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Topic: Monreal, Masbate

  The Diocese of Masbate
Names of places scattered over Masbate's 121 islands are reminders of the missionary journeys and church foundations that were made by the Spanish soldiers and missionaries long ago: San Pascual and Claveria in Burias, San Jacinto and Monreal in Ticao, Corpus and Esperanza in Aroroy.
Masbate town is the most important foundation however, and is now the seat of the diocese as well as the civil capital of the province.
Masbate's land area of 7000 square kilometers holds a population of 598,813 of which 85 per cent are Catholics.
www.cbcponline.net /masbate   (530 words)

 MUNICIPALITY OF MONREAL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Located at the northwestern tip of Ticao, an island about 14.5 kilometers across the Masbate Pass to the city of Masbate, is the beautiful and promising municipality of Monreal.
It is connected by 41 kilometers national road to the municipality of Batuan whose barangay Burgos/Lagundi at the southern tip of the island serves as the landing seaport and entry/exit point for the passengers and cargoes from and to the mainland Masbate.
Monreal is 17 kilometers to the town of San Jacinto and 41 kilometers to the town of Batuan, which serves as the entry point of people and cargoes from the capital town of Masbate.
elgu2.ncc.gov.ph /monreal   (232 words)

 OVER SEAS July 2000: Masbate state of environment
The municipality of Masbate registered the highest urban population at 32,532; Aroroy accounted for the greatest number of rural settlers at 52,133.
The province of Masbate is considered one of the richest in mineral resources in the country.
Masbate's coastal resources are varied and diverse, providing food and employment for over 2/3 of the population.
www.oneocean.org /overseas/200007/masbate_state_of_environment.html   (1761 words)

 Haven of rare manta rays found - Jan. 12, 2004
MONREAL, Masbate -- A haven for manta rays has been discovered in a reef between Sorsogon and Masbate provinces, but a group of divers that found the location fear that the gentle creatures will disappear if illegal fishing continues.
Conrad Paz, an international dive master, said the haven was 15 km from Bulan town, Sorsogon, and 10 km from the nearest point of Monreal town on Ticao Island in Masbate.
The manta rays, considered endangered pelagics or ocean creatures, were found in the Tacdogan Reef, which the divers call the "manta bowl" because it abounds in these majestic sea giants.
www.inq7.net /reg/2004/jan/12/reg_9-1.htm   (554 words)

Its capital is Masbate City[?] and consists of three major islands: Masbate[?], Ticao[?] and Burias[?].
Masbate is subdivided into 20 municipalities and 1 city.
The text of this article is licensed under the GFDL.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ma/Masbate.html   (67 words)

 Province of Masbate
Masbate had a population of 707,668 as of the 2000 census, growing at an average rate of 1.71 percent from 1995 to 2000.
Masbate is the biggest cattle raising province in the region.
Masbate is composed of three main islands: namely, Masbate, Ticao and Burias.
bicol.da.gov.ph /Statistics/provincial/mas.html   (397 words)

 ANCOM 2001 - Tourist Spots   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Masbate province, an island with the shape of an arrowhead links the Bicol Region with the Visayas.
Ticao and Burias Masbate could be reached by air travel on board a Philippine Air Lines daily flight from Metro Manila in an hour and a half, or from Legazpi City in 35 minutes, twice a week.
Masbate lies almost at the center of the Philippine archipelago with its tip pointing towards the north of Asian Gulf extending towards the China Sea.
www.mayonlodge61.org /masbate.html   (604 words)

 Welcome to Pesocard.Com - Always There For You!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
It is a 20-minute ride away from Masbate being located along the national highway.
Locally, it is known as the "Littke Pagsanjan Falls".Situated in Mobo, it is accessible in a 30-minute drive from Masbate proper.
This cool and fresh underground river was discovered by a group of students from Masbate Agricultural College who were on a field trip in the place.
www.pesocard.com /provinces/region5/masbate/travel.html   (445 words)

 Masbate [Definition]
Masbate is an island provinceA province (lalawigan or probinsya in Filipino) is the primary local government unit in the Philippines.
Its capital is Masbate City and consists of three major islands: MasbateMasbate Island is one of the three major islands of Masbate Province in the Philippines.
Metro Manila is the political, economic, social, and cultural center of the country, and it is one...
www.wikimirror.com /Masbate   (3263 words)

Police said the Falcon Liner bus was en route to Masbate when the driver, identified as Norberto Capillanes, a native of Talisay, Camarines Norte, reportedly lost control of the wheel while negotiating a downhill portion of the Quirino Highway in Barangay San Vicente, Tagkawayan.
of Magallanes, Masbate; Luterio Quillopas of Malate, Manila; Romulo Adique, Rosalio Adique and Philip Monreal of Oson, Masbate; Rudy Lopez, Elsie Sy, Virginia Laureo, Amada and Lando Adecer, all of Aroroy, Masbate;
Arturo Rocero and Josefa Dejusis of Monreal, Masbate; Jeffrey Nagdael of Pamplona, Las Piñas City; Lucy Pilalan Milagros, Masbate; Teddy Dimabasa of Novaliches, Quezon City; Yolanda Lopera of Cubao, Quezon City; Policarpio Camaso Jr.
www.newsflash.org /2002/11/hl/hl017002.htm   (608 words)

 MUNICIPALITY OF BATUAN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Located at the southernmost part of Ticao, an island about 14.5 kilometers across the Masbate Pass to the city of Masbate, is the prosperous and prosperous municipality of Batuan.
It is bounded on the north by the municipality of San Fernando and on the south by Block Rock Pass.
This is prefaced by the favourable location in the southern seaboard of the island of Ticao, to the northeast of mainland Masbate.
elgu2.ncc.gov.ph /batuan   (192 words)

 2bu : to be young   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
NOT many know this, but Masbate holds some of the most pristine, unexplored beaches in the Philippines -- with crystal blue and green waters and the finest of white sand that could put some of the country's more popular beaches to shame.
The main attraction is Ticao Island, where the towns of Batuan, San Fernando, San Jacinto and Monreal, among others, are located.
The province's coastal resource management program, particularly the care for the manta rays, is being primarily put forward by San Jacinto, since the so-called Manta Bowl falls directly under its jurisdiction.
you.inq7.net /2bu/stories/05182005/sto3-1.htm   (802 words)

 MASBATE CITY Tourist attraction--> Come and see the amazing places only found in Masbate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Located in Mobo, it is 15min drive from the capital town of Masbate.
One could go near the falls, which is cascading from a height of 60 feet and a different species of varied-colored fishes swim at or close to the base of this falls.
Could be reached after a kilometer ride from Masbate the capital town.
www.masbate.i-p.com /tourism.html   (312 words)

 PIA Press Release - 25 February 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
MASBATE CITY (25 Feb) -— If all goes well, the rotating power outages in Masbate’s main island which have drawn consumer outage since January 21 will be over in two more months, according to the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR).
In her message during the opening program of the convergence forum held in Monreal town, DSWD Bicol assistant regional director Teresita S. Rosales expressed her appreciation of the coordination of local government officials in establishing the foundation of KALAHI-CIDSS principles and objectives.
Lea Rejuso, Monreal municipal liaison officer, for her part bared that through the principles and processes of KALAHI-CIDSS, the working relationship among LGUs, NGOs, POs and NGAs was strengthened.
www.pia.gov.ph /press/p050225.htm   (5287 words)

 NSCB-RU5 - Overview of the Region >Masbate >Attractions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
It is a 15-minute ride from the capital town of Masbate.
Another opening is at the center and the last is found at the top of the cave.
Found in the Barrio of Tagoron, Monreal, Masbate.
www.nscb.gov.ph /ru5/overview/masbate/attractions.html   (353 words)

 PIA Press Release
Over in Masbate, suspected New People's Army (NPA) hitmen initiated another liquidation activities, killing two policemen in separate raids in the towns of Cataingan and Monreal in Masbate.
Probers said the victim was killed by NPA hitmen as a vendetta, as reports said that Hermosa was tagged responsible for the killing of a relative of an NPA leader, from which he was convicted for murder.
P03 Almoradji, a member of the Monreal police station, reportedly was on his way to report for duty at the Kababayan Center in Sitio Togoron, Barangay MacArthur early Wednesday morning when shot to death by eight NPA rebels armed with M16 rifles.
www.pia.ops.gov.ph /province/n112105c.htm   (700 words)

 June 24
FB Danica was apprehended in the waters of Monreal, Masbate on Dec. 13, 2004, while MB San Roque was caught off Sta.
Records show that another boat operated by the same Norman Yu -- FB Nikki Champ -- was caught a day later, on Dec. 14, for the same violation but was later released by the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor of Masbate for unknown reasons.
The same boat was caught again using Superlights last Feb. 9 in the waters of Monreal, but was again released by the provincial prosecutor.
www.aseanbiodiversity.info /scripts/countnews.asp?Article_code=54001240   (648 words)

 A.M. No. P-91   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
On August 7, 1972, respondent in compliance with a subpoena duces tecum issued by the Masbate court of first instance submitted to said court certain records of complainant's municipal court as required by the superior court in a criminal case wherein complainant himself was the accused.
Three days later on August 10, 1972, complainant filed his charges against respondent for alleged inefficiency and incompetence and conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service.
ACCORDINGLY, the summary dismissal of respondent from his position of clerk-stenographer of the municipal court of Monreal, Masbate is set aside as void and his immediate reinstatement is hereby ordered, subject only to his meeting the standard requirement of physical fitness.
www.lawphil.net /judjuris/juri1975/oct1975/am_91_1975.html   (452 words)

 Haven of rare ... - Jan. 12, 2004
Even the Tubbataha Reef in the Sulu Sea, which boasts of the most diverse marine ecosystem in the whole of Asia, will not guarantee a manta ray sighting, according to Paz.
Bicol tourism director Maria Nini Ravanilla said: "Because of its strategic location being a pelagic enclave situated between Sorsogon and Masbate, this Manta Bowl will certainly boost eco-tourism in the region."
Upon learning of the presence of manta rays in the Tacdogan Reef, Ravanilla said she herself would lead a team to inspect and validate the site.
www.inq7.net /reg/2004/jan/12/text/reg_9-1-p.htm   (1620 words)

 OVER SEAS -- January 2004: Coastal Alert
He said a local laboratory of Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS), which is accredited by the United States and the European Union, is capable of analyzing shrimp imports for the presence of these antibiotics.
MONREAL, Masbate, 01 January 2004 — A “manta bowl” has been discovered in a reef between Sorsogon and Masbate provinces, about 15 km from Bulan, Sorsogon, and 10 km from the nearest point of Monreal town on Ticao Island in Masbate.
Five to 10 hectares of the reef, with an average depth of 17.5 meters, is submerged in the middle of the treacherous Ticao Pass, said Conrad Paz, a diver.
www.oneocean.org /overseas/200401/coastal_alert.html   (7738 words)

 Sun.Star Manila - 33 die, 6 hurt after bus bound for Bicol loses brakes
Killed were Norberto Capillanes, the driver of the bus and of Talisay, Camarines Norte; Eleazar Guigante of Palanan, Makati City; Alexander Rico of San Pedro, Laguna; Andres Tolentino of Laboc, Camarines, Norte; Jose Ibanez Sr.
of Magallanes, Makati City; Leuterio Quillobas of Vito Cruz, Manila; Romulo Andigue of Uson, Masbate; Rudy Lopez of Aruroy, Masbate; Arthuro Lucero of Monreal, Masbate; and Jeffrey Nagdael of Las Pinas City.
As of press time, police investigators are still identifying the 10 other dead victims in the road mishap.
www.sunstar.com.ph /static/man/2002/11/25/news/33.die.6.hurt.after.bus.bound.for.bicol.loses.brakes.html   (322 words)

 2bu : to be young   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Guided by the wisdom gained from over 20 years of experience, JVP sends out volunteers to resource-poor areas with pressing social needs, where they are to live a life of love and spiritual growth with the community for at least one year-away from family, friends, the comforts of home, and the luxuries of city life.
JVP assigned Francia to teach Physics and Chemistry at the Magsaysay Memorial Academy in Monreal, Masbate.
He recalls feeling like a complete stranger in a new, unfamiliar place during his first few days there.
you.inq7.net /2bu/stories/11172004/sto2-1.htm   (511 words)

 Around Masbate in one day - INQ7.net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Editor's Note: Published on page F4 of the May 18, 2005 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
NOT MANY know this, but Masbate holds some of the most pristine, unexplored beaches in the Philippines-with crystal blue and green waters and the finest of white sand that could put some of the country's more popular beaches to shame.
All our treading, hiking, climbing and panting were rewarded by a feast with the freshest of seafoods at Halea Island, all courtesy of Monreal Mayor Ben G. Espiloy.
beta.inq7.net /lifestyle/index.php?index=1&story_id=37287   (925 words)

 People vs Celeste : 130281 : December 15, 2000 : J. Quisumbing : En Banc
Marlon Lique, elder brother of the victim, testified that Roy was the second to the youngest of the seven (7) children of Jose and Flor Lique of Monreal, Masbate.
  Marlon claimed that the Liques spent P11,000.00 for funeral expenses and P10,000.00 for other expenses, including the transportation of Roy’s body to Monreal, Masbate, where he was buried on October 1, 1996.
  They incurred additional expenses amounting to of P15,000.00 for Roy’s wake in Monreal.
www.supremecourt.gov.ph /jurisprudence/2000/dec2000/130281.htm   (3223 words)

 Directory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The coastlines which stretch to almost 400 kilometers are most embayed and chiffed.
Revenue District Office No. 70 - Masbate, Masbate
, Milagros, Mono, Monreal, Palanas, Pio Y Corpuz Limbulan, Placer,
www.bir.gov.ph /lumangweb/c07r069t72.htm   (250 words)

 Masbate Monreal
On the west, it faces the Masbate Pass and on th
Find classmates with this alumni e-mail registry, bulletin board, reunion planner, and people finder for colleges, universities and high schools all over the world.
Job Vacancies Overseas Absentee Voting Continuing Registration Invitations to Bid 2004 Elections as of 13 April 2004 for the May 10, 2004 National and Local Elections SOURCE: Law Department, COMELEC  M O N R E A L,   Masbate FOR REPRESENTATIVE (1ST DISTRICT) # NAME OF CANDIDATE NICKNAME POLITICAL PARTY 1 ANDUEZA, EDUARDO M. http://www.comelec.gov.ph/announce/candidates/masbate_monreal.html
www.quipayo.com /index.cfm?select=masbate+monreal   (135 words)

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