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Topic: Mobile phone

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Mobile phone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mobile phones are also distinct from cordless telephones, which generally operate only within a limited range of a specific base station.
Mobile phone etiquette has become an important issue with mobiles ringing at funerals, weddings, movies, and plays.
Mobile phone use on aircraft is also prohibited, because of concerns of possible interference with aircraft radio communications [3].
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mobile_phone   (3461 words)

 Mobile Phone
A mobile phone is a portable electronic device which behaves as a normal telephone whilst being able to move over a wide area (compare cordless phone which acts as a telephone only within a limited range).
Mobile phones allow connections to be made to the telephone network, normally by directly dialing the other party's number on an inbuilt keypad.
In many affluent countries, mobile phones now outnumber land-line telephones, with most adults and many children now owning mobile phones and is not uncommon for young adults to own simply a cell phone instead of a land-line for their residence, even in the U.S. where mobile phone use is less prevalent than other industrialized countries.
www.mobilesidewalk.com /Content/MobilePhone.aspx   (2814 words)

 mobile phone - Wiktionary
Mobile communications system that uses a combination of radio wave transmission and conventional telephone switching to permit telephone communication to and from mobile users within a specified area.
French: téléphone mobile, téléphone cellulaire, GSM (note: often used for mobile phones that are not technically GSM)
Turkish: mobil telefon (tr), n, cep telefonu (tr), n
en.wiktionary.org /wiki/mobile_phone   (144 words)

 Mobile Phone Guide
Mobile phone usage for the traveler can sometimes be a bewildering affair.
My principal mobile phone is a tri-band "world" phone with service from T-Mobile, one of the largest GSM providers in the US with roaming agreements with GSM carriers worldwide.
Phone equipment is produced exclusively by Motorola, the company that created the standard by blending their historic experience with handheld radios with the expertise in cellular technology.
kropla.com /mobilephones.htm   (1807 words)

 Amazon.com: Motorola V330 Phone (T-Mobile): Cell Phones & Service   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Phone Manual: Covers only the basics do not expect to learn everything from the manual; I was kind of frustrated at first but, as I was discovering features of my own I had a discovery satisfaction.
In addition, when the phone is ringing and you press the volume key the phone goes to a silent mode of ringing, that's useful because sometimes I might not be able to answer it and I might don't want to reject the call.
Phone Book: Not as good as my Nokia, but is ok. If you want to add more information to a name make sure you transfer it to the phone's memory, you can have more numbers for each person but you will have his name appearing as many times as its phone number's.
www.amazon.com /Motorola-V330-Phone-T-Mobile/dp/B0008F6QE6   (3408 words)

 Mobile Phone Number .com The Cell Phone Numbers Directory.
If your cell phone number is not included, it's time to claim your own free cell phone listing.
Mobile Phone Number.com offers it's users, in addition to cell phone searching, searches of land line / fixed phone look ups for lines to the U.S. Canada and Great Britain.
Cell phone or mobile phone searching is free of charge, as is fixed line searching.
www.mobilephoneno.com   (160 words)

 Mobile Phone As Home Computer
This is a plan for building an appliance into which a mobile phone plugs and that extends the phone's capabilities without requiring the consumer to become a system administrator or be aware that he or she owns more than a phone.
A mobile phone carrier would not be a logical acquirer because it would be too difficult for them to sell to other carriers and because continuing to improve the software and hardware would be beyond their corporate capabilities.
The Appliance will be sold by the consumer's existing mobile telephony provider, a company with whom he or she already has a relationship and from whom he or she already buys a new $200-400 device every two years (though much of this cost is hidden via the carrier's subsidy).
philip.greenspun.com /business/mobile-phone-as-home-computer   (3663 words)

 Howstuffworks "How Cell Phones Work"
One of the most interesting things about a cell phone is that it is actually a radio -- an extremely sophisticated radio, but a radio nonetheless.
A good way to understand the sophistication of a cell phone is to compare it to a CB radio or a walkie-talkie.
This office handles all of the phone connections to the normal land-based phone system, and controls all of the base stations in the region.
electronics.howstuffworks.com /cell-phone.htm   (1111 words)

 Mobile Phone Virus Hoax - Symantec.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
There are over 3 million mobile phones being infected by this virus in USA now.
All mobile phone in DIGITAL system can be infected by this virus..If you receive a phone call and your phone display "UNAVAILABLE" on the screen (for most of digital mobile phones with a function to display in-coming call telephone number), DON'T ANSWER THE CALL.
There are over 3 million mobile phone being infected by this virus in USA now.
www.symantec.com /avcenter/venc/data/mobile-phone-hoax.html   (378 words)

 Mobile phone / Handhelds reviews and specifications - Phoneyworld.com
The trend which is especially strong amongst students; simply ask what time is it and you are bound to be met with a cell phone being whipped out rather than the wrist flick to show you a watch.
The chief concern of parents while giving a cell phone to kids is that they can be in contact any time the child is out of the house.
However an empty battery on a cell phone means that you are back to square one.
www.phoneyworld.com   (817 words)

 Mobile phone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Unlike mobile phones, cordless phones use private base stations that are not shared between subscribers.
These phones may not be mobile; for example, they may require a mains power supply.
^ Long-term mobile phone use raises brain tumor risk: study, Reuters, 31 March 2006
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cell_phone   (3461 words)

 Mobile Phone Development
They are beta testing a very simple system to convert any web site to a format suitable for viewing on high end Smartphones (html based) as well as low end WAP phones (wml).
I didn’t see a facility to schedule re-generation of the mobile site - essential if the mobile version is to keep up-to-date with the full version.
So, if you are creating a new phone, application or service, think carefully how the user might automatically know how to obtain and apply new software.
mobilephonedevelopment.com   (575 words)

 Apple - iTunes for your Mobile Phone
With iTunes on your new Motorola RAZR V3i, you can listen to music on your mobile phone, wherever, whenever you want.
With iTunes for your mobile phone, your songs live right alongside your contacts.
Just connect your phone to your Mac or PC, then choose the songs you want to sync or let iTunes choose them for you — autofilling your phone with a random selection from your iTunes library.
www.apple.com /itunes/mobile   (296 words)

 PhonePimp Online Mobile Phone Glossary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Consisting of letters, numbers and characters, as in an alphanumeric message, that may be received by some wireless phones, as well as sent and received by newer wireless phone models and wireless communicators.
Bluetooth is a computing and telecommunications industry specification that describes how mobile phones, computers, and personal digital assistants can easily interconnect with each other using a short-range wireless connection.
As GPRS becomes available, mobile users of a virtual private network will be able to access the private network continuously rather than through a Dial-up connection.
www.phonepimp.com /downloadmobilewallpaperglossary/index   (1454 words)

 Palm - Products - Palm® Treo™ 650 Smartphone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Silence the ringer while the phone is ringing with the ringer switch or the volume button.
Use the 5-way navigator to select a phone number from a web page, email or text message—the number is dialed automatically with no need to re-enter.
Additional charges may apply and minutes in your mobile account may be deducted for each active call you place.
www.palm.com /us/products/smartphones/treo650/phone.epl   (799 words)

 Mobile Phones UK - Contract Mobile Phone Deals - Dial-a-Phone
Our deals and special offers are second to none and so far we have almost three million customers who have found a low cost mobile phone deal with Dial-a-Phone.
We offer the very best contract mobile phone deals from 02, 3 and Orange.
Find superb special offers on the best new phones on the market, from manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, LG, and Sony Ericsson.
www.dialaphone.co.uk   (162 words)

 mobile.box.sk - your ultimate mobile/gsm guide
The Sony Ericsson Z610 is one of the most gorgeous phones I've seen in a while, rocking a similar "hide the display" glossy exterior as Sony's MP3 players.
A number of sources have said more phones will be added to the updater as soon as September.
UK readers may retort that TV isn't free, and some may feel that viewing advertisements is just another way of paying, but it is easier on the pocket.
mobile.box.sk   (649 words)

 T-Mobile USA
Please hit your browser's back button and try your action again or try again later.
If you would like to speak with a representative about purchasing a phone with a new line of service, please call 1-800-T-MOBILE.
If you are an existing customer and would like to speak with a Customer Care representative, please dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone, free of charge.
t-mobile.com /shop/phones/Detail.aspx?device=8802ddeb-1ee4-477a-9608...   (83 words)

 Compare Cell Phone Prices, Free Cell Phones, Cell Phone plans, Research Cellular Phones, Cell Phone Accessories. Get ...
The Samsung SGH-D807 is a slim slide-up phone packed with the latest technology.
The i850 is a powerful multimedia device for busy individuals and business users who want a solid camera phone.
See cell phone service ratings and read cell phone plan reviews.
www.letstalk.com   (882 words)

 Windows Mobile Smartphones: Get the latest features, downloads, software, special offers for the hottest new smartphones
And all the responsiveness you require is tucked stylishly in to your pocket.
The i930 with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition software features domestic and international voice, data, and walkie-talkie capabilities, helping you take care of business in more places than ever before.
The SPV C600 smartphone with Windows Mobile 2003 software includes Bluetooth and supports high speed data access by using EDGE technology.
www.microsoft.com /windowsmobile/smartphone/default.mspx   (227 words)

 Mobile Phone - Free Software Downloads and Software Reviews - Download.com
Compose ring tones and create wallpapers for your mobile phone.
Send and manage SMS messages and multimedia files to mobile phone with multiple features.
Control your mobile phone from the PC via Bluetooth, infrared, or cable.
www.download.com /Mobile-Phone/3150-2641_4-0.html   (243 words)

 China Mobile Phone Products, Catalog, Samples - Alibaba Search for Mobile Phone products
PTT8688 Mobile Phone, Cell Phone and GSM Phone
The GSM mobile supports 850 / 900 / 1,800 / 1,900MHz, you can select the frequency by yourself, and the mobile phone is very thin, with MP3, MPEG4 and 1.3M camera
We had an opportunity to try the new mobile phones and you can read our first impressions about the two of the most expected models: a higher class model K750 and its musical version W800.
chinasuppliers.alibaba.com /search/china_products/Mobile_Phone.html   (1021 words)

 Mobile Phone News and Reviews (MobileBurn)
We launched the US Cell Phone Plan Comparison tool a couple of weeks ago, and so far the response has been quite positive.
If you use your mobile phone or PDA to access MobileBurn.com, you should automatically be redirected to this new cHTML site, which was developed in conjunction with Mobits.com.
If for some reason the MobileBurn.com URL does not send you to the new mobile version of the site, let me know so that I can try to find the problem.
www.mobileburn.com   (608 words)

 Firefly Mobile: The Mobile Phone for Mobile Kids
The fun, glowing phone designed from a kid's point-of-view.
With just 5 keys, Firefly phones keep kids connected to the people who matter most.
PIN-protected features and simple management tools mean Firefly phones are just as easy for mobile parents to love.
www.fireflymobile.com   (69 words)

 Cell Phones and Service from Virgin Mobile
The BellRays' singer Lisa Kekaula is standing onstage at New York City's tony Joe's Pub, howling into the heads of awe-struck attendees who are too stunned to do anything other than gape at this afro'ed vixen in remarkably high heels.
Virgin Mobile received the highest numerical score among wireless carriers in the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates 2006 Wireless Prepaid Customer Satisfaction Study
Study based on 4,012 total responses measuring 7 providers and measures opinions of consumers with their prepaid wireless service.
www.virginmobileusa.com   (273 words)

 Mobile9 - Free ringtones, free themes, free wallpapers, free videos, free software, free games for mobile phone
M9 has a complete and up-to-date database of the latest mobiles phones with their photo gallery, technical specification and features, review sniplets, user reviews and ratings.
Whether it is a photo of an anniversary, party, beautiful landscape, your loved ones or even portrait of yourself, you can upload them all to the moblog.
E-mail us at to list your mobile phone site here.
www.mobile9.com   (446 words)

 Cell phones: Cell phone reviews, Mobile phone reviews, Wireless phones - CNET
The Samsung SGH-ZX20 is the latest HSDPA phone in North America, which would allow for faster delivery of multimedia content.
Once you've picked your carrier of choice, it's time to pick the best phone it has to offer.
HTC, the name behind some of your favorite smart phones, is shifting some of its focus to further push the musical talents of its mobile devices.
reviews.cnet.com /Cell_phones/2001-3504_7-0.html   (393 words)

 Mobile Phone
mail2web.com provides another interface to check your mail using any standard WAP-browser provided on most data-ready mobile phones and PDA devices.
The only difference being the use of a WAP browser designed to view pages written in WML page description language instead of the usual web pages written with HTML and the web browser.
or something similar as this interface has been designed specifically for use with a mobile phone.
services.mail2web.com /EmailPickUp/MobilePhone   (155 words)

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