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In the News (Sun 23 Jun 19)

  Moab Information Center - Get up-to-date vacation planning information from the official government tourism website ...
Located in southeastern Utah, along the banks of the Colorado River between soaring red sandstone cliffs, the resort town of Moab is the gateway to both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Dead Horse Point State Park, the Colorado River and the beautiful La Sal Mountains.
We are the Moab Area Travel Council and it is our pleasure to provide visitor information for Grand County and the city of Moab, in addition to Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, and all points between.
Located on the banks of the Colorado River, nestled in a fertile green valley between soaring red sandstone cliffs, the city of Moab is the perfect place for those that like to enjoy the charm and hospitality of a small resort town.
www.discovermoab.com   (722 words)

  MOAB - Mother Of All Bombs fact sheet
The MOAB is a precision-guided munition weighing 21,500 pounds and was dropped from a C-130 Hercules aircraft for the test.
MOAB is a "modernization" of the BLU-82 "Daisy Cutter".
The MOAB is an Air Force Research Laboratory technology project that began in fiscal year 2002 and is to be completed this year.
www.globemaster.de /html/moab.html   (124 words)

  JewishEncyclopedia.com - MOAB   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Moab occupied a plateau about 3,000 feet above the level of the Mediterranean, or 4,300 feet above the Dead Sea, and rising gradually from north to south.
It was bounded on the west by the Dead Sea and the southern section of the Jordan; on the east by Ammon and the Arabian desert, from which it was separated by low, rolling hills; and on the south by Edom.
The principal rivers of Moab mentioned in the Bible are the Arnon, the Dimon or Dibon, and the Nimrim.
www.jewishencyclopedia.com /view.jsp?artid=679&letter=M&search=peor   (1369 words)

Moab enticed the Israelites into their idolatry and immorality, and thereby brought upon them a heavy retribution (Numbers 25).
Moab's subsequent relations with the Hebrew tribes (Ruben, Gad) who had settled in its ancient territory north of the Arnon, were probably those of a hostile neighbour anxious to recover his lost territory.
Moab enjoyed a considerable prosperity under Nabuchodonosor's rule; but its utter ruin as a state was at hand.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/10409b.htm   (1174 words)

Other neighbours of Moab were Ammon to the north and Edom to the south, with whom we believe that Moab also was closely related to.
For the Hebrews and the early theologians of Judaism, the relationship with Moab was important in the sense that there was a kinship, but still Moab kept their polytheistic religion.
582: Moab is conquered by the Babylonians, and their culture is assimilated with the culture of other peoples, and Moab disappears from history.
lexicorient.com /e.o/moab.htm   (397 words)

 Daily Bible Study - Moab
Moab has 3 different uses in The Bible - the name of a man, the name of a people that descended from that man, and a territory that they occupied.
Moab, from the Hebrew, has been interpreted to mean either of the father, or beautiful land.
He buried him in Moab, in the valley opposite Beth Peor, but to this day no one knows where his grave is. Moses was a hundred and twenty years old when he died, yet his eyes were not weak nor his strength gone.
www.keyway.ca /htm2002/moab.htm   (564 words)

 Moab Regional Medical Center News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The architect and hospital CEO have met with Moab City infrastructure planners and are in the process of completing the documents necessary to take the project to the Moab Planning Commission and City Council.
Moab Valley Healthcare, Inc. is the governing body of Allen Memorial Hospital and will be the governing body of Moab Regional Medical Center.
Moab Valley Healthcare is a private non-profit company that was established specifically to operate Allen Memorial Hospital as a non-public entity.
www.amh-moab.org /mrmc_News.htm   (768 words)

 Moab Information - Moab Desert Adventures recommends
Moab is packed with places to stay, great places to eat, cool places to hang out, amazing things to see and loads of ways to exhaust yourself.
Moab is famous for it's mountain bike trails, the most unique being the Slick Rock Trail.
Moab is a desert and experiences extreme temperature differences.
www.moabdesertadventures.com /local_information.htm   (966 words)

 Moab Mountain Biking Trails - Moab mountain bike trail information and maps.
Moab offers a huge variety of trails for mountain bikers of any experience level, from beginners looking for a scenic ride through beautiful canyons and mesa tops, to seasoned bikers looking for the ultimate challenge.
Moab is well known for the world famous, and highly technical, Slickrock Bike Trail.
Trailhead: The junction of Highway 191and Kane Creek Boulevard in Moab.
www.discovermoab.com /biking.htm   (2899 words)

 Moab, Utah - DesertUSA
Moab, the only Utah town located on the Colorado River, is the county seat of Grand County (population 8,800) in the heart of the Colorado Plateau.
Moab was a hangout for Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch and other outlaw gangs of the 1800s.
The discovery of uranium in the area during the 1950s transformed Moab from a small agricultural community to a bustling min ing and prospecting center.
www.desertusa.com /Cities/ut/ut_moab.html   (713 words)

 CNN.com - MOAB bomb moved to Iraq war region - Apr. 10, 2003
MOAB has been under development since late last year.
As conceived, the MOAB was to be used against large formations of troops and equipment or against hardened above-ground bunkers.
The MOAB is deployed on a pallet from a C-130 aircraft.
www.cnn.com /2003/WORLD/meast/04/09/sprj.irq.moab.gulf/index.html   (410 words)

 Moab Workload Manager User's Manual
Moab capabilities include many internal mechanisms to improve overall scheduling performance, allowing users to run more jobs on the same system and get their results back more quickly.
Moab also provides the command showbf to allow users to see exactly what resources are available for immediate use.
Moab tracks a large number of statistics to help users determine how well and how often their jobs are running.
www.clusterresources.com /products/mwm/docs/moabusers.shtml   (1166 words)

 Moab Paper
Moab Paper is the latest player on the inkjet paper block, and their papers are distributed though Inkjetgoodies.com, as well as other online stores.
Moab Paper has done wonderful job at determining what people want, and delivering a quality product at a great price.
Moab has also made available professional ICC profiles for free download on their web site.
www.luminous-landscape.com /reviews/printers/moab-paper.shtml   (879 words)

 GORP - Moab, Utah
You'll find both in Moab, which refers both to a town and a nearby complex of public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management.
Moab is flanked to the east by the La Sal Mountains, which rise beyond 12,000 feet; the cool, green high-country terrain offers a refreshing contrast to the desert wilds below.
Located northeast of Moab in a wilderness study area, Westwater Canyon is many boaters' first choice for a short, challenging adventure.
gorp.away.com /gorp/resource/us_blm/ut_moab.htm   (554 words)

 Moab, Utah Travel & Vacation Guide
From Moab, one can conveniently hike in Arches and Canyonlands national parks, mountain bike on the famous Moab Slickrock Trail, whitewater raft the Colorado River, tackle the thousands of miles of rugged canyon roads in four-wheel drive vehicles or horseback ride amidst the alpine beauty of the La Sal Mountains.
Moab is located 32 miles south of I-70 on Hwy.
To learn more about Moab, select a topic of interest from the left-hand column, or view more Moab Travel Info here.
www.go-utah.com /Moab   (164 words)

 Moab (BiblePlaces.com)
This may be explained by the elevated plateau that Moab is on and/or the response of the Lord to the Judeans’ faithlessness during the days of the Judges.
The Arnon is a two-mile-wide valley that divides the land between the Israelite tribes to the north and the land of Moab to the south (Num 21:13; Deut 3:16).
Moab (Daily Bible Study) Offers a brief study of Moab in the Bible, discussing its origin and highlighting some of the significant passages relating to the nation.
www.bibleplaces.com /moab.htm   (565 words)

 Massive Ordnance Air Burst
Thus the MOAB can be dropped from a higher altitude (like outside the range of machine-guns and rifles).
Like the Daisy Cutter, MOAB is shoved out the back of a cargo aircraft (usually a C-130, but since the MOAB uses GPS and higher altitude drops, the C-17 can probably be used as well.) MOAB is a highly destructive and terrifying weapon.
The force of a MOAB explosion is sufficient to knock over tanks and kill any people within several hundred meters of the detonation.
www.redrat.net /BUSH_WAR/moab.htm   (497 words)

 CNN.com - U.S. tests massive bomb - Mar. 11, 2003
MOAB, privately known in military circles as "the mother of all bombs," has been under development since late last year.
As originally conceived, the MOAB was to be used against large formations of troops and equipment or hardened above-ground bunkers.
But military officials tell CNN that the MOAB is mainly conceived as a weapon employed for "psychological operations." Military officials say they hope the MOAB will create such a huge blast that it will rattle Iraq troops and pressure them into surrendering or not even fighting.
www.cnn.com /2003/US/03/11/sprj.irq.moab/index.html   (685 words)

 Moab Utah | Utah.com
Two national parks are found within the Moab, Utah, destination: Arches National Park, and Canyonlands National Park.
Moab is known as a Utah adventure capitol, offering activities such as mountain biking on Slickrock, off-road trails and the Moab Jeep safari, whitewater rafting down the Cataract Canyon section of the Colorado River, and hiking to Delicate Arch - Utah's famous icon.
Traces the history of the Moab, Utah, area from the dinosaurs and early ancients, 1800's exploration, and through the mining era.
www.utah.com /moab   (1228 words)

 Mackubin Thomas Owens on MOAB on National Review Online
The MOAB is a follow-on to the BLU-82 "daisy-cutter," a 15,000-pound fuel-air-explosive weapon originally designed to clear helicopter-landing zones in Vietnam.
Weighing in at 21,000 pounds, the MOAB is packed with some 18,000 pounds of a gelled slurry of ammonium nitrate and powdered aluminum that is detonated by a highly explosive booster.
The MOAB seems to be a blast-only version of a weapon designed to destroy buried hardened targets.
www.nationalreview.com /owens/owens031203.asp   (493 words)

 City of Moab - Green Power in Moab
Moab began its clean energy leadership in 2003 when they began purcasing wind power for 50% of the City Office building electricity demand.
In the summer of 2004, a dedicated group of local businesses, individuals and Moab and Castle Valley mayors worked with the EPA to creat a Greeen Power Community Partner designation for communities that buy a meaningful percentage of their electricity from renewable energy.
Moab is home to Utah's first 100% wind powered newspaper, The Times Indpendent and 100% wind powered public radio KZMU (90.1 FM) and over 100 other businesses purchasing wind power.
www.moabcity.org /feature.cfm?id=1152031362016   (405 words)

 Moab, Utah » Vacations, Hotels, Weather, Tours
The Moab Adventure Center is your one-stop resource for outdoor adventures and vacation packages in Moab.
Surrounded by an immense red rock playground, Moab, Utah is unlike any other place in the world.
Visit the premiere Moab vacation provider, the Moab Adventure Center at 225 South Main St. in Moab, Utah.
www.moabadventurecenter.com   (178 words)

 Moab travel guide - Wikitravel
Moab [1] [2] is a town in the American state of Utah and a gateway to the nearby Arches National Park and other attractions in Canyon Country.
Moab is a unique Western community situated in the red rock country of Southeastern Utah on the Colorado River.
Moab Utah Hotel 71 West 200, North Moab, [6].
wikitravel.org /en/Moab   (511 words)

 Welcome - TrailRun.com - Moab Marathon
Moab Marathon, a beautiful run, slow down the pace of life and enjoy nature.
Moab Has so many great places to Hike, Bike, River Run with www.westernriver.com Moab Adventure Center, let them take you for a ride on the Colorado River.
This is a new Marathon course on April 1st The best course, slight Down for 1.5 miles then flat slight up to mile 8, slight easy down hill almost all the way with 2 miles slight up at finish on a dirt trail/road, finish close to ArchView Campground were you park at 5:30 am.
www.trailrun.com /moab   (2132 words)

 Amazon.com: Mountain Bike America Moab: Books: Lee Bridgers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Moab is a mecca for mountain bikers, who come from around the world to ride its challenging trails.
The Moab guide includes the same features but takes a more gonzo, extreme tack that probably befits the exhilarating nature of what might be the ultimate challenge in bike trails.
The author's passion for mountain biking, Moab and the environment all contribute to the book being a 'must have' if you are to ride Maob and get maximum enjoyment from the experience.
www.amazon.com /Mountain-Bike-America-Moab-Bridgers/dp/076270702X   (1738 words)

 MOAB, a Mesh-Oriented datABase
MOAB regards a mesh as a collection of data of a limited number of types.
The MOAB email list is used by MOAB developers and others to communicate about MOAB-related issues, code or otherwise.
MOAB is released under an LGPL license, and can be downloaded by browsing here.
cubit.sandia.gov /MOAB   (493 words)

 Moab, Utah » Vacations, Vacation Packages, and Day Trips
All of this makes Moab the ideal departure city for Western's Green River Rafting Trip, our Cataract Canyon River Adventure, and daily rafting trips on the Colorado River.
To make your Moab vacation planning as simple as possible, we have compiled a directory of recommended activities, lodging and restaurants plus some other helpful links.
In addition to the wondrous beauty of its several surrounding National Parks, Moab is also home to several excellent restaurants and a plethora of unique activities, making the ideal destination for your Western River Adventure.
www.westernriver.com /destinations/moab   (328 words)

 Moab Utah Red Stone Inn Hotel Motel Lodging Accommodations
Information on Moab Utah's Redstone Inn Located in the Heart of Canyonlands and just 5 miles from Arches National Park is one of Moab's finest lodging accommodations, the Red Stone Inn.
Moab, Utah is home to the famous Slickrock Bike Trail, and the Red Stone Inn Motel allows you to keep your mountain bikes in your room.
Whether horseback riding, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, 4 x 4 jeeping, 4 wheeling, rafting, relax in our new hot tub, or sight seeing, Moab is the place to play and the Red Stone Inn is your place to stay.
www.moabredstone.com   (332 words)

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