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Topic: Mississippi Legislature

  Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Mississippi Legislature
It is bounded by Mississippi, with the Mississippi R. forming about half of the border (E), the Gulf of Mexico (S), Texas (W), and Arkansas (N).
It is bordered by Tennessee and Mississippi, across the Mississippi R. (E), Louisiana (S), Texas and Oklahoma (W), and Missouri (N).
It is bounded by the Mississippi R., across which lie Wisconsin and Illinois (E); Missouri (S); Nebraska and South Dakota, from which it is separated by the Missouri and the Big Sioux rivers, respectively (W); and Minnesota (N).
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Mississippi+Legislature   (1325 words)

 Mississippi IHL - Mississippi's Universities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
After Congress passed the Morrill Land-Grant Act in 1862, the Mississippi Legislature in 1871 used funds generated through the Morrill Land-Grant Act to establish Alcorn University for the education of African-American youth, and it became known as Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College in 1878.
It was created by the Mississippi Legislature on February 28, l878, to fulfill the mission of offering training in "agriculture, horticulture and the mechanical arts without excluding other scientific and classical studies, including military tactics." The college received its first students in the fall of l880.
Mississippi Valley State University was created by the Mississippi Legislature as Mississippi Vocational College in 1946.
www.ihl.state.ms.us /universities.html   (1467 words)

 Tobacco State Settlement: Mississippi
Mississippi's tobacco prevention program, run by the Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi, has been highly successful at reducing youth smoking rates despite the fact the state has the third lowest cigarette tax (18 cents per pack) in the country and lacks a statewide smoke-free workplace law.
Background: Mississippi was the first state to reach a settlement with the tobacco industry in July 1997, prior to and separate from the November 1998 multi-state settlement agreement.
Mississippi received funding for and launched a tobacco prevention pilot program, and the tobacco industry agreed to pay the state an initial block payment of $170 million in 1997 and annual payments thereafter.
www.tobaccofreekids.org /reports/settlements/state.php?StateID=MS   (1100 words)

 A Contested Presence   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
With the passage of an 1822 law, the legislature became directly involved in slave emancipation for the purpose of limiting the state’s free fl population.
Mississippi’s laws required every fl of free status to appear before the local court to give evidence of his or her freedom.
The laws of Mississippi that required free fls to confine most of their public activities to urban areas were a major factor in free persons of color becoming city dwellers.
mshistory.k12.ms.us /features/feature4/freeblacks.html   (2435 words)

 WTOK | Mississippi Legislature   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
There are four weeks to go in the legislative session, and Mississippi legislators are hard at work trying to get several laws passed.
Mississippi has some of the strictest abortion laws in the country.
Where the Governor and the Legislature disagree is on the Cigarette Tax bill.
www.wtok.com /news/headlines/2411146.html   (367 words)

 State Politics & Policy | Mississippi Legislature Approves Bill Limiting Awards in Medical Malpractice Lawsuits - ...
Mississippi Gov. Ronnie Musgrove (D) yesterday signed a bill that would cap awards in malpractice lawsuits against physicians, hospitals and nursing homes, the AP/Memphis
The Mississippi Legislature on Monday approved the compromise legislation, ending a "month-long standoff" between House and Senate negotiators.
Many insurers have left Mississippi, causing malpractice premiums to rise "dramatically" and some doctors to end their practices.
www.kaisernetwork.org /daily_reports/rep_index.cfm?DR_ID=13932   (180 words)

 Mississippi Legislature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Mississippi Legislature is comprised of the Mississippi House of Representatives and the Mississippi Senate.
The state Constitution permits the legislature to establish by law the number of Senators and Representatives, up to a maximum of 52 Senators and 122 Representatives.
Current state law sets the number of Senators at 52 and Representatives at 122.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mississippi_Legislature   (237 words)

 1999 Mississippi Legislature
A Library Grant Program bill providing libraries across the State of Mississippi with 10 million dollars for construction, remodeling, and technology was signed by Governor Kirk Fordice on April 16th.
The proposal submitted by the Iuka Library requests pavement of our lower parking lot, directional ceiling signage, sign for the front of the library, computers and furniture for the children's department and new flooring in the restrooms and the library.
The bill to improve libraries in Tishomingo County and the State of Mississippi was wholeheartedly supported by Representative Ricky Cummings and Senators John White and Travis Little.
www.nereg.lib.ms.us /Iuka/newsletter/May1999/page8.html   (133 words)

 MISSISSIPPI LEGISLATURE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
AN ACT TO ESTABLISH A MISSISSIPPI BLUES COMMISSION TO DEVELOP A PLAN TO (1) There is hereby created the Mississippi Blues Commission, hereinafter referred to as the "commission," to be in existence for the period from July 1, 2004, to July 1, 2008.
The texts for the Mississippi Blues Trail markers shall be approved by the commission.
The Mississippi Department of Transportation shall cooperate with the commission by erecting and maintaining the markers that have been approved by the commission.
www.blueshighway.org /commissionlegislation.htm   (1054 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Page: Lost Legends (Half Measures)
  The Mississippi state legislature removed fractions and decimal points from the mathematics curriculum of public secondary schools.
Jackson, MS -- Bolstered by the state of Kansas' recent measure removing the requirement for the teaching of evolution in public schools, yesterday afternoon the Mississippi legislature passed a bill eliminating fractions and decimal points from the mathematics curriculum of all public secondary schools in the state.
Judith Sutpen, chairperson of the Mississippi Senate Education committee, defended the legislature's action against charges that it was motivated by "controversial religious beliefs."
www.snopes.com /lost/fraction.htm   (331 words)

 Mississippi School Choice
Mississippi offers interdistrict public school choice with the consent of the sending and receiving school boards[1].
Mississippi Legislature, 1997 Regular Session, H.B. Center for Education Reform, "Charter School Legislation: Profile of Mississippi's Charter School Law," 2001, at http://edreform.com/charter_schools/laws/Mississippi.htm.
Mississippi Legislature, 2005 Session, H.B. 238, available at http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/documents/2005/html/HB/0200-0299/HB0238SG.htm; and Center for Education Reform, Newswire, April 26, 2005.
www.heritage.org /Research/Education/Schools/mississippi.cfm   (1152 words)

Mississippi law requires that a County Veterans Service Officer be an honorably discharged veteran with wartime or police action military service or be the surviving spouse or child of such veteran.
Any legal resident of the State of Mississippi, who is a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor and the unmarried surviving spouse of such person is privileged to obtain annually, one (1) motor vehicle license plate or tag for a private passenger motor vehicle or pickup truck in the county of his residence.
Any legal resident of the State of Mississippi who was a prisoner of war and the unmarried surviving spouse of such person is privileged to obtain annually one (1) motor vehicle license plate or tag for a private passenger vehicle or pickup truck in the county of his or her residence.
www.vab.state.ms.us /booklet.htm   (2189 words)

 State Legislature   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
It is not completely ineffective, but the increase of Republicans in the legislature has caused bickering and disagreements on a number of issues.
The legislature is hybrid in nature and moderately "sick".
However, the professionalization of the legislature itself appears to be less of a factor in its degree of sickness..
www.skidmore.edu /~j_damon/state_legislature.htm   (170 words)

 Mississippi. Legislature. House of Representatives. Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of ...
The Convention of the people of Mississippi, called at your late session, passed an Ordinance of Secession on the ninth day of January, A. 1861, a copy of which is herewith transmitted, marked A. Florida followed with her Ordinance of Secession on the 10th.
It is with pride and pleasure that I have further to inform the Legislature, that all citizens on whom I have called to aid me in the purchase of arms and ammunition, have gone wherever I requested, and performed any service I required, without asking or accepting fee, or reward for their services.
George R. Fall, a commissioner deputed by the authorities of the State of Mississippi, to the State of Arkansas, to inform the people of this common-wealth of the action taken by the legislature of said State, touching the present threatening relations existing between the Northern and Southern States of the Union.
docsouth.unc.edu /imls/msjan61/msjan61.html   (10989 words)

 State symbols
Found in all sections of Mississippi, the cheerful Mockingbird was selected as the official State Bird by the Women's Federated Clubs and by the State Legislature in 1944.
In 1935, the Director of Forestry started a movement by which to select a State Tree for Mississippi, to be selected by nomination and election by the school children of the State.
Mississippi boasts more than a million acres of prime game habitat in 36 state wildlife management areas and National Wildlife Refuges open for public hunting, including marshy waterfowl havens.
www.its.state.ms.us /et/portal/MSSymbols/symbols.htm   (474 words)

 Univ. of Mississippi Law Library - Mississippi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Mississippi Codes: An Address by R.H. Thompson-- An address given delivered at the annual meeting of the Mississippi State Bar Association, Biloxi, Mississippi, May, 1926 on the early Mississippi Codes 1799-1917.
Mississippi State Attorney General -- Includes AG opinions (searchable, but not browsable) from 1979 to the present, information on consumer protection, and news.
U.S. District Court for the Northern District Of Mississippi.
library.law.olemiss.edu /library/state/ms.shtml   (453 words)

Information in the possession of, filed with or obtained by the Secretary of State in connection with any investigation or examination under this act shall be confidential and exempt from the requirements of the Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983.
No such information may be disclosed by the Secretary of State, or any of his officers or employees, unless necessary or appropriate in connection with a particular investigation or proceeding under this act or for any law enforcement purpose.
Sections 75-63-1, 75-63-3, 75-63-7, 75-63-9, 75-63-11, 75-63-13, 75-63-15, 75-63-17, 75-63-18, 75-63-19, 75-63-21 and 75-63-23, Mississippi Code of 1972, which regulate the sales of cemetery merchandise and funeral services, are hereby repealed.
www.msfuneralboard.com /Preneedlaw.html   (2605 words)

 Mississippi Democrats
Mississippi's youth smoking declines far outpace the nation as a whole.
Given the current state of utilities, the encroaching winter days and skyrocketing energy costs, it seems logical that the coast would be well-served to have someone in place to regulate and assist the energy companies.
Mississippi electric companies requested millions from state lawmakers Wednesday hoping to minimize anticipated rate increases in the wake Hurricane Katrina.
www.msdemocrats.net /blog.htm   (3318 words)

 Navy Honored by Mississippi Legislature for Katrina Work
- The Mississippi state legislature has honored Mississippi Gulf Coast-based Navy commands for their service to their communities in the Hurricane Katrina evacuation and relief effort.
“This was very special to us [in the Legislature],” Cuevas said of the resolution before he read it at the surprise presentation ceremony at Stennis.
Hurricane Katrina stormed ashore on the Mississippi Gulf Coast Aug. 29, leaving an unprecedented path of destruction from east Louisiana to Mobile Bay.
www.military.com /features/0,15240,95563,00.html   (301 words)

 American Civil Liberties Union : ACLU Applauds Defeat of Abortion Ban in Mississippi
The ban, which Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour said he would have signed into law had it passed, came only weeks after a similar abortion ban became law in South Dakota.
The bill, which failed to pass last night after Senate and House negotiators were unable to reach an agreement, would have outlawed abortion in Mississippi, a state that is already failing when it comes to protecting access to reproductive health care.
Ninety-eight percent of counties in the state are without an abortion provider, and in a recent report by the Guttmacher Institute, Mississippi ranked 30th in the nation in its efforts to help women avoid unintended pregnancy.
www.aclu.org /reproductiverights/abortion/24767prs20060328.html   (436 words)

 State Watch | Mississippi Legislature Approves Bill That Would Eliminate Medicaid Coverage for 65,000 - ...
Mississippi Legislature Approves Bill That Would Eliminate Medicaid Coverage for 65,000 - Kaisernetwork.org
Mississippi Legislature Approves Bill That Would Eliminate Medicaid Coverage for 65,000
The Mississippi House and Senate on Friday passed a bill -- by votes of 82-32 and 43-8 respectively -- that would remove 65,000 people from Medicaid, the AP/Memphis
www.kaisernetwork.org /daily_reports/rep_index.cfm?hint=3&DR_ID=23655   (249 words)

 "Fair Value" Is Redefined By the Mississippi Legislature   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
This right to dissent is provided to enable qualifying minority shareholders (who meet the statutory requirements of dissent) to invoke an appraisal remedy to receive the fair value of their shares.
Senate Bill 2805 was recently approved by the legislature of the State of Mississippi, signed by the Governor, and becomes effective July 1, 2000.
The new statutory definition of fair value in Mississippi is the kind of guidance that can help clarify the meaning of fair value in statutory proceedings, and for corporations and their shareholders.
www.mercercapital.com /Publications/elaw/archive/elaw0006.htm   (2997 words)

The 2005 Mississippi Legislature, which opens Tuesday, faces budget troubles that have been building since 2000.
Both the Legislature and governor are preaching the same message.
The last official vestiges of closed government in the Mississippi Legislature are on the verge of being wiped away.
www.djournal.com /pages/legislature04.asp   (928 words)

 JURIST Search Results - mississippi legislature ...
Mississippi abortion ban bill fails as legislators miss deadline for compromise
[JURIST] The Mississippi Legislature [official website] failed to reach a compromise on an abortion ban bill [text] before a Monday night deadline, preventing it from becoming law during the current legislative session.
Mississippi legislature reconvenes to take up Katrina relief bills
jurist.law.pitt.edu /jurist_search.php?q=mississippi+legislature+...   (109 words)

 ATRA :: ATRA Applauds Mississippi Legislature for Passing Business Liability Bill
The Mississippi special session on business liability reform concluded today and Governor Musgrove is expected to sign H.B. No. 19 into law.
“In passing this bill, the legislature is putting its foot down on personal injury lawyers who abuse the civil justice system,” said ATRA President Sherman Joyce.
The Mississippi Legislature has, in proposing the caps, followed the holdings of the Supreme Court of the United States in establishing reasonable limits.
www.atra.org /show/7495   (251 words)

 WTOK | Odd Proposals Before Mississippi Legislature   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The Mississippi legislature is gearing up for its next session which begins in just over a week.
There will be some interesting bills to come before the state legislature.
Among the odd proposals to be presented are bills to prevent hotels from renting by the hour, a ban on motorized vehicle form sidewalks, a bill to require twice as many restrooms in state buildings and one to prevent false fingernails from begin worn by people who prepare food.
www.wtok.com /news/headlines/597512.html   (100 words)

 EP&P Consulting, Inc.: Mississippi Legislature
The Mississippi Joint Legislative Committee on PEER hired EP&P to conduct an independent review of Medicaid expenditures, policies and practices.
The review was motivated in part by the unprecedented growth in Mississippi’s Medicaid expenditures.
Analysis of the Mississippi Medicaid Program - Report II (392 kb, PDF) An independent review of Mississippi`s Medicaid program expenditures, policies and practicies.
www.eppconsulting.com /client_detail.asp?id=56   (147 words)

 Mississippi Government | The Official State Web Site of Mississippi
Learn about the history, members and activities of the state legislature.
Visit the elected officials who represent Mississippi in Washington.
Locate interesting facts and figures about Mississippi and about the state's economy.
www.mississippi.gov /ms_sub_template.jsp?Category_ID=2   (136 words)

 The Body: Hundreds of Bills Filed in Face of Deadline at Mississippi Legislature
Hundreds of bills have been filed in an attempt to meet a Monday deadline to submit proposals to the Mississippi Legislature.
Among the proposals submitted are efforts to change marriage license procedures to eliminate Mississippi's three-day waiting period and required blood test.
The requirements date back to 1958, when the state made its marriage laws more restrictive.
www.thebody.com /cdc/news_updates_archive/jan22_02/mississippi.html   (337 words)

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