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Topic: The Monk

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  Invader of the Month: The Monk Parakeet, Myiopsitta monachus
Monks are quite vocal and have a wide vocabulary, with many different screeches and squawks and nearly continuous chatter at communal nests (Juniper and Parr 1998, Spreyer and Bucher 1998, Stanley's Quakerville has two audio files you can download).
Monks are essentially granivorous, eating seeds of plants in the families Poaceae, Asteraceae, and Cyperacea during all times of the year, and seeds of maize and sunflower between February and September (Aramburu 1995).
Monks were first observed to the north in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1980, representing the northernmost known population of monks, and may have taken hold (Gauthier and Aubrey 1996, Spreyer and Bucher 1998).
invasions.bio.utk.edu /invaders/monk.html   (5661 words)

  The Monk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Monk is a Gothic novel by Matthew Gregory Lewis that first appeared in 1796.
He is undone by carnal lust for his pupil Matilda, and once satisfied by her, he is overcome with desire for the innocent Antonia, whom he later rapes and kills.
Ambrosio, the hypocrite foiled by his own lust, and his sexual misconduct inside the walls of convents and monasteries, is a vividly portrayed villain, as well as an embodiment of much of the traditional English mistrust of Roman Catholicism, with its intrusive confessional, its political and religious authoritarianism, and its cloistered lifestyles.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Monk   (698 words)

 Monk (character class) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Monk is a character class in the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game which is typically portrayed as a master of martial arts.
He or she is an expert in hand combat, and can fight with or without weapons, pummelling foes with fists or staves, and able to use only leather armor and lighter.
The Monk class also has the capability to bind wounds, which gives a small boost to his or her hit points, making him the primary puller and a competent off-tank.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Monk_(character_class)   (419 words)

 Monk :: d20srd.org
A monk’s unarmed strike is treated both as a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.
She is forevermore treated as an outsider rather than as a humanoid (or whatever the monk’s creature type was) for the purpose of spells and magical effects.
Additionally, the monk gains damage reduction 10/magic, which allows her to ignore the first 10 points of damage from any attack made by a nonmagical weapon or by any natural attack made by a creature that doesn’t have similar damage reduction.
www.d20srd.org /srd/classes/monk.htm   (1774 words)

 Monk TV Series, Detective Monk Television Show - USA Network
Follow detective Adrian Monk on his adventures solving cases on the Monk TV series.
Daring Monk-o-Philes are bringing their Monk Bobbleheads to the far reaches of the globe.
Tami realized she had OCD after seeing Monk for the first time.
www.usanetwork.com /series/monk   (598 words)

Monks begin with 2 initial weapon proficiencies, one of which must be spent on the chosen weapon of the monk's own Order.
Monks have the same starting money as wizards, but after the purchase of initial equipment, all but 1d4 gold pieces must be returned to the monastery.
If, however, the monk is required to defy the tenets of his faith to fulfill his role (e.g.: the monk finds that the local laws are merely capricious tools used to satisfy personal vendettas,) the contract is immediately broken.
home.comcast.net /~timcoyle/Monk.html   (3199 words)

 The Monk Character Class
Monks are a specialty class of Priests and as such uses the experience tables of the priest class.
The monk is a priest who belongs to a cloistered or monastic order where he withdraws from the everyday affairs of the world around him to contemplate his faith and philosophy.
Monks commonly represent powers of philosophy, thought, and scholarship, as well as any deity that is not normally worshipped by the common people of an area.
www.frontiernet.net /~jamesstarlight/Monks.html   (3712 words)

 Lesson Plans - Mysteries of the Monk Seal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Monk seals in the Mediterranean and Hawaii are gravely endangered, and the population of monk seals in the Caribbean was declared extinct in 1996.
The population of monk seals that lived in the Caribbean has already gone extinct, and the populations in Hawaii and the Mediterranean are in grave danger of becoming extinct.
Young monk seals are in danger of being eaten by sharks and being attacked by adult male monk seals.
www.nationalgeographic.com /xpeditions/lessons/18/g35/ccmonkseal.html   (1642 words)

 §18. Matthew Gregory Lewis: "The Monk". XIII. The Growth of the Later Novel. Vol. 11. The Period of the French ...
Radcliffe’s; for he had been in Germany and there is no doubt that he had taken for his model not merely the poems of Bürger and the other early romantics but the drama and fiction of Schiller and of Heinse, in The Robbers (1781) and in Ardinghello (1785).
The consequence was that The Monk did not please people even so little squeamish as Byron, and has never, except in a quasi-surreptitious manner, been reprinted in its original form.
Radcliffe had set the example of inserting verse, sometimes not very bad verse, but she never shows the somewhat loose, but distinctly noteworthy, novel and even influential command of rapid rhythm which was another of Lewis’s oddly flawed, but by no means ordinary, gifts.
www.bartleby.com /221/1318.html   (356 words)

 PI-Hawaiian Monk Seal
An adult monk seal is usually dark grey or brown with a light grey or yellow belly.
The monk seal's common name is derived from its folds of skin that look like a monk's hood, and because it spends most of its time alone or in very small groups.
Monk seals are expert swimmers and divers; one seal was recorded diving into depths in the range of 66 and 96 fathoms (396 to 576 feet).
www.fws.gov /pacificislands/wesa/monkhi.html   (691 words)

 The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The Romantic Age: Topic 2: Texts and Contexts
Matthew Gregory Lewis's The Monk, written in ten weeks when the author was nineteen and published in 1796 when he was twenty, is the most lurid of the Gothic novels and, at the same time, one of the most vividly written (a combination guaranteed to produce a best-seller).
The monks having attended their abbot to the door of his cell, he dismissed them with an air of conscious superiority, in which humility's semblance combated with the reality of pride.
The monk continued to kneel upon her breast, witnessed without mercy the convulsive trembling of her limbs beneath him, and sustained with inhuman firmness the spectacle of her agonies, when soul and body were on the point of separating.
www.wwnorton.com /nael/romantic/topic_2/monk.htm   (2958 words)

 Loopy's NPC Series: the Monk (a tool for new DMs) - Wizards Community
The monk was also the older brother of one of the PCs and it was her quest to bring him in.
The venerable master allowed the player's monk to challenge her brother but when he was defeated and about to be taken back to her temple for judgment, he stepped forward and used the quivering palm to end her brother's life.
Monks have a lot of variety in how they can be played-- a party of four Monks, one each built for melee power, grappling, tripping, and charging, for example; can deal with a variety of situations.
boards1.wizards.com /showthread.php?t=271804   (4449 words)

 Amazon.com: The Monk (Oxford World's Classics): Books: Matthew Lewis,Howard Anderson,Emma McEvoy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The tale of a monk whose lust proves destructive and his tragic downfall is filled with visions, superstition, bandits, uncontrollable passions, and gruesome details of death and base mortality.
The monk Ambrosio is esteemed by the whole of his community in Madrid as the most upright, unblemished and holy man as well as a moving and inspirational speaker.
The subplots, whose characters are woven into the monk's tale seem to mirror his own, involving a young nun, Agnes, who is punished inhumanely by her superiors for the consequences of a moment of passion with her lover, Raymond.
www.amazon.com /Monk-Oxford-Worlds-Classics/dp/0192833944   (3152 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: The Monk (Oxford World's Classics): Books: Matthew Lewis   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Monk is perhaps the most significant and certainly the most controversial of the Gothic novels of the late 18th century.
The Monk is a tale of human evil in its most vile form; the unspeakable acts described in these pages are committed by the supposedly most devout individuals in society.
With such complexity underlying the plot, The Monk is open to a number of interpretations, and its microscopic portrayal of evil's power to overcome the best of men and women continues to fascinate and leave a lasting impression on one generation of readers after another.
www.amazon.co.uk /Monk-Oxford-Worlds-Classics/dp/0192833944   (1943 words)

 Music Review: The Monk You've Never Heard: Thelonious Monk
It is especially fascinating to hear Monk, regarded as a master of space and economy, leave so little space between notes and play continuously for so long.
Monk took "Sentimental" into the studio on April 16, 1957, he was able to distill all of his hard work into a four-minute masterpiece.
Monk flows easily into a slow stride tempo, emphasizing the melody throughout his improvisations.
www.seeingblack.com /x071202/monk.shtml   (1060 words)

 Endangered Species: Monk Seal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Aristotle wrote of the Monk Seal in the 4th century and Christopher Columbus reported killing eight 'sea wolves' in his voyage through the Caribbean in 1494.
As the Monk Seal population declines, a vicious cycle is set in motion: a shortage of females provokes overly aggressive mating behaviour in males, who mob the females, often killing them in the process.
Of the three species, there are 1,300 Hawaiian Monk Seals left; Mediterranean Monk Seals number 500 in the wild; and the Caribbean Monk Seal was declared extinct in 1922.
www.un.org /works/environment/animalplanet/seal.html   (576 words)

 The Lord and the Monk
Because of the heat, the monk had lowered the top of his habit, exposing his chest and arms; for better agility, part of the hem of the habit was lifted and tucked into the long string rope secured about his waist.
The rippling muscles of the young monk were stirring in him something he had never felt before and he was confused by it.
He felt that he would show the young foolish monk that thinking on such sinful thoughts as kissing in secret in their hiding place was not what God had put them in his house for.
www.squidge.org /~bermille/LordandMonk.htm   (3102 words)

 R A G N A R O K online™
The place to change your job to the Monk Class is located in the NE Prontera fields.
The monk job change test consists of a memory and physical test which is to be taken at the speficifed location.
He is the monk of the final test.
iro.ragnarokonline.com /game/jobmonk.asp   (299 words)

 Posts from the Monk Category at TV Squad
Monk, not surprisingly, is not taking it well at all, and actually mails his garbage to Dr. Kroeger, his shrink.
Monk becomes so obsessed with ending the garbage strike that when the president of the union is found dead with a bullet to the head, he rules it a suicide without actually investigating.
Rushkin decides to follow Monk around as he helps investigators figure out how the same man could be involved in two crimes that seem to have no connection to one another: the murder of a woman in her apartment, and the murder of another man at a jewelry store.
www.tvsquad.com /category/monk   (2981 words)

 Guild Wars Profile Preview - The Monk - PC News at GameSpot
Monks are the most powerful healers in the game, and they can learn skills that instantly heal wounded allies, among others.
Monks will likely prove to be excellent support-class characters as well as presenting themselves as powerful allies against undead foes.
Monks possess curative and protective powers, and they are the only characters capable of reviving their fallen comrades.
www.gamespot.com /pc/rpg/guildwars/preview_6111208.html   (1418 words)

 Character Class: Monks with Class
In addition, the monk is among the most versatile characters in the game and can fill a variety of roles in an adventuring party.
Unarmed Strike: A monk's hands and feet (and the rest of her body, when necessary) are effective weapons when she begins play, and they just keep getting better as she progresses.
In addition, the monk's flurry of blows ability allows extra unarmed attacks, which can be very handy when she faces large numbers of fairly weak foes.
www.wizards.com /default.asp?x=dnd/cwc/20050310a   (2081 words)

 The Key Monk
The Monk researched it and discovered the answer before Fox and ESPN publicized it: yesterday's 13-1 rout was the largest margin of victory in Game 1 of a World Series and the most runs scored by a victor in Game 1.
The Monk sees the RedSax clinching in Colorado and more of this kind of stomach-turning talk for the next few months.
It's official: The Monk is tired of the Torre saga.
thekeymonk.blogspot.com   (8770 words)

 Monk - GuildWiki
Divine Favor adds a healing buff to all monk spells, and many of the skills in this branch can be used to improve a monk's overall effectiveness.
Healing Prayers are generally used for recovering from health loss, and many are unable to be used on the monk casting them.
Divine Favor (Primary): For each attribute level in Divine Favor, an additional 3.2 health (rounded) is added to an ally each time the Monk casts a Monk spell upon that ally.
gw.gamewikis.org /wiki/Monk   (207 words)

 The Monk Strategy Guide
With a monk, I mean a hero that relies almost entirely on unarmored and hand-to-hand skill for protection and combat.
Furthermore, the default armor rating for unarmored is rather low in Morrowind (AR 65 at skill level 100), and the monk mod slightly increases this (to AR 90 at skill 100).
The monk mod increases fUnarmoredBase2 to 0.09 to increase the armor rating to 90 in that case.
www.xs4all.nl /~dleijen/monk.html   (1789 words)

 Eustace the Monk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
When civil war broke out in England in 1215, he supported the rebel barons and the French invasion which they invited.
In early 1217, Eustace the Monk and his fleet were transporting French troops to England to support Prince Louis of France, who was intervening on behalf of the barons in the First Barons' War.
Glyn Burgess, Two Medieval Outlaws: Eustace the Monk and Fouke Fitz Waryn, 1997.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eustace_the_Monk   (432 words)

 The Monk - Movie Info - Moviefone
Synopsis: The Monk stars George Maharis as neither simian nor seminarian.
Chow Yun-Fat is the "Monk with No Name" who protects an ancient scroll.
The Monk is a Zen-calm martial arts master whose duty hasbeen to protect a powerful...
movies.aol.com /movie/the-monk/1087808/main   (154 words)

 The Literary Gothic | Matthew Lewis
Like Mary Shelley, Lewis made a huge impact with his teenage (and only) novel The Monk, which more or less defined the far edge of sensational Gothicism when it was published in 1796.
Indeed, the notoriety of the novel was such that Lewis was forever after known as "Monk" Lewis, and the fact he served as a Member of Parliament only heightened the shock value.
One of the poems from The Monk (Vol.
www.litgothic.com /Authors/lewis.html   (493 words)

 C r e a t i o n   B o o k s:   The Monk
Antonin Artaud’s simulacrum of The Monk is the only work of sustained fiction by the infamous literary terrorist.
In Artaud's The Monk, sexual obsession is irrepressibly crushed together with murder, cruelty and blasphemy.
Best known for his Theatre of Cruelty manifestoes, Surrealist film projects and corporeal poetry, Artaud created The Monk in France in 1931, to the acclaim of such figures as Jean Cocteau, at a time when Artaud's explicit purpose in his work was to cancel out all existing social and moral systems.
www.creationbooks.com /titles/1840680644.html   (236 words)

Packiam is a voice calling a generation to missions and he needs to be heard from in print, not just in his more well-known venue, Desperation Band.
I’m currently finishing off McGrath’s Christianity’s Dangerous Idea- a popular history of Protestantism that’s right up to speed- and I’m almost done with Richard Marius’s Luther: The Christian Between God and Death, one of the most profitable biographies of Luther I’ve ever read and I read at least one every couple of years.
The Virb Internet Monk Group is a way to network with other IM readers.
www.internetmonk.com   (2089 words)

 Lesson Plans - Diving in to Save the Monk Seal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
They'll consider the particular challenges scientists face in studying monk seals on projects such as Crittercam, and they will write questions they would ask if they were conducting monk seal research.
For example, the seals are difficult to study when they are feeding at sea, so scientists have used satellite transmitters and video cameras (Crittercams) to "follow" them on their dives.
Have students read about monk seal research being conducted at the Waikiki Aquarium and ask them to describe how this research might help in monk seal conservation efforts.
www.nationalgeographic.com /xpeditions/lessons/18/g68/ccmonkseal.html   (1168 words)

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