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Topic: Mobile soap opera

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In the News (Mon 21 Jan 19)

  Soap opera   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Soap opera form first developed on American radio in the 1920s, and expanded into television starting in the 1940s, and is normally shown during the daytime, hence the alternative name, daytime serial.
The term "soap opera" originated from the fact that when these serial dramas were aired on daytime radio, the commercials aired during the shows were largely aimed at housewives.
Soaps aired during the golden age of radio usually used organs to produce most of their music (because they were cheaper than full-blown orchestras).
soap-opera.iqnaut.net   (2720 words)

 Mobile Soap Operas
Mobile content delivery firm Mobix Interactive has teamed up with Jack Brand to pilot a new video mobile soap opera in the UK "In effect, we're creating a new category of made-for-mobile content - SFSP (Short Form Serialised Programming)," said...
Mobile content delivery firm Mobix Interactive has teamed up with Jack Brand to pilot a new video mobile soap opera in the UK "In effect, we're creating a new category of made-for-mobile content - SFSP (Short Form Serialised Programming)," said John Hazell, director at Jack Brand.
"We've started with the soap opera because whichever country you're in and whichever medium you choose, the soap opera is universally considered to be the most compelling of serialised programming."
www.we-make-money-not-art.com /archives/000235.php   (238 words)

 MobileActive.org | Cell Phones for Civic Engagement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Mobile technology can be used to mobilize activists to take offline actions, donate money over the phone, share photos and video, and the many more actions to come.
The white-paper was prepared by Tim Chambers and Rob Sebastian of the Media 50 Group, a new player on the mobile political field and one whose founders, like Politxt, comes from a plethora of mobile experience in the entertainment space.
Mobile content provision via WAP has huge potential and benefit, and was the foundation of my recent application to the Reuters Digital Vision Programme at Stanford.
www.mobileactive.org   (3463 words)

To enrich one of its TV programmes, BBC2 will soon propose mobile phone users to hear actors playing historical scenes relevant to the places they are visiting.
In the Netherlands, a soap opera called a Jong-Zuid (Young South) created to be enjoyed on the mobile phone is captivating young audience since last October (and has already attracted around 30,000 subscribers).
The rules of the game are quite simple: players, represented by customizable avatars and positioned in the city thanks to their GPS-equipped mobile, have to collect virtual objects dissiminated in the streets.
www.we-make-money-not-art.com /archives/cat_entertainment.php?page=21   (735 words)

 sms campaign | MobileActive.org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Recently YouthNoise and Virgin Mobile launched a mobile campaign designed to raise awareness of teen homelessness in other teens in the United States.
If you are involved in or are aware of any campaigns using mobile phones, please send us a note to info [at] mobileactive [dot] org and we will be in touch with you to learn more.
On air the 24-hour news station NDTV solicited their viewers – mostly middle class and mobile phone owners - to send a text message to the station protesting the injustice they saw in the acquittal of all nine men accused in the fashion model's murder in a crowded bar.
www.mobileactive.org /taxonomy/term/33   (1574 words)

 Mobile soap to be screened   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This Saturday could herald a revolution in broadcasting as the first ever mobile phone soap opera takes to the air.
Viewers on 3 mobile can then vote through their 3G handsets what outcome they want to see and the most popular choice will be shown.
The new show's mobile premiere is available for 3 customers this Saturday with the show also being screened on Channel 4 after midnight.
tech.monstersandcritics.com /news/printer_1061581.php   (220 words)

 Opera Mini 2.0 aims to simplify mobile commerce - Network World
Opera Software ASA said Wednesday that it aims to make it easier for mobile users to buy ringtones and other mobile content with the availability of the Opera Mini 2.0 browser.
Opera Mini 2.0 automatically sends the appropriate text message so that the user doesn't have to navigate away from the Web page, enter the messaging application and send the message.
Opera will soon begin reaching out to content providers and offering them instructions on implementing the code, said Eskil Silvertsen, a spokesman for Opera.
www.networkworld.com /news/2006/050306-opera-mini-20-mobile.html   (819 words)

 gizmag Article: FanTESStic - a soap opera just for mobile phones   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
One significant development in new media was the recent UK launch of an MMS soap opera designed for mobile telephone users.
Opera Telecom is leading the way in getting MMS to the mass market and was therefore the obvious choice of partner for us."
Endemol is working with Opera Telecom on a zero-cost-of-entry, revenue share basis, with Opera Telecom managing delivery and billing from its operations centre in Birmingham and using its M-Enable platform to create and launch the complex MMS service.
www.gizmag.com /go/3427   (665 words)

 CBS plans mobile soap opera   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
CBS Broadcasting has announced plans to produce a soap opera designed exclusively for viewing on mobile phones, according to a report in the Washington Post.
In a recent mobile TV pilot in the UK users were asked whether they would like to see a five minute version of EastEnders on their handsets, but focus group findings were very negative.
British studio Farringdon Road Films revealed plans in December to record a soap opera designed solely for mobile phones.
www.computing.co.uk /articles/print/2148533   (183 words)

 Mobile soap opera   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
'''Mobile soap opera''' is a soap opera developed for the Mobile phone platform.
The series can be viewed by Mobile phones, the internet or MSN Messenger.
Mobile soap opera was first introduced into the Netherlands in 2003 with the series Jong Zuid.
mobile-soap-opera.iqnaut.net   (142 words)

 Geek.com Geek News - New soap opera on mobile phone
It looks like a new soap opera has been produced by News Corporation for those soap fans on the go.
News Corporation is making use of improved video screens on mobile phones, and plans to offer video features, including The Simpsons, which could be sent to friends as video postcards.
I don't think my mobile phone minutes could take the hit if I had to watch a full hour episode.
www.geek.com /news/geeknews/2004Mar/bpd20040406024610.htm   (458 words)

 USATODAY.com - Palestinians soak up soap opera   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
If anything, Seriously Joking is closer to British soaps that tend to focus on the nitty-gritty of characters' lives such as the BBC's Eastenders, set in downtrodden East London.
In January, four young Palestinian writers were drafted to develop the soap opera's script.
While it's supposed to be set in Bethlehem, the soap was filmed mostly in the neighboring town of Beit Jala.
www.usatoday.com /news/world/2005-11-02-palestinian-soap-opera_x.htm   (828 words)

 The making of the mobisode
They were constrained by the extremely short average viewing times of the typical mobile TV watcher; the presuppositions of writers, directors and the comedians themselves, who were hardly accustomed to the impossibly narrow time length of the format; and finally, the budget.
Perhaps when mobile TV gains wider audiences, the mobile stream will be tweaked with larger fonts and graphics, he said, but those would be minor editing changes.
Mobile TV had just appeared on the TV industry's radar, but all of the talk was about repurposed content — clips drawn from existing TV shows that would use the phone as a way to promote the Fox network lineup.
telephonyonline.com /wireless/marketing/telecom_making_mobisode   (3162 words)

 SoaP opera - Film - Entertainment - theage.com.au
Groans filled the room but it was enough of a response to persuade him to secure the rights to Venom (the original writer, David Dallesandro, has a story credit on SoaP, as it has become known) and rework the idea.
Jackson, who at times was the film's conscience as much as its star, made a point of telling journalists that he was working on Snakes on a Plane and that the title alone was the main reason he'd signed on.
In April, in the lead-up to the US blockbuster season, there was more awareness among filmgoers about the comparatively cheap SoaP than there was for the likes of ultra-expensive hopefuls such as Poseidon and Miami Vice.
www.theage.com.au /news/film/soap-opera/2006/08/17/1155407932011.html   (1361 words)

 CBS intros paid mobile video alerts - MobileTracker
Around five alerts will be sent out daily and right now the same alerts will be sent to everyone, but CBS plans to launch a feature to let users customize their interests.
According to the NY Times, this is just one of several mobile features CBS is planning.
Another is a mobile soap opera that will debut in three to five minute episodes.
www.mobiletracker.net /archives/2006/02/27/cbs-video-alerts   (194 words)

 Joshua Morrow - Young and Restless - Soap Opera Digest and Weekly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Joshua Morrow (Nick, Y&R) speaks with Soap Opera Weekly Online about his storyline and his new son, Cooper.
He is "definitely mobile, which is a whole new level," laughs Morrow of his little boy, who's almost 9 months old.
Soap Opera Digest is the insiders' guide to daytime.
www.soapoperadigest.com /features/weekly/yr/familymatters   (335 words)

 Big Brother creator brings soap opera to mobiles - Mobile & Wireless - Breaking Business and Technology News at ...
Endemol UK has teamed up with premium messaging provider Opera Telecom to release the first soap opera to be played out over mobile phones, using MMS picture messaging.
Opera Telecom turns over more than £90m annually by providing premium SMS services, international switching, unified messaging, web development and other services.
Endemol said it is looking beyond FanTESStic at other MMS and mobile video projects to launch in the UK market.
networks.silicon.com /mobile/0,39024665,39123698,00.htm   (478 words)

 UFT - United Fun Traders
UFT is a producer and distributor of innovative, quality content for mobile and smart phones.
UFT enables its partners to gain a market advantage in providing high-demand mobile content and services.
Our products are particularly well-received by cellular operators, mobile portals, content and service providers and content distributors.
u-f-t.com   (159 words)

 Advertising Age - CELLPHONE ADVERTISING OFF TO SLOW START   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Despite marketers' obvious interest in mobile ad options, and a host of smaller players in the space making bold pronouncements for the future of cellphone marketing, the advertisers are nowhere in sight.
Nevertheless, a survey by Airwide Solutions, a mobile software company, suggests that there's a huge appetite among marketers to get connected to cellphones, given their very personal nature.
The survey, published Feb. 27, claims that 89% of major brands are planning to market via mobile phones by 2008, and more than half of brands plan to spend between 5% and 25% of their marketing budget in the medium in the next five years.
www.adage.com /news.cms?newsId=48174   (658 words)

 Opera browser to recognise speech | The Register
Opera Software is to include IBM's embedded speech recognition technology ViaVoice in the next version of its Web browser.
In a swipe at Microsoft, Opera said the technology could even let users replace PowerPoint: using the Opera Show presentation tool, users could create a multi-page presentation which they could show one page at a time using the voice command "page down," without approaching the computer.
Opera bills its browser as faster, smaller and more standards-compliant than its rivals.
www.theregister.co.uk /2004/03/24/opera_browser_to_recognise_speech   (460 words)

 cooltech.iafrica.com | tech news Cellphone soaps launched
The launch of TV's first-ever soap for the tiny cellphone screen might not suit everyone's taste, but it is living proof that the TV and digital worlds are merging.
Hit TV game shows such as 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' are also transferring to telephones, and a deal to licence a Millionaire phone game, developed by Active media, and an SMS mobile text version, was unveiled this week.
The millionaire-studded principality of Monaco was one of the first in Europe to launch the VOD concept in Europe but it is also available elsewhere, notable in Britain through Video Networks.
cooltech.iafrica.com /technews/314176.htm   (712 words)

 Opera Telecom - Key Milestones   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Opera Telecom is selected to provide the world-wide voting platform for the New 7 Wonders project
Opera Telecom and Endemol UK launch the 1 st Mobile Soap Opera, Fantesstic
Opera Telecom Ltd 3 Brindley Place, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B1 2JB E-mail: sales@operatelecom.com
www.operatelecom.com /data_page.asp?PageID=276   (262 words)

 i-Anya :: Soap Opera on Mobile Phones :: April :: 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Random Place is a new Australian soap opera to be shown ONLY via a mobile phone and the internet (using MSN messenger).
I also think it says something about society / Sydney culture / or maybe the anticipated audience with the promotional tag: “Mobile subscribers get all the action pushed to their mobiles with a new episode Monday to Friday at 8am and 3:30pm.
hey dude, i was just wondering how much you know about the mobile soap opera, im studying for my course at uni so if you have any special info about it id love to hear it!
anya.blogsome.com /2005/04/21/soap-opera-on-mobile-phones   (587 words)

 Adverblog: Mobile greeting cards
The mobile applications, available in Java and Symbian applications, make it easy to interact and share images using underlying technologies that users are not...
The mobile applications, available in Java and Symbian applications, make it easy to interact and share images using underlying technologies that users are not yet fully familiar with, such as MMS.
For important seasonal occasions or personalised messages mobile subscribers can click and select branded images and text, before sending them to the mobile phones of friends, colleagues and family.
www.adverblog.com /archives/001149.htm   (128 words)

 UK studio plans mobile soap opera
A British studio is planning to record the first soap opera designed solely for mobile phones.
"Written and shot entirely for mobiles, we have produced an exciting and highly addictive soap series that people will be able to watch wherever they are, whenever they have five minutes to spare.
No distribution deal has been signed as yet but the studio has assembled some of the best young actors in the country, whose experience ranges from Harry Potter to EastEnders.
www.pcw.co.uk /articles/print/2147425   (156 words)

 picturephoning.com: Mobile phone soaps hit China
-- China's first TV drama to be shown exclusively on mobile phones - "Appointment", China's first TV drama to be shown exclusively on mobile phones.
-- Mini-series for upwardly mobile Chinese - A media group in China has filmed a soap opera to be broadcast only on mobile phones.
-- Soapies the new mobile ring-ins - Australia's first mobile soap opera, is coming soon to a pocket near you.
www.textually.org /picturephoning/archives/2005/10/010200.htm   (317 words)

 Latest Gist On AIT's 'Sunset Beach' (Soap Opera) / Mobile Nigeria Forum
Ye, I love that T.V. show soap opera, but the truth is I stop watching it since march 2004 becuase of NEPA wahala.
Garby confessed that it was her father that raped her, kathleen hasn't told cole and meg is really rying hard not to doubt ben again.
Note: the opera lasted from 1997 to 1999, what we are watching in Nigeria now is the 1998 episodes, so just click on 1998.
www.mobilenigeria.com /viewtopic.php?id=150   (1287 words)

 Daytime Emmys - Soap Opera Digest and Weekly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
I won't begin to elaborate on what everyone was wearing (you'll have to pick up Soap Opera Weekly for that), but Keith Hamilton Cobb (Damon, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) was wearing the most unusual purple, fake alligator skin (plastic) clogs.
Eden Riegel (Bianca, ALL MY CHILDREN) looked like an angel in white satin and kept checking the back of her head to make sure her diamond Harry Winston hairclip was still there.
Soap stars from different shows could soon be sleeping in the same bed.
www.soapoperadigest.com /Emmys/emmynotes/index.html   (1098 words)

 Might and Magic for Mobile Review - Mobile Might and Magic Review
He meets the elfin archer Lorean and the changeling Kayu early on, and from there, the plot twists and turns like a medieval soap opera.
It will give mobile players a lot to be happy about.
Neverwinter Nights is one of the most fully realized mobile games to come along thus far, and it seems likely to stand as one of the more significant milestones for mobile gaming.
www.gamespot.com /mobile/adventure/mightandmagic/review.html   (1331 words)

 Mobizzo, Sprint, MTV, all want your Mobile TV - MobileTracker
This is in addition to the news that we reported earlier that CBS plans to introduce a mobile video alert services as well as mobile soap opera's for mobile devices.
All this media browsing is cool, only if they can figure out how to expand the screen when it is in use.
Scot Mobile Ltd now selling all kind of mobile phones with all accessories, We sell at cheap price, We only do business with reliable company, we deal with mobile phone dealers only.
www.mobiletracker.net /archives/2006/02/27/Mobile-TV-mobizzo-sprint-mtv   (642 words)

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