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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  The Unchosen :: Mjolnir
Download and listen to our track Mjolnir and a few different remixes.
If you feel inspired by what you see we would love to see and post all artwork inspired by the Mjolnir track.
This is my second music video, I have used cutscenes from Halo and Halo 2, with the song Mjolnir by The Unchosen.
www.unchosen.co.uk /Mjolnir.asp   (304 words)

  Mjolnir   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Mjolnir (Miller), produced lightning bolts and was Thor's indispensable weapon against the enemies of gods and men.
Although Mjolnir could be the bringer of death, it was also a symbol of life and fertility in connection with Thor's influence over the rains and, by extension, good crops.
When Mjolnir was brought in and set on the bride's knees for the customary ritual consecration, Thor threw off the disguise, grabbed the hammer and used it to strike down Thrym and all the wedding party..
www.nastrond.net /mjolnir.html   (411 words)

 Mjolnir - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mjolnir is the most fearsome weapon in the arsenal of the Norse pantheon and is used to slay any challengers to Æsir supremacy.
Mjolnir may also mean fertility, the phallus that impregnates the earth.
At annual festivals reviving the Viking past – replete with rowdy feasts and brawls – the Mjolnir motif is apparent everywhere from the amulets worn to the hammer tattoos emblazoned on chests and biceps.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mjolnir   (1390 words)

 Mjolnir - MarvelDatabase
Eventually, Mjolnir was bequeathed to Thor, the son of Odin and Jord (also called Gaia), after he had proven himself worthy through several trials.
Although Asgard was destroyed in the latest and last Ragnarok event, it appears the hammer has survived as it was on Thor´s body.
The hammer is often used to manipulate various weather effects, and it is not limited to the effects of Earthlike atmospheres.
www.marveldatabase.com /wiki/index.php/Mjolnir   (678 words)

 Mjolnir Power Armor
The Mjolnir's inner structure is composed of a new reactive metal liquid crystal.
Whilst engaged the Mjolnir is still able to fire weapons due to the fact that it has no internal weaponry.
The Mjolnir Power Armor is so maneuverable that the user can dodge an attack while moving to counterattack an enemy.
www.geocities.com /snipersoldier3000/mjolnir_pa_stats.htm   (1388 words)

 Mjolnir (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mjolnir resembles a large hammer, and is the favoured weapon of Thor, a character existing in the Marvel Comics Universe.
Odin went on to use Mjolnir, and eventually pass it to his son Thor, who first had to prove that he was worthy to wield the weapon.
Mjolnir returns to the exact spot from which it is thrown after striking its target, otherwise it returns to Thor when summoned.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mjolnir_(Marvel_Comics)   (1619 words)

 IGN: Dusting Off Mjolnir
Thor." This inscription is found on Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, which translates from the Norse language into "that which crushes" or "that which smashes." Odin, Lord of Asgard, had it cast by dwarven flsmiths using a forge he created and the energy of a star.
Mjolnir would transform into a walking stick while Thor was in that human guise.
Loki obtained the long-lost forge used to cast Mjolnir and together with Surtur, created many hammers for Loki's army to use as they killed most of the citizens of Asgard.
comics.ign.com /articles/696/696152p1.html   (833 words)

Thor wields the enchanted hammer named Mjolnir, one of the most formidable weapons known to man or god.
Forged out of the mystical metal uru, whose chief properties are durability and ability to maintain enchantment, the hammer is 2 feet long and its handle is wrapped in leather which terminates in a thong.
Thor has been observed to be able to attain escape velocity from Earth's gravity with a single throw and to overtake space vessels.
www.immortalthor.net /item-mjolnir.html   (466 words)

 Mjolnir   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
However, ten Mjolnir Mark IV's were secretly taken on board the colony ship Marathon when it launched in 2472.
Nine of these helped defend the colony on TAU CETI from the first attack by the Pfhor, and were subsequently destroyed during the massive bombings of the second attack.
It is rumored that the tenth cyborg single-handedly defended the Marathon itself from the first wave of attackers before leaving with the rougue AI DURANDAL in a captured Pfhor scout ship.
www.cs.hmc.edu /~belgin/EnMisc/mjolnir.html   (190 words)

The wonderful ring Draupnir was given to Odin, and the hammer, which was named Mjolnir, was given to Thor.
Brokk said that it was such a wonderful hammer that it would hit any target he threw it at and never miss, and no matter how far he threw it, the hammer would always return to his hand.
Not only were these treasures thought better than the previous three but Mjolnir was thought the best of them all, because it was their greatest defense against the Ice Giants.
www.mjolnir.com   (726 words)

 Mjolnir   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Mjolnir (also spelled Mjollnir) is currently the largest subwoofer at Random Hall, and quite possibly the largest subwoofer at MIT.
With the 23 inch cone and over 38 cubic feet of volume, this speaker has no problem shaking the entire building.
Mjolnir consists of lots of medium-density fiberboard, lots of bolts, a sheet metal cone, and a giant linear motor stolen from a circa-1985 dishwasher-sized hard drive.
neurosis.mit.edu /mjolnir   (162 words)

 Marathon's Story... Facts and puzzling things about
We have cyborg S'pht, a cyborg Pfhor controlling the S'pht, cyborg simulacrums of the Marathon crew and nine military Mjolnir Mark IV cyborgs on the colony.
This inturn supports the possibility that Mjolnir Recon number 54 is the official (computer recognised) name for the 10th military Mjolnir Mark IV cyborg.
In order to avoid more people sending me the origin of the word "Mjolnir" I'll add here that in the What's New Section for Nov 17, 1995 David Dericotte pointed out that the word "Mjolnir" was similar to the name of the hammer used by Thor, the Norse God of Thunder.
marathon.bungie.org /story/mjolnir.html   (3874 words)

 War Hulk and Thor, mjolnir, Godblast - The Superhero Hype! Boards   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Mjolnir can absorb, manipulate, and project any kind of energy, create magnetic fields, create anti-matter, and do a whole bunch of other things I've forgotten.
Mjolnir's not enchanted in a similar way; it's just made of an incredibly strong material (uru) and swung with an incredibly powerful force (Thor's strength).
If Mjolnir were enchanted to bypass mystical shielding like those other weapons are, Thor would reduce the Juggernaut to powder without trouble.
www.superherohype.com /forums/showthread.php?t=215091   (2545 words)

 Mjolnir Hammers Ltd.
Welcome to Mjolnir Hammers Ltd. the makers of Hevy Gear quality cast iron Scottish throwing implements.
The founder of Mjolnir Hammers is Bobby Dodd.
Bobby Dodd is from Beverly, WA and he has been involved in the Scottish Games for more than 35 years having competed in 37 states and 6 Canadian Provinces.
www.mjolnir1.com   (121 words)

 IGN: Lexicon: Mjolnir
Common Use: In the 616 Universe, Mjolnir allows Thor to fly, control weather and fire powerful energy blasts.
In the Ultimate Universe it is still uncertain if Thor is truly a Norse God or a man who stole technology which granted him incredible power.
Mjolnir disappeared along with Thor several years ago.
comics.ign.com /articles/694/694391p1.html   (307 words)

 Slave to Paint - Mjolnir Tutorial   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
This is a tutorial that I originally wrote as a commission for Hasslefree Miniatures, and can also be found on their website.
I started there as it is a focal point of the model and I wanted to capture the essence of Mjolnir from the beginning.
Once the face was finished, I painted in the eyes (which for Mjolnir are large and a fantastic shape).
www.slavetopaint.com /mjolnir_tut.htm   (1251 words)

 Mjolnir vs. Silver Surfer's Surfboard - PCS Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Thor's hammmer Mjolnir and Silver Surfer's Surfboard are on a collision course at top speeds.
It's not that a think Thor is weak, but I hate the fact that he would beat Surfer then job so horribly.
Mjolnir would definitely win, but Surfers board would probably re-form.
www.popcultureshock.com /pcs/forums/showthread.php?p=111770#post111770   (727 words)

 Mjolnir Armor - Nightmare Armor Master Chief Costume
Learn how to weather your armor to make it look like it just came out of a battle, and not like you just are a crappy painter.
The general reference gallery for Mjolnir Armor is online.
Here you can get great, high resolution pictures for you to see what you need to do to make your Halo armor as accurate as possible.
www.mjolnirarmor.com   (535 words)

 Mjolnir's Pagan and Wiccan Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Pagans become Pagans through personal choice, without any pressure, coaxing, threats or coersion.
If you looked at this page and thought "Hmmm...I am not a Pagan, or Wiccan, but this Mjolnir dude is going to try to make me one", then thank you for playing our game, and I hope you enjoy your consolation prizes, because you did not win.
Mjolnir's Pagan Forum, for all of you to use
members.aol.com /mjolnir13   (545 words)

This enchantment has been removed and transferred to the hammer Storm Breaker.
According to ancient Norse mythology, Mjolnir and other great weapons and ornaments were crafted by the dwarfs Brokk and Eitri as a wager, instigated by the trickster Loki, to see which was the better smith.
Loki was desperate to replace the hair of Thor's wife Sif, whom he cut off as a prank, but he had no money to pay the dwarfs.
spider-bob.com /vehicles_devices/marvel/Mjolnir.htm   (328 words)

 Connecticut eXtreme Croquet Society Mallet Gallery
This is Mjolnir, one of Bruce's other Mallets.
Bruce retired this mallet because he hurt his back swinging it.
Stealth is a Nylon mallet painted with Ironball Flat Black SR-71 paint.
www.extremecroquet.org /about/malletgallery.html   (407 words)

Thor's cult is steeped in magic and much of this lore is best shown through the hammer symbol.
The name Mjolnir has been given various interpretations by scholars, it is similar to the Russian 'molnija' (lightning), and to the Icelandic 'mjalli' ('white colour' again suggesting lightning (10)).
The hammer was a major religious symbol for the Norse peoples and was used as a pagan equivalent to the Christian cross during the conversion.
www.thorshof.org /mjolnir.htm   (3390 words)

 Sherdog Mixed Martial Arts Forums - View Profile: mjolnir
Welcome to the Sherdog Mixed Martial Arts Forums, an online MMA community where you can join over 60,000 MMA fans and fighters discussing all things related to MMA.
All this and more is available to you absolutely FREE when you register for an account, sign up today!
If your only tool is a hammer, treat everything like a nail.
www.sherdog.net /forums/member.php?u=75914   (146 words)

 Xbox.com | General Discussion - Halo themed Mjolnir armor metallic faceplate.
General Discussion - Halo themed Mjolnir armor metallic faceplate.
I'm thinking of metal similar to the metal case Halo2: Limited Edition except green.
Xbox, Xbox Live, the Live Logo, and the Xbox logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
forums.xbox.com /94886/ShowPost.aspx   (442 words)

 In MJOLNIR Clad   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Halo, Xbox, Microsoft and all other trademarks are property of their respective owners.
In MJOLNIR Clad is a fansite and is non-profit.
If you see a member cheating, contact us.
www.imc-clan.net   (67 words)

 Halo 2 Soundtrack: Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix - Xbox
From the most anticipated game of the year comes the most anticipated soundtrack; Halo 2 Original Soundtrack Volume One will be released on November 9 to US retail outlets through Nile Rodgers' Sumthing Else Music Works label.
Today, Nile Rodgers has released a new music sample from the upcoming soundtrack.
This time, the first song you'll hear the first time you play the game: the Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix, featuring the guitars of Steve Vai.
news.teamxbox.com /xbox/7015/Halo-2-Soundtrack-Halo-Theme-Mjolnir-Mix   (201 words)

 Mjolnir's Wrath @ www.ezboard.com
Here you may post any information you may find useful, tips and tricks, links to essays or guides, etc.
Let Mjolnir's Hammer unleash its wrath on our enemies!
A place for officers to debate and discuss matters of great importance, such as who's got the biggest hammer.
p223.ezboard.com /bmjolnirswrath   (115 words)

 Xbox 360 & Xbox Forums - View Profile: Mjolnir Spartan
Xbox 360 & Xbox Forums - View Profile: Mjolnir Spartan
Mjolnir Spartan is not a member of any public groups
IGN's enterprise databases running Oracle, SQL and MySQL are professionally monitored and managed by Pythian Remote DBA.
forum.teamxbox.com /member.php?u=54860   (57 words)

 Sentinels of Mjolnir's SERAPHRIMS - The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ Forums
Sentinels of Mjolnir's SERAPHRIMS - The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ Forums
Ride now, ride to ruin, and the world's
Last edited by Mjolnir : Jul 11 2006 at 10:16 PM.
lotro.turbine.com /forums/showthread.php?t=3450   (224 words)

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