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Topic: Model (economics)

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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  Model (economics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In general terms, economic models have two functions: first as a simplification of and abstraction from observed data, and second as a means of selection of data based on a paradigm of econometric study.
Models in which the vector nature of the quantities is maintained are used in practice, for example Leontief input-output models are of this kind.
Models of consumption either assume that humans are immortal or that teenagers plan their life around an optimal retirement supported by the next generation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Model_(economics)   (3558 words)

 Model (economics) - LearnThis.Info Enclyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In economics, the term model denotes a theoretical construct that represents economic processes by a set of variables and a set of logical and quantitative relationships between them.
Examples of these are autoregressive moving average models and related ones such as autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity (ARCH) and GARCH models for the modeling of heteroskedasticity.
Non-stochastic mathematical models may be purely qualitative (for example, models involved in some aspect of social choice theory) or quantitative (involving specific forms of functional relationships between variables).
encyclopedia.learnthis.info /m/mo/model__economics_.html   (2187 words)

 Financial economics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Financial economics is the branch of economics concerned with the workings of financial markets, such as the stock market, and the financing of companies.
It can be distinguished from other branches of economics by its "concentration on monetary activities", in which "money of one type or another is likely to appear on both sides of a trade." The questions addressed are typically framed in terms of "time, uncertainty, options and information" [1].
The underlying point behind all the model construction is that of finding a value that arbitrage will enforce.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Financial_economics   (470 words)

 Model (economics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In general terms, economic models are a simplification of and abstraction from observed data.
Such models are the basis for many environmental attacks on mainstream economists, for including the price of everything but the value of nothing in their models.
Also in 2004, the study Economics on the Edge of Chaos concludes that after noise is removed from SandP 500 returns, evidence of deterministic chaos is found.
palosverdesestates.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Model_(economics)   (3529 words)

 Academic Economics
Critics of behavioral economics often argue that apparent irrationality arises mainly because test subjects lack adequate incentives; the defenders of behavioral economics typically reply that their findings are robust to this criticism.
Economic models of politics typically make two assumptions about voters: First, their motives are egocentric, not sociotropic; second, their beliefs are rational, not subject to systematic bias.
Whether responses to positive economic questions are primarily sociotropic or egocentric hinges on whether the questions deal with what the paper terms "inputs" or "outputs": Beliefs about causation (responses to "input" questions) depend mostly on sociotropic variables, especially education and ideology.
www.gmu.edu /departments/economics/bcaplan/econ.html   (3224 words)

 Economics Keynote Lecture
She is president of the Center for Partnership Studies and frequently consults on the application of the partnership model and cultural transformation theory to all aspects of life.
The economic rules that we still have to a very large extent, as you gleaned from my seven-minute survey of thousands of years of history, are inherited from earlier times that oriented more closely to the dominator model.
One effect of the dominator model, which ranks the male half of humanity over the female half, is that it leads to what I just touched upon and will return to: the devaluation of the work and activities stereotypically considered feminine.
www.partnershipway.org /html/subpages/articles/brckeynote.htm   (5043 words)

 Glossary of research economics
The ARCH econometric model for this (introduced by Engle (1982)) is that the variance of the series itself is an AR (autoregressive) time series, often a linear one.
The CAPM is one, distinguished from three that Fama (1991) identifies: (a) the Sharpe-Lintner-Black class of models, (b) the multifactor models like the APT of Ross (1976), and (c) the consumption based models such as Lucas (1978).
The estimation of some parameters of a model, under the assumption that the model is correct, as a middle step in the study of other parameters.
econterms.com /econtent.html   (14590 words)

 PAMS Appliance Energy Economics Model
The scheme is similar to that which has been used to evaluate economic feasibility in the policy impact models used for the determination of appliance energy efficiency standards by the Department of Energy under the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA).
The goals of the appliance energy economics modeling is to provide a mechanism for estimating the costs and benefits of a diversity of appliance energy efficiency programs and policies globally.
While the mathematical and data structure of the model is the same, the definition of the case-specific features and data will be retrievable from a database database that describes the unique features of that particular appliance and its economic context.
eappc48.lbl.gov /econ/ApplModel.html   (2466 words)

 IMPLAN Model | NRCS Economics
The current IMPLAN input-output database and model is maintained and sold by MIG, Inc.
The South Dakota study found net economic benefits to the county economies from CRP rentals in the pothole regions, but net losses in the dryer wheat areas of the state.
Positive aspects of the CRP program whose economic benefits were not studied included the increased recreational expenditures and income stability for the landowners.
www.economics.nrcs.usda.gov /technical/implan/implanmodel.html   (1073 words)

 Economics, Second Edition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Professor Stiglitz energized the teaching of economics by presenting students with the fundamental principles of economics without compromising the critical modern advances of the discipline.
Students progress through three macroeconomic models: a growth model with flexible prices, built from microfoundations; then a fixed-price model of unemployment; and finally a model relating inflation and unemployment, with slowly adjusting prices and wages.
Knowing how vitally important it is to relate economic principles to real-world issues, Professor Stiglitz steadily reinforces his presentation with lively vignettes on important policy issues.
www.wwnorton.com /college/econ/stec2   (910 words)

 The Economics Net-TextBook With Interactive Graphics
The Economics Net-TextBook is an on-line tutorial for students of economics classes of all levels.
Economic principles are illustrated with on-line graphics (© PGPlot) providing an electronic flboard that may be changed with a click.
Each model includes the system of equations reflecting the structural specification (and certain reduced forms) that may be cloned for other models and applications.
nova.umuc.edu /~black/pageg.html   (446 words)

 Recent developments in OECD's international macroeconomic model   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A final section reviews current Secretariat macroeconometric modelling work which is yet to be implemented in the model and also discusses possible future developments.
A separate companion paper, ESD Working Paper 47, analyses the single- and multi-country simulation properties of a recent version of the model, one which includes most of the research reported here.
This issue of OECD Economic Outlook looks at prospects for the next two years and includes a special report on recent increases in house prices in the OECD area.
www.oecd.org /LongAbstract/0,2546,en_2649_34575_2348480_1_1_1_37455,00.html   (152 words)

 The Augmented Solow Model   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Reassessing the empirical validity of the human-capital augmented neoclassical growth model Manuscript.
Fingleton, B. and McCombie, J. Regional economic growth: some evidence for manufacturing from the EU regions.
Nonneman, W. and Vanhoudt, P. A further augmentation of the Solow model and the empirics of economic growth for OECD countries.
www.nuff.ox.ac.uk /Economics/Growth/refs/augsol.htm   (347 words)

 Institute for Community Economics: The CLT Model   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In this way, control of the organization is balanced to protect both the residents and the community as a whole.
In many communities today population growth and economic investment are driving up real estate prices so that fewer and fewer working people can afford to live in the communities where they work.
In addition to providing affordable housing, CLTs may make land available for community gardens, playgrounds, economic development activities, or open space, and may provide land and facilities for a variety of community services.
www.iceclt.org /clt/cltmodel.html   (1220 words)

 Cost Shares, and Child Support Reseach, Analysis, and Consulting
Guideline Economics is the developer of the Cost Shares model of child support guidelines.
He acts as economic consultant for state child support guideline committees and individual cases, has testified as an expert witness in numerous US states, is co-author of the Cost Shares model for determining child support, and consults abroad.
This thorough critique of Policy Study's Inc.'s Income Shares model for child support was presented on March 31, 2006 by R. Mark Rogers to the Alabama Administrative Office of the Courts and the Alabama Guideline Review Panel.
www.guidelineeconomics.com   (834 words)

 Post-Autistic Economics Network and Post-Autistic Economics Review
Economics has increasingly become an intellectual game played for its own sake and not for its practical consequences for understanding the economic world.
graduate from Masters and PhD programs with an effectively vacuous understanding of economics, no appreciation of the intellectual history of their discipline, and an approach to mathematics that hobbles both their critical understanding of economics and their ability to appreciate the latest advances in mathematics and other sciences.
remains fixated on the view that economics is the physics of society.
www.paecon.net   (1650 words)

 Tom Fiddaman's Model Library   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Be forewarned that, since most of these models are replications, it's possible that they contain errors introduced in the publication or reconstruction process.
The models in this library may be freely used and distributed, provided that you suitably acknowledge the hard work of the authors and implementors who created these files.
Note that this model does not perfectly replicate the behavior shown in the paper, and may contain errors.
www.sd3.info /models   (1368 words)

 Supply and Demand
This model, the model of supply and demand, is perhaps the most basic of the models economists use to explain the world around us.
Given the model's importance in the way modern economists think, it is surprising that one does not find the model in the writings of Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Thomas Malthus, or John Stuart Mill, though all of these pioneers in economics used the words "supply" and "demand" frequently.
The modern supply-and-demand model does not appear until 1890, when Alfred Marshall published his Principles of Economics.
www.ingrimayne.com /econ/DemandSupply/OverviewSD.html   (273 words)

 I Am the Very Model of A Post- Economics-General   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
GENERAL: I am the very model of a post-economics-general, I've information microeconomical and macrotheoretical, I know the top departments, and I quote the Nobel laureates From Samuelson to Lucas, and those three game theorists; I'm very well acquainted with matters macroeconomical, I understand the models, both New Keynesian and Classical.
ALL: In short, in matters microeconomical and macrotheoretical, He is the very model of a post-economics-general.
ALL: You'll say a better post-economics-general, etc. GENERAL: For my economics knowledge, though I'm scholarly and savvy, Focuses on theories of the last years of of the century; But still, in matters microeconomical and macrotheoretical, I am the very model of a post-economics-general.
www.gmu.edu /departments/economics/bcaplan/general.htm   (350 words)

 Content Standard Social Studies Standard D (Economics)
Individuals, families, businesses, and governments must make complex economic choices as they decide what goods and services to provide and how to allocate limited resources for distribution and consumption.
In a global economy marked by rapid technological change, students must learn how to be better producers, consumers, and economic citizens.
In Wisconsin schools, the content, concepts, and skills related to economics may be taught in units and courses including economics, history, government, global studies, and current events.
www.dpi.state.wi.us /standards/ssstand.html   (218 words)

 AD & AS Model - Economics Educators   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Economics Educators (16 - 19) - AD & AS Model
This section is designed as a resource for teachers and lecturers teaching the AD & AS Model at AS and A2 level.
The resources include lesson plan/s, presentations to introduce a topic area on PowerPoint and as a mind map and activities designed to support the lesson and stimulate student learning.
www.bized.ac.uk /educators/16-19/economics/adas   (132 words)

 Graduate - Economics and Econometrics - University of Notre Dame
Lee’s teaching and research area in economics is econometric data analysis.
Among his contributions to the econometric theory are non-parametric theory (Econometrica, 1992, Economics Letters, 1994, Journal of Quantitative Economics, 1994), nested Tobit model (Economic Letters, 1992, Review of Economics and Statistics, 1995) and the handling of missing response observations (Applied Economics Letters, 1998, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 2000).
Faculty of Economics consists of both Economics and Econometrics and Economics and Policy Studies
www.nd.edu /~ecoe/faculty_staff/lee.html   (336 words)

 formerly EconWPA
I located Paul Ginsparg's archive (then xxx.lanl.gov) and he graciously installed his software on a Sun Sparc system which was supporting the department of economics email and computation.
A complete and catastrophic machine failure in 1999 caused the loss of EconWPA's email new paper announcment service at which time there were over 15,000 subscriptions with over 8,000 unique email addresses.
Some might say that the department was sold out, others would (erroneously) claim that centralization is efficient, and still others would claim that I have few marketing skills.
econwpa.wustl.edu   (291 words)

Before more articles appear like the Jeffrey Sachs article I pulled apart in my last post I think it is important for people to realize that this socalled Nordic model is not anything particularly unique to the Nordic countries.
In most cases they have been obvious failures like Panama’s Caja de Seguro Social swindle, but there is not one example of a welfare state that isn’t rotting away somewhere in the core.
What is true of almost all of these “Nordic Models” is that they were designed as a pyramid scheme.
econotrix.com   (1463 words)

 Resource Investor - Base Metals - Nickel Tailings Model Promises Tantalising Economics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The presence of other elements within the Mt Keith, Leinster and Kambalda mine tailings, including platinum group metals, gold and cobalt, might also bolster the profitability of Braemore’s project.
These could possibly be precipitated out via a fairly standard method and at little extra cost if they are deemed to be found in sufficient quantity, providing a nice fillip to the operation’s overall economics.
At this point, with much development work still undone and some uncertainty over feasibility remaining, shares in Braemore may still offer investors significant potential for capital growth.
www.resourceinvestor.com /pebble.asp?relid=11991   (893 words)

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