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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  MkLinux: MkLinux R2 Release Notes
MkLinux R2rc4 is the fifth release from the R2 project.
MkLinux R2rc3 is the fourth release from the R2 project.
MkLinux R2rc2 is the third release from the R2 project.
www.mindspring.com /~swezen/mklinux/r2readme.html   (637 words)

 Mklinux on HP-PARISC / Release Notes
This is the release of the MkLinux server based on Linux 2.0.30 and the Open Group RI Microkernel (called pmk1.1) for the HP PA-RISC 1.1 HP700 series.
MkLinux server was already running on the PowerMac and Intel platforms.
Gdb is available to debug ELF Linux programs, however to debug the MkLinux server itself we use a remote ethernet gdb, called tgdb, which has been found very useful to do symbolic debugging on (unix or non-unix) Mach tasks.
sunsite.utk.edu /ftp/pub/linux/MkLinux/hppa/mkpa-rel.html   (961 words)

 MkLinux: Linux for the PowerPC
"MkLinux is an Open Source operating system which consists of an implementation of the Linux operating system hosted on the Mach microkernel.
MkLinux Developer Release 1 (DR1) was released in early 1996.
By 1999, MkLinux had made significant advances in multiple Ethernet support, IDE support, floppy support, and overall stability as it moved towards its next release, Public Release 1 (R1).
www.mindspring.com /~swezen/mklinux/aboutmkl.html   (460 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
MkLinux Developer Release 2.1: How to Install MkLinux DR2.1 Before You Install Before installing MkLinux DR2.1, be sure to check the MkLinux Web site (www.mklinux.apple.com) for any updates posted since DR2.1 was released.
We are sorry, but as of this release, MkLinux still does not contain support for systems using the PowerPC 603 or 603e chips (many Performa models, the Duo models, or the Powerbook models).
MkLinux currently uses the same basic partitioning structure that was used for Apple's A/UX product, so most utilities should support setting up the partitions.
www.invivo.net /pub/SOFTS/MkLinux/How_to_Install_MkLinux   (1473 words)

 Ars Technica: No G3 for you!  Page 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
MkLinux is/was a PPC port of Linux (one of a few, with LinuxPPC being most notable).
What makes this port so special is that Apple was promoting the hell out of it for a while, distributing MkLinux on Apple CDs, hosting a web page for the community and giving a little FTP bandwidth for the distro.
Let’s face it, through 1995-7 MkLinux was the schtuff that kept a Copland-weary crowd hopeful (or, at least part of the mix).
arstechnica.com /beos/op-ed/nog3-2.html   (529 words)

 MkLinux: Getting Started
MkLinux, as you probably realize, is Apple Computer's Mach 3-based version of the GNU/Linux operating system.
MkLinux Pre-R1 is binary compatible with other PowerPC Linux systems such as LinuxPPC, so you can use binaries from other distributions on your MkLinux system.
MkLinux (as well as other Unix variants) is quite a bit different than a MacOS system.
www.mklinux.org /getting_started/index.html   (464 words)

 MkLinux-- Linux Comes to the Power Macintosh | Linux Journal
MkLinux is a PowerPC-native version of Linux that operates on top of a MACH kernel.
Proving they were on top of what was to become a small whirlwind of discussions and reports, Apple switched the old OSF mailing list to one of their servers and created a bevy of additional mailing lists devoted to specific topics.
According to a schedule that Michael Burg released to the Internet in early June, most of the bugs and omissions from DR1--such as video console and driver issues, SCSI driver bugs, and the lack of serial support---should be solved and implemented by the time you read this article.
www.linuxjournal.com /article/0141   (2017 words)

 TidBITS: Running Linux on Your Mac
MkLinux, sponsored by Apple, is a port of Linux running on top of a Mach microkernel.
MkLinux generally runs on PowerPC 601-based NuBus Macs and PowerPC 604-based PCI machines, but not (yet) on 603 boxes or (reportedly) on Apple's new G3 systems.
MkLinux duplicates X Windows, a graphical interface which you start by typing the command X11.
db.tidbits.com /getbits.acgi?tbart=04533   (1423 words)

 MkLinux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MkLinux is an open source operating system, started by OSF Research Institute and Apple Computer in February 1996 to port Linux to the PowerPC platform, and Macintosh computers.
MkLinux is short for "Microkernel Linux," which refers to the project's adaptation of the Linux kernel to run as a server hosted atop the Mach microkernel.
MkLinux is based on version 3.0 of Mach.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/MkLinux   (316 words)

 using Swarm with MkLinux   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The main issue with installing and running Swarm on MkLinux (http://www.mklinux.apple.com/) is getting a version of gcc that correctly compiles Objective C on Power Macs.
Since then, the gcc 2.7.x that is distributed for MkLinux has been updated to compile Objective C correctly on the Power Mac, so you don't need to follow my earlier instructions.
I belive that the version of gdb 4.16 that is distributed with MkLinux doesn't understand Objective C, but there are patches available for gdb 4.16 that may work under MkLinux as well.
www.swarm.org /pipermail/support/1998-April/003406.html   (466 words)

 Welcome to MkLinux.org
MkLinux is a project begun by the OSF Research Institute (now Silicomp RI) and
Beginning in the summer of 1998, development work on MkLinux transitioned from Apple and OSF to a community-led effort.
A CD image is also available, and a few users have offered to burn and mail CDs to those people who do not have access to high speed Internet access for a small charge.
www.mklinux.org   (358 words)

 Linux am Mac FAQ | Article: Interview with Kai Staats
Up until recently, there were only two versions of Linux for the PowerPC: MkLinux from Apple and the Open Source Foundation, and LinuxPPC, from group of programmers porting Linux to the PPC (now represented commercially by LinuxPPC, Inc.).
So the two discovered MkLinux, installed it, and the rest (to use a phrase more worn than one of Potter's chew toys) is history.
MkLinux does not appear to have the forward momentum of the LinuxPPC effort.
www.terrasoftsolutions.com /news/articles/linuxammac   (2118 words)

 Linux on the OSF MK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
MkLinux DR3 is being finalized for PowerMacs and will be available on CDROM or via anonymous FTP.
MkLinux for Intel x86 machines - the TOG MK source tree and MkLinux server source tree build and run on Intel x86 machines and we run MkLinux on Intel machines here.
We aren't making binary distributions available, the mklinux sources (available at Apple or from the HP distributions) can be used to generate the Intel binaries.
sunsite.utk.edu /ftp/pub/linux/MkLinux/hppa/mklinux.html   (401 words)

 MkLinux Printing With netatalk
Print through MkLinux from UNIX clients that are not running netatalk.
For the printer to to be visible on the ethernet (and thus to MkLinux, which has no LocalTalk support currently), it has to be bridged onto the ethernet using a microPrint-like device, or with LaserWriter Bridge running on an ethernetted Macintosh running MacOS.
file, the name that appears in the Chooser is the MkLinux machine's host name, and it might not be obvious to clients that the name represents a printer.
www.snake.net /people/paul/mklinux/printing.html   (1558 words)

 Scoop || Collaborative Media for the Masses
MkLinux users began to split from the broader Linux community because you didn't have to have MkLinux to have a Linux OS on newer PCI Macs.
We are going to manually uncheck everything but Lynx, MkLinux Kernel Headers, and anything that looks like it has to do with C or C++ development (libc, glibc, glibc-devel etc).
Now we have MkLinux installed, and the default option is to have the boot loader boot to it automatically.
scoop.kuro5hin.org /story/2002/9/9/134736/8842   (1989 words)

 History of Linux for the PowerPC
The divide in the LinuxPPC community between LinuxPPC and MkLinux was because many people wanted more hardware information then Apple was willing to release, the latest PCI Macintosh computers were not yet supported by MkLinux and many did not want to run Linux on Mach for one reason or another.
In August of 1996 MkLinux DR2 was released as a major update to DR1.
MkLinux development is where it should be, in the hands of the users.
gate.crashing.org /doc/ppc/doc003.htm   (1214 words)

 Macintosh: MkLinux
MkLinux is sometimes an odd beast due to the Mach Microkernel.
You next have to determine the MkLinux device name for the partition where you put the mach_servers folder.
To tell MkLinux to use the installer from the hard drive, launch the "MkLinux" control panel and select "Custom...".
gate.crashing.org /doc/ppc/doc013.htm   (572 words)

 MkLinux Server Analysis
Methinks the MkLinux coders are relying on the fact that global variables are initialized to 0 before being used, so the Mach kernel just returns the current default memory manager into default_pager_port.
I presume that this is because when the MkLinux server is kernel-located, Mach can easily identify that no context switching and copying of data has to be done when delivering a Mach message, and using a subsystem would be more inefficient than just letting Mach handle it.
If the MkLinux server is running under another server (possibly another MkLinux server), it uses parent_server_get_mach_privilege() to get control of the console, otherwise it uses the Mach device_open() call to open it (using the security token described above).
www.cs.cmu.edu /~cache/mach/mklinux_server.html   (1776 words)

 HMUG - Mac-Unix
At this time the stable version of MkLinux is R1.
Mklinux supports NuBus based PowerPCs and PCI based PowerMacs.
Current indications are that SuSE is not binary compatible with MkLinux.
www.hmug.org /Linux.php   (384 words)

 Amazon.com: Mklinux: Microkernel Linux for the Power Macintosh: Books: Rich Morin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
I would hope there at least is a quick reference for basic setup and configure of the system.
This book included most of the information I needed to set-up, and run my mkLinux system, but it took a lot of paging back and forth to get the information I needed.
MkLinux is the fabulous version of the popular Linux operating system that is designed to run on PowerPC based machines (and a few others as well, thanks to the utilization of the Mach 3.0 microkernel).
www.amazon.com /Mklinux-Microkernel-Linux-Power-Macintosh/dp/1881957241   (1177 words)

 camelot.ca : Mklinux: Microkernel Power Mac Freeware</i>, 1998, Item #133308, $70.00   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
MkLinux, a freely redistributable version of UNIX for the Power Macintosh family of computers, combines a conventional Linux 2.0 kernel with the Mach 3.0 (Mk) microkernel.
an immense body of supporting literature, covering the usage and internal structure of UNIX in general and MkLinux in particular.
MkLinux will also be able to take advantage of Mach's real-time and multiprocessor capabilities.
www.camelot.ca /en/item/133308.html   (321 words)

 DULUG: Announcing MkLinux Developer Release 3 (DR3)
PTF also publishes Apple Computer's Reference Release of MkLinux for the Power Macintosh, entitled: "MkLinux: Microkernel Linux for the Power Macintosh" The Reference Release is a set (book, 2 CD-ROMs, and a Free Update card) containing everything you need to get started with MkLinux.
For the list of MkLinux FTP mirror sites, check the file: ftp://ftp.mklinux.apple.com/pub/Mirrors As before, we strongly suggest that you get the CD-ROM.
For more information on current and future developments with MkLinux, be sure to visit Apple's MkLinux Web site (http://www.mklinux.apple.com).
www.duke.edu /web/dulug/list/368.html   (585 words)

 MkLinux for PowerMac CD-ROM
that would make it possible to boot in single user mode to revert to previous version of MkLinux server from the one you just compiled with new driver:-) But first some bugs have to be fixed.
If you want to mirror, give me a note so that I can put your URL into to be created mirror list.
I'm not talking about MkLinux, no! Problem is that I would have to include minimal MacOS and CD-ROM driver that are subject to Software License Agreement.
fy.chalmers.se /~appro/MkLinuxPowerMac.CD.html   (401 words)

 OpenPA: Other PA-RISC OSs
The first MkLinux for PA-RISC Snapshots were published by OSF/The Open Group, which in this form no longer exist today.
MkLinux was the first free operating system that truly ran on PA-RISC hardware (in contrast to Mach, which suffered from unfinished development and a lot of bugs on PA-RISC).
However, the system was quite sluggish (with some blaming it on the underlying Mach microkernel), software support was quite crude and at the time of its active development PA-RISC workstations were not really largely distributed to private end-users (i.e., there wasn't the large hobbyist userbase PA-RISC has now).
www.openpa.net /other.html   (1212 words)

 PowerBook 5300 FAQ - A.2) Installing Linux
At the time of writing, MkLinux Pre-R2 was the most current version of MkLinux and the only Linux distribution that would run on the 5300.
Before you start installing MkLinux, though, make sure you've read through and bookmarked the indispensible MkLinux Getting Started guide which has screenshots of the MkLinux installer.
I was now ready to install MkLinux, so I restarted with the MkLinux CD-ROM still in the drive and using the built-in disk with Mac OS 7.6 as my startup disk.
www.alksoft.com /5300_FAQ/FAQ_A.2.php   (1803 words)

 MkLinux ListServ Summary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
This is a short description of the mailing lists that Apple has set up for the purpose of discussing mklinux for the PowerMac.
For more information about the project, or to download the actual source and binaries for the first developer release (DR1), go to Apple's MkLinux Page.
This page is condensed from information sent to the mklinux-announce list, and is only intended as a secondary reference.
www.macbsd.com /openmac/mklinux.html   (247 words)

 199609: MkLinux
This allows the OS (whether MacOS or MkLinux) to handle hardware configuration concerns such as DMA addresses and interrupt vectors.
By porting MkLinux to the Intel platform, Apple opens the way for both Intel and PowerMac users to try out the new system, trade software, etc. And, should the merits of MkLinux justify a switch, it is not inconceivable that many Linux users would be willing to adopt a different kernel.
"MkLinux: Mach/Linux for the Power Macintosh", being edited with the assistance and support of Apple, will contain a variety of reference material about Linux, Mach, MkLinux, and the Power Macintosh.
www.cfcl.com /tin/P/199609.shtml   (692 words)

 [No title]
PPP is working on the MkLinux (IP Masquerading) box, so you can ping remote servers as well as local computers.
The configuration of /etc/resolv.conf needs to be the same as the the MkLinux IP Masquerading machine.
As the contents of this web page is based on the IP Masquerade mini HOWTO by Ambrose Au and David Ranch, it is also redistributable under the terms of the Gnu General Public License.
www.e-infomax.com /ipmasq/others/ipmasq_mklinux002.html   (631 words)

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