the other hand, the financial burden posed by these ongoing military operations is substantially lower when measured as a share of the economy—since today’s economy is much larger than that existing at the time of the Korean or Vietnam Wars.
www.mindfully.org /Reform/2006/US-2006-Military-Cost4jan2006.htm   (3404 words)

 A GIS Assisted Knowledge-Based Approach for Military Operations
Military history is full of incidents wherein a smaller army having a good knowledge of the terrain has defeated a much larger well-equipped and organised army.
However, planning of military operations is a complex process and is guided by the experience and capability of the commander and his staff who provide the necessary inputs to him.
Some common military operations such as selection of sites for bridges, ferries and helipads, identification of tactically important roads and vehicle mobility movement are considered.
www.gisdevelopment.net /application/military/overview/militaryo0001.htm   (1354 words)

 XI. Intelligence Support to Military Operations
But as military activity extends to missions involving the use of military forces in non-traditional roles, we must adapt our intelligence focus to meet new requirements." SMO vs. Support to the Policy Maker As stated earlier, SMO is one of the major roles of intelligence.
With the proliferation of military deployment throughout the world, mostly for OMO, a sole emphasis on SMO threatens to consume entirely IC resources to the point that the IC is only accomplishing SMO, thus, leading to a foreign policy that is almost totally reactive, with its primary response being the deployment of troops.
We certainly believe that, at the lowest operational level, a thorough understanding of and experience with the requirements of an individual service unit in the field must be part of the process of assessing needs, and, in some cases, having tactical intelligence assets controlled and operated in support of military operations is a requirement.
www.access.gpo.gov /congress/house/intel/ic21/ic21011.html   (5818 words)

 BBC NEWS | Americas | US plans to 'fight the net' revealed
The operations described in the document include a surprising range of military activities: public affairs officers who brief journalists, psychological operations troops who try to manipulate the thoughts and beliefs of an enemy, computer network attack specialists who seek to destroy enemy networks.
But the true extent of the Pentagon's information operations, how they work, who they're aimed at, and at what point they turn from informing the public to influencing populations, is far from clear.
The fact that the "Information Operations Roadmap" is approved by the Secretary of Defense suggests that these plans are taken very seriously indeed in the Pentagon.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/americas/4655196.stm   (897 words)

 Military Operations Page
The task force found that China's military spending rose throughout the 1990s, and that the country is poised to become the predominant military power in East Asia, though it said North Korea could spark a change in the balance of power in the region.
Military and intelligence officials have acknowledged privately that CIA officers may be working with friendly Kurdish factions, but Myers statement was the first time the Pentagon publicly confirmed their presence.
Military officials, who asked not to be identified, said that the "Clear Skies 2" exercise did not call for launchers to be loaded with live warheads.
www.emergency.com /milpage.htm   (14971 words)

 Military Operations Other than War   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Evaluation of the historical events in terms of the military operations other than war (MOOTW) doctrines; Analysis of the factors that stressed the commitment of U.S. soldiers to their mission; Accounts of the MOOTW approach.
Joint Doctrine for Military Operations Other than War; Strategic importance of the Dominican republic to the U.S.; Call of the United Nations Security Council for the restoration to office of the democratically elected president of Haiti.
Civil affairs is a vital part of Marine Corps operational doctrine, serving as the interface between military operations and civilians during combat and peacetime.
www.au.af.mil /au/aul/bibs/mootw/mootw3.htm   (4213 words)

 Operation Mincemeat - Military Images Photos Pictures Forums
Operation Mincemeat was an Ingenious British deception operation during World War II to make the German High Command believe that the Allies would invade the Balkans in mid-1943 instead of Sicily, the real objective.
The operation called for making the Germans believe that they had, by accident, intercepted highly confidential documents that foretold Allied war plans.
As you say, it was a complete success, and a lot of Axis troops were withdrawn from their positions in Southern Italy and Sicily as a result of the subtrefuge.
www.militaryimages.net /forums/showthread.php?t=42   (575 words)

 Military police operations in Fallujah Military Police - Find Articles
Military police will continue to execute this type of mission in Iraq and in any future theater in that war.
Since most large combat arms units operating in Iraq are not accustomed to working with military police, they perform the raids themselves and leave the military police to their traditional missions of security operations.
Military police commanders should continue to train on the core mission of cordon and search operations and educate their commands about the unique skills of the military police.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0IBW/is_1_5/ai_n15674085   (1028 words)

 Military Operations
It is a continuous process which commences prior to the operation and continues through achievement of the desired conclusion to the operation.
To effectively plan operations, the commander must understand the current state, the intent of senior commanders, and visualize the desired future state of the battlefield.
The commander will be free to move about the battlefield to where operational needs can be most effectively met, yet have immediate access to the full range of information available in the tactical operations center.
www.fas.org /irp/doddir/army/p525-70.htm   (3740 words)

 Military Operations Planning in SIPE-2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
This application of SIPE-2 was done as part of SOCAP -- System for Operations Crisis Action Planning, and was the core of the second Integrated Feasibility Demonstration of the ARPI.
SOCAP includes an application of SIPE-2 to military operations planning together with a user interface tailored to this domain using a situation-map display system.
For a large-scale military operation, such as in the Gulf crisis, the size of both the plans and knowledge bases would probably be at least an order of magnitude larger.
www.ai.sri.com /~sipe/socap.html   (585 words)

 Special Operations.Com Disclaimer
These operations are conducted across the full range of military operations, independently or in coordination with operations of conventional, non-special operations forces.
Special operations differ from conventional operations in degree of physical and political risk, operational techniques, mode of employment, independence from friendly support, and dependence on detailed operational intelligence and indigenous assets.
The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator's objectives.
www.specialoperations.com /Disclaimer.htm   (853 words)

 Private Contractors on Deployed Military Operations: Inter-Agency Opportunities and Challenges
It is assumed that there are safe and “benign” areas in which contractors can operate, that private sector capacity acts to enhance overall force capa­bility, that private firms can be integrated effectively into military command and control (C2) arrange­ments, and that contractors form a vital “augmen­tation” to the deployed force.
These risks are potentially significant because contractors may simply withdraw from an operation they con­sider too risky, leaving the armed services stripped of vital capabilities, or contractors may attempt to “hold up” the defense ministry by extracting excessive profits at the time the military needs them most.
However, the financial implications of outsourced deployed operational support are less clear as only limited information has entered the public domain.
www.heritage.org /Research/NationalSecurity/hl972.cfm   (2293 words)

 The Department of Military Strategy, Planning and Operations, an academic and research department of the US Army War ...
During Course 4, the Department of Military Strategy, Planning and Operations will build on what you have already studied in the core curriculum as the basis for studying the implementation of national military strategy.
You will apply strategic leader skills, the national security strategy, and the national military strategy as you participate in an active learning environment designed to cause you to be able to develop near and long term plans and programs.
Vexing and complex problems associated with war, military operations other than war, unified operations, theater of war organization and multinational operations are addressed throughout the course.
carlisle-www.army.mil /usawc/dmspo/course04.htm   (1545 words)

 Law, Terrorism & Homeland Security- Greg McNeal - Military Operations
The credibility of the military is shaken because it seems that those planning the operation did not know who was coming to dinner.
The proposal, one of the first results from the military's study of shortcomings in the relief effort after Hurricane Katrina, could resolve significant stumbling blocks to the deployment of active-duty forces into a disaster area on American soil.
The US military said this is the first time prisoners have escaped from the Bagram air base and that the escapees were militants from Syria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Libya.
www.lawandterrorism.com /military_operations   (3507 words)

 When Should the Government Use Contractors to Support Military Operations?
Military contractors are currently assisting militar­ies around the world with missions that range from training and supply chain management to fighting in battles.
Yet relying on military con­tractors has its share of risks, including potential shortfalls in mission success, concerns over the safety of contractors, loss of resources because a capability is outsourced, loss of total force management, and problems of compliance with administrative law.
Military organizations can be classified based on their location in the battle space: the general the­ater, the theater of war, and the tactical theater (the actual area of operations).
www.heritage.org /Research/NationalSecurity/bg1938.cfm   (1802 words)

 UCB Libraries | GovPubs | Military
DOD Dictionary of Military Terms A browsable, searchable dictionary of military terms with links to an acronyms dictionary and a dictionary of terms used only by NATO.
Military Education Research Library Network (MERLN) "The MERLN Digital Collections is a portal to military education research materials that are digitized by MERLN participants.
Military Personnel Records Information about and forms for applying for "military personnel, health, and medical records of discharged and deceased veterans of all services during the 20th century....[including] medical treatment records of retirees from all services, as well as records for dependent and other persons treated at naval medical facilities.
ucblibraries.colorado.edu /govpubs/us/military.htm   (1725 words)

 albawaba.com middle east news information::Hamas: Military operations expose internal rifts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Furthermore, Palestinian sources maintain that the recent operations carried out by Hamas' military wing, Ezz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, were not coordinated with the Hamas-led government, but rather, were backed by the exiled leadership which holds authority over the group's military wing.
Nonetheless, Palestinian sources also stress that the Hamas military wing and its heads in Damascus should recognize that continued operations such as those undertaken on Sunday are likely to result in severe Israeli reprisals that would further increase the suffering of the Palestinian people.
Those same sources claim that the fact that Arab and foreign leaders have been involved in frantic talks to secure the release of the soldier while remaining silent when Palestinian civilians are killed is further evidence of the problems facing the Palestinians since Hamas rose to power.
www.albawaba.com /en/countries/Palestine/200108   (767 words)

 Military OR
The Department offers a master's degree in operations research with a concentration in military operations research.
The certificate program is appropriate for students who cannot complete all the requirements for a master's degree in operations research, but who want concentrated study in military modeling.
It is also appropriate for those who already possess a quantitative master's degree and want concentrated studies in in military modeling.
www.gmu.edu /departments/seor/msor/military.html   (315 words)

 Military Applications Society
The Military Applications Society (MAS) is a technical arm of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS).
Candidates will be evaluated on the quality of their preparation to undertake a program of applied operations research in the military arena.
He has served as president of the Operations Research Society of America and the Military Operations Research Society, and as vice president of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies.
military-appl.society.informs.org   (708 words)

 Subject Listing for Military operations (general)
The book is part of the Information Age Transformation Series and looks at the military use of effects based operations to respond to the new security environment; network-centric operations; effects-based operations; the challenge of complexity; effects beyond combat such as deterrence and reassurance; and network centric contributions to effects based operations.
It looks at the United States armed forces' military transformation process and relates it to the concept of strategic surprise and argues that the current military transformation won't correct US weaknesses in the use of force as an instrument of policy.
It stresses the increasing importance of urban operations and the capabilities needed to operate on this terrain.
aerade.cranfield.ac.uk /subject-listing/devise/miltech.html   (6958 words)

 GoArmy.com > Army JAG Corps > International Military Operations
U.S. Army JAG Corps Attorneys are an integral part of this targeting and engagement process during international military operations.
During Operation Allied Force in Kosovo, JAG Corps Attorneys used advanced computer and communications equipment to examine detailed pictures of each potential target and the surrounding area.
JAG Corps Attorneys are tasked with the responsibility of advising the commanders who lead each military operation to ensure that it falls within the guidelines of the Law of War (as laid down by multiple sources including the Hague and Geneva Conventions).
www.goarmy.com /jag/international_military_ops.jsp   (517 words)

 Israel to Reduce West Bank Military Operations
Israeli officials said Monday they will reduce military operations in the occupied West Bank.
Israeli officials say the new regulations are aimed at easing tensions, and avoiding incidents that could jeopardize a week-old ceasefire between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.
Israeli forces say they arrested at least 15 Palestinian militants between late Sunday and early Monday in operations targeting militants.
www.voanews.com /english/2006-12-04-voa19.cfm   (389 words)

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