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Topic: Minnesota State Legislature

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In the News (Fri 20 Apr 18)

  Minnesota Legislature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Minnesota Legislature is the legislative branch of government in the U.S. state of Minnesota.
In 2004, the legislature ended its regular session without acting on a majority of the planned legislation, largely due to political divisiveness on a variety of issues ranging from education to same-sex marriage (See same-sex marriage in the United States for related events during the year).
One State Senator was an Independence Party member until December 2005, Sheila Kiscaden of Rochester, she caucuses with the DFL today, although she had been a Republican in the past.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Minnesota_Legislature   (758 words)

 Hail! Minnesota - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Minnesota" (also simply called "Minnesota" in early years) is the state song of Minnesota, and a variation is used as a school song of the University of Minnesota.
A new second verse was written by Arthur Upson, an editor at the campus newspaper, the Minnesota Daily.
The University of Minnesota Marching Band sings the song at the end of every practice and performance, so Golden Gopher football fans who stay for the band's post-game performance can hear the song.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hail!_Minnesota   (339 words)

 State parks rules: Minnesota DNR
All vehicles entering a state park must display a valid Minnesota State Park vehicle permit which must be affixed to the lower right hand corner of the windshield.
In a state park, while in the water, use of air mattresses, inner tubes or other flotation devices that are not approved by the Coast Guard is prohibited except when used in an area specifically designated for that use.
Pets are welcome in state parks but must be kept on a leash of not more than six feet and must be personally attended at all times.
www.dnr.state.mn.us /state_parks/rules.html   (613 words)

 Minnesota state taxes.
State law requires the department to adjust the brackets to compensate for increases in the annual inflation rate.
Minnesota's state tax department also administers sales tax for several local governments.
Minnesota has two property tax refund programs for homeowners: the regular property tax refund and the special property tax refund.
www.bankrate.com /brm/itax/edit/state/profiles/state_tax_Minn.asp   (317 words)

 [No title]
The legislature directed that the study address general security in the capitol complex and specific security for constitutional officers and their families, legislators, members of the judiciary housed in the capitol complex, state employees, visitors and visiting dignitaries.
The Kansas Capitol Police are a division of state government that operates as Troop K of the Kansas Highway Patrol.
When compared to other state’s statutes, the authority given to the Minnesota State Patrol, by the language in the quoted section of MS 299D.03, subd 1.,(10), is more ambiguous.
www.dps.state.mn.us /comm/publications/CapSumm.doc   (5297 words)

 Minnesota Fire Service News - Links Page
The Board of Assessors was established by the Legislature to educate, license and monitor the conduct of assessors in Minnesota.
The board was established to advise the state chief information officer, the office of technology, the governor, the executive branch, and the legislature on information technology funding and expenditures from the technology enterprise fund.
The Elected Office of the State Treasurer was abolished on January 6, 2003 as a result of a Constitutional Amendment approved by the voters in the November 1998 General Election.
www.minnesotafireservice.com /links_government_state_boards.html   (5143 words)

 Minnesota Bill Supports Open Standards - Network Infrastructure - Network Computing
The Massachusetts state government has said it will require the use of ODF beginning in 2007, but state officials have also indicated they could look favorably on Microsoft's Office 2007 when the software is ready.
The Minnesota Open Data Formats Bill, House File 3971, was introduced on March 27.
Minnesota's Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) and the state's chief information officer would be charged with implementing the legislation, which hasn't yet been introduced in the Minnesota state senate.
www.networkcomputing.com /showArticle.jhtml?articleId=184429871   (416 words)

 Library State Government Information
Minnesota State University Moorhead Library is a depository for Minnesota state documents.
If there is a Minnesota document on your topic, the record for that document must have a Minnesota document number, which consists of a two digit year designation and a four digit number for each document.
Minnesota State Documents Program can be found by clicking here.
www.mnstate.edu /govdocs/state.htm   (823 words)

 North Shore State Parks Lake Superior, Minnesota
From Jay Cook to Grand Portage, the nine State Parks are true gems of Minnesota's North Shore.
State Park Permit All vehicles entering a state park must display a valid Minnesota State Park vehicle permit which must be affixed to the lower right hand corner of the windshield.
Flotation Devices In a state park, while in the water, use of air mattresses, inner tubes or other flotation devices that are not approved by the Coast Guard is prohibited except when used in an area specifically designated for that use.
www.northshorestateparks.com /index.htm   (960 words)

 Minnesota State Lottery
The Minnesota State Lottery is an autonomous agency; decision-making authority has been provided, in statute, to the lottery director.
The Minnesota State Lottery's mission is to provide secure gaming opportunities designed to maximize public participation and acceptance within the guidelines of the lottery statute.
Minnesota State Lottery headquarters in Roseville includes a computer system that provides accounting and ticket validation functions and a warehouse and office space that accommodates approximately 105 employees who work in the areas of marketing, security, finance, legal and operations.
www.yellowpages.state.mn.us /is/yellowpages.nsf/0/1364f1639f18f3dc86256b06005bafe8?OpenDocument   (950 words)

 Minnesota State Legislature
2006 state fair poll results from the House of Representatives poll and from the Senate poll have been posted.
The Minnesota Legislative Web site is honored for outstanding achievement in bringing democracy closer to the citizens of Minnesota.
The 84th Legislature adjourned sine die on May 21, 2006.
www.leg.state.mn.us   (150 words)

 Minnesota State Legislature
The Minnesota Constitution (article IV, section 1) establishes the legislative branch as one of the three coordinate branches of state government.
The Legislature was passing laws that, according to the state constitution, needed to be signed by the state governor.
Besides passing laws, the Legislature also proposes amendments to the state constitution for approval by state voters, elects regents to the University of Minnesota, confirms certain gubernatorial appointments (Senate), and has other oversight and review functions.
www.yellowpages.state.mn.us /is/yellowpages.nsf/0/d72152f576416d8486256b1300579789?OpenDocument   (401 words)

 DivorceNet - Breach of Promise To Marry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
In the complaint filed with the Court Rebecca alleges that Mike breached his promise to marry her and stated that she suffered psychological damages by being coerced into an unwanted abortion.
Despite the fact that the Petitioner did not raise the claim of a "Breach of Promise to Marry" by that title, the appellate court found that the causes of action filed by the plaintiff for fraud, emotional distress and battery were amounted to the same thing.
The Court went on to state that it did not matter whether the defendant intended to coerce the Plaintiff by intentionally lying about his intention to divorce his wife and marry plaintiff.
www.divorcenet.com /states/minnesota/mn_art11   (668 words)

 State Resource Center: Minnesota   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Minnesota State and County QuickFacts (U.S. Census Bureau)
Minnesota Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure with amendments to be effective as of March 1, 2001 (rtf format)
Minnesota Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure with amendments to be effective as of March 1, 2001 (doc format)
www.lexisone.com /legalresearch/legalguide/states/minnesota.htm   (119 words)

 Open Directory - Regional: North America: United States: Minnesota: Government
Minnesota Department of Human Services - Provides health care, economic assistance, and social services for people who do not have the resources to meet their basic needs.
Minnesota State Retirement System - Provides retirement, survivor, and disability benefits for employees of the State of Minnesota.
State Register - Weekly publication of the State of Minnesota which includes official notices, executive orders, contracts, state grants and loans, and a summary of rulemaking.
dmoz.org /Regional/North_America/United_States/Minnesota/Government   (974 words)

 SNOM - Legislative
Minnesota State Legislature - Check out links to MN House and Senate information (including Email addresses), Legislation and Bill Status, Statutes and Rules, Schedules, and General Information.
The 2004 Minnesota Legislature passed House File No. 1763, which allows students to carry their prescribed Epi-Pen® with them to school.
allow paraprofessionals and assistants who are appropriately trained and supervised, in accordance with State law, regulation, or written policy, in meeting the requirements of this part to be used to assist in the provision of special education and related services under this part to children with disabilities.
www.minnesotaschoolnurses.org /legislative.html   (1351 words)

 MPR: Poll: Legislature and the Budget Surplus
The MPR poll was conducted February 25 - 28, 2000 by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, Inc. of Washington, D.C. A total of 641 registered Minnesota voters were interviewed by telephone.
Those interviewed were selected by the random variation of the last four digits of telephone numbers.
A cross-section of exchanges were utilized in order to ensure an accurate reflection of the state.
news.minnesota.publicradio.org /features/200003/07_pugmiret_legislaturepoll/poll.shtml   (356 words)

 Minnesota Voter Registration
For the political maps, state legislative district boundaries can be displayed by checking the appropriate box below the map image.
At a scale of about 5 miles, the number of voting age persons (by precinct) who did not vote in the 2004 election is displayed in purple boxes.
At a scale of about 5 miles, the number of voting age persons (by precinct) who did not vote in the 2000 election is displayed in purple boxes.
www.fairdata2000.com /MinnesotaAccess   (705 words)

At the meeting of the Electoral College on Dec. 13, 2004 Minnesota earned an asterisk when one of the 10 electors voted for John Edwards for president.
The state experienced a crush of activity in the closing weeks of the campaign.
Ventura, who has roiled Minnesota politics since his upset win in 1998, remained neutral in the presidential race.
www.gwu.edu /~action/2004/states/mn.htm   (363 words)

 State Legislatures: State and Local Government on the Net
States vary in their approach to putting their legislatures online.
Some have one page for the legislature as a whole, some have separate pages for the state senate and the state house of representatives or assembly, and some are unicameral.
Legislative auditors or analysts review and report on state agencies, their programs and policies objectively for accountability and fiscal responsibility with the goal of improving performance and saving taxpayer dollars.
www.statelocalgov.net /50states-legislature.htm   (181 words)

 Minnesota State Legislature Ready for Pharmacist's Conscience Clause Vote
Paul, MN (LifeNews.com) -- The Minnesota state House and Senate are both poised to take votes on bills that would establish a pharmacist's conscience clause in the state.
John Stevens, president of the Minnesota Pharmacists Association, likes the bill for that reason and told the St. Paul Pioneer Press, "It is critical that while protecting the ability of pharmacists to step away, patients are not abandoned."
Tom Emmer, a pro-life Republican, is the sponsor of the House version of the measure while Sen. Sheila Kiscaden, a Democrat who has a mixed voting record on abortion, is the Senate bill sponsor.
www.lifenews.com /state1593.html   (359 words)

 Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine > Home
The Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine is the licensing agency for veterinarians in the state of
and was established by the Minnesota Legislature in 1893.
The mission of the Board is to promote, preserve, and protect the public health, safety and welfare through the effective control and regulation of the practice of veterinary medicine.
www.vetmed.state.mn.us   (99 words)

 Minnesota North Star : Home
In a performance that shattered all previous records for foreign sales, Minnesota's manufactured exports soared to $4.2 billion in the second quarter of 2006, a gain of 22.2 percent (or $759 million) over the same period a year ago.
The Minnesota House of Representatives annual state fair poll is an informal, unscientific survey on a number of issues that have been discussed in prior legislative sessions and may be topics of debate again.
Minnesota traffic safety officials ask motorists to recommit to safe driving behavior to prepare as teen drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians return to the roads and back to school.
www.state.mn.us   (422 words)

 Minnesota House Committee Eliminates Funding for MPR
In a special session, the Minnesota Legislature approved state appropriations for MPR in the State Government Finance Bill.
We are pleased that the Minnesota State Legislature supports MPR with capital funds so we can provide News and Music throughout the rural parts of our state.
This partnership with the legislature will also contribute to Minnesota citizens by providing a more comprehensive and secure Emergency Alert System, a system that is considered one of the nations best because of MPR's relationship with the program.
access.minnesota.publicradio.org /features/0104_appropriations/index.shtml   (273 words)

 About the Minnesota Humanities Commission
The Minnesota Humanities Commission inspires people to learn, grow, and give to their communities by providing leadership, resources, and programs that advance the study of the humanities and enhance the work of schools, colleges, and cultural organizations throughout our state.
MHC is home to the Minnesota Center for the Book, an affiliate of the Library of Congress.
MHC receives financial support from private donors, corporations and foundations, the Minnesota State Legislature, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and income earned through publication sales, program fees, and facility rentals.
www.minnesotahumanities.org /About/about.htm   (339 words)

State Legislature: All 134 House seats and all 67 Senate seats were up.
Note: 64% of registered Minnesota voters showed up at the polls in 1996 compared to 49% nationally.
The last Republican presidential candidate to carry Minnesota was Richard Nixon, seeking re-election in 1972 against George McGovern.
www.gwu.edu /~action/states/mn.htm   (301 words)

Comstock then donated six acres of land and the next session of the Legislature appropriated $60,000 for the construction of Main Hall, which included classrooms, administrative offices and a library.
In 1921, the need for high school teachers led the state legislature to authorize to award bachelor’s degrees, renaming the school Moorhead State Teachers College.
President Roland Dille, the longest serving president in the history of Moorhead State (who oversaw the additions of Owens Hall, Nemzek Fieldhouse and Livingston Lord Library and the Center for Business to the campus), retired in 1994 after 26 years at the helm.
www.mnstate.edu /publications/history.html   (675 words)

 MBOTMA Calendar of Events
The following events are presented by MBOTMA and made possible in part by a grant provided by the Minnesota State Arts Board through an appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.
Friday and Saturday September 1 and 2, 2006, 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM, St Paul MN: Minnesota Flatpicking Guitar and Duet Championships, Heritage Stage of the Minnesota State Fair.
The best and brightest flatpicking guitarists and performing duos of Minnesota compete for a variety of prizes in several categories to be awarded by a panel of respected Minnesota music professionals.
www.minnesotabluegrass.org /calendar/index.html   (269 words)

 Minnesota: State and Local Government on the Net
Minnesota Lawyer - Call now for a legal consultation.
Minnesota Lawyers - Call our law firm today for an attorney to fight for your case.
Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer - Helping you connect to a Minnesota injury lawyer for your case.
www.statelocalgov.net /state-mn.cfm   (199 words)

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