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Topic: Mindanao

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  The Mindanao Examiner
Tuesday, December 04, 2007 05:09:43 PM The Mindanao Examiner Newspaper wins the Pueblo Chavacano and Zetan Cultural and Historical Society 2007 Awards in Zamboanga City in southern Philippines.
Sunday, November 25, 2007 05:41:23 PM KARACHI - From being the liberal President under whom Pakistan’s independent electronic media was born and flourished, Pervez Musharraf is now seen as the military general who imposed emergency rule on Nov 3 and suspended the Constitution and the independent judiciary.
Post Your Ad Disclaimer: The Mindanao Examiner is not responsible for the contents of the Free Classified Ads Section.
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The municipality of Kolambugan in Lanao del Norte includes large agricultural resources that account for about 49% of its total land area of 13,000 hectares.
Since then, the 1,100 residents of the barangays have enjoyed a year-round smooth and faster access to the town center.
GEM’ implementation is overseen by the Mindanao Economic Development Council (MEDCo).
www.mindanao.com /blog   (578 words)

  Mindanao Summary
Mindanao is the second largest and easternmost island in the Philippines and one of the three island groups in the country, with Luzon and Visayas being the other two.
Due to influx of immigrants to the region, the majority of Mindanao's population is now predominantly Christian, a regional issue that fuels the anger of poor and displaced Mindanaoan Muslims and the separatist movements that have been fighting for hundreds of years.
To the west of Mindanao island is the Sulu Sea, to the east is the Philippine Sea, and to the south is the Celebes Sea.
www.bookrags.com /Mindanao   (2066 words)

 Mindanao - Wikipedia
Ing Mindanao iya pangaduang pekamaragul at peka-aslagang pulu king Filipinas at metung kareng atlung pulung aptas king bangsa, nung nu ing Luzon at Visayas ilang aliwa pang adua.
Bilang pulu king mauling dake ning bangsa, ing Mindanao iya ing pangaduang pekamaragul a pulu at atin yang 94,630 kilometru kudradu, kulang yang 10,000 km² kalati keng Luzon.
King albugan ning pulung Mindanao iyapin ing Dayat Malat ning Sulu, king aslagan ing Dayat Malat ning Filipinas at king mauli ing Dayat Malat ning Celebes.
pam.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mindanao   (453 words)

 Mindanao   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Mindanao is strategically located within the East ASEAN region, almost equidistant to the eastern sections of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam.
Mindanao accounts for over 40 percent of the Philippines' food requirements and contributes more than 30 percent to the national food trade.
Mindanao's economy grew at an average of 3% in 1995-1997.
www.medco.gov.ph /medcoweb/mindanao.asp   (652 words)

 Mindanao Island Travel Guide, Mindanao Hotels Philippines, filipinos, filipina, mindanao muslim culture ,philippine ...
Mindanao is the second-largest and the most southerly island, with a very different feel from the rest of the country.
In the southwestern tip of Mindanao is Zamboanga City, considered by some as the most romantic place in the Philippines and a favourite resort amongst tourists.
Mindanao's many natural attractions, rich flora and fauna, cultual diversity, and colorful ethnic festivals make Mindanao one of the most exciting tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.
www.lakbaypilipinas.com /mindanao.html   (586 words)

 The Asia Foundation
Mindanao, in the southern Philippines, is home to the country's largest concentration of Muslims.
Poverty and slow economic growth in Mindanao are partly responsible for the insurgency in the region.
In coordination with the national government's Department of Education (DepEd) and the ARMM Department of Education, one important activity is a careful review and evaluation of madrasah curricula to ensure consistency with the standard curriculum of Philippine public schools and integrating the Revised Basic Education Curriculum (used in regular public schools) into the madrasah curriculum.
www.asiafoundation.org /Locations/mindanao.html   (1141 words)

Mindanao, the most southern point of the Philippines, is the second largest island group in the archipelago and a nature lover's paradise.
Davao del Sur in south-eastern Mindanao is a place of natural wonders and boasts the country's highest peak Mount Apo; the most prized Philippine orchid species; some of the most exotic fruits; and the endangered Philippine eagle.
The Philippine Eagle Nature Centre is a nature conservatory in Calinan responsible for breeding this rare endangered species, and Caroland Farms, a 60 hectare farm in Bago about 13 kilometres south of the city, is a bird and wild duck sanctuary, a perfect camping site for bird-watchers.
www.pacificislandtravel.com /asia/philippines/about_destin/mindanao.html   (672 words)

 Philippines - Mindanao
Mindanao together with Sulu forms the second largest island group, which is at the southernmost of the country's 11 main islands.
Oddly shaped, Mindanao's landscape is dominated by mountain chains running from north to south.
Cradled between the gentle waters of Macabalan Bay and the ancient mountains of Mindanao's interior, this old coastal settlement is the normal jumping-off point for the start of an exciting adventure in northern Mindanao.
www.marimari.com /content/philippines/popular_places/mindanao.html   (475 words)

Mindanao is the second largest island of the country.
For tourists seeking adventure Mindanao offers possibilities for jungle tracking and climbing the highest mountain of the Philippines.
Visitors of the island who are interested in culture could make a daytrip to one of the mountain tribes.
www.philippines.hvu.nl /mindanao1.htm   (311 words)

 The Manila Times Internet Edition | SPECIAL REPORT > RP without Mindanao
Despite the claims of the government that Mindanao’s Muslim provinces have enjoyed socioeconomic progress, human development and peace these past 10 years, whatever of these blessings have reached them are not generous enough to make the Moro Filipinos feel less discriminated against, less neglected.
The creation of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao during the Aquino administration, the great sparks of construction and development in Mindanao during the Ramos administration were quickly doused by fighting in Mindanao in the three years that President Estrada was in Malacañang.
Perhaps, the President’s office found it necessary to combine the FPA 10th anniversary with the Peace Consciousness program in Davao as a signal to Christian Filipinos in Mindanao to be ready to accept an expanded ARMM that could include them.
www.manilatimes.net /national/2006/sept/03/yehey/top_stories/20060903top1.html   (1285 words)

Edgardo Salut (right), dean of the Mindanao State University College of Agriculture.
The ceremonies on November 26 included the signing of the FITS Center memorandum of agreement.
It is a joint project of the local government, Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development, Cotabato Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Consortium and the Mindanao State University.
mindanao.com /blog   (413 words)

 Mindanao Bloggers - a Mind-Blogging Experience!
Instead of just inviting everyone to join the contest and review any blog in the Mindanao Blog Directory, what the Yagit and the Queen are doing is to encourage bloggers to review their blogs.
The Mindanao Blog Directory has breached the 200-link mark and, as of this writing, now has 207 blogs listed!
Only blogs that are listed in the Mindanao Blog Directory will be featured.
www.mindanaobloggers.com   (900 words)

 Definitive Source of News and Information About Mindanao
MAASIM, Sarangani (December 5, 2007) – Renowned scuba diver, photographer and environmentalist Scott ‘Gutsy’ Tuason prepares to explore the colorfulSarangani Bay and its underwater wildlife during the weekend, jumping off at Lemlunay (South Point Divers) resort in barangay Tinoto.
Basilan celebrates Mindanao Week of Peace with 400 kids in Tipo-Tipo
US pours P2.1B in Mindanao for education project
www.mindanao.com   (496 words)

 University of the Philippines Mindanao - Home
Ungab of Davao City will join other alumni and friends to launch the `Enshrine the UP Mindanao Oblation’ project on November 29, 2007 at 8:30 in the morning at the UP Mindanao, Mintal campus.
Bobby, `the UP Mindanao Oblation, the statue with outstretched arms that represents the University of the Philippines, arrived at the Mintal campus in February 19, 1998.
Thu., 29 November, 8:30 a.m.: Launch of `Enshrine the UP Mindanao Oblation’.
www.upmin.edu.ph   (404 words)

 The GEM Program Homepage
GEM2 continues and expands on work carried out under the first GEM Program (1996-2002).
GEM2 operates throughout Mindanao, but has a special focus on conflict-affected areas of Mindanao (CAAM).
The information provided on this web site is not official U.S. government information and does not represent the views or positions of the U.S. Agency for International Development or the U.S. Government.
www.mindanao.org   (61 words)

 Mindanao Times News 2007 - Davao City 8000, Philippines
Mindanao Times News 2007 - Davao City 8000, Philippines
What do you want now that the President owns her voice over wiretapped scam?
Isuzu has extended its KB range, which now comprises 14 diesel powered models and 10 petrol units.
www.mindanaotimes.com.ph   (347 words)

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