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Topic: Mohammed Reza Pahlavi of Iran

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Iran's relations with the United States were severely strained after the revolution, especiallly when Iranian students seized US embassy personnel on November 4, 1979, labeling the embassy a "Den of Spies" and accused its personnel of being CIA agents trying to overthrow the revolutionary government.
Iran is a mosaic of ethnic minorities cemented by the Persian culture.
From 1950 to 2002 the urban proportion of the population increased from 27% to 60%.
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Iran, a Middle Eastern country south of the Caspian Sea and north of the Persian Gulf, is three times the size of Arizona.
Pahlavi's Westernization programs alienated the clergy, and his authoritarian rule led to massive demonstrations during the 1970s, to which the shah responded with the imposition of martial law in Sept. 1978.
Mohammed Khatami, a little-known moderate cleric, former newspaperman, and national librarian, won the presidential election with 70% of the vote on May 23, 1997, a stunning victory over the conservative ruling elite.
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 Reform Judaism Magazine - The Jews of Iran: A Learning Guide
Iran's Jews relied on their own historic response to adversity as they struggled to survive under increased oppression.
The twenty-five year reign of Mohammed Reza Pahlavi (starting in 1951) was good for the Jews, but it all changed when the 1979 revolution exiled the shah and established Shi'a Moslem rule.
Mohammed claimed that his Koran differed from the Hebrew Bible only in that the Koran was in Arabic.
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 Iran horoscope · Iran natal chart · Mundane astrology
Iran horoscope · Iran natal chart · Mundane astrology · September 23, 2006, 11:57 GMT
The birth chart of current Iran is believed to be set for the return of Ayatollah Khomeini on February 1, 1979, 9:30 am -03:30, Tehran.
January 16, 1979 - Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Iran's pro-Western monarch, is overthrown by an opposition movement led by the exiled Muslim cleric Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini.
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