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Topic: Monday Night RAW

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  WWE RAW News - The Wrestling Post
Raw hops the pond this week to visit Birmingham, England in what promises to be a bloody good show.
Monday’s night’s edition of Monday Night RAW did a 2.8 cable rating, which is down from last week’s 3.2 cable rating.
He falls on the ramp, and Raw goes to a commercial with Triple H being assisted by the refs.
www.thewrestlingpost.com /categories/raw   (6175 words)

  WWE Monday Night Raw Recap - Associated Content
Monday Night Raw this week had an old familiar feeling, an almost eerie feeling as an absent legend returned to the premier brand of sports entertainment.
It was the first Raw of 2007 that was able to trigger that emotion buried deep within wrestling fans souls that keeps us watching week after week and year after year.
Since he is now a regular on Friday Night Smackdown, many of the less hardcore fans rarely get to see one of the true living legends and all-time favorites of the wrestling industry, The Undertaker.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/142727/wwe_monday_night_raw_recap_.html   (473 words)

  WCW Monday Nitro at AllExperts
WCW Monday Nitro was the weekly Monday night TV show on TNT, produced by the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling (WCW).
This rivalry is known to wrestling fans as the "Monday Night Wars." Throughout the Monday Night Wars between Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon, Nitro was gaining on its WWF counterpart popularity-wise.
RAW was building for a future with a young Triple H and D-Generation X along with former WCW wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, who was becoming increasingly popular as a rule-breaking, unpredictable anti-hero.
en.allexperts.com /e/w/wc/wcw_monday_nitro.htm   (1808 words)

 OO: Online Onslaught Special Features (Pro Wrestling News, Analysis, and Commentary...  WWF, WCW, ECW, The Rock, ...
With WWF RAW ending the War in the middle of a massive winning streak, it's easy to forget that WCW Nitro dominated a near two-year-long stretch of the ratings battle themselves, and that other periods of the Monday Night War were intensely competitive.
The Monday night slot captured Bischoff's attention because of the remarkable success the WWF had after converting their Monday night program from a studio-based highlights and recap show to a "live" in-arena program each week.
RAW was vulnerable, and Eric Bischoff, who had already taken big chances on hiring high price performers away from the WWF, decided to take one more chance: he asked Turner executives about going head-to-head with the WWF on Monday nights.
www.onlineonslaught.com /features/mnw-intro.shtml   (1469 words)

 Pro wrestling and MMA news - WWE, TNA, UFC, Ring of Honor and more - WrestleMag.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bischoff said that John Cena had the night off, and DX was banned from the building.
I would imagine that fans watching Raw who see Kurt Angle advertised on TNA are apt to tune in to see him.
Raw concluded with another home run, as flabby 57 year old Ric Flair and out-of-shape 52 year old Roddy Piper defeated Edge and Randy Orton.
www.wrestlemag.com /news/index.php?p=3641   (1841 words)

 SingaporeMoms - Parenting Encyclopedia - WWE RAW
The name "WWF War Zone" ("WWE RAW Zone") was used for the second hour of "WWF Raw Is War" ("WWE RAW") as a way to split the show into two separate shows and charge a higher advertisement rate in the second hour.
The current RAW is the successor to "WWF Monday Night RAW", which first aired in 1993 on USA Network.
RAW originated from a small New York City theater, the Manhattan Center, and aired live each week.
www.singaporemoms.com /parenting/WWE_RAW   (962 words)

 Wwe Monday Night Raw Results! - TNI Forums
Footage was shown of last Monday night when Triple H and Evolution left Eugene and bloody mess in the ring.
Triple H said he felt horrible and it made him feel sick and he felt pain, it was a horrible feeling, and he started to think to himself that he can really feel this bad for doing what he did to Eugene last week, and then that's when it happened.
Back on RAW and La Resistance are in the ring and Conway got on the mic and said they would like to sing their Canadian National Anthem.
adctalk.com /index.php?showtopic=1969125   (3329 words)

 J.R.’s Blog » Blog Archive » Monday Night Raw #1 on Cable TV…Again!
This past Monday Night, the Raw television broadcast from the sold out American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas was the #1 rated show on all of cable TV for the night.
Raw delivered a 4.0 rating or more in six consecutive quarter hours Monday night.
Raw is good but nothing worth to cry over whenever u miss an episode.
www.jrsbarbq.com /blog/2007/01/31/monday-night-raw-1-on-cable-tvagain   (1526 words)

 WWE: Schedules > Live Events
WWE presents Monday Night RAW - Topeka, Kan. 7:00 p.m.
WWE presents Monday Night RAW - Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 8:00 p.m.
WWE presents Monday Night RAW - Bridgeport, Conn. 7:30 p.m.
www.wwe.com /schedules/events   (371 words)

 Monday Night RAW 8/16/99
This RAW was more of a steady Nitro pace that lacked excitement during parts of it.
If this Monday Night Raw is any indication of the supposed new era of the WWF, then I am going to be one happy wrestling fan for a while!
Instead of having the show feature only a few superstars who reappear constantly throughout the 2 hours (DX was guilty of this during their prime), this RAW had a good mixture of lots of different angles and wrestlers appearing throughout it.
members.aol.com /royalchris/raw8299.html   (1546 words)

 WWE: TV Shows > Raw
Before their WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series, Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton will be in a face-off on Raw this Monday.
Kennedy's Survivor Series teams will be the lumberjacks in their Lumberjack Match this Monday on Raw.
U.S. law may be different than the law of your home country.
www.wwe.com /shows/raw   (339 words)

 Wwe Monday Night Raw — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress
Monday Night Raw: August 21st Edition — 2 comments
Monday Night Raw: 07/03/2006, Edge wins the WWE Championship.
Raw is up against the NHL Finals: Game 7.
www.wordpress.com /tag/wwe-monday-night-raw   (323 words)

 Monday Night Raw Results   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Raw opened with a 30-man battle royal for a match against John Cena later in the night for the WWE championship.
Seemingly having won the match against 29 other competitors Shawn Michaels began to celebrate only to be vaulted over the top rope by Edge who had exited the ring under the ropes but hadn’t been eliminated.
Tag-team champion Edge had secured his chance to upgrade his belt to the WWE Championship later in the night.
jabandgrapple.com /monday-night-raw-results-2   (488 words)

 Monday Night Raw Shocks Fans - from TBO.com
For at least two months now, anyone watching "Monday Night RAW," the flagship TV show of World Wrestling Entertainment, has been subjected to the woes of one Matt Hardy.
Having said that, I have to wonder if what took place on "RAW" Monday night was WWE's way of saying, "Get over it," or if the segment is leading up to a true return by Hardy.
Before the night was over, he had defeated Shelton Benjamin to become the new Intercontinental champion.
sports.tbo.com /sports/MGB4Q6XOCAE.html   (1063 words)

 WWE Corporate
The first episode of Monday Night RAW aired on January 11, 1993, from the Manhattan Center in New York City and since has been broadcast from arenas around the world, including Madison Square Garden, Staples Center in Los Angeles, as well as London, England and Tokyo, Japan.
Monday Night RAW is currently seen on USA Network.
RAW is consistently the most watched year-round program on ad-supported cable television.
corporate.wwe.com /news/2006/2006_10_20.jsp   (225 words)

 J.R.’s Blog » Blog Archive » Monday Night RAW
We had broadcast Monday night Raw in San Antonio and had traveled to Houston to do the Smackdown TV taping on Tuesday September 11.
I am thinking that Monday night will be much the same for me. There will be specific images that I will see but in the spirit of attempting to entertain our TV viewers we will pay our respects, persevere, and move forward.
I was pumped to go to smackdown the monday night before, because this was the first time the WWE was back in Houston since WrestleMania X-Seven.
www.jrsbarbq.com /blog/2006/09/08/14   (6971 words)

 WWF Monday Night Raw TV Show - WWF Monday Night Raw Television Show - TV.com
Monday Night Raw is an underappreciated show in the world of television.
WWE Raw is War formally known as WWF Raw is War was jampacked with professional wrestlers at there best.
WCW Monday Nitro was the weekly show designed by Eric Bischoff to compete against Vince McMahon's WWF Monday Night Raw.
www.tv.com /wwf-monday-night--raw/show/2970/summary.html   (577 words)

 TV with MeeVee: WWE Monday Night Raw: All in the Family
King Booker and Finlay wrestled Friday night on Friday Night SmackDown!, last night at the No Mercy pay-per-view event, and are due to appear tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw.
The three hour Raw season premiere, which is being billed as a family reunion, features pretty much every major wrestler from the past 5 years...
Both WWE champs (John Cena and King Booker) successfully defended their titles this past week, and it's unlikely that Monday night's show will have much to do with actual wrestling.
blog.meevee.com /my_weblog/2006/10/raw_all_in_the_.html   (208 words)

 Monday Night Raw: October 09, 2006 - LOPforums.com
http://www.wwe.com/shows/raw/preview/next week on the Raw family reunion, which only at the very end of the show last night was dubbed as "The biggest Raw in history" by Jim Ross, could mean many other huge things to happen....
Im almost 100% Kane is planning on taking time off RAW and he will lose the match against umaga just to give him time for what ever he is doing off set.
I mean this is a big event Smackdown,ECW and Raw could all be under the same roof and what a better way to hook the intrested wrestling fans that stopped watching after the brand split back into your product.But instead all the show really get's is an end of show mention last week,makes no sense.
www.lopforums.com /showthread.php?p=32426   (2428 words)

 WWE Monday Night Raw, 8/22/05
We're one day past WWE Summerslam '05, where John Cena stayed Raw World Champ, Hulk Hogan beat fellow legend Shawn Michaels, and Edge beat the holy hell out of Matt Hardy.
Bischoff then announced that Jericho's rematch for the WWE Title that night will be a "You're Fired" Match, with Bischoff at ringside to 'observe'.
Kurt Angle forced Shelton Benjamin to tap out to the Ankle Lock, in a very competitive match that could have been on the PPV last night.
www.accelerator3359.com /Wrestling/tv/raw82205.html   (825 words)

 WWF Monday Night Raw Results
HHH takes the mic from her and talks about the brutal beating he gave Cactus last night.
Crash is making fun of him for last night and Hardcore tells him it was Chyna's fault.
BA exposes Matt's ribs which are heavily taped after last night.
www.lordsofpain.net /reports/raw/raw1-24-00.html   (1337 words)

 TSN re WWF Monday Night Raw
It should be noted preliminarily that the challenged episode of WWF Monday Night Raw was preceded by an advisory stating that “The following program contains material that may offend some viewers.
The Panel considers it unnecessary to revisit the threshold issue of wrestling as sport, given that its position on the matter has already been enunciated in TSN re WWF Monday Night Raw (CBSC Decision 99/00-0398, January 31, 2001) and TSN re WWF Raw Is War (CBSC Decision 99/00-0607, January 31, 2001).
Similarly, in the case of the challenged episode of Monday Night Raw, there is violence present; however, that content is most assuredly not condoned.
www.cbsc.ca /english/decisions/decisions/2003/030122.htm   (2012 words)

 Full WWE Ratings Report: Raw & Monday Night Football numbers, more
Basing the numbers strictly on Raw's normal timeslot (9-11pm ET for two hours), the show actually did a 4.1 cable rating.
On a side note, Monday Night Football on ESPN drew a 10.3 cable rating.
While it could be said that high ratings for Monday Night Football in the last few weeks has hurt Raw, that certainly was not the case this past Monday night as Raw scored its highest number in months for the last two hours of the show.
www.wrestleview.com /news2006/1160591836.shtml   (313 words)

 WWE: TV Shows > Raw > Match Results > November 05, 2007
The events on this week’s Monday Night Raw left many WWE Superstars seeing stars – and not just because the show took place in Hollywood.
Tonight’s Raw was such a blockbuster that the Superstars of SmackDown made a rare appearance.
The stunning – and gutsy – Kelly Kelly, seen Tuesdays on ECW on Sci-Fi, challenged Phoenix this Monday, and once again suffered a thrashing at the hands of the Women’s Champion, who won in under a minute.
www.wwe.com /shows/raw/results   (826 words)

 Wrestling Observer - headlines   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Another Monday Night Football promo, and we return with a discretion is advised promo.
Vince says he has every wrestler from Smackdown and Raw about to come out and shake his hand, and as he is about to do that, he changes his mind again.
Monday Night, the greatest athlete not to be WWE Champion.
www.wrestlingobserver.com /wo/news/headlines/default.asp?aID=15502   (5542 words)

 WrestleBoard - Official WWE Monday Night RAW Preview
During his appearance, Federline was involved in a physical confrontation with WWE Champion John Cena which saw the aspiring artist become the recipient of an F-U. K-Fed was furious with Cena’s actions and the treatment he received during his visit.
As a result, he has informed RAW’s Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman that along with Melina, he will be in Johnny Nitro's corner for his match this Monday on RAW with Cena.
Cryme Tyme was victorious in their debut as RAW Superstars when the team of Shad and JTG stole a victory against the World Tag Team Champion Spirit Squad in a non-title match.
www.wrestleboard.com /news/163581626.php   (414 words)

 eWrestling News [ Monday Night Football Vs. WWE Monday Night Raw ]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Much has been made about Monday Night Football's move to cable, largely because of the Tony Kornheiser experiment.
McMahon, the chairman of World Wrasslin' Entertainment, has owned Monday nights on cable for most of the last two decades.
There was a brief spell when the WWE's "Monday Night Raw" lagged behind WCW's "Monday Nitro," but the WWE recovered and, eventually, put WCW out of business.
www.ewrestlingnews.com /headlines/160049934.shtml   (1212 words)

 Monday Night Raw Results
After the Corporation exited the ring, The Rock challenged Shane to a match with him later in the night.
Austin said that McMahon was saying he needed Stone Cold Steve Austin, and wanted to hear those words from McMahon.
Austin said he had enough problems on his hand and he didn't care about McMahon's problems, since McMahon put him threw hell for 15 months every night of the week.
members.tripod.com /PlunkettM/monday.html   (1583 words)

 WWE Monday Night RAW TV Show
Show Summary: WWE (formerly WWF) Monday Night RAW was the first major wrestling promotion to earn a primetime weeknight slot on cable television in 1993.
It's first major source of competition on the airwaves was WCW's "Monday Nitro" which premiered in 1995.
The premiere of Nitro started the Monday Night Wars, which encompassed three companies (the one missing being ECW) for the next 6 years in a fight for power of the cable market.
www.retrojunk.com /details_tvshows/795-wwf-monday-night-raw   (292 words)

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