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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Monism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Theological arguments can be made for this within Christianity, for example employing the Roman Catholic doctrine of "divine simplicity" (though a monistic interpretation of that doctrine would not be orthodox), as well as in many other religions (Hinduism, Ayyavazhi and Judaism in particular).
But even outside nondualist Vedanta, Hinduism is monistic, even as far back as the Rig Veda, in which hymnists speak of one being-non-being that 'breathed without breath,' and which singular force self-projected into the cosmic existence.
In other words, this type of monism, or Monistic theism is the type of monotheism more prevalent in Hindu culture, (with respect to Dvaita) and includes the concept of a personal God as a universal, omnipotent Supreme Being, panentheism and monism.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Monism   (1058 words)

 Diamondthrone.com - The Official Fan Site of Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed
Monists are natural philosophers in the truest sense, they practice dialectic and theoretical debate; they conduct experiments in the world and in their dark smoky labs; and they practice alchemy, both to demonstrate their theories, and help finance their efforts.
Monists are fairly public and open about their beliefs and tend to be dismissive of other natural philosophers.
Monist spell casters are able to manipulate spells of a variety of elements, producing unusual and surprising effects.
www.diamondthrone.com /displaycontent.cfm?iCatId=16&iConID=433   (1570 words)

 The Center for Business Ethics (CBES)
The monist theory of always choosing the alternative action that has the maximum net expected utility fails us here-at least it fails us if we wish (as I do) to accord some moral value to eco-systems, to the earth's biosphere, and to an intrinsic value for living and non-living environmental features.
The monist theory of utility fails for three reasons: it denies any significant competing non-monetary value to environmental features, it violates the first meta-ethic principle (fact vs. value: dollar amounts are merely factual and do not, in themselves, provide any moral value), and it is hopelessly anthropocentric.
Second, monist ethical theories may need to be modified (recall the move in the last forty years from act utility to rule utility theories) in order to be morally and intellectually satisfactory.
www.stthom.edu /cbes/schneider.html   (3044 words)

 Fragmenting Knowledge, Misconstruing Rule 702
A monist approach as applied may not in fact be a uniform one, a point returned to in the context of the case analysis.
As with Frye, the monist approach is a one size fits all standard under Daubert which requires the trial court to consider elements of the specific science in determining validity.
Louisiana, in adopting a monist interpretation of Daubert, justified its interpretation on the grounds of gatekeeping and statutory interpretation; those grounds are similar to those used by the monist circuits.
jip.kentlaw.edu /art/volume1/1-1-1.htm   (14985 words)

 Dialectical monism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the dialectical monist, the essential unity is that of complementary polarities which, while opposed in the realm of experience and perception, are co-substantial in a transcendent sense.
Adherents maintain that the nature of dialectical synthesis dictates that the flow of change will tend toward a 'spiral-shaped progression' rather than a perpetual non-progressive (repetitive) circling of history.
For dialectical monists, this explains the fact of physical self-organization in Nature, as well as the observed tendency for human societies to achieve gradual "progress" over time.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dialectical_monism   (507 words)

 The Constitution of Kenya Review Commission   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Under the monist approach, traditionally a legal system of a State is considered to include treaties to which that State has given its consent to be bound.
Then there are the "moderate monists" whose constitutions provide for direct application of certain treaties, which may only havea higher status than later legislation but not superior to the constitution.
It may be observed that, under the monist approach, the treaty-making process always involves a "democratic participation", such as parliamentary approval of treaties before the State may express its consent to be bound.
www.kenyaconstitution.org /docs/07d017.htm   (1013 words)

 Monist Calls for Papers
This issue of the Monist is devoted to the ideas and doctrines advanced by Scots philosophers in the fields of metaphysics, philosophy of mind, epistemology and moral philosophy.
The present issue of The Monist is designed to serve as a forum within which biologists and philosophers can address such problems in a way that is both philosophically rigorous and of practical significance.
In this issue of The Monist, philosophers are invited to consider whether marriage should be regarded as an institution worth preserving in any form.
monist.buffalo.edu /callsforpapers.html   (2227 words)

 Neutral Monism
The neutral monist has an analogous vision that “in a completed science, the word “mind” and the word “matter” would both disappear, and would be replaced by causal laws concerning “events.” (Russell 1927b, 226) This vividly raises the question how the distinction between explaining and explaining away is to be drawn.
This shift in the physical objects that are the targets of neutral monistic reduction—the shift from the distal reduction of macrophysical objects to the proximal reduction of microphysical objects—constitutes a radical reversal of the original epistemic vision that inspired mainstream neutral monism.
The neutral monists were much more interested in advertising and (to some extent) demonstrating these virtues than in (i) constructing arguments to the effect that neutral monism must be, or is, or probably is, or might be the true philosophy; and (ii) formulating arguments against all the competing views.
setis.library.usyd.edu.au /stanford/entries/neutral-monism   (19089 words)

It was this group of individuals, both within and outside of the Monist League, who as it were published the banns for the marriage of racism and eugenics which took place a few decades later on under the Nazis.
Monist concern with a 'Jewish question' can also be detected in an article which appeared in the joumal of the youth organisation of the Monist League.
It is also a measure of Monist concern about the Jews when during the First World War one Monist declared himself ready to accord full rights to the Jews because they had demonstrated their loyalty and patriotism in the Conflict.
www.helsinki.fi /~pjojala/Gasman.htm   (12084 words)

 The Evidence Site: Shubha Ghosh on Interpretation of Rule 702   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
I believe that the monist approach is the only one supported by the goals of Rule 702 and the policies underlying the Daubert opinion.
Under a monist approach, the lower court must ascertain under Rule 702 that the expert's testimony has a basis in valid method as defined by the expert's field.
By moving to a monist application of Daubert, lower courts would be forced to confront the distinction between admissibility and sufficiency, and the Court will eventually be forced to clarify the conclusion created in its Joiner opinion.
www.law.umich.edu /thayer/ghosh.htm   (502 words)

 [No title]
To that, the Solipsist would debate the point about his mother by enjoining a 'non esse vici percepti quaestio' (she is not, you dumbfuck!) argument.
Seeing how the both of them put away a few that evening already, the Monist would claim that the Solipsist's argument was in fact contradictory to its basic premise: i.e., that the Solipsist could back up what he said.
The Solipsist would at this point give a simple illustration of his concept by banging the Monist heavily on the head with his beer mug, stating that if indeed nothing is real that is not sensed then the only way to insure recognition of reality is through a heavy dose of sensation.
www.grapenotes.com /3-4.txt   (1178 words)

 Monistic Evolutionism As A Pseudo-Paradigm For Theories Of Human Action
However, modern anthropology is still committed to monist evolutionism (usually neo-Darwinism), and has therefore replaced the "standard" of cultural stages and racial aptitude by a thoroughgoing cultural and historical relativism proclaiming that no culture or custom is better or worse than any other.
Their duty, as they saw it within the monist evolutionist scheme, was the transvaluation of Western traditional civilization and its supposedly obsolete virtue of charity towards the weak.
It is only when here and there orthodox Marxists and other materialist monist evolutionists receive a glimpse of the existence and reality of that which they deny exists the human soul, perhaps their own soul, usually in extremity of suffering that they may abandon their evolutionist faith.
www.creationism.org /csshs/v05n2p14.htm   (5713 words)

 Anita Honkala: research
The title of my PhD thesis is "Wilhelm Ostwald, the German Monist League and the educational reform in Germany around the turn of the 19th and 20th century".
The main goal of the Monist League and its leader was to promote a strictly scientific world view based on natural sciences.
For the German Monist League Ostwald's period of leadership (1911-1915) was a time of objective-oriented action to enhance the prerequisites of teaching and researching natural sciences in Germany.
cc.oulu.fi /~ahonkala/tutkimus03.htm   (555 words)

 IS Ramachandran a neutral-monist?: Philosophy Forums
Normally a neutral monist wouldn't phrase qualia as a "problem" (neutral monists are normally methodological solipsists who would take qualia as clearer and better known than gray brain mush or brain state data printouts) and to talk of "two different ways of describing the world" seems more of a dual-aspect-esque approach (like Nagel)...
I take it the nuetral monist thinks there are two substances in one, or rather the potential for one of two in one Substance.
He seems to have something of a neutral monist in the sense that he sees the two possibilities as essentiallydescribing the same thing 'world'.
forums.philosophyforums.com /thread/16260   (921 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
R. Sperry, in works cited between 1952 and 1982, has proposed a solution to the mind-body problem that is both physical monist and interactionist.
It is suggested, however, that objections to Sperry's conception have sometimes been based on a failure to grasp what he has been proposing.
In the interests of clarifying and defending the monist interactionist position, 7 objections to it that have been raised in the literature are considered.
psychology.ucdavis.edu /labs/Natsoulas/pubs/94.html   (89 words)

 Manuscripts | Pragmatism
Unpublished is the argument for the truth of pragmatism based upon the argument of the Harvard Lectures of 1903 which, CSP notes, were not published in his lifetime because of the failure of a "friend" to recommend them for printing.
This manuscript was intended as the fourth article of the Monist series of 1905-06, with two more articles following: The fourth article was to begin the apology, the fifth to have contained the main argument, and the sixth to have provided the subsidiary arguments and illustrations.
Unpublished are CSP's thoughts on the relevance of existential graphs to the truth of pragmaticism; his view that existential graphs afford a moving picture of thought, and his reflections on telepathy, spiritualism, and clairvoyance.
www.iupui.edu /~peirce/robin/robin_nofm/prag.htm   (4656 words)

 Secret Societies
The rubric "Monist League" came from the philosophical position of Monism, but it was applied to racial science and policy.
Since in their opinion, Darwinism was the best description of this, they sought to promote a concept of society in which the principles of natural selection and general adaptation syndrome were applied to human selection and interaction: survival of the fittest, therefore, was a social, racial and breeding principle which was natural.
The Monist League members reasoned therefore, that certain races were more fit than others and would necessarily 'win out' over 'inferior' races and that this was not just a description of the way things were but a trait to be desired.
www.shoaheducation.com /secret.html   (2964 words)

 The Metaphysics of Quality Mailing List: Re: MD Is the Universe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Re: MD Is the Universe Dualist or Monist in Nature.
In reply to: David Prince: "MD Is the Universe Dualist or Monist in Nature.
Reply: Peter Lennox: "Re: MD Is the Universe Dualist or Monist in Nature.
alt.venus.co.uk /hypermail/moq_discuss/0010/0098.html   (206 words)

 The Monist Interactive Issue discussion on Gender and Postmodern Communication
The Monist Interactive Issue discussion on Gender and Postmodern Communication ran from 22nd June - 15th July 1996.
By referring back to the original discussion readers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves directly in the problematic status of the reported discussion as a fictional/real representation of what truly occurred.
Since the aim of the Monist Interactive Issue was in part to introduce a new way of doing philosophy, readers should understand that it likewise requires a new way of reading and engaging with that philosophy.
philo.at /mii/mii/node75.html   (1068 words)

 The Ontological Interpretation of the Wave Function of the Universe
It is a commonplace that there are affine, differentiable and topological structures of the manifold that underlie the manifold's metric.
The "gradual emergence of time" will be taken to imply that in part of the "join" region it is neither true nor false that there is time; time is vague in part of this region.
In this case, the WKB breakdown is due to the increase in order of magnitude of the higher-order terms of the scalar field f.
www.qsmithwmu.com /the_ontological_interpretation_of_the_wave_function_of_the_universe.htm   (9089 words)

 CSSHS Archives - v16n4p11.htm
Still more surprising, he now embraced the absolute ethics of Kant, which he had hitherto rejected on the Marxist materialist grounds that man's behavior is determined by his historical and economic circumstances and can therefore be neither absolute nor freely chosen.
Plekhanov's "comfort" in the face of death was stated in terms of reincarnation reminiscent of Buddhism or Hinduism, branches of pantheist idealist monism.
Therefore a consistent monist cannot claim to be standing outside and above the rest of the world (as the philosophic subject over against the philosophic object) to validly evaluate or even describe it from above or outside.
www.creationism.org /csshs/v16n4p11.htm   (2295 words)

 H-Net Review: Tapiwa Zimudzi on National Law and International Human Rights Law: Cases of ...
In general terms, monist theory views international law and national law as forming a single normative legal system in which it is assumed that international law is automatically applicable in domestic law.
The approach in all three countries was to "adhere to monist theory with respect to the domestic status of customary international law and dualism in relation to treaties" (p.
Although he makes it clear that both monist and dualist theory have limitations, his analysis demonstrates that of the two theories dualism, because it regards international law and national law as separate legal systems, "limits the role and effectiveness of international human rights law in international law" (p.
www.h-net.msu.edu /reviews/showrev.cgi?path=162601016214335   (2379 words)

 One Monist's Philosophy
A monist recognizes that all of reality is a continuum, and that perceived distinctions between objects are illusory attempts by our consciences to avoid the confusion that accompanies the undifferentiated perception of the entirety of experience.
A monist maintains that reality is the sum total of all experience, all being, all existence.
Since monists recognize only a single world (rather than this life and an afterlife, or a past and future of which we are not a part), we recognize the need to improve this world to the best of our abilities.
www.lutins.org /monism.html   (3975 words)

 Plato, Phil. Dem., and Culture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
My statement was that he was neither a monist or a pluralist, or that he was both a monist and a pluralist.
In this light (if it is a light), Plato is not SIMPLY a monist of ANY kind, although he's also not NOT a monist of ALL kinds, since he accounts for the justification of any valid monism.
Part of my justification for this reading of Plato is the _Sophist_, where the Stranger is made to justify contravening the Elean directive against saying that what is, is not, on the grounds that this most fundamental contradiction is the precondition of all *logos* including philosophy itself.
www.uni-heidelberg.de /subject/hd/fak7/hist/o1/logs/sophia/log.started941020/mail-79.html   (438 words)

 The Monist : Epistemic akrasia. @ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Start / T / The Monist / July 01, 2002 / Epistemic akrasia.
Epistemic akrasia is possible only if (a) a person's (first-order) beliefs can diverge from his higher-order judgements about what it would be reasonable for him
Read 'The Monist: Epistemic akrasia.' with a FREE Trial for instant access »
static.highbeam.com /t/themonist/july012002/epistemicakrasia   (206 words)

 Plekhanov: Monist View of History (Chap.1)
Every consistent idealist is a monist to the same extent as every consistent materialist.
One was a consistent idealist, the other a no less consistent materialist, but both were equally monistic; both one and the other equally well understood the worthlessness of the dualist outlook on the world, which up to this day is still, perhaps the most widespread.
Holbach is rescued from this circle by an imaginary bon prince, who was desired by all the writers of the Enlightenment, and who, appearing like deus ex machina, solved the contradiction, improving both manners and constitution.
www.marxists.org /archive/plekhanov/1895/monist/ch01.htm   (3353 words)

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