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Topic: Money for Nothing

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  Encyclopedia: Money for Nothing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
"Money for Nothing" is the name of a song by Dire Straits which first appeared on the band's 1985 album Brothers in Arms and subsequently became an international hit when released as a single.
These lyrics were widely criticized as sexist, homophobic and racist statements, and in some later releases of the song the lyrics were edited for airplay; "faggot" for example is often replaced with "mother": "little mother, he's a millionaire".
If the money they have promised to the victims of the tsunami still falls far short of the amounts required, it is partly because the contingency fund upon which they draw in times of crisis has been spent on blowing people to bits in Iraq.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Money-for-Nothing   (1970 words)

 Money for Nothing
Most of the money was flown into Iraq on C-130s in huge plastic shrink-wrapped pallets holding 40 “cashpaks,” each cashpak having $1.6 million in $100 bills.
Sources suggest that a deliberate attempt was being made to run down the balance and spend the money while the CPA still had authority and before an Iraqi government could be formed.
Sources report that much of the money that was designated for the development of a national army and police force is actually going to units that are exclusively Kurd or Shi’ite in expectation of a day of reckoning over the country’s oil supplies.
amconmag.com /2005/2005_10_24/cover.html   (2716 words)

 Money for Nothing - The real trouble with mutual funds. By Henry Blodget   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
They allow investors with little money and time to pool resources and benefit from the same services, information, clout, expertise, and economies of scale as large institutions.
As described here, the most important part of money management is asset allocation (how much of your portfolio you place in stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.).
But the bigger issue is that active money management—aka stock-picking, the strategy employed by most funds—doesn't usually work.
www.slate.com /id/2110441   (1033 words)

 AlterNet: War on Iraq: Money or Nothing
The money the UK has given equates to five and a half days of our involvement in the war.
Even within the official aid budgets the two aims are confused: $8.9 billion of the aid money the U.S. spends is used for military assistance, anti-drugs operations, counter-terrorism and the Iraq relief and reconstruction fund (otherwise known as the Halliburton benevolent trust).
While they spend the money we gave them to relieve suffering on slaughtering the poor, the world must rely for disaster relief on the homeless man emptying his pockets.
www.alternet.org /waroniraq/20885   (1280 words)

 canadaeast.com - TT Garth Turner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
That was when Nortel was still worth the better part of $100 a share, when dot-com millionaires still had money, when everybody loved mutual funds, and when some crazed idiots drove airplanes into the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon.
If you use this money to invest, in stocks or mutual funds or to buy a plaza or apartment building, then the interest on the home equity loan is tax deductible.
So, suddenly, you are investing with money that cost you just over 2% which, after inflation, is basically free.
canadaeast.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050704/TTCOLUMNIST37/207040422/-1/MONEY   (797 words)

 Wired 8.09: Money for Nothing
Though some people domake money in pyramid schemes - the ones who get in early enough - others are left holding the bag when the grim reality of the numbers kicks in.
The company likened the process to "a mountain of money" on a card table surrounded by "thousands and thousands of players" who constantly throw new cash onto the heap.
People could grab as much money as they wanted as often as they wanted, SG said, and the mountain would never diminish because of the perpetual expansion of the connected world.
www.wired.com /wired/archive/8.09/stock.html   (1070 words)

 Money for Sex; Nothing for Free by Amanda Blake
Money for Sex; Nothing for Free by Amanda Blake
Money or the ability to make it has been the deciding factor as to who has control in the relationship.
Marriage to the traditional women means a host of reciprocal commitment; money for food, furniture and clothes to be provided by the husband in return for care, protection of honor, obedience, and above all sexual favors from the wife (Bibars 1996).
www.nyu.edu /classes/keefer/joe/blake.html   (3290 words)

 The anti-Grail scenario, human sabotage, & the destruction of continuity
The amount of money in existence varies only with the action of the banks in increasing and decreasing deposits and bank purchases.
money, is the starting-point of every action which requires either the co-operation of the community or the use of its assets.
As C.H. Douglas further observed: “The Money Power does not, and never did wish to improve the money system – its consequences in war, sabotage and social friction are exactly what is desired.
www.sacredconnection.ndo.co.uk /Economic%20awareness/Economicsp2.htm   (4017 words)

 Whiskey Bar: Money for Nothing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The Chinese, on the other hand, seem to be in it purely for the "money." Propping up the dollar is their way of propping up their inefficient, loss-making state industries.
AFAICT dey ain't be getting their money back, but a piece of the US Treasury is a pretty good deal, long-term, I Suppose.
The next logical step would be a slow disinvestment, with the Chinese selling at a growing pace their bonds, in which case the Chinese would simply gut and destroy Japanese economy - and the US as well - and would suffer less than the other players.
billmon.org /archives/001021.html   (4827 words)

 Hockey Digest: Money For Nothing
Remember that although baseball is in a wicked financial mess and the NBA is struggling at the gate and in the television ratings, the NHL still brings in less money than any of the other major sports leagues.
Add in the fact that the league must deal with the weak Canadian economy and that its collective bargaining agreement expires in three years, and there are more than enough arguments for some kind of financial sanity.
Lumme makes more money than at least a dozen other defensemen who are far better.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0FCM/is_6_29/ai_71556948   (1301 words)

 Bookreporter.com - MONEY FOR NOTHING by Donald E. Westlake
MONEY FOR NOTHING is Donald E. Westlake's latest novel.
However, there was a gravitas missing in MONEY FOR NOTHING that I think would have been appropriate.
Westlake takes this premise, this idea of monthly money for nothing and makes it so perfectly plausible that you can't help but shake your head in wonder.
www.bookreporter.com /reviews/0446613789.asp   (636 words)

 Money For Nothing
We must stay focused on what money is. We cannot let money lead us or motivate us.
Money comes and goes, but we will always be Jewish.
Pinchas Landis, a native Atlantan, is currently serving as the Grand Aleph Gadol (International President) of the Aleph Zadik Aleph of B'nai Brith, and will be attending Yeshiva University in the fall.
www.tfdixie.com /parshat/kitissa/013.htm   (520 words)

 Money for Nothing
In effect, it may be regarded as free money.
If a company or its existing shareholders only require money temporarily, and have the ability to pay it back, they will be better off by borrowing.
Thereafter, however, we will also appoint one of our directors to the Board, closely monitor the performance, and assist where we can to help our investee companies achieve their plans and goals.
www.dynamic-equity.com /vcmag02.htm   (642 words)

 Money - welcome to Money For Nothing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Money For Nothing, een spetterende party op de eerste zaterdag van de paasvakantie!
Money For Nothing :: Ludwig Von Mises Institute
Money for Nothing (1993): obsada [Filmweb.pl] Kiedy bezrobotny Joey Coyle znajduje spor± sumê pieniêdzy postanawia wzi±æ te pieni±dze i uciec uwa¿aj±c, ¿e znale¼ne siê zatrzymuje. Zwraca siê po radê do swojej by³ej dziewczyny Moniki. Kiedy szykuje
www.fasmoney.com /moneyfornothing   (1830 words)

 CSI: Miami: Money for Nothing - TV.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The other escapes with the loot, but the money turns out to be counterfeit.
The team must figure out what happened to the bank's money before it was replaced with fake bills.
We don't have allusions for Money for Nothing.
www.tv.com /csi-miami/money-for-nothing/episode/303293/summary.html   (317 words)

 MoneySense.ca: Stocks & Markets: Money for nothing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
What you may not know is that the stock market also offers up cheap money from time to time.
In his landmark 1998 book, What Works on Wall Street, the money manager and investment researcher James O'Shaughnessy found that the U.S. stocks with the lowest 20% of price-to-book-values beat the market by an average of over 2% annually from 1951 to 1996.
Even better results were seen by the famous value investor David Dreman in his study of U.S. stocks covering 1970 to 1996, and by the renowned academic duo of Eugene Fama and Kenneth French in their seminal research on stock prices from 1927 to 2003.
www.moneysense.ca /investing/stocks_markets/columnist.jsp?content=20041022_120728_5140   (935 words)

 MONEY FOR NOTHING   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Money For Nothing collects a dozen of their best to date, alternating between the invincible and the beaten.
Money For Nothing is something different; an introduction to the band’s artistry.
However, the record companies revisited the career retrospective a decade later with Sultans of Swing, and Money For Nothing went out of print.
www.connollyco.com /discography/dire_straits/money.html   (293 words)

 CalgaryGrit: Money for Nothing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
There is nothing stopping them from voluntary sending cheques to Revenue Canada.
If Ralph wanted to "give the money back" or whatever you call it, he should have brought in tax cuts.
Raulph has made it CLear that he isnt running for premier again so he decided to leave a good image, when the "new guy comes" he'll owe all this money and have to raise taxes, hmm, we wont like that.
calgarygrit.blogspot.com /2005/09/money-for-nothing_22.html   (773 words)

 The Shorthorn Online | Opinion | Money for Nothing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Making a living from games is nothing new; it’s been going on for centuries.
They are the prey, they bring in the money for the working poker player.
Think of it like an episode of “American Idol” where you see the horrible singers trying out for the show, except instead of being insulted and sent away, they just lose all their money.
www.theshorthorn.com /archive/2005/fall/05-sep-23/o092305-02.html   (738 words)

 BBC News | SCI/TECH | Money for nothing
The organisation that runs the internet, Icann, is due to make a decision on new generic domain names by the end of the year.
Despite this, several companies in the US are starting to take money for domains they hope Icann will pick.
But web experts are warning speculators that they could be wasting their money because paying for a name gives them no rights over it.
news.bbc.co.uk /hi/english/sci/tech/newsid_932000/932003.stm   (639 words)

 The Federal Reserve is PRIVATELY OWNED   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
For if one unscrupulous group is allowed to print a nation's money - it can eventually use that money to gain control of the press AND the politicians - and thus gain control of making the nation's laws - and finally - control of the nation itself.
The first way is to have the government print the money, debt and interest- free, and circulate it through the economy for use as a medium of exchange.
The difference between the bond and the bill is that the bond lets money brokers collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20 percent, whereas the currency pays nobody but those who contribute directly in some useful way.
www.worldnewsstand.net /today/articles/fedprivatelyowned.htm   (9812 words)

 Money For Nothing by Dire Straits Songfacts
The parody is called "Beverly Hillbillies (Money For Nothing)." Strait's frontman, Mark Knopfler, OK'd the parody under one condition: Knopfler would play guitar on the song.
In 2005, the duo Deep Dish sampled this on their song "Flashing For Money," which was based on their song "Flashdance" (not the Irene Cara song).
It's funny how times have changed, and Money for Nothing is a reflection of days gone by.
www.songfacts.com /detail.lasso?id=1091   (1747 words)

 Money for Nothing
While the entertainment industry does have corporate PACs, who do the business's bidding and spread their wealth accordingly, most of the money handed out by the entertainment industry is ideological money and buys its giver nothing.
While there are undoubtedly social and professional benefits in Hollywood that derive from giving money to liberal causes, rich liberals get nothing from the national treasury or tax code for their activism.
While many Hollywood personalities are dead serious about their politics and contribute their money and celebrity intelligently and strategically, more than a few really are just as spoiled media-wise as they are life-wise, expecting the same supplication from reporters as from their personal publicists, agents, managers, masseuses, life coaches, gardeners, pool attendants and pedicurists.
www.thenation.com /doc/20041213/alterman   (1039 words)

 Money for Nothing?:  New Study Shows Foreign Aid Wins Few Friends at the U.N.
Money for Nothing?: New Study Shows Foreign Aid Wins Few Friends at the U.N. Policy Blog
New Study Money for Nothing?: Shows Foreign Aid Wins Few Friends at the U.N. President Clinton vetoed a $12.7 billion foreign-aid bill on Oct. 18 because it would cut nearly $2 billion from the amount he requested.
Jordan, which pocketed more than $192 million in 1998 -- and which would receive part of the money President Clinton wants restored to the 2000 foreign-aid bill -- voted against the United States 72 percent of the time.
www.heritage.org /Press/NewsReleases/nr102599.cfm   (533 words)

 AlterNet: Money for Nothing
It's now accepted as nothing less than gospel that public bodies must give out subsidies to private companies to fuel economic growth.
The amount of money is even more mind-boggling in light of the fact that much of it is given away no strings attached -- without any explicit agreement regarding the numbers and quality of jobs created, or even guidelines on environmental and community impact.
The money came from $2.7 billion in community development grants administered by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, a city/state collaboration that has already doled out some $1 billion to businesses affected by the attacks, including corporate giants.
www.alternet.org /story.html?StoryID=16757   (2468 words)

 Education: Money for Nothing (Seattle Weekly)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Had the center not been built, and if the money had been borrowed for a smaller headquarters or used for actual education, the district might be stable today.
It was a general review of the district's financesultimately the responsibility of the board and onetime private financial guru Olchefske.
Money for Nothing — Seattle classrooms get pinched so the school district can pay off its fancy new headquarters.
www.seattleweekly.com /news/0317/news-anderson.html   (1221 words)

 Money for Nothing
As much as I like money, there are a lot of more productive and fairer ways to tinker with the tax system.
Making the rich richer won't address the fundamental weaknesses of the economy, because the economy's problems have nothing to do with inadequate consumption by the wealthy.
So what companies do is borrow money like mad and buy back stock to prop up their stocks so the executives can exercise and sell the options they've been given.
www.newyorkmetro.com /nymetro/news/bizfinance/columns/bottomline/n_8155   (1374 words)

 Make Money Doing Nothing
Have you ever dreamed of making money by doing your favorite things (like doing nothing).
There is no limit on number of referrals and you should be able to make around 50 cents an hour if the percentage of revenue doesn't decrease suddenly.
Remember that by combining your banners you can make more money and also please remember to come back soon for more ways to make money on the net.
artbukacz.8m.com /MakeDollars.html   (1248 words)

 Fool.com: Money for Nothing? [Motley Fool Take] August 4, 2003
And a recent study found that investors would collectively save $300 million if they kept their eyes on the expense ratios of just two types of funds.
Investor advocates Fund Democracy and the Consumer Federation of America found that many investors are overpaying for money market funds and index funds.
You should never pay more than necessary for an investment, but overpaying is especially egregious when it comes to money market and index funds.
www.fool.com /news/mft/2003/mft03080407.htm   (471 words)

 'Money for Nothing' by Donald Westlake
That's especially true of those involving Tina Pausto, a modern Mata Hari who is installed in the house with Josh to guard the goods but not, it seems, her goodies.
Josh has learned there's no money for nothing.
Then there's the senile millionaire with the big estate in the country who has unknowingly hired the entire hit squad as her servants and grounds-keepers.
www.post-gazette.com /books/reviews/20030518moneybooks8p8.asp   (435 words)

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