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Topic: Mixed economy

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Mixed economy
The term mixed economy was coined to identify economic systems which stray from the ideals of either the free market, or various planned economies and "mix" with elements of each other.
As it is unlikely that an economy will contain a perfectly even mix, mixed economies are usually noted as being skewed towards either private ownership or public ownership, toward capitalism or socialism, or toward a market economy or command economy in varying degrees.
Social market economy is the economic policy of modern Germany that steers a middle path between socialism and liberalism and aims at maintaining a balance between a high rate of economic growth, low inflation, low levels of unemployment, good working conditions, public welfare and public services by using state intervention.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Mixed-economy   (5860 words)

 Book Review - Dynamics of the Mixed Economy: Toward a Theory of Interventionism
Dynamics of the Mixed Economy: Toward a Theory of Interventionism,
April 1997), in which he argued that government interventions and regulations of market activity create imbalances and distortions in the economy that are counterproductive even from the intervenor’s own point of view but which often serve as the rationale for the interventions and controls to be extended over an increasing circle of market transactions.
The Fallacy of the Mixed Economy: An “Austrian” Critique of Conventional Economics and Government Policy.
www.fff.org /freedom/0797g.asp   (1150 words)

  World Economy, World Largest Economies
Dependency among the countries of the world economy have increased very fast giving birth a more economic relationship.
The performance of the world economy in the era of market friendliness have become more dynamic from time to time.
The area of the coverage on the countries include the key economic indicators, structure of the economy covering almost all the sectors, major exports and imports and performance of the economy in the international scenario.
www.economywatch.com /world_economy   (103 words)

 INDIA: Trillion Dollar Economy Status - Mixed Blessing
The Indian economy is currently one of the fastest growing in the world --it has grown by an annual rate of over 9 percent for two successive years and by an average of over 8 percent over the last four years, both for the first time since the country became politically independent 60 years ago.
While there is considerable concern among economists that the Indian economy is "over-heating" and that the benefits of economic growth have not been evenly distributed among all sections of the population, others are optimistic about the country's "growth story".
These are the segments of the economy that are now likely to be adversely impacted by the appreciation of the rupee.
www.ipsnews.net /news.asp?idnews=37590   (1167 words)

  Mixed economy information - Search.com
A mixed economy contains private ownership of the means of production, infrastructure, and institutions but may also contain state-ownership of some of these things.
The term mixed economy was coined to identify economic systems which stray from the ideals of either capitalism or various command economies and "mix" with elements of each other.
As it is unlikely that an economy will contain a perfectly even mix, mixed economies are usually noted as being skewed either toward capitalism or statism in varying degrees.
www.search.com /reference/Mixed_economy   (1309 words)

The "mixture" in a mixed economy is one of private enterprise and public-sector controls and supports, of capitalism and socialism.
The result is the mixed economy, offering government a voice in sustaining economic growth, while at the same time protecting people from the worst excesses of unfettered competition in the marketplace.
The mixed economy was alive and well during the 1980s, despite the wishes of supply-side economists.
www.referenceforbusiness.com /encyclopedia/Man-Mix/Mixed-Economy.html   (733 words)

 Capitalism, Socialism and mixed economy: definition and example
In a socialist economy, on the other hand, most of these decisions are made by citizens acting through the state, which co-ordinates and implements these decisions through central planning and command.
Nowadays, most economies are known as ‘mixed’ economies because, in reality, both market and state play a substantial role in them.
Within the mixed economies, the role of state in the former socialist economies is still significantly higher than in the other economies.
canadianeconomy.gc.ca /english/economy/capitalism_socialism.html   (193 words)

 What is Economy?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Economy, says one dictionary, is "thrifty management, frugality in the expenditure or consumption of money, materials, etc." Another says that it is "The management, regulation, and government of a household; especially, the management of the pecuniary concerns of a household.
Economy is the means for supplying the most pressing wants by careful husbandry in the employment of the elements that go into providing for them.
Economy can be deduced from the human action but only at the level of theory which admits that the heart has reasons of its own.
www.libertyhaven.com /theoreticalorphilosophicalissues/economics/economicissues/whatiseco.html   (4705 words)

 Mixed economy information - Search.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A mixed economy contains private ownership of the means of production, infrastructure, and institutions but may also contain state-ownership of some of these things.
The term mixed economy was coined to identify economic systems which stray from the ideals of either capitalism or various command economies and "mix" with elements of each other.
As it is unlikely that an economy will contain a perfectly even mix, mixed economies are usually noted as being skewed either toward capitalism or statism in varying degrees.
c10-ss-1-lb.cnet.com /reference/Mixed_economy   (1297 words)

 Mixed Economy Forges Ahead
At the just concluded forum on the diverse economy held in Shanghai, respected Chinese economist Xiao Zhuoji predicted that the "mixed economy" would probably soon become the driving force of China's fast growing economy.
The vitality of the mixed economy was widely recognized as the method to revitalize state-owned sectors, he said.
In China's economic powerhouse, Shanghai, the fixed asset investment of the state-owned economy from 1993 to 2001 rose by an annual average of 7.73 percent, while the figure for the mixed economy was 43.21 percent.
www.china.org.cn /english/2003/Jan/53427.htm   (456 words)

 Political Dictionary M   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Malthusian - refers to the theory of Thomas Malthus, an eighteenth century British clergyman and professor of political economy, whose Essay on the Principle of Population (1798) developed the theory that the world's population tended to grow faster than its food supply.
mixed economy - an economy in which elements from the free enterprise system are combined with elements of socialism.
Most industrial economies, now including those in the post-communist world, are mixed economies.
www.fast-times.com /dictionarym.html   (3471 words)

 Mixed Economy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Somewhere between the complete laissez-faire capitalism of the market economy and the strict central controls of the command economy lie the territories of the mixed economies.
In practice, every economy in the world is some form of a mixed economy, but there are vast differences between them in terms of how much of each economic theory they support.
Generally, however, mixed economies will have areas that are public (closest in principle to the command economy) and areas that are private (most similar to a market economy).
www.ucalgary.ca /~jwhunter/Social9/lesson25.htm   (305 words)

 Outline of the U.S. Economy
The United States is often described as a "capitalist" economy, a term coined by 19th-century German economist and social theorist Karl Marx to describe a system in which a small group of people who control large amounts of money, or capital, make the most important economic decisions.
As a result, the American economy is perhaps better described as a "mixed" economy, with government playing an important role along with private enterprise.
In this mixed economy, individuals can help guide the economy not only through the choices they make as consumers but through the votes they cast for officials who shape economic policy.
usinfo.state.gov /products/pubs/oecon/chap2.htm   (4208 words)

 mixed - Search Results - ninemsn Encarta
Mix, Tom (1880-1940), American film actor, director, writer, and producer, the first major star of the Hollywood Western.
Mixed Economy, market economy in which both the private sector and the public sector contribute to economic activity.
Inflorescence, term applied to flowers and associated structures and the specialized extension of the stem on which they are borne.
au.encarta.msn.com /mixed.html   (196 words)

 Beat the Press
While the case for pessimism is clear enough (crashing housing market leads to continued declines in housing related sectors, which are soon amplifed by falling consumption, as consumers lose the ability to borrow against homes that have lost value) the article does not make much of a case for optimism.
And if the economy tanks and takes the dollar with it, at least they'll be in a position to take advantage of the new, higher interest rates ASAP and preserve their capital in some ways.
I agree that the economy is not as good as the pure unemployment rate makes it seem, but it's not as bad as some of the growth #s look either.
www.prospect.org /deanbaker/2006/11/the_economys_mixed_signals.html   (1011 words)

 swissinfo - Swiss economy hears mixed messages
The Swiss economy is set to grow significantly more than previously thought, new figures from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development indicate.
However, growth will remain relatively vigorous, sustained by business investment and private consumption, which is likely to be boosted by dynamic job creation, while the economy's competitiveness will also stimulate exports, the report said.
Recent economic results, though encouraging, must not lead to complacency: potential growth needs to be strengthened, which requires the pursuit of reforms to stimulate competition and boost productivity, the OECD said.
www.swissinfo.org /eng/business/detail/Swiss_economy_hears_mixed_messages.html?siteSect=161&sid=7303636   (569 words)

 Overview of Economics—Getting Organized: Command, Market, and Mixed Economies
In a command economy, also known as a planned economy, the government largely determines what is produced and in what amounts.
In a mixed economy both market forces and government decisions determine which goods and services are produced and how they are distributed.
However, the government's influence in the economy stems from the amount of money (raised in the form of taxes and borrowings from the private sector) that it spends and, through various forms of welfare, redistributes.
www.infoplease.com /cig/economics/getting-organized-command-market-mixed-economies.html   (913 words)

 Mixed Economy - MSN Encarta
Norway as an example of a mixed economy
Mixed Economy, economy that operates partly under free-market principles, in which business ownership is in private hands and prices are set by supply and demand, and partly under government ownership or control.
U.S. economy as a mixed economy, see United States (Economy): U.S. Economic System
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761586517/Mixed_Economy.html   (125 words)

 FOXNews.com - Federal Reserve: Economy's Growth 'Mixed' - Economy
WASHINGTON — The economy continued to grow in the early fall despite a "widespread cooling" in the once-hot housing market, the Federal Reserve reported Thursday.
The latest snapshot of the economy, based on reports from the Fed's regional banks, will be used when central bankers next meet on Oct. 24-25 to consider what to do with interest rates.
The economy grew by just 2.6 percent in the second quarter, less than half the pace of the first three months of the year, as it was battered by soaring gasoline prices, rising interest rates and the cooling housing market.
www.foxnews.com /story/0,2933,220278,00.html   (412 words)

 Project Renaissance, Mixed Economy
In command economies, which are less responsive to or even unresponsive to changing wants and needs, unwanted goods pile up; providers of unwanted services go through the motions with their efforts wasted; all the while actual and even vital wants and needs go into shortage or are unmet altogether.
What makes a market economy "good," far more efficient than government command could ever be at immediately making the detailed adjustments of a million-and-one changing conditions which keep most people and resources usefully engaged at their best or near-best uses, is the Directory service provided by freely changing prices and wages.
We thus propose that such a "mixed economy" would, in fact, be far freer than the purer free market our ideologues are demanding, aside from whatever further gains in human freedom can be obtained by really effectively addressing some of those public needs which currently are not being well taken care of.
www.winwenger.com /mixedecon.htm   (4296 words)

 Myths of the Mixed Economy
Such a combination, he showed, is necessarily unstable, and our own mixed economy is tilting towards statism, with such regulatory disasters in the last few years as the Clean Air Act, the Americans With Disabilities Act, and the Civil Rights Act.
It is out of the millions of decisions of real people that the economy is created, and it is the job of the economist to understand and explain how that happens, not to encumber it.
It is the mixed economy itself that creates the demand for economic planners to run it.
www.lewrockwell.com /archives/fm/8-92.html   (1217 words)

 Mixed Economy
Abstract: Our hypothesis is that the combination of hunting, fishing, gathering, herding, and cash sectors of the economy continue to define the prevailing lifestyle of Arctic indigenous people.
A further hypothesis is that the persistence of a mixed economy is both a matter of necessity and choice.
To test this hypothesis, we will examine the importance of cultural values related to domestic and cash production, and examine the extent to which households with relatively high cash incomes nevertheless engage in significant domestic production.
www.iser.uaa.alaska.edu /projects/Living_Conditions/mixed_economy.htm   (137 words)

 Reid plans mixed economy in criminal justice system | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited
Reid plans mixed economy in criminal justice system
The home secretary, John Reid, has drawn up far-reaching plans to create "a true mixed economy" in the criminal justice system, including putting entire local probation services out for competition.
A "privatisation prospectus" quietly drawn up by the home secretary envisages a five-year programme of "competitions" during which £9bn-worth of probation and prison services - a quarter of the total spent - are to be offered to the private security industry and voluntary organisations.
www.guardian.co.uk /crime/article/0,,1871231,00.html   (857 words)

 The Ayn Rand Institute: The Mixed-Economy Monster
But for the past decade, while California's economy and power needs grew, environmentalists systematically blocked the construction of new power plants.
Enron's documents admit that it sometimes created the "appearance" of a shortage, but it was environmentalists who created the reality.
Aren't they the ones who want a "mixed economy," with a free market "balanced" by a host of regulations that ham-handedly manage its every move?
www.aynrand.org /site/News2?JServSessionIdr005=qw1h7upfg1.app14b&page=NewsArticle&id=7353&printer_friendly=1   (789 words)

 Map Spain
Spain's mixed capitalist economy supports a GDP that on a per capita basis is 80% that of the four leading West European economies.
A general strike in mid-2002 reduced cooperation between labor and government.
Map Spain Europe Travel and Tourism Growth was satisfactory given the background of a faltering European economy.
www.pictures-europe.com /map/map-spain.htm   (1888 words)

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