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Topic: Mitsubishi Corporation

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  Al Shindagah
Mitsubishi Motors finally became an independent company in 1970 when the automobile division was spun off from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, producing cars, trucks and busses and floated in 1988.
Mitsubishi Internal Combustion Engine Co., Ltd. was established in 1920 to manufacture aircraft engines and was renamed the Mitsubishi Aircraft Co. in 1928, before being merged with Mitsubishi Shipbuilding in 1934 to create Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI).
Mitsubishi finally achieved annual production of one million cars in 1980 as it continued to grow internationally and in 1982, the Mitsubishi brand was finally introduced to the American market.
www.alshindagah.com /december2006/MITSUBISHIcorp.html   (562 words)

  Encyclopedia: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 racing Japanese Mitsubishi GTO patrol car The Mitsubishi GTO was originally launched in 1970 as a part of the Colt Galant family (therefore it was called Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO) In 1991 Mitsubishi developed a sport coupe to compete in the $40,000 class with the...
The Mitsubishi Shogun 2800, as seen in the United Kingdom The Mitsubishi Pajero, known as the Mitsubishi Montero in North America and Spanish-speaking countries, and as Mitsubishi Shogun in the United Kingdom, is an SUV built by the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.
Mitsubishi Motors uses a simple four-digit naming scheme for its automobile engines: The first digit signifies the number of cylinders The second is the fuel type; G for gasoline The third is the engine family The fourth is the engine model The first digit is sometimes omitted, shifting the...
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Mitsubishi-Motors-Corporation   (4118 words)

 Mitsubishi International Corporation - Network - Subsidiaries & Affiliates
Amfine Chemical Corporation was incorporated in March 1994 as a joint venture of Asahi Denka Kogyo, Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi International Corporation.
MIC Capital was established in 2001 by Mitsubishi International Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation to handle private equity investments in the Americas, both to generate financial returns as well as for the sake of the strategic benefits to its parent companies.
It was established in 1981 as a subsidiary of MIC and parent Mitsubishi Corporation.
www.micusa.com /network_subsidiariesandaffiliates.shtml   (1982 words)

 Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia
Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a joint-venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and Edaran Otomobil Nasional Berhad (EON) and is the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi Motors passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Malaysia.
Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Sdn Bhd was established in Malaysia on 29 January 2005.
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s principle is to fulfill its corporate responsibility to society, act with integrity and fairness towards consumers and to promote international understanding through trade.
www.mitsubishi-motors.com.my /about_us/company_profile.asp   (226 words)

 IBM case study on Mitsubishi Corporation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Mitsubishi Corporation (hereafter, “Mitsubishi”) is the largest conglomerate in the world, whose global business includes offices at 36 locations within Japan and 115 locations overseas.
Mitsubishi has a slogan of “supplying just the necessary products and services in the necessary places”, which it applies to everything from fuel, steel, machinery, and chemical products, to everyday clothing products and convenience stores, to communication satellites.
Mitsubishi is setting up a new business model named “.Commerce” (“dot commerce”) to unify the global distribution and sales networks, financial institutions, and IT that have already been developed.
www-306.ibm.com /software/success/cssdb.nsf/CS/KMAY-5GFMH9?OpenDocument&Site=wssoftware   (1126 words)

 Mitsubishi International Corporation - Mitsubishi Chicago   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Mitsubishi have just celebrated twenty five years in America, from being, “what is a Mitsubishi”, to being a respected automobile manufacturer is not so difficult when the manufacturer is offering a great range of cars, pick ups and SUVs.
Mitsubishi are continually evaluating and developing their range of vehicles, whether it’s on the racetrack, via the world rally championships or events such as the Paris Dakar rally raid.
Mitsubishi are not just manufacturers of an excellent range of vehicles; their products cover a wide sphere of operations such as banking, chemicals, construction, electrical goods, heavy plant, and almost everything that goes into making a vehicle from rubber to steel, from paper to glass and textiles to leather.
www.mitsubishichicago.com   (325 words)

 Full Text of the Mitsubishi/Merrill Lynch Complaint and Settlment Order
Mitsubishi, Merrill Lynch, Country Hedging and Soule each consent to the use of the findings contained in this Order in this proceeding and in any other proceeding brought by the Commission or to which the Commission is a party.
Mitsubishi, through the Produce Department of its Foods Division, is, among other things, engaged in the business of purchasing and selling cash grains throughout the world and, in connection therewith, trades wheat futures on the Minneapolis Grain Exchange ("MGE") and other exchanges in the United States.
Mitsubishi's orders were structured with the intent to negate risk by eliminating or sharply reducing the risk of loss.
www.cftc.gov /opa/enf97/opafinalord.htm   (3956 words)

 Global Information Infrastructure Commission - Commissioners
Mitsubishi Corporation handles a huge array of goods and services, ranging from tea to telecommunications.
Mitsubishi is also working to solidify its global network through investments in more than 60 countries.
Mitsubishi Corporation formed the Information Systems and Services Group (ISS) as one of its strategic business groups in June 1987 to respond to the growth of the information-based society, to benefit from the deregulation of Japan's information and communications industries, and to streamline operations in the aerospace market.
www.giic.org /commissioners/corp/mitsubishi.asp   (305 words)

 Mitsubishi Corporation Singapore Branch
Mitsubishi, which means three diamonds is synonymous with a diverse group of companies engaging in wide spectrum of business activities.
Incorporated on 17th November 1955, we are a branch office of Mitsubishi Corporation, Tokyo which is one of the largest and most diverse enterprise in the world with more than 600 subsidiaries and affiliates.
Mr Kitagawa was appointed as General Manager of Mitsubishi Corporation, Singapore Branch on 13 June 2006.
www.mitsubishi.com.sg   (118 words)

 Mitsubishi International Corporation - Newsroom - Events Calendar
Mitsubishi International is one of the 23 prime contractors who have been invited to participate in the event.
Mitsubishi International Corporation (MIC) joined parent Mitsubishi Corporation and optical fiber manufacturer Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd., to exhibit at this trade show, which focuses on how optical fiber is used in the computer, networking, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial controls, aerospace, telecommunications and home networks.
Mitsubishi Corporation is committed to a vision of sustainability for its operations and the physical and social world these operations impact.
www.mitsubishicorp-us.com /newsroom_eventscalendar.shtml   (5608 words)

 Business Wire: eccelerate.com and Mitsubishi Corporation Join Forces to Power Global B2B e-Commerce
Mitsubishi Corporation has been appointed a premier global distribution affiliate of eccelerate.com products and services and will collaborate with eccelerate.com in developing localized products for the Japanese market.
Mitsubishi Corporation and eccelerate.com will also team up to integrate the eccelerate.com products in the Japanese market in an effort to develop localized product offerings to facilitate and enhance B2B e-commerce in Japan.
Mitsubishi Corporation is one of the world's largest general trading enterprises.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_1999_Dec_21/ai_58327860   (866 words)

 Rainforest Activists in Six U.S. Cities Coordinate Actions Against Environmental Destroyer! - Rainforest Action Network ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Mitsubishi corporate activities lay waste to thousands of square miles of forest, and contribute to the destruction of native rainforest cultures.
Mitsubishi Corporation's Alberta Pacific Chlorine Bleach Kraft mill is the largest wood pulp processor in the world, running around the clock to process 300 truckloads of trees a day.
Mitsubishi Bank is the world's largest bank, with over $800-billion in assets; and when Mitsubishi-owned Bank of California and Union Bank merge today it will create the fourth-largest bank in California, with over $25-billion in assets.
www.ran.org /news/newsitem.php?id=251&area=home   (634 words)

 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation -- Company History
Mitsubishi had entered the region in the 1970s by using the contacts of Mitsubishi Corporation, a trading company that was part of the informal Mitsubishi group of companies.
Mitsubishi's results were aided by strong sales of its recreational models such as the Pajero, whose sales leaped by 52 percent in the first half of the fiscal year.
Mitsubishi asserted its innocence, but also launched a probe into the scope of the cover-up and recalled about 620,000 cars and trucks for several of the reasons identified in the concealed complaints.
www.fundinguniverse.com /company-histories/Mitsubishi-Motors-Corporation-Company-History.html   (3692 words)

 Mitsubishi: Out Front in Nanotech
But thanks in part to the efforts of Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Chemical, and Frontier, Japan is well on its way to becoming the first nation with such protections, which could help inoculate its companies against a nanotech backlash.
In one collaboration, representatives of Mitsubishi Corporation and several other Japanese chemical companies and universities are in discussions with Japans Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry over what existing regulations might also be applied to fullerenes, and what new regulations might be needed to limit peoples and animals exposure to nanomaterials.
But Mitsubishi is fortifying the trust and the relationships that it will need in the future if fullerenes are to reach their potential.
www.technologyreview.com /articles/05/01/issue/herrera0105.asp   (724 words)

 IOMAI Corporation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Generally classified as a general trading company, Mitsubishi Corporation is engaged in a broad range of business including the information industry, fuels, metals, machinery, chemicals, food products, textiles, and materials.
Mitsubishi Corporation works closely with clients to develop new business through project coordination, sourcing of raw materials, capital investments, development of sales channels, etc. Based in Tokyo, company's more than 12,000 professionals serve clients through its global network.
Mitsubishi Corporation is constantly on the lookout for new sources of innovative technologies, applying its traditional strengths in promising new fields such as fine chemicals, including pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates.
www.iomai.com /news/press_release_mitsubishi.htm   (529 words)

 Yahoo! - Poet eSupplierWeb Chosen By Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Mitsubishi Chemical's PTX is operated for the benefit of all of the companies in the Mitsubishi Chemical group.
By implementing a single PTX across their group of companies, Mitsubishi Chemical is expecting to reap significant benefits in terms of reduced order processing costs, improved procurement responsiveness and tighter relations with their supplier community.
Mitsubishi Chemical's corporate principle, Good "Chemistry" for Tomorrow, expresses their unique stance—a forward-looking commitment and challenge to discover chemistry's new potentials while establishing and strengthening the interrelationships of people, society and nature.
www.x-solutions.poet.com /eu/articles/YahooFinance_20020402.htm   (806 words)

 Mitsubishi Corporation Releases First 3D Map for Mass Market
Mitsubishi Corporation Releases First 3D Map for Mass Market (Photos attached) Tokyo, Japan, Feb. 15, 2002 - (JCN Newswire) - Mitsubishi Corporation is pleased to announce the release of DiaMap, the first ever professional-quality three-dimensional digital mapping system to be priced for the mass market.
Mitsubishi Corporation Spatial Information Business Unit is ready to supply 3D digital mapping data of Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, a combined area of 25,000 square kilometers (6,178,000 acres).
Mitsubishi Corporation has selected the spatial data industry as a strategic area for investment and is determined to establish itself as a leading company in this area.
www.theautochannel.com /news/2002/02/15/035847.html   (860 words)

 Battelle News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
In a significant business commitment announced today, Mitsubishi Corporation has made a $15 million equity investment in the Silicon Valley-based Vitex Systems, Inc. Vitex, a spinoff of global technology development and commercialization giant Battelle, is developing a critical component that it believes will enable the next generation of commercial flat panel displays.
The Mitsubishi Corporation investment provides Vitex with the capital to continue its product and process development and pursue opportunities for its breakthrough technology.
Mitsubishi Corporation is one of the world's most diverse enterprises, being recognized as a leader in international business.
www.battelle.org /news/01/08-28-01VITEX.stm   (535 words)

 Ergonomic Technologies Corporation
Ergonomic Technologies Corporation is a privately held ergonomic consulting technology company founded in 1993 to scientifically address, from an ergonomics engineering perspective, issues related to productivity and quality in the workplace and associated problems in industrial and consumer product use.
Mitsubishi Corporation ranks as one of the world's largest and most diverse enterprises.
Mitsubishi International Corporation is Mitsubishi Corporation's wholly owned subsidiary in the United States.
www.ergoworld.com /home-news.htm   (418 words)

 CSRwire.com - News from Mitsubishi International Corporation: The Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa ...
The Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa (MCFEA), a UK registered charity, was established in 1992 to promote environmental conservation, education and research into the environment and poverty alleviation, through funding from Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan, and its U.K.-based subsidiary, Mitsubishi Corporation (UK) Plc.
The MCFEA’s sister charity, the Mitsubishi International Corporation Foundation (MICF), based in New York City, was established in 1992 with funding from Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan, and its U.S.-based subsidiary, Mitsubishi International Corporation.
Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is Japan's largest general trading company (sogo shosha) with over 200 bases of operations in approximately 80 countries worldwide.
www.csrwire.com /News/7714.html   (1008 words)

 McSpotlight on Mitsubishi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Mitsubishi Corporation (best known for its cars and electronics) is involved in importing large quantities of tropical rainforest timber into Japan.
A Mitsubishi Group subsidiary has, for the last 15 years, been clear-cutting huge areas of tropical rainforest in Sarawk to supply the Japanese market.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is listed as providing services for the nuclear industry, including; construction services, reactor cores, fuel handling equipment, plutonium supply, radioactive waste incinerators, reprocessing and water treatment.
www.mcspotlight.org /beyond/mitsubishi.html   (163 words)

 Business Wire: Pacific Corporate Group Confirms Agreement With Mitsubishi Corporation to Introduce Japanese Private ...
LA JOLLA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 22, 1999--In response to queries from the press, Pacific Corporate Group confirmed reports in the Japanese press that PCG has agreed to act as investment advisor to Mitsubishi Corporation in establishing a private equity fund-of-funds for Japanese institutional investors.
Mitsubishi plans to market the fund-of-funds through a newly-established securities subsidiary of its merchant banking department, which will begin operations April 1.
Companies in the Mitsubishi Group rank among the world's largest in the banking, insurance, automotive, electronics and heavy equipment industries, as well as Japan's largest ship builder, chemical company, non-ferrous metals producer and fossil fuel trading company, and Tokyo's largest land owner.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_1999_Feb_22/ai_53924924   (533 words)

 ipedia.com: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (in Japanese: 三菱自動車, in romaji Mitsubishi Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha) is a Japanese automobile company, manufacturing an extensive range of cars and trucks (see Fuso).
Mitsubishi has been engaged in a long-term venture with Chrysler (now DaimlerChrysler), assembling a series of cars and trucks for Chrysler brands since the early 1980s.
DaimlerChrysler has refused to buy more Mitsubishi stock than it already has, and the company is scrambling to develop more cars to both retake the youth market and compete with companies such as Toyota and Honda.
www.ipedia.com /mitsubishi_motors_corporation.html   (300 words)

 Mitsubishi Corporation
The first Mitsubishi company was a shipping firm launched in 1871 although it didn't take the name Mitsubishi Shokai until 1874.
Mitsubishi was the first producer of aircraft engines in Japan.
Mitsubishi produced both aircraft and engines for the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy through World War II.
www.shanaberger.com /mitsubishi.htm   (117 words)

 Mitsubishi International Corporation - Newsroom - News
Mitsubishi International Corporation is a presenting sponsor of Kiku: The Art of the Japanese Chrysanthemum, the most elaborate flower and cultural exhibit ever presented by the New York Botanical Garden, scheduled to open October 20, 2007.
Mitsubishi Corporation has decided to contribute $100,000 in disaster relief aid in response to the devastating earthquake that struck Central Java, Indonesia on May 27.
Mitsubishi International Corporation has worked closely with SES since its establishment in 2002, and expects to continue to support the company as it completes initial preparations for developing the new terminal.
www.mitsubishiusa.com /newsroom_news.shtml   (4034 words)

 Mitsubishi - Top Speed
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announced today that it is to bring forward the introduction of a next-generation 2.0-liter class diesel engine to the European market where demand for such engines is growing.
Mitsubishi has said that the production car will be 95 percent the same as the one on show at Geneva, save for a few minor details on the bonnet and behind the wheel, so it seems as though Mitsubishi has given up on (...)
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation today announced the Japanese market launch of the fully redesigned Delica D:5, a minivan that delivers monobox roominess and utility together with high levels of performance and stability in on- and off-road driving.
www.topspeed.com /cars/mitsubishi/index68.html   (1600 words)

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