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Topic: Monad

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 Monad: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The monad was thus a central concept in the cosmology cosmology quick summary:
(monads are atomistic mental objects which experience the world from a particular point of view.
Technocracy Incorporated[Follow this hyperlink for a summary of this subject] describes its symbol as being a geometric representation of the monad.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/m/mo/monad.htm   (1731 words)

The word monad is used by the neo-Platonists to signify the One; for instance, in the letters of the Christian Platonist Synesius, God is described as the Monad of Monads.
The term monad is, however, generally understood in reference to the philosophy of Leibniz, in which the doctrine of monadism occupies a position of paramount importance.
In the monad of the human soul the region of clear representation is at its maximum, this kind of monad, the "queen monad", being characterized by the power of intellectual thought.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/10447b.htm   (1304 words)

 Monad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Monad comes from the Greek word μονάς (from the word μόνος, which means "one", "single", "unique") and may refer to:
Monad, a symbol of God or totality is known in several philosophical circles
Monads in functional programming are type constructors that are used in functional programming languages to capture various notions of sequential computation
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Monad   (203 words)

 Leibniz's Monadology
Leibniz discusses the nature of monadic perception and consciousness, the principles which govern truth and reason, and the relation of the monadic universe to God.
Leibniz describes three levels of monads, which may be differentiated by their modes of perception A simple or bare monad has unconscious perception, but does not have memory.
A monad is perfect insofar as it is active, and is imperfect insofar as it is passive.
www.angelfire.com /md2/timewarp/leibniz.html   (942 words)

 Windows PowerShell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Microsoft published the second "Monad" public beta release on September 11, 2005 and released Beta 3 on January 10, 2006.
PowerShell's codename, Monad, comes from Gottfried Leibniz's monadology, a philosophy in which the universe is a composite of fundamental elements called Monads that are integrated in a 'pre-established harmony'.
Monad: The Future of Windows Scripting - an article in TechNet Magazine by Thomas Lee.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/MSH_(shell)   (1619 words)

 fUSION Anomaly. Monads
He expounds his conclusion that all living matter is composed not of dead atoms but of living "monads," infinite in their variety.
Monads are nonphysical, psychical substances whose forceful life is an immanent activity.
What the monads see are the projections of their own appetites and their own ideas.
fusionanomaly.net /monads.html   (272 words)

 "Monads, Centers of Consciousness" by G. de Purucker
But the word monad is used in a general way for a variety of consciousness centers in man. There is the spiritual monad, offspring of the divine monad; there is the human monad, offspring of the spiritual monad; there is the vital-astral monad, offspring of the human monad.
Mystically, the physical body itself may be called an aggregated monad of the physical plane, because it is formed of mathematical points, little lives or monads of which the soul is the Monad of monads of this particular bodily hierarchy; while the monad above the soul is again its supermonad or Monas monadum.
The 'graduated' monads are, each one of them, a Monas monadum; and these are the guides and spiritual helpers of the less developed monads, their own children, trailing along behind.
www.theosophy-nw.org /theosnw/human/hu-gdp5.htm   (2038 words)

 Wadler: Monads
Moggi's use of monads to factor semantics is used to model the composable continuations of Danvy and Filinski.
Monads provide a convenient framework for simulating effects found in other languages, such as global state, exception handling, output, or non-determinism.
Three case studies are looked at in detail: how monads ease the modification of a simple evaluator; how monads act as the basis of a datatype of arrays subject to in-place update; and how monads can be used to build parsers.
homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk /wadler/topics/monads.html   (746 words)

 Monad : Microsoft's .NET Answer To BASH and KSH?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Monad is a Unix-like command shell for Longhorn that aims to be as interactive as KSH or BASH, as programmable...
Monad is a Unix-like command shell for Longhorn that aims to be as interactive as KSH or BASH, as programmable as Ruby or Perl, but with an object orientated base in Microsoft.NET.
I was reminded about Monad by a recent posting by Adam Barr (author of "Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters", one of the best books on the Microsoft developer culture) where Adam points out that a recent set of powerpoint slides on Monad got linked to on Slashdot.
www.rittman.net /archives/001072.html   (973 words)

All simple substances or created Monads might be called Entelechies, for they have in them a certain perfection (echousi to enteles); they have a certain self-sufficiency (autarkeia) which makes them the sources of their internal activities and, so to speak, incorporeal automata.
But in simple substances the influence of one Monad upon another is only ideal, and it can have its effect only through the mediation of God, in so far as in the ideas of God any Monad rightly claims that God, in regulating the others from the beginning of things, should have regard to it.
The body belonging to a Monad (which is its entelechy or its soul) constitutes along with the entelechy what may be called a living being, and along with the soul what is called an animal.
www.rbjones.com /rbjpub/philos/classics/leibniz/monad.htm   (4063 words)

 Monad transformers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Monad transformers are special variants of standard monads that facilitate the combining of monads.
Their type constructors are parameterized over a monad type constructor, and they produce combined monadic types.
When using combined monads created by the monad transformers, we avoid having to explicitly manage the inner monad types, resulting in clearer, simpler code.
www.nomaware.com /monads/html/transformers.html   (396 words)

When it comes to outputing objects, Monad allows you to enhance the.NET objects by defining overrides for their ToString() method, grouping the objects properties into named propertysets, and to define which of the objects properties are the default display properties.
Monad is a fantastic environment to explore.NET and while most of Monad is written using C#, a number of our devs do prototyping work in Monad itself and then translate it into C#.
Type types are implemented using Monad so they are called ScriptProperites and in each case, the call an underlying api (using the $THIS variable which is set to the object being extended), sorting the elements by name and piping the results into a foreach loop which casts the data to a string for easy reading.
blogs.msdn.com /monad   (8396 words)

The object of the game is to collect round cards known as "Monads", which look like yin-yang symbols.
To trade, a player turns in a pair of cards with the same number of symbols but of opposite colors (one warm and one cool) and takes the top card from the stack with the next highest number of symbols.
The first player to accumulate a given number of Monads (which varies depending on the number of players in the game) is the winner.
www.gamepile.com /3mgm04.html   (437 words)

 Llewellyn Encyclopedia: Enochian Monad Model
When this Monad descends into the Aethyrs, it divides itself into two dualistic parts: a subjective consciousness center, or Self, and its objective environment, or World.
If we think of the center as monadic consciousness (the Self) and the circumference as infinite Space (the World of the Self), then it becomes obvious that the Enochian Monad Model is but a slight enhancement of this ancient mystical definition of humankind.
The Enochian Monad Model is thus a modern expression of an ancient idea.
www.llewellynencyclopedia.com /article/20   (473 words)

 A New Kind of Science: The NKS Forum - Leibniz, thought emergent or all the way down
The primary motivation for the idea of monads is the notion that they are the only way to explain the phenomenal given, thought, because composition supposedly cannot be the origin of thought.
Since "state of the universe" is a summation over all monads, it means the "complexity" of the input to the rule for each smidgen of the universe is the power set of the universe.
This was not original, though his monads are, as a kind of cross between that idea and a kind of atomism (prior atomism had been materialistic e.g.
forum.wolframscience.com /showthread.php?s=&threadid=63   (7287 words)

 Smart Software: Monad Shell
Through the magic of reflection, Monad performs all the parsing and validation of switches and maps them to properties of your new class.
Monad is not quite a superset of the XP cmd shell.
Feel the output here in monad is a lot more understandable than the conventional shells.
wesnerm.blogs.com /net_undocumented/2004/05/monad_shell.html   (602 words)

 The Monad by C.W.Leadbeater   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
For each Monad is literally a part of God, apparently temporarily separated from Him, while he is enclosed in the veils of matter, though in truth never for one moment really separated.
Certain Monads had already responded to the call of the higher Authorities, and had decided that their representative personalities should assist in that glorious work; and because of that, nothing that these personalities might do during the intervening time could possibly interfere with the carrying out of that decision.
And when the Monad has decided, the thing will be done; it is well for the personality if he yields gracefully and readily, if he recognises the voice from above, and co-operates gladly; for if he does not do this, he will lay up for himself much useless suffering.
kingsgarden.org /English/Organizations/LCC.GB/LCIS/Scriptures/Liberal/Leadbeater/Articles/TheMonad.htm   (4520 words)

 The .NET Show : New Episode of The .NET Show: Longhorn Fundamentals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
If you are implying that this "monad" thing is a late implementation of what various *nix implementations have had for years, then I suppose I agree with you.
The thing that really gets me excited about Monad, is that it provides an actively accessible "object" model that allows an application not to just be doing I/O at the "text" level of those other platforms, but be able to dive straight into the actual features and capabilities of the applications themselves.
The difference with Monad is that it is a much richer approximation of this overall vision than what I've seen in the past.
blogs.msdn.com /TheShow/archive/2004/06/18/159575.aspx   (1639 words)

 Monas Hieroglyphica ('The Hieroglyphic Monad') of John Dee
This most secret mystery is clearly and perfectly shown in our Monad by the hieroglyphic figure of Taurus, which is here represented, and by that of Mars, which we have indicated in Theorem XII and Theorem XIII by the Sun joined to a straight line towards the sign of Aries.
Two equal lines are equally and inequally crossed through the point of necessity which you see in A. The four straight lines, as in B, produce a sort of vacuum where they are withdrawn from the central point, which was their common condition, in which state they were not prejudical, the one to the other.
We distribute our Monad, now looked at from a different aspect, and analysed in a different manner, as is seen at B, D, C. In this new Ternary the figures C and D are known to all men, but the figure designated B is not easy of comprehension.
www.esotericarchives.com /dee/monad.htm   (6595 words)

 Microsoft mends minor scripting problems in Monad   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Monad, an interactive command-line and task-based scripting technology, makes its debut in Exchange 12 later this year.
Monad key features are a simplified command-based navigation of the operating system, command extensibility that lets administrators quickly write scripts, customize commands and author their own shell tools.
Monad also allows aliasing and output formatting capabilities and support for existing scripts and command-line tools.
searchwinit.techtarget.com /originalContent/0,289142,sid1_gci1169896,00.html   (873 words)

 The Hieroglyphic Monad
The Hieroglyphic Monad John Dee, London, to MAXIMILIAN, by God ’s Grace Most W ise Emperor of Rome, Bohemia, and Hungar y --------------------------------------- 2 The Hieroglyphic Monad By John Dee Originally published in London, England, 1564 This document is optimized for printing on a laser or inkjet printer.
We see that the Moon in her shape and her proximity rivals the Sun with her grandeur, which is apparent t o o rdinary m en, y et t he f ace, o r a semi-sphere of the Moon, always reflects the light of the Sun.
In this theory another kabbalistic analysis of our Monad offers itself, because the true and ingenius explanation is this: the exaltations of the Moon and of the S un are made by means of the science of the Ele- ments.
www.beyondweird.com /occult/Dee_Monad.html   (6064 words)

 Windows Server Reference Guide > Monad, the Three-Dimensional Command Prompt
Although Monad's definition of an object isn't as flexible as the concept of the same name in everyday programming, in the context of Monad, it's powerful enough to deserve the moniker.
Since Monad uses a scripting language, that last revelation may be one of the most significant.
Monad is a little more like the old Immediate Window of Visual Basic, in that you can declare a variable using the prompt, on the fly, and that the variable can refer to an object.
www.informit.com /guides/content.asp?g=windowsserver&seqNum=210&rl=1   (1137 words)

 All About Monads   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This tutorial aims to explain the concept of a monad and its application to functional programming in a way that is easy to understand and useful to beginning and intermediate Haskell programmers.
The first part provides a basic understanding of the role of monads in functional programming, how monads operate, and how they are declared and used in Haskell.
The second part covers each standard monad in Haskell, giving the definition of the monad and discussing the use of the monad.
www.nomaware.com /monads/html   (318 words)

 As Exchange 12 Looms, Microsoft Tackles Monad Bugs > Concepts for Grokking   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
But with beta 3 of Monad available since January 2006, early users keep finding new bugs in the new scripting environment—and anyone who wants to use Monad with old releases of Visual Studio (VS) is now just about out of luck.
Monad brings a number of departures from command shell tradition.
Monad does employ commands that are somewhat analogous to those used in other shells, but Monad’s scripts, known as cmdlets (pronounced "command-lets"), are typically much smaller and lighter.
www.informit.com /articles/article.asp?p=457501&f1=rss   (619 words)

 Theosophy : Monad by C. W. Leadbeater : AnandGholap.net
The Monad inhabits the second plane of our set of planes - that which used to be called the paranirvanic or the anupadaka.
Meanwhile, the Monad in his third aspect descends also to that intuitional plane and clothes itself in its matter, and adopts a form to which as yet no name has been attached in our literature.
Certain Monads had already responded to the call of the higher Authorities, and had decided that their representative personalities should assist in that glorious work; and because of that, nothing that [23] these personalities might do during the intervening time could possibly interfere with the carrying out of that decision.
www.anandgholap.net /Monad-CWL.htm   (14017 words)

 The constitution of man by Aart Jurriaanse, Share International Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Man is the manifestation in physical matter of the spiritual Monad, a single spark of the one spirit.
The triad stands, on a higher level, in the same relationship to the Monad as the personality stands to the soul -- the lower being the instrument through which the higher is functioning.
Direct contact between the Monad (the triad) and personality is only effected when man is nearing the end of his journey of experience in the three lower worlds, and when the gap in consciousness between spirit and matter has been bridged by the `lighted way'.
www.share-international.org /archives/AgelessWisdom/aw_ajconstitution.htm   (653 words)

Implementing these additional constructs is well-known in models of backtracking based on streams, but not known to be possible in continuation-based models.
On the other hand, this fair stream monad is rather simple.
Also, in the present monad the laws are satisfied modulo the order of the answers: we should treat the result of
okmij.org /ftp/Computation/monads.html   (1204 words)

 Exchange 12: The Monad-based Exchange Management Shell
Monad gives you, as the System Administrator, a totally new and exciting way to perform a wide range of administrative tasks.
Monad or MSH currently supports Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP1 and Windows Vista, but Microsoft’s intention is to build all future products on top of so-called Monad cmdlets (pronounced commandlets).
The first major Microsoft product to take advantage of the Monad scripting language is, as some of you probably already know, the upcoming version of Exchange which at the time of this writing is known as Exchange 12 (E12), which is expected to RTM in Q1 2007.
www.msexchange.org /tutorials/Exchange-12-Monad-based-Exchange-Management-Shell.html   (1190 words)

A MONAD is a round cardboard token with an 80 on it.
The object of the game is to accumulate the required number of Monads, which differs depending on the number of players.
When I heard that MONAD was reissued in Germany (with a stock market theme) by the now-defunct HEXAGAMES company, under the name of DIE 1.
www.webnoir.com /bob/sid/monad.htm   (841 words)

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