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Topic: Mizzenmast

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  Arctic Corsair - Mizzenmast   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The Mizzenmast on the Arctic Corsair is not a full mast stepped to the deck as is normal the case, rather it is mounted in a stool abaft of the funnel casing on the boat deck.
The Mizzenmast although quite sturdy is made of a relatively thin tubular steel.
Because of this, the Mizzenmast is guyed off with two sets of steel cables that anchor to eyelets that are welded to the boat deck.
www.arcticcorsair.f9.co.uk /corsair/in-depth/mizzenmast.htm   (361 words)

 Mizzensail Shkoat
The mizzensail shkoat had a length on the deck of 17 - 24 m, her breadth was 5 - 6.7 m, the hole depth was 3.4 - 4.6 m and her cargo capacity was 120 - 250 t.
The mizzenmast was considerably shorter than the first mast.
The mizzenmast had two yards: the lower yard - a mizzen yard, and the upper yard - a mizzen topgallant yard.
www.grinda.navy.ru:8101 /sailship/ship/shkruise.htm   (270 words)

 Rigging of American Sailing Vessels   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The bark is a three-masted vessel with the foremast and mainmast square rigged and the mizzenmast fore-and-aft rigged.
The mizzenmast carries no yards: there is a hoist-and-lower fore-and-aft sail and a gaff topsail.
The foremast is made in three spars in square rigging, but the main- and mizzenmast carry hoist-and-lower mainsails and gaff topsails of the schooner type.
www.pem.org /archives/guides/rigs.htm   (469 words)

 Announcement of the Launch of th
In addition to the main sails on each of the masts there are double topgallant staysails connecting the mizzenmast to the main mast and the main mast to the foremast.
These are also royal staysails between the mizzenmast and the main mast and the main mast and the foremast.
The foremast is 71 feet and the mizzenmast is 68 feet.
www.columbia.edu /~cg2119/announcement_pmg.htm   (1446 words)

 Yawl - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Yawl, class of fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel, having a mainsail farther forward than that of a sloop and a small mizzenmast abaft (astern of)...
The sail plan of a ketch consists, forward to aft, of staysail, jib, mainsail, and mizzensail, and that of a yawl consists of staysail, jib,...
Masts are commonly made of solid wood, notably on small sailing boats, but sometimes hollow wood or metal construction is employed.
uk.encarta.msn.com /Yawl.html   (122 words)

 Basic Sailing: Boat Types
A ketch has two masts, with the mizzenmast being the shorter of the two.
A yawl has two masts, with the mizzenmast much shorter and set aft of the rudder post.
In general, a mizzenmast is not used unless the boat is about 30 feet or longer.
www.scils.rutgers.edu /~elfox/types.html   (457 words)

 Penobscot Bay Historical Essays
The mizzenmast, as it is called, is behind the rudder post.
You will most likely be able to identiy one if you locate the steering wheel which is most often over the rudder post.
In the case of the ketch the mizzenmast is before the rudder post.
www.amorninginmaine.com /essay.html   (972 words)

 History of the Atocha
She had been built for the Crown in Havana in 1620 and was rated at 550 tons, with an overall length of 112 feet, a beam of 34 feet and a draft of 14 feet.
She carried square-rigged fore and mainmasts, and a lateen-rigged mizzenmast.
Only five -- three sailors and two slaves -- survived by holding on to the stump of the mizzenmast, which was the only part of the wrecked galleon that remained above water.
www.houstonjewelry.com /atocha/atochahj.html   (918 words)

vessel with a main- and a foremast, which was deprived of a mainsail on the mainyard and with the lower part of the mainmast rigged as a mizzenmast, was called a brig.
At the place of a usual mainyard there was a maintrysail (or a fore-and-aft mainsail), which had a gaff and a boom like a mizzenmast of a full-rigged ship.
However this sail was bigger in its dimensions than a usual mizzensail.
www.grinda.navy.ru /sailship/ship/brige.htm   (250 words)

 Mariella Loses Top Section of Mizzenmast In Rolex Transatlantic
The crewmembers on board Carlo Falcone's 67-year-old yawl from Antigua, spent their time putting in and taking out reefs as they were chased by lightning and 35-knot squalls.
The short mizzenmast on this Fife-built yacht was proving particularly troublesome, on one occasion its staysail tearing on the doghouse as it was rehoisted.
It was replaced by an older staysail, and this worked well until the halyard block at the top of the mast sheared off.
www.caribbeanracing.com /artman/publish/printer_671.shtml   (316 words)

 Military.com Content   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
A moment later, I heard a crashing jolt topside and was informed that our mizzenmast was shot away.
Guerriere's mizzenmast tumbled over her starboard rail, flinging the top men far out to sea.
The once-proud Guerriere was now a shapeless hulk drifting in the trough of the sea, but her flag still flew defiantly from the stump of her shattered mizzenmast.
www.military.com /Content/MoreContent?file=PRfrigate2   (1698 words)

 MTML Specification 1.0.0
Port, starboard, and mizzenmast are codes which define where text following the code will be placed in an MTML browser.
Mizzenmast is some kind of sailing term which sounds a lot like "middle" and is thus the equivalent of HTML
As we are somewhat unsure as to whether we have mixed up port and starboard, it may be considered fully MTML 1.0 compliant to randomly assign a left-or-right justification upon parsing either tag.
www.imho.com /dennisc/mtmlspec.html   (1265 words)

 What kind of ship is the Black Pearl
On the mizzen-mast, or the last mast, it is gaff-rigged; that is to say, the sails run along the length of the ship, instead of the width.
This one, however, is full-rigged, whereas the Lowe has a lanteen-sail on the mizzenmast.
It is seen that many galleons carried a lateen sail on the mizzenmast; if the Pearl does, it can't be seen.
www.kipar.org /piratical-resources/potc-black-pearl.html   (1208 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Guernsey | Green light for celebration mast
Planners have given the go-ahead for a replica of a 19th century mizzenmast to be erected on the Weighbridge roundabout in St Peter Port.
It is being built as part of this year's Sea Guernsey celebrations and the team behind the mast aim to have it in place by Liberation Day.
The dimensions of the structure are based on the mizzenmast of a 74-gun vessel commanded by Guernseyman Admiral James Saumarez, which was typical of the type of vessel seen in Guernsey waters in the 19th Century.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/europe/guernsey/4254573.stm   (239 words)

 elissa   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Tall ships are classified by the configuration of their sailing rig.
In ELISSA's case, she is a 'barque' because she carries square and fore-and-aft sails on her fore and mainmasts, but only fore-and-aft sails on her mizzenmast.
From her stern to the tip of her jibboom she measures 205 feet.
www.scafidiart.com /elissa.html   (385 words)

 Early American Sailing Ships
The mainmast and the mizzenmast are fore and aft rigged.
Usually the third mast (after) is called the mizzenmast.
A bark has square rigged sails on the foremast and mainmast, and the mizzenmast is fore and aft rigged.
www.keyshistory.org /ASS-Amer-Sail-Ships.html   (470 words)

The mizzenmast is stepped using 6 shrouds to the deck and a triadic stay from the tip of the mainmast to the tip of the mizzenmast.
With a friend of mine helping, I hooked the main halyard to the radar mount on the mizzenmast and by using guide ropes I was able to lower the mast.
While the mizzenmast was down I removed the radar mount.
members.tripod.com /~Bill_Ashenhart/repairs-2.html   (4467 words)

 The Laughing Vixen
The Laughing Vixen herself is a merchant ship or Carrack of a large size (160’ from fore to aft and 52’ width to the masthead).
She has a total of three masts (foremast, mainmast, rear or mizzenmast).
The mainmast has two cross booms with gaffheaded or quadrangular sails and the mizzenmast has one spar.
members.aol.com /MaegIin/vixen2.html   (1023 words)

 Ottoman Empire: Flags depicted in a Dutch chart - XIXth century   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The flag is red with a white crescent and star.
The flag is similar to the Admiral's flag, but with only the crescent and two stars, placed in the middle of the flag.
The flag is red with three white discs placed in a triangular pattern near the hoist.
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/tr-otto1.html   (677 words)

 Midshipmen Return to USS Constitution   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Midshipmen took a moment to sway gently in the narrow hammocks hanging from the rafters, and learned how to work as a team to fire the ship’s powerful cannons.
They donned safety harnesses and climbed the rigging of the ship’s 172-foot mizzenmast.
For a nation and a Navy that has become so technologically advanced, the visit to Constitution allowed the Midshipmen a virtual trip into the past.
www.military.com /features/0,15240,104833,00.html   (667 words)

 SwiftStarr - Terms
Mizzen Sail - The small aftermost sail on a ketch or yawl, set on the mizzenmast.
Mizzen Staysail - A small jib tacked down partway back from the headstay in this case off of the mizzenmast.
Yawl - Two-masted boat whose after mast, the mizzenmast, is shorter then the forward mast, the mainsail, and is located aft or the rudder post.
jove.prohosting.com /kaelie/SwiftStarr/terms.htm   (343 words)

By the end of the century, another boom was attached to the end of jib-boom, carrying the flying jib.
The lateen mizzen, which had survived almost unchanged from the 14th Century, was now cut and the portion extending in front of the mizzenmast removed, making it effectively a gaffsail.
Although the "surplus" portion of the mizzen yard was retained in larger ships, also it was removed after the mid-century and replaced by a gaff that was attached directly to the back of the mizzenmast.
www.greatgridlock.net /Sqrigg/fullrig.html   (843 words)

 Texas Seaport Museum > 1877 Tall Ship ELISSA > Seafaring Glossary M-Z   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Her mizzenmast has two sections: lowermast and topmast.
In fore-and-aft rig, it is the sail set above a gaff sail.
has both types: square upper and lower topsails on the foremast and mainmast, as well as a gaff topsail on the mizzenmast.
www.tsm-elissa.org /elissa-glossary_m-z.htm   (704 words)

 Sailboat - Background, History, Raw Materials, Design, The Manufacturing Process, Quality Control
The subclasses of sails are named for the pieces of rigging that support them or for neighboring gear.
A three-masted sailboat has a foremast, mainmast, and mizzenmast (toward the stem).
Two-masted vessels may have either a foremast and mainmast or a mainmast and mizzenmast, where the mizzenmast is the shorter of the two.
www.madehow.com /Volume-6/Sailboat.html   (3744 words)

 Property View -- 1 Mizzenmast Lane -- A vacation rental at Hilton Head, South Carolina.
Property View -- 1 Mizzenmast Lane -- A vacation rental at Hilton Head, South Carolina.
Mizzenmast offers everything you will need for a first-class getaway.
Disclaimer: All displayed information on this property is deemed reliable but vrAgent does not guarantee its accuracy.
www.vragent.com /rental/47880?tid=62   (578 words)

 Types of Sailboat Riggs, your online guide to Charleston, South Carolina
Ketch: A two-masted fore-and-aft-rigged sailing vessel with a mizzenmast stepped aft of a taller mainmast but forward of the rudder.
Pictured is the 23 meter ketch, Barbarossa, sailing in the islands of Malta.
Note how much smaller and further aft the mizzenmast is compared to the ketch.
www.charlestonarea.com /sailing_terms.htm   (479 words)

 Borders - Feature - John Paul Jones: Sailor, Hero, Father of the American Navy
The helmsman was barely able to steer the sluggish ship in the feeble breeze, but the Bonhomme Richard drifted toward the stern of the Serapis.
Jones scrambled up the ladder to the poop deck and made fast the line to the mizzenmast.
Jones was "astonished." He ordered his men to hang lanterns fifteen feet high in the shrouds of each mast and the commodore's private signal, two lanterns at the peak of the mizzenmast, so there would be no mistake if the Alliance deigned to rejoin the fray.
www.bordersstores.com /features/feature.jsp?file=johnpauljones   (4253 words)

 Linear Static Stress Analysis of a Mizzenmast Chain Plate - Software In Action
Linear Static Stress Analysis of a Mizzenmast Chain Plate
A chain plate, used to attach the mizzenmast rigging of a 98-foot ketch, was studied using plate elements.
The model was built by Hodgdon Yachts to ensure that the chain plate would not yield, fatigue or cause excessive stresses in the bulkhead when subjected to the mizzenmast rigging loads.
www.algor.com /products/analysis_replays/chainplate/default.asp   (84 words)

Of course, to complicate the matter, you'll run across numerous other terms for the way a ship is rigged.
Ship Rigged: square rigged on three masts Brig or Barq Rigged: square rigged on all but the mizzenmast.
Schooner or Sloop Rigged: Sails rigged fore and aft but sometimes carrying a square rigged top sail on the mainmast.
www.geocities.com /cutthroadisland/ShipDescrip.html   (1056 words)

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