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Topic: Mohammed VI of Morocco

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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

  Mohammed VI of Morocco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
King Mohammed VI was born in Rabat, Morocco on August 21, 1963, the eldest son and second child of King Hassan II and his wife Lalla Latifa Hammou from an important Berber family.
H.M. King Mohammed VI was the 18th king in the Alaouite dynasty, which has reigned in Morocco since 1666, he is also according to the Moroccan constitution Amir al-Muminin Commander of the faithful or religious chief.
Mohammed VI is generally opposed by Islamist conservatives.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mohammed_VI_of_Morocco   (751 words)

 President Clinton Welcomes Mohammed VI of Morocco to White House
At midday, Mohammed VI had lunch at the State Department with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who praised him for "honoring the legacy of his father by continuing to play a positive role" in support of the Middle East peace process.
Earlier in the day, King Mohammed VI and his sister, Princess Lalla Meryem, were welcomed at an official arrival ceremony on the South Lawn, replete with the playing of the national anthems of each country, reviewing of the troops by the two leaders, and a 21-gun salute.
Morocco, Clinton said, "is a sterling example of Islamic tolerance; a force for peace rooted in the common values of humanity.
www.usembassy-israel.org.il /publish/peace/archives/2000/june/me0620d.html   (1004 words)

 Reporters sans frontières - Morocco annual Report 2002
They had been charged by the foreign affairs minister, Mohamed Benaissa, for publishing a series of articles in three issues of Le Journal (N° 117, 118 and 119), banned on 2 December 2000, in which the minister was accused of misappropriating funds while he was ambassador in the United States.
Mohamed Aghnaj, managing editor of the weekly, was in possession of an authorisation, dated February 1999, to publish his newspaper.
The text was illustrated with a cartoon of King Mohammed VI which did not appear in the Moroccan magazine that was distributed normally.
www.rsf.org /article.php3?id_article=1450   (1800 words)

 Mohammed VI & Salma
King Mohammed VI broke with tradition by issueing an official communiqué about his engagement and the identity of his future wife on October 12th, 2001.
Today, in the evening, King Mohammed VI of Morocco and his fiancée Salma Bennani signed the marriage contract at the Royal Palace in Rabat in a private Muslim ceremony in front of family members.
After having graduated she interned at Omnium North Africa (Morocco's largest private corporation), in which the royal family has a 20 percent stake, for a 6 months training session subsequent to which she was hired as a computer scientist.
www.nettyroyal.nl /salma1.html   (643 words)

 Middle East Report 218: Networks of Discontent in Northern Morocco: Drugs, Opposition and Urban Unrest, by James ...
Despite multiple gestures indicating departure from his father's autocratic style, Mohammed VI remains a prisoner of an authoritarian system in crisis that he is unable to change after almost two years on the throne.
Mohammed VI has no reliable institutional partners with whom to pursue necessary political reforms, and he faces two formidable adversaries if he attempts to lead the democratization and modernization fights alone.
The Islamists' opposition to a modern democratic project that confines religion to the private sphere and enforces the rule of law in the public realm is not particularly threatening to Mohammed VI since he continues to claim sovereignty on the basis of religious legitimacy.
www.merip.org /mer/mer218/218_maghraoui.html   (4794 words)

 In the first interview he has given since becoming king last July, Mohammed VI of Morocco talked last week with TIME's ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Here is Mohammed VI, this week making a state visit to Washington aimed at renewing warm ties that date to 1777, when Morocco was among the first nations to recognize the United States of America.
Mohammed VI took up the delicate task of healing the often bloody national wounds that his father had no small part in opening.
Mohammed VI seems well aware that times are clanging, that the days of feudalism in Morocco are over.
www.mincom.gov.ma /french/generalites/samajeste/mohammedVI/discours/2000/interview.htm   (2411 words)

 Morocco's king boosts women's rights in marriage - Ummah.com
In a historic effort to unify and modernize his country, Morocco's King Mohammed VI announced on Friday a landmark reform to grant vast new rights to women on matters such as divorce, marriage and rights within the family.
Morocco's family law - or moudouana - has been one of the most hotly debated and divisive issues in the country in recent years.
Morocco's King Mohammed VI of Morocco has defended the right to equality between Moroccan men and women, and urged for a reform of the family law and the woman status "Mudawana."
www.ummah.net /forum/showthread.php?t=24386   (1539 words)

Morocco is a country with a very glorious past.
It became the heart of the immense Almoravid and Almohad empires, and the beauty of the great cities of Morocco are a witness to this.
The most cosmopolitan of Morocco's cities, with a palpably French mood, but reflecting the paradox at the heart of Morocco - its unique fusion of ancient and modern, of Africa, Arabia and Europe.
us-africa.tripod.com /morocco.html   (1070 words)

 Princess Lalla Hasna of Morocco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Princess Lalla Hasna of Morocco, a daughter of the late King Hassan II and sister of HM King Mohammed VI, was born on November 19, 1967.
In 1999 she launched the national campaign for the protection of the environment and gave the prize for the most beautiful and cleanest beach in Morocco.
To shore up her work, the Mohammed VI Foundation for the protection of the environment was created in 2001 and chaired by Princess Hasna.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lalla_Hasna   (220 words)

 MOROCCO-ALGERIA: KING MOHAMMED VI URGES DIALOGUE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Morocco would like to hold bilateral talks directly with Algeria over the mineral-rich former Spanish colony of Western Sahara, the subject of a long-running dispute between Morocco and the Algerian-backed Polisario Front separatist movement.
Morocco has come under increasing international pressure for its refusal to allow observers from any other countries in to Western Sahara, where there have been violent separatist protests in recent weeks and months and where the Polisario Front alleges Moroccan security forces have perpetrated human rights abuses against the native Saharawis.
King Mohammed VI is also fearful of Morocco's domestic situation, characterised by a weak economy, a worsening trade deficit, growing unemployment and poverty, may form an explosive social 'tinder-box' that could further jeopardise his regime, La Tribune said.
www.adnki.com /index_2Level.php?cat=Politics&loid=8.0.184234518&par=0   (226 words)

 Telegraph | News | Morocco's king has a son, and 9,400 have freedom
King Mohammed VI of Morocco celebrated the birth of a son and heir yesterday by ordering the release of more than 9,400 prisoners from the country's crowded jails.
When Mohammed came to the throne he was known as The King of Cool, not just for his keen dress sense but for his reputed travels incognito among his subjects to find out at first hand their needs.
Critics soon attacked this image as a distortion, saying the king was damaged by his bullying father, and that he was a weak and rather foppish king who could not address the problems of his kingdom.
www.telegraph.co.uk /news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2003/05/09/wmoroc09.xml   (459 words)

 A Chequer-Board of Nights and Days: Morocco The Model
Morocco's 42-year-old King Mohammed VI has discovered religion as a means of modernizing his society -- and progress through piety seems to be the order of the day.
Morocco's 350-year-old dynasty, the world's oldest next to the Japanese imperial dynasty, claims to be directly descended from the prophet Mohammed.
Although her party's true objective is to preserve a devout and god-fearing lifestyle in Morocco, the Islamists are also very pleased with the reforms of family law that began in the fall of 2003.
www.chequer-board.net /story/2006/1/20/113958/454   (803 words)

 Friends of Morocco: Virtual Magazine: Social Change
The Moroccan king, Mohammed VI, spends £3.6 million a month on staff wages, £97,000 on car repairs and almost £53,000 on animal feed, according to a breakdown of the palace budget that has enraged his poverty-stricken subjects.
Morocco's King Mohammed VI has ordered his government to tackle worsening poverty in an attempt to curb the growing shanty towns around the country's main cities.
King Mohammed VI of Morocco has promised to set up a body to preserve the language and culture of the country's Berbers, who make up a majority of the population.
friendsofmorocco.org /2004News/SocialChange.htm   (1967 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Mohammed VI Mohammed VI of Morocco was born on August 21, 1963 in the capital city Rabat.
Mohammed VI was crowned King of Morocco on July 30, 1999, following the death of his father.
Since his enthronement, Mohammed VI has proven to be a strong and highly active leader.
home.rochester.rr.com /parrtree/morocco/Primer/King.htm   (248 words)

 Middle East Online
Mohammed VI celebrates the 4th anniversary of his accession to the throne
RABAT - King Mohammed VI of Morocco warned Islamists among his subjects Wednesday not to seek to establish faith-based political parties and not to try to introduce imported versions of Islam.
"Morocco will never accept that Islam is used as a springboard for the satisfaction of ambitions of rule in the name of religion," he said in a nationwide address on television and radio.
www.middle-east-online.com /english?id=6605   (317 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Country profiles | Country profile: Morocco   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Morocco was a French protectorate from 1912 to 1956, when Sultan Mohammed became king.
After his death in 1999 Hassan was succeeded by his son, who became King Mohammed VI and was seen as a moderniser whose aim was to establish a constitutional monarchy.
Morocco is bidding for membership of the European Union, its main trade partner, but there appears to be little enthusiasm for this within the bloc.
news.bbc.co.uk /hi/english/world/middle_east/country_profiles/newsid_791000/791867.stm   (732 words)

 His Majesty King Mohammed VI   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
His Majesty the King, Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, is a descendent of the Alaouite offspring, originally from Yanboo Al Nakhil, a small oasis of the Arabian coast on the Red Sea.
His Majesty King Mohammed VI is the 23rd king of the Alaouite Dynasty, the reign of which started in the middle of the 17th century.
He is graduate of the University Mohammed V. In 1985, Crown Prince Sidi Mohammed got his Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the university of judicial, economic and social studies in Rabat.
www.mincom.gov.ma /english/generalities/hismajesty/HM_MohammedVI.html   (926 words)

 Time Magazine
This month Mohammed VI granted TIME the first interview of his reign and he agreed to allow TIME Cairo bureau chief Scott MacLeod to follow him on his travels around Morocco.
Mohammed VI spoke to MacLeod during an evening jog in Marrakech, at a jackets-off session at one of the King's palaces in Agadir and on a flight back to the Moroccan capital Rabat.
In Morocco, we are flattered by the interest displayed toward this region of the Maghreb in trying to solve the issues.
www.usa-morocco.org /timemagazineinterview.htm   (2018 words)

 Orders, Decorations and Medals - Medals by Country - Medals of Morocco
Mohamed VI from Morocco, on a state visit to Yaoundé (Cameroun) has been awarded the Grand-cross of Order of Valour.
His Majesty King Mohammed VI has awarded the Grand Cordon of the Wissam Alaouite Order to the president of the Chinese assembly Wu Bangguo.
King Mohammed VI of Morocco has bestowed the Grand Officer of Wissam Alaouite award on Malaysia's former ambassador to Morocco, Datuk Mohd Nor Atan, the first Malaysian envoy to that country to be given the decoration.
www.geocities.com /athens/4795/Morocco.htm   (320 words)

 FORWARD : News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Morocco and Israel are mulling a resumption of diplomatic relations, which were severed by the Arab kingdom after the outbreak of the intifada.
After resuming public meetings and contacts with Israeli officials in recent weeks, King Mohammed VI of Morocco told American Jewish communal leaders in New York last week that he was considering re-establishing the low-level diplomatic liaison that had existed until three years ago.
Azoulay said Morocco was very worried about the collapse of the peace process and was in a unique position to revive it.
www.forward.com /issues/2003/03.10.03/news13.morocco.html   (1265 words)

 The Seoul Times   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
His Majesty King Mohamed VI On the occasion of the Throne Celebration Day, which marks this year the fifth anniversary of the enthronement of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI of Morocco, I have the greatest honor to convey my sincere gratitude to The Seoul Times for giving me the opportunity to address its readers.
This celebration is an opportunity to illustrate the achievements of Morocco and to show how fast Morocco has been engaging in many fruitful reforms since the enthronement of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI on July 1999.
Morocco and Korea have been enjoying excellent relations since the establishment of their diplomatic links in the early sixties based on mutual comprehension and common faith to peace and stability.
theseoultimes.com /ST/db/read.php?idx=804   (916 words)

 Moroccan Government
H.M. King Mohammed VI has ruled Morocco since the death of his father, King Hassan II, in July 1999.
The latest ruler in a long dynastic line of Alawites, Mohammed VI is Morocco’s constitutional monarch and –; because of His direct lineage with Prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam – also serves as His country’s spiritual and moral guide.
Since ascending to the throne in July 1999, H.M. King Mohammed VI has taken unprecedented steps to make the manner in which Morocco is governed more transparent and democratic.
www.moroccanamericantrade.com /morogov.cfm   (532 words)

 western sahara - ppu infrormation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This territory, bordering Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania, was designated a Spanish 'sphere of influence' in 1884 (and known as 'Spanish Sahara until 1976) because it lies opposite the Canary islands, controlled by Spain since the 15th century.
Morocco, however, claimed the region on the basis of pre-colonial links, and annexed the economically viable areas.
In November 2001 King Mohammed VI of Morocco visited the disputed region for the first time since he became monarch in 1999.
www.ppu.org.uk /war/countries/africa/w-sahara.html   (766 words)

 Maghreb Arabe Presse: royal_activities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Casablanca, Apr. 1 - King Mohammed VI dedicated here on Saturday the 4th edition of the national festival of special needs children, held on March 31 to April 2, at the initiative of the State Secretariat in charge of Family, children and disabled people.
Tangier, Mar. 31 - King Mohammed VI said Vision 2010 on tourism in Morocco is becoming "a tangible reality", in a message to the participants in the 6th meetings on international tourism, opened here Friday.
Khartoum, Mar. 28 - King Mohammed VI commended the fairness and transparency of the last Palestinian legislative elections, adding he believes that in continuing to provide international backing to representative Palestinian institutions, the international community would be supporting and encouraging the institutions to forge ahead with the peace process, and thus uphold the Palestinians legitima...
www.map.ma /eng/sections/royal_activities?b_start:int=10   (557 words)

 HM King Mohammed VI starts visit to Chile :: moroccoTimes.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
HM King Mohammed VI of Morocco arrived on a State visit to Chile last Wed., the fourth leg of a five-nation Latin American tour.
Morocco dropped its duties on wood imports from 24% to 17%, which has had a negative impact on exports from Chile, one of the Kingdom's main timber suppliers.
He also praised the initiatives taken by HM King Mohammed VI, in particular the enactment of a new family code, the creation of the Justice and Reconciliation Commission to seek compensation for past human rights abuses and the importance granted to destitute people through the Mohammed V Solidarity Foundation, chaired by the Sovereign.
www.moroccotimes.com /special/article.asp?idr=114&id=1199   (432 words)

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