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Topic: Missionary

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  ELCA Global Mission - Missionary Sponsorship Program
Missionary Sponsorship is not intended to compete with or be a substitute for financial contributions to the general mission support program of the ELCA.
Missionary salaries are governed by ELCA policies and no individual missionary will receive more or less salary by virtue of sponsorship.
Although these amounts represent total annual missionary support, sponsorships can be arranged for any amount a sponsoring congregation, group or individual choose to set as their pledge.
www.elca.org /missionarysponsorship   (296 words)

  Missionary - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A missionary is a propagator of religion, often an evangelist or other representative of a religious community who works among those outside of that community.
The English word "missionary" is derived from Latin, the equivalent of the Greek-derived word, "apostle".
Missionaries typically spend one to two months in the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, UT or in other MTCs throughout the world, studying scripture, learning new languages, and otherwise preparing themselves for the culture in which they will be living.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Missionary   (1593 words)

 Missionary position - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The missionary position is a common human sex position.
The man lies on his stomach on top of the woman, with head and feet aligned, his legs between her legs, and his groin at the same level as hers to facilitate penetration.
It is said that the name "missionary position" arose because this sex position was supposed to have been taught by Christian missionaries as the only "proper" sex position.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Missionary_position   (430 words)

 The Mission Station Missionaries Missionary Missions
Missionary deputation is often looked upon as "the pits," a horrible experience through which fledgling missionaries must pass in order to become "real missionaries." "If only we could avoid deputation," say some who claim that otherwise they would consider missionary service.
A missionary on deputation is not merely a trainee, an apprentice, or a "wannabee" missionary.
While a visiting missionary must be careful not to usurp the leadership role of the local pastor, he can give a boost to the pastor by showing his people why they ought to be giving financially to missions.
www.missionaries.org /ms/deputation/blessings.html   (1868 words)

 Ideas for Missionary Moms
We have 14 missionaries in the field and I have started a newsletter so that they can keep informed as to each others doings and so that we at home can be aware of and supportive of them.
As any missionary knows, especially those who are in a foreign land, you lose track of what is going on at home because of your spiritual growth and the change in culture.
And the missionaries thought it was a lot of fun to receive these items that they could use and not have to pack from one area to another.
www.larsonfamily.org /ideas.html   (9779 words)

 HeartCry Missionary Society - Home
Welcome to the website of HeartCry Missionary Society, the purpose of which is to clearly communicate the mission statement, ministries, doctrine, and principles of the HeartCry Missionary Society.
We are a missionary society with one great and overriding passion: that God’s Name be Great among the Nations (Malachi 1:11) and that the Lamb receive the full reward for His suffering (Revelation 7:9-10).
Although HeartCry recognizes the great importance of sending missionaries from the West to unevangelized peoples throughout the world, we believe that we are led of the Lord to support indigenous or native missionaries so that they might evangelize their own peoples.
www.heartcrymissionary.com   (431 words)

 Support Your Own Missionary
Your missionary may never know the one who sends his or her support - only that his or her needs are being met in answer to prayer.
Names and photos of the missionaries are sometimes supplied, but sending biographical information and worker reports outside the country can jeopardize the worker.
Sometimes missionaries with big hearts and small budgets take needy children into their own homes and raise them as their own children.
www.christianaid.org /sponsor.asp   (837 words)

 LDS Missionary Moms Page
To provide a space where Missionary Moms can share their ideas of what they are doing to sustain their missionaries while in the field.
We have a map of where our missionary is serving, a picture of the missionary, a clock that gives us the time where he is. We post letters, pictures as they come, etc. It helps to keep him in our thoughts.
The missionary writes to his family each week, and sometime during the month he may include a message to one of the missionaries that would be included in the newsletter.
www.larsonfamily.org /lds_missionary_mom.html   (447 words)

 Get Involved!: Missionary connections
The Missionary Relationships program office seeks to connect Global Ministries missionaries to congregations in UCC Conferences and Disciples Regions for mutual sharing and global mission education and involvement.
Each Global Ministries missionary is connected to at least one (and not more than three) UCC Conferences/Disciples Regions for the purpose of establishing an on-going two-way connection while the missionary is serving overseas.
The missionary seeks to engage the congregations of the Conference/Region in global mission education and involvement.
www.globalministries.org /involvement/mr.htm   (498 words)

 Catholic Culture : Document Library : Instruction on Missionary Cooperation
"The pilgrim Church is missionary by her very nature".[7] She received the mandate to carry on the universal Plan of salvation which springs, from all eternity, from the "source of love", that is from the charity of God the Father.
Missionary cooperation requires adequate coordination for it to be carried out in a spirit of ecclesial communion and in an ordered manner, and thus effectively attain its goal.
Mutual participation in missionary meetings, with exchange of experiences and initiatives, will be to the advantage of the Church's work of universal evangelization and will strengthen the bonds of communion and cooperation between the Holy See and the particular Churches, as well as among the ecclesial communities themselves, thus fostering missionary cooperation.
www.catholicculture.org /docs/doc_view.cfm?recnum=739   (4952 words)

 Lutheran Women in Mission - Home Page
The Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) is indeed, "Women in Mission." Women intentionally committed to involvement in mission-ministry.
This means that in each day of a woman's life, she knows that her Lord will give her opportunities to be His witness and serve Him through being a servant to others.
The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML), with a membership of over 250,000, is the official women’s organization of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.
www.lwml.org   (334 words)

 Technorati Tag: missionary   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Family Care Foundation Missionary If you are looking for a hassle-free way to support missionaries, FCF's broad-based family of missionary and charitable projects offers you an unique opportunity.
Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi Recently we were introduced to a new, amusing polemic by the missionaries, namely with regard to the word "ahad(un)".
Missionary Family Serving in Poland Paul and Sherilyn Hostetler are serving missionaries with pioneers in Poland.
technorati.com /tag/missionary   (581 words)

 World Christian Resource Directory - Missionary Care
He is an excellent listener and counselor and definitely has a heart to help missionaries grow, heal and continue in God's work in their home country or on the field.
Missionary Care Services is a branch of Southwest Counseling Associates in Littleton, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.
TFC is a missionary prep college and there are always missionaries on furlough or between assignments in residence on the campus.
www.missionresources.com /missionarycare.html   (1585 words)

 Missionary Christianity - A Muslim's Analysis
Both the missionary and the careless Muslim may believe that this Injeel is the same as the four gospels - the Biblical accounts of the life of Jesus.
The verse John 14:6 is used by the missionary with the vaguest of intentions.
But much of missionary literature suggests that Christian belief is built on the kind of evidence that could win a court case.
www.muslim-answers.org /ch-miss.htm   (7634 words)

 Victorian Missionary Periodicals
The missionary movement was the first of these movements to develop its own press, which was the largest religious press until it was surpassed by the temperance press in the mid-nineteenth century.
Most of the missionary press was the product of denominational missionary societies or of missionary societies serving a group of denominations.
While the basic function of the missionary press was to generate support for the missionary work, the periodicals also provided geographical and cultural information for the readers.
www.library.yale.edu /div/exhibit1.htm   (555 words)

 Church Marketing Sucks: Missionary Blogging
It used to be that missionary updates came during furloughs or Missionary Sunday or maybe the occassional letter.
But now you can keep tabs on a missionary 24/7, giving them the chance to connect with supporters back home, spread the word about current needs, and I'd imagine make the job of raising support easier.
Obviously not every jungle has wifi and a missionary still needs to be sensitive about what info they give out, but what an opportunity.
www.churchmarketingsucks.com /archives/2005/03/missionary_blog.html   (285 words)

 David Brainerd - Missionary Biographies - Worldwide Missions
Missionary to the American Indians in New York, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania.
Born in Connecticut in 1718, he died of tuberculosis at the age of twenty-nine in 1747.
By almost every standard known to modern missionary boards, David Brainerd would have been rejected as a missionary candidate.
www.wholesomewords.org /missions/biobrain.html   (674 words)

 Blessed Trinity Missionary Institute
To preserve the faith among people who are spiritually neglected and to develop a missionary spirit in the laity.
By their personal witness and transforming presence, members engage in various missionary activities that the Church wants, which are good and necessary, and have a note of abandonment about them.
The Blessed Trinity Missionary Institute is one branch of an apostolic family, who have been called by God to be missionaries in the Church.
www.secularinstitutes.org /a-btmi.htm   (366 words)

 How To Get Rid of Door-To-Door Missionaries   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The more sincere you appear, the more baffled the missionary will be: Answer the door with an automatic weapon and say "Allah be Praised!!!" and just see what happens.
A friend claims that when missionaries knock on her door, her first response is to ask for their address.
When they ask why she wants to know, she says it is so she can visit them to push her beliefs.
www.infidels.org /misc/humor/missionaries.html   (472 words)

 Missionary Apprentice Mentor Guidelines   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Attached are the "Guidelines for Missionary Apprentices" which is distributed to each Apprentice after their appointment.
It’s a wonderful opportunity to shape the life of a missionary who may someday follow you as a career person – perhaps even on your field (that’s our hope).
May God grant you a vision for the future of this Missionary Apprentice, and may He bless your life with the fruit of disciple-making.
apps.cmalliance.org /missions/serve/apprentice/mentor.htm   (1458 words)

 Sponsor A Missionary - Gospel For Asia
You can help today by supporting one missionary for $30 per month.
It takes from $90 and $150 to fully support a missionary, including family support and ministry expense.
After selecting a missionary, you can view your selections if you are sponsoring more than one.
www.gfa.org /gfa/sponsor   (63 words)

 The Missionary Cenacle Apostolate
Father Judge was the founder of the Missionary Cenacle Apostolate (lay missionaries); Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity (Sisters); Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity (priests and Brothers); and the Blessed Trinity Missionary Institute (vowed laity).
The Missionary Cenacle Apostolate was founded by Father Thomas A. Judge, C.M. The first meeting was held with five members in the Church of St. John the Baptist, Brooklyn, New York, on April 11, 1909.
MODERATORS: The Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity and the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity were entrusted by Father Judge with preserving the spirit of the Missionary Cenacle Apostolate.
www.mcenacle.org /mca/mca.htm   (3057 words)

 LDS Internet Resources from LDSFiles.com - Missionary
For parents of missionaries: Share your missionary's letters and photos with family and friends through a peronalized, easy-to-use website.
Missionaries, do you ever think about what happened to your trainer or the greenies you trained, did those you baptised stay faithful after you left and how about that golden family - did they ever join the church?.
Members, do you know the missionaries who taught your parents, and how about all those members you have worked with over the years, those you've played and prayed with.
www.ldsfiles.com /dir/Missionary   (1362 words)

 Emigre Fonts: Missionary
"Missionary alludes to a previous era, and is most similar to the vernacular lettering of the Celtic manuscripts of the Dark Ages, a period after the Romans left Britain.
In this sense this typeface is symptomatic of my desire to live in a neo-dark age, the New Dark Ages.
No portion of this document may be reproduced, copied or in any way reused without written permission from Emigre, Inc. Emigre is a registered trademark of Emigre Graphics.
www.emigre.com /EF.php?fid=106   (186 words)

 WMU: Woman's Missionary Union - Missions Education, Resources and Ministries
Founded in 1888, Woman's Missionary Union is an auxiliary of the Southern Baptist Convention that seeks to equip adults, youth, children and preschoolers with missions education to become radically involved in the mission of God.
Headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., WMU is a nonprofit organization that offers an array of missions resources including conferences, ministry ideas and models, volunteer opportunities, curriculum for age-level organizations, leadership training, books and more.
Disclaimer WMU, SBC, strongly urges parents to monitor children's usage of the Web.
www.wmu.com   (404 words)

 William Carey - Missionary Biographies - Worldwide Missions
Carey was born in a small thatched cottage in Paulerspury, a typical Northamptonshire village in England, August 17, 1761, of a weaver's family.
There were no missionary societies and there was no real missionary interest.
He had seen India open its doors to missionaries, he had seen the edict passed prohibiting sati (burning widows on the funeral pyres of their dead husbands), and he had seen converts for Christ.
www.wholesomewords.org /missions/biocarey.html   (816 words)

 Call Committee
On Pentecost Sunday, 23 May 1999, the congregation voted to extend a call to Rev. Pieter Oberholzer as our missionary to the lesbian and gay community of Cape Town, South Africa.
Oberholzer that, if it would further support his ministry, St. Francis might be interested in calling him as a missionary.
In early May, as Rev. Oberholzer was about to leave on a speaking tour of the United States, he received an invitation to preach at a Dutch Reformed congregation in Cape Town.
www.st-francis-lutheran.org /pieter.html   (1387 words)

 Welcome to First Year Missionary Program - College age Mission Trips - a Ministry of Adventures In Missions
Or, yielding to the call to missions and being surrounded by the peace that passes all understanding -- even if it means living a life of sacrifice.
A First Year Missionary (FYM) is a college-aged Christian, age 18-24, who devotes a year (9 months or 2 college semesters) learning how to become a more effective disciple of Christ through a missions year.
First Year Missionaries are immersed in both local culture and the missionary lifestyle as you serve Jesus Christ in places like the Dominican Republic, England, Kenya, Mexico, Native America, New Zealand, Philadelphia, South Africa, or Swaziland.
www.fymissions.com /a/fym   (295 words)

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