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Topic: Molybdenite

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Molybdenum Mining - Molybdenite Mining - Tungsten Mining - Scheelite Mining
Molybdenum Mining - Molybdenite Mining - Tungsten Mining - Scheelite Mining
Certain information set forth in this document, including management's assessment of Galway Resources Ltd. ("Galway") plans and projects, contains forward-looking statements.
If you wish to access any of your personal information led by the Company, have further questions about your personal information and/or the Galway Resources's Privacy Policy or procedures, wish to withdraw all or part of your personal information, or have any other concerns, please contact:
www.galwayresources.com /s/Disclaimer.asp   (625 words)

 molybdenite.htm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Molybdenite in quartz, Frederick Schill Quarry, Wood County, WI.
FLORENCE COUNTY: Molybdenite occurs at the Payant-Chrissman prospect in Sec.
- Molybdenite is reported as coarsely crystalline material in a pegmatite found in a granite quarry near Amberg in the NW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.
www.uwrf.edu /~W1014120/molybdenite.htm   (505 words)

 Molybdenite - LoveToKnow 1911
It closely resembles graphite in appearance, but may readily be distinguished from this by its greater density (4.7) and by its behaviour before the blowpipe.
The name molybdenite is from the Greek µ6X03Sos, meaning lead or lead ore, with which graphite (fl-lead) and molybdenite were confused; the latter was distinguished by P. Hjelm, who in 1782 discovered the element molybdenum in this mineral.
Molybdenite occurs as disseminated scales in crystalline rocks - such as granite, gneiss, schist and marble - and also in quartz-veins.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Molybdenite   (292 words)

 Roasting of molybdenite concentrates containing flotation oils - Patent 4523948
The ore is finely ground to release the molybdenite mineral which is then separated from the gangue by flotation using various types of flotation oils, e.g., pine oil, "vapor oil", etc., and other addition agents, a large portion of the oil (50-70%) generally remaining in the molybdenite concentrate.
Molybdenite concentrate may also be obtained as a byproduct of copper sulfide flotation wherein, during processing of the copper sulfide ore, a molybdenum-containing ore fraction is obtained from which a molybdenite concentrate is thereafter recovered by flotation.
The roasting of the molybdenite may be effected by increasing or decreasing the flow of air into the furnace depending on the temperatures desired at the various hearth levels.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4523948.html   (4052 words)

 MOLYBDENITE - Online Information article about MOLYBDENITE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
fl-lead) and molybdenite were confused; the latter was distinguished by P.
Molybdenite occurs as disseminated scales in crystalline rocks—such as See also:
Molybdenite has been used mainly for the preparation of molybdates for use as chemical reagents.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /MOL_MOS/MOLYBDENITE.html   (354 words)

 Conversion of molybdenite to molybdenum dioxide using petroleum or coal tar pitches - Patent 4687647
Molybdenite, MoS.sub.2, is completely converted into molybdenum dioxide, MoO.sub.2, by mixing MoS.sub.2 with petroleum or coal tar pitches and heating in air at 400.degree.-600.degree.
Molybdenite is usually converted to MoO.sub.3 by roasting with air, a process which requires a temperature in the range of 1100.degree.-1400.degree.
Typically, the molybdenite is produced by the concentration of molylybdenum ores and becomes available as a fine powder containing 54-55% Mo. The powdered molybdenite is mixed with the residual fuel oil, asphalt or pitch at a temperature above the softening point.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4687647.html   (1119 words)

 All the latest from Molybdenite Lake
At Molybdenite Lake a ground magnetic survey was conducted over the frozen, unexplored lake and surrounding area, measuring about one by two kilometers.
The geology is depicted on a map titled Geology of Molybdenite Lake (P2406) undertaken by Zenon Mandziuk et al for the Ontario Geological Survey in 1980.
Topographic maps of the area and the Amax ground magnetic survey indicate the existence of strong northerly and northeasterly faults, the development of which, as at Molybdenite Lake, caused the fracturing for the quartz emplacements.
sootoday.com /content/news/full_story.asp?StoryNumber=23705   (1086 words)

 Molybdenum dioxide-molybdenite roasting - Patent 4462822
C., introducing into the roasting zone particulate molybdenum dioxide and molybdenite in a weight ratio of at least about 2:1 along with an oxygen-containing gas in amount sufficient to oxidize the sulfur content of the molybdenite to molybdenum dioxide.
C., introducing into said roasting zone particulate molybdenum dioxide and molybdenite in a weight ratio of at least about 2:1 along with an oxygen-containing gas in amount sufficient to oxidize the sulfur content of said molybdenite and oxidizing said molybdenite to molybdenum dioxide within said roasting zone.
The process in accordance with claim 1 wherein the ratio of molybdenum dioxide to molybdenite fed to said roasting zone is increased with temperature rise within said zone.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4462822.html   (1414 words)

 Re-Os dating of molybdenite: new anlytical approaches using ICP-MS
Molybdenite has been or particular interest because it is a common ore mineral and is suitable for analysis by the Re-Os method due to relatively high concentration of both Re and Os.
As the method of isotope dilution (ID) is applied for accurate determination of isotope ratios in geochronological studies, the first attempts were made on the optimisation of Re and Os spike addition.
External calibration with correction of instrumental drift by monitoring one of the major isotopes of molybdenite was found to be most effective for the determination of the Re concentration.
epubl.luth.se /1402-1757/2002/55/index.html   (629 words)

Molybdenite is a mineral of molybdenum sulfide, MoS
Similar in appearance and feel to graphite molybdenite has a lubricating effect which is produced by its structure of close-spaced parallel cleavage planes.
The element rhenium is always present in molybdenite as a substitute for molybdenum usually in the parts per million range, but often up to 1 -2%.
www.askfactmaster.com /Molybdenum_disulphide   (193 words)

 Porter GeoConsultancy - Ore Deposit Description
Molybdenite typically occurs as thin (1 to 6 mm) closely spaced laminae that give the milky white quartz veins their characteristic ribboned appearance.
Molybdenite also occurs as scattered to concentrated finely divided grains in quartz, so as to produce blue and fl quartz veins.
The transition from pyrite to molybdenite mineralisation is gradational.
www.portergeo.com.au /database/mineinfo.asp?mineid=mn657   (1431 words)

 Molybdenite Recovery by Flotation of Moly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The type of reagents that are often employed in direct flotation of molybdenite or in molybdenite-copper separation include many types of hydrocarbons as fuel oil, stove oil, or special combinations of hydrocarbon compounds.
The natural floatability of molybdenite is attributed to its crystal structure.
Molybdenite surfaces formed by rupture of weak Van Der Waal’s bonds is hydrophobic and consequently, naturally floatable.
www.startprospecting.com /html/molybdenite_recovery_by_flotat.html   (976 words)

 Molybdenite,Molybdenum Sulfide,Molybdenite Information,Molybdenite Uses
Graphite has a darker fl-silver color and a fl-gray to brown-gray streak, whereas molybdenite has a bluish-silver color and streak.
Molybdenite's structure is composed of molybdenum ions sandwiched between layers of sulfur ions.
Molybdenite or "Moly Ore" as it is sometimes called, is a very high luster mineral and can be an interesting mineral to add to a collection.
www.mineralszone.com /minerals/molybdenite.html   (170 words)

 Reduction of copper content in the molybdenite concentrate patent invention
One embodiment provides leaching copper from the molybdenite concentrate with a leaching solution comprising ferric chloride, removing molybdenite from the leaching solution, introducing an acid into the leaching solution and introducing O2, O3, or a combination of both, into the leaching solution.
It is to be noted, however, that the appended drawings illustrate only typical embodiments of this invention and are therefore not to be considered limiting of its scope, for the invention may admit to other equally effective embodiments.
In a batch process oxygen, ozone, or a combination of the two, and hydrochloric acid are added to a predetermined volume of acid solution containing ferrous chloride, ferric chloride, or a combination of the two, in dissolution vessel 110.
www.freshpatents.com /Reduction-of-copper-content-in-the-molybdenite-concentrate-dt20060817ptan20060182674.php   (1427 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Molybdenite occurs in economic quantities in relatively few places in the world.
The Questa molybdenite deposit is the only known economic porphyry molybdenum deposit in the entire state of New Mexico.
The molybdenite orebodies are included within a much more expansive zone of pyrite occurrences along reaches of the Red River valley.
www.molycorp.com /molybdenum/molybdenum_minerology.html   (631 words)

 TTM Resources
The ‘Chu’ Prospect is an area of molybdenite mineralized sedimentary rocks adjacent to a granodiorite intrusive stock.
The waste to ore ratio appears to be one to one for a pit outline, the molybdenite to molybdenum conversion factor is 60%, and the deposit is open in both directions along strike and to depth.
Historical drill results, lengthy sections of ‘strong’ molybdenite mineralization were identified, such as, 113 meters with 0.1235 MoS2 (hole 81-2), 61 meters with 0.125% MoS2 (hole 81-6) and 28.3 meters with 0.262% MoS2 (hole 82-2).
www.ttmresources.ca /english/chu.htm   (811 words)

 SummitPost - Molybdenite Mountain -- Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering
Molybdenite Mountain is located in the northeastern corner of Washington in the Selkirk Mountains.
The Noah's Saddle from which Molybdenite's prominence is calculated is 5 miles to the ENE on the Harvey Creek-Granite Creek Divide.
Molybdenite is a mineral also known as molybdenum disulfide.
www.summitpost.org /show/mountain_link.pl/mountain_id/4782   (1548 words)

 Molybdenite Information Center - molybdenite corporation
Molybdenite is a mineral of molybdenum disulfide, molybdenite corporation of canada limited MoS
Molybdenite also occurs in porphry copper deposits of molybdenite corporation Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Mexico.
Molybdenite ores are essentially molybdenite in hydrothermal breccia the only source for rhenium.
www.scipeeps.com /Sci-Chemistry_Topics_Mi_-_O/Molybdenite.html   (252 words)

The strong basal cleavage of molybdenite (left) parallel to (0001) is clearly seen, as are deformation effects similar to kink banding (centre).
Molybdenite laths surround a tabular silicate crystal (dark coloured with internal reflections, top centre).
Molybdenite shows strong anisotropy effects (blue-white to green-grey), controlled by primary crystal orientation and its subsequent deformation.
www.smenet.org /opaque-ore/Plate18.htm   (356 words)

Molybdenite forms scales and bluish-gray platy crystals, generally associated with the pegmatite contacts at both Franklin and Sterling Hill.
At Franklin it was also abundant in the limestone of the east wall of the Buckwheat open cut, where the limestone contains much scapolite and edenite.
Molybdenite and pyrrhotite were for the most part enclosed in the dull-green scapolite.
franklin-sterlinghill.com /palache/molybdenite.stm   (72 words)

 Molybdenite in Colorado   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The molybdenite usually occurs in tiny veinlets in the host rock.
A 1.8 cm hexagonal tabular molybdenite crystal from the Climax Mine in Lake County.
Molybdenite specimen from the California Mine near Mt. Antero.
www.peaktopeak.com /colorado/mineral.php3?mineralid=68   (42 words)

 Mo - Molybdenum
molybdos, lead) Before Scheele recognized molybdenite as a distinct ore of a newelement in 1778, it was confused with graphite and lead ore. The metal was prepared as animpure form in 1782 by Hjelm.
Molybdenum does not occur native, but is obtainedprincipally from molybdenite.
Molybdenum is also recovered as a by-product of copper and tungsten mining operations.The metal is prepared from the powder made by the hydrogen reduction of purified molybdictrioxide or ammonium molybdate.
www.physlink.com /Reference/ChemicalElements/molybdenum.cfm   (82 words)

 Separation of molybdenite from its mixture with other sulfide ores (US4425230)
Dithiocarbonic acid, trithiocarbonic acid, water soluble salts of dithiocarbonic acid or trithiocarbonic acid or mixtures thereof when contacted with a mixed sulfide ore effectively depresses copper and iron sulfides thereby permitting molybdenite to be recovered by froth flotation.
In copper concentrates produced by a flotation process, the organic collector reagents adhering to the surface of the copper and iron sulfides may be, and preferably are, stripped by conventional physical or chemical means prior to contacting the copper concentrate with the trithiocarbonate depressants of the invention.
However, the trithiocarbonates of the invention have been found to be effective depressants of copper and iron sulfides in concentrates which are not stripped prior to treatment with the depressant.
www.delphion.com /details?pn=US04425230__   (304 words)

 Mineral Information Institute - MOLYBDENUM
Molybdenum was discovered by the Swedish scientist, Peter Hjelm in 1781, three years after Carl Scheele proposed that a previously unknown element could be found in the mineral molybdenite.
The most important ore source of molybdenum is the mineral molybdenite.
The United States produces significant quantities of molybdenite from mines in Colorado, New Mexico, and Idaho.
www.mii.org /Minerals/photomoly.html   (1007 words)

 molybdenum — FactMonster.com
Large amounts of molybdenite are mined at Climax, Colo. Molybdenum ore is also obtained as a byproduct of copper mining.
The molybdenite may be purified for use in lubricants.
molybdenite - molybdenite molybdenite, a mineral, molybdenum disulfide, MoS2, blue-gray in color, with a...
www.factmonster.com /id/A0833657   (464 words)

 Molybdenum Summary
Most chemists thought that molybdenite was a form of lead, a perception that was perpetuated when the name molybdenum was selected for the element.
Then in 1778, Carl Scheele recognized that molybdenite was a distinct ore of a new element.
In 1778 Carl Wilhelm Scheele was able to determine that molybdenum was separate from graphite and lead, and isolated the oxide of the metal from molybdenite.
www.bookrags.com /Molybdenum   (3510 words)

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